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Hi all,
I am a returning player, having briefly played Elite Dangerous back in 2016, at release. Came back to a game which is much improved and different in many aspects, so it's obvious I'm a wee bit lost.
Now, I understand there is a good chance that all my questions had been answered (repeatedly!) elsewhere, and I used to have more questions but I found answers to most of them; I just failed to find an answer to what's left, so there we go...

1. After meeting a goal that I always had (visiting Eta Carinae), I am currently heading back to the bubble to offload my findings, together with whatever else I discover on the way. I have not found a method that would show me the approximate value of the data I am carrying (Universal Cartographics). I have installed EDDiscovery and linked it to EDSM and EDDN, but haven't found the exact spot where all my findings would be displayed and a value attached to them. It would be a nice thing to know, before heading into the bubble, because I want to gather around 100M credits to outfit my next ship.

2. Reading about SRVs and gatherable materials from planetary surfaces, some people say it's worth doing it, some say it's not. Clearly there seem to be competing points of view in that regard, so I gotta ask: from a mostly solo, laid back player experience, is it worth carrying an SRV around while exploring?

3. I told a good RL friend about the game and he bought it a couple weeks ago, he's already miles ahead of me (which is fine, we play differently). We want to try multicrew gameplay, jumping in a ship and blasting Thargoids or pirates (or both!), but I am not sure what happens if only one of us is online. For example, we're in a multicrew ship and he needs to log off (with the ship belonging to him). Would I be stuck in the ship as a gunner? Conversely, if I log off, would ha play while carrying my slumbering body around, in-game?

4. Scanning related: Let's say I do a detailed surface scan of a beautiful planet which has a close-orbiting landable moon. After scanning the planet, there is this grid layer around it, how would I turn that layer off, in order to take nice pictures?

5. (related to 4) As I get closer to a planet, there is a series of growing grey rings coming out of it, disappearing once they become large enough. They seem to be some sort of guidance hints or something, to be honest I don't know what they do or what their purpose is (and I'd like to know that too) but the thing is I don't know how to turn them off in order to take beautiful screenshots. These are different from the orbit lines, which I have found out how to turn off. I guess the broader question is "how to easily turn off all augmentations in order to take screenshots which are unimpeded by user interface elements?"

6. When I turn in the Universal Cartographics scan data, which faction should I choose to give it to? I know there is a good reputation increase but which faction does it go to? The one owning the station? In this case, which faction should I become good friends with first?

There will be more questions, I'm sure, but these are the first ones that I remember right now. Thank you in advance for answering them!
2. Yes
3. It's telepresence, you won't be stuck
4. Switch back to combat mode
5. Use the external (vanity) camera
6. Station controlling faction. Common choices are factions who give out system permits, especially for engineers.

Edit: and welcome back!
Thank you for your reply!
5. But what are those rings for? I'm curious to find out.

I remembered one more:

7. When cruising through a system I see the star map which corresponds to in-game galaxy map (dots represent actual stars). Sometimes I see an enticing group of stars which I feel compelled to visit, but I haven't found a way to match the image I see with the galaxy map location, see screenshot below. Is there a method to calculkate a route from within the star system, or match a group of stars with a destination?

5. My understanding is that the lines reflect the varying levels of the gravity well of the body. I don't know what each level represents in terms of a figure.

7. I have had similar problems when a cluster of stars are visible, but within the galaxy map they are difficult to identify. I try to look for a series of blue/white stars which are placed close to one another and perhaps compare them to a nebula position. There may be a more scientific method of finding them!
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Welcome back:

1. EDDiscovery statistics panel and EDSM dashboard show this. Here is EDDiscovery stats example:


2 - 4 see @Factabulous above.

5. Indications of gravity well I assume (as nija'd by @Uncoupledlight9 :) )

6. As @Factabulous says, cash-in for rep with factions key to engineering access - for me that is Avik (Sirius Corporation) for Marco Qwent, Yoru (Party of Yoru) for Zach Nemo, Eurybia (Eurybia Blue Mafia) for Liz Ryder - I also do other permit factions, Alioth etc.

7. I cover this here (post #3):

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7. It's a 2MASS set of data. Always is when someone says they have spotted something interesting on the skybox. Search for 2MASS of n the galaxy map, could be over 10 Kylie away.
It's a set of real life data that shows loads of O and A types and differs wildly from what FD predicts for the surrounding area.
@Dommarraa Thank you very much, I have looked and looked using the realistic galaxy map and realized the cluster from the screenshot above is somewhere 13K LY away from me. I am somewhere between the Statue of Liberty and the bubble and the cluster is beyond the bubble, still visible from my position, which is amazing.
@Para Handy I had looked at Statistics before but didn't realize there was a set of sub-tabs. I need to get my eyes checked. I also need to check the Engineers section as to figure out who is who, currently I am interested in expanding my FSD range more than anything.

Everyone else, thank you for the warm welcome, the game has been a blast so far and I am happy to be here.
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