Ritter Resort

Ritter Resort is a medium sized Resort Themepark, which features a stunning Chair Lift to the park. The Park features 3 thrilling coasters and a variety of flat rides. Guests can also have a race on the Go Karts before they enter the park at a cost per race. The park is not complete due to my computer no longer able to handle it, there is a car and rapids ride that are not complete, so you are free to theme them to how you like! Next to the entrance plaza there is space on the left for a hotel. On the right by the Go Karts lies a shuttle bus service that needs some detailing, this was added due to the long queues to get on the chairlift during opening and closing times. I would love to see a fireworks show at this park over the lake or by the stage.

If anyone does fancy giving this a go and making it look complete, please do share what you do with it!

Steam Link- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1957401745
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