Rewards for squad member accomplishments...

Hey fellow squadron commanders.... I am looking for creative ideas on ways to recognize/ reward squad members who do cool stuff . Such as “First squad member to reach Colonia”. I don’t think a promotion in squadron rank via the squad management screen is always the the right reward. Ideas?

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so you could go like:
King of the <insert title here> - this could be for being the best in combat, exploration, trade, Rescue etc. For being the best in the squadron.
The Guide of <insert title here> - this is for people who know a lot about combat, trade, ship builds, outside things like INARA or something.
The Most <insert thing here> done. - this is for the most lightyears travelled, or combat zone or something.

but thats not as creative as giving theese titles all a special name that fits the guild like
The Taker of Souls - Being so good in combat that he doesn't die
The Jack-of-All - Knowing everything about all the different aspects of Elite
The Friend in Need - He's always helping other squadron members

So it sounds cool and maybe can have multiple for example: MrWoofy The Gatherer of Scans, Master of None, CQC aficionado.

or use pictographs to represent things like
⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆ for the quality of the squadron member's work in the squadron
$$$$$ for how much assets the player has
¤¤¤¤¤ how good of an explorer is

or Codes.

Sadly there is nothing in game you can do for that, but it would be nice if there would be like custom decals you can upload and you reward players with the graphic of the special thing they did. It would be nice if people could design special paint jobs for ships that can be acquired trough helping your squadron.
Good ideas. Thanks. For now, I got underway by pinning a message of the day in our PS community as “Squadron Hall of Fame” listing commanders with “First to x”: (X= noticeable accomplishment) I find myself wishing to be able to gift something more tangible such as frontier points or a small gift code for PSN store funds such as $5. However, now I am leaning towards a Hall of Fame graphic or something. Cool discussion. Thanks for the ideas.
Artemis Corporation is designing our own emblems, trophies, and titles for in-game achievements as well as our our internal rank insignia and structures. We also occasionally gift a paint pack or body kit.
Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps has a daemon that watches individual contributions to our (out of game) squad board.
As CMDRs make contributions of various types to our operations, we get notified of our latest Diplomatic Posting. Currently I’m an Assistant Cultural Attaché for Wolf 397.

But that’s because the AEDC have nice things like databases, and discord bots, Elite Dangerous data analysis software.

What you are proposing is more like giving virtual medals to your CMDRs manually. We do that too. But generally we only mint a medal for some big communal effort.
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