Roller Coasters [RIDE] The Scavenger (Star Wars themed)

Hi everyone.

I'm building a Star Wars themed park with my custom-made scenery and props, and I wanted to share with you all my latest ride: The Scavenger. The idea was to re-create the scene of Rey in "The Force Awakens" when she explores the crashed star destroyer in the desert of planet Jakku.

The ride is uploaded to Steam Workshop, as well as many other props I've been making this last few weeks (including the Star Destroyer).


Very impressive!
It seems to have been a golden move by frontier to add the sci-fi stuff, because people are making the coolest stuff with it! During the ride I was like; I want to go in the ship! I want to go in the ship!. And just when I thought it was only going around it it went inside hahaha. Very cool ride, pretty smooth too!
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