Respawn rates on ground missions

I noticed the respawn rates during base missions are extremely fast. This is especially detrimental during high security missions which have lots of turrets and sometimes Goliath Skimmers, which take me a good 7-10 minutes to kill one, only to see another one appear almost immediately afterwards, kill that one, I ignore everything and rush straight for the terminal and before I even finish scanning, a third one appears. I can hardly approach the base during the 1 minute down time due to other skimmers and turrets. Sometimes I can rush the terminal if I know where it is, provided I'm not looking at a data point. Ideally I would like to be able to clean out most of the defenses so I can spend a little time searching for the terminal which doesn't always appear in the contact list. Some outposts are complex enough that there's no quick way to drive to it.

Obviously the work around is to go back to a heavily shielded ship, kill the power plant with missiles, and drop down again, but I'm not at that point yet, and it feels like these missions should still be doable in an SRV, if the respawn rate for everything was an hour instead of a few minutes. And that's an accurate guesstimation. That does NOT seem at all like intended behavior. If I wanted to respawn something, I'd go back to the title screen.

Edit: I've also heard other people disabling the power grid only to have everything respawn almost the instant they land.

Note: This may be more a bug report than a suggestion given this seems somewhat critical. Thread may need to be moved. This issue isn't from a recent update either, it's been this way since I started playing.
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I need help too, I have no idea how to infiltrate this medium security base. When I approach 8 skimmers spawn, I destroy them, more spawn, I destroy them, more spawn... how can this place have infinite skimmers? I read that if you scan a data point you can disable them. I managed to get close to one and scan it and a timer appeared. Meanwhile the skimmers stripped my shield then blew me up.

Edit: Never mind, I didn't realise that you can scan data points from your ship now. I spent an hour shooting skimmers in the SRV, when it was a 5 minute job in my ship :)
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Yeah I had the same annoying problem today, kept trying to kill everything first until I realized they could endlessly respawn. Just scanned it from the ship and left. Fdev should fix this though; kind of defeats the purpose of SRV gameplay.
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