Scenarios Riley Beach Challenge!

((THIS SCENARIO DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY DLCs, BUT YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE DLCs IN IT. It does use some items from the thememaker's toolkit which you will be given the option of subscribing to when you try to load up the level)).

Riley Beach Waterpark & Resort wants to be able to turn a profit even during the winter, and has hired you to take the shoddy collection of carnival rides outside the resort and turn them into something that's a bit less of an eyesore and a bit more of a moneymaker.

It's not a lot of space (or money) to work with, but if you do well enough you can get to the real challenge - trying to expand the amusement park to the other side of the river! There's a lot of space there, but finding a way to bring enough guests there will be neither easy nor cheap!

This scenario was created to honor the Magnificent Rides DLC, even though it can be played completed without owning any DLC at all.

Please consider commenting on this scenario, as it took me a lot of effort to make and I'd love to know what you think of it! I made it with love for all the people out there who love campaign mode but don't have enough levels to play.

If you enjoyed it, please consider checking out my other Scenarios, too.

Achieve a Park Rating of 840
Achieve a Park Value of 130,000

Attract 1300 Guests at at least %75 average guest happiness.
Build 10 Rides
Build a Go-Kart Track
Have 10 groups use your hotels in a month

Build 2 Coasters (at least 6.0 Excitement, At least 700m long)
Build a Coaster (at least 7.0 excitement, at least 1000m long, Biggest drop at least 70m)
Guest Happiness over 85%
Park Rating of 1820

****Unofficial Goals****
Have a 4 star restaurant
Have a dark ride at least 270m long (Doesn't have to be enclosed)



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