Flat Rides Ring of Confusion [Hellion Loop Ride Skin] by Pixelated


I would like to share with you my latest creation.
It's for 50% out of my comfort zone, because it's not a coaster, but still a recurring theme ;)

Ring of Confusion. A Hellion Loop placeable Ride Skin (just under 3k objects)

Keep a clear head while circling passed the spiral towers of deceit. Nothing is like it seems.




Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it,

The idea and the concept is genious! :D But it suffers from an oversizedness that is inherent to planet-coaster creations. For me it would be too big and rough to be ever used in any park of mine. I wonder whether something similiar is possible within the footprint of the actual attraction and about half the size it is now.
Well you could remove the whole upper plane. So it flattens more to the backside and put it at the side of your park, but I definitely see what you mean :)