Retreating Home Faction.

Hi all,
the question is simple: is it possible to retreat a faction from their home system - assuming it is present in at least one other system.
thanks in advance!
It used to be possible, but they "fixed" it so this is now no longer the case. "Exiled" factions were restored to presence in their home systems.

Evidence: not long after I started playing (it would have been in version 1.4), the "Traditional LP 245-17 Law Party" was no longer present in the LP 245-17 system; they'd been exiled to Hecate. I only found this out when I acquired a bounty ticket for them, and some time later I went to LP 245-17 to claim it, only to find they were no longer there.

But now I see the TL2LP is not only back "home", but is now in control of every installation there, according to
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