Revolution of trading

So guys I think that everyone of us think at least one time what stations do with our minerals, materials etc. and we don't know. We know that system automatically adjust prices, demand every commodity, but I have one question. Why? Elite is MMO but for sure this is too much solo game. Trading can bring Elite into something where we can be who we want and do what we want, but we system is deciding what we should transport and where and I'm not writing about transport mission but clear trading where we are buying low and selling high. We should give more power to players not algorithm. Why we can't start also new function like industry and I know you can say "This will be like in EVE.", but why not? Of course it is nonsense that player must wait few hours to create something, but what if we firstly create storage in every station, next we can choose what we can build for example which module and this will say what minerals or materials we need and that's all. We should stop have random modules in random stations, but we will create this and sell it and someone will buy it. If you not want revolution where every module and ship will be create by players, we can make new endgame modules and end engineering era which is just grind.

I don't if you understand what I'm saying because I'm bad in English and I always write very chaotic, but to write it simple: We should stop using algorithm, but create real trade like in MMO with players and also create industrial part where players can create parts, modules to sell it to others. Btw. If you say this is impossible beacuse we have to many systems and stations so we can always create courier delivery by NPC. :D
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