Ride Ideas to Consider

So Planet Coaster has made it really far, but it still needs coasters, and I mean lots of coasters. I mean, if you don't have enough coasters, it isn't a planet of coasters. I've made a list of good ideas for future coaster/ride types.


-RCT3 Style Giga Coaster
-Vekoma Flying Dutchman (Lay Down)
-Arrow Dynamics Suspended Coaster (Example: Vortex at Canada's Wonderland)
-Alpine Coaster
-Wild Mouse Coaster
-Vekoma SLC Style Inverted Coaster
-Bobsleigh Coaster
-Intamin Megacoaster
-Intamin Accelerator (Storm Runner, Kingda Ka, Top Thrill Dragster)
-Intamin Vertical Lift Coaster (Fahrenheit at Hershey Park)
-Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster
-Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster (The Smiler)
-B&M Mine Train (Big Thunder Mtn Railroad)
-Gerstlauer Family Coaster (Example: Firechaser Express- Dual Launching)
-Gerstlauer Eurofighter

Wooden (Keep in mind that RMC's can do inversions):

-Generic Woodies
-Flying Turns
-RMC Topper Track Style (Keep in mind that these should have the option for launches, as does Lightning Rod)
-RMC I-Box Track Style

Water Rides (When water is actually implemented):

-Log Flume w/ Wooden Supports
-Log Flume w/ Steel Supports
-Giant Flume
-River Rapids/White Water Rapids

Flat Rides:

-Gerstlauer SkyRoller
-Mondial Windseeker (Cedar Fair Parks)


-RCT3 Soaked in Planet Coaster (Waterslides/pools even though they aren't coasters)

I know I missed tons of stuff that could be in this game, and that the game can contain a lot more data than the old simulation containing the polygons of 2004 through 2006 (RCT3). If I left out any major things please comment them so that it might be noticed.
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