Roadmap leaked??

Just saw the video and to me it's obviously a troll post, the phrases used, unlikely statements, so many red flags.
Nothing to see there, just move along and wait until Fdev themselves make some announcements, something that could take a while but at least then you'll know it's legit.
Sorry no intention to offend anybody, but anything in this thread just does not make any sense, just another space legs/atmo-planets arguement at best again.

We all (should) know limits of the game engine, P2P and instancing will most likely make any kind of base building impossible.

Atmo-planets would be far more realistic aim (lighter version DLC for modern consoles, equal to PC version for next gen consoles), it would close the circle between first Elite/Elite 2 and FFE (Elite 3, that had planetary landings and stuff we have already now like mission boards, assassinations and passengers on board from stations/cities).
Base building is completely doable. NMS already has it and that game's P2P architecture is even more primitive than Elite's.
I would be happy to see both, but just still need to say that I have no understanding on programming, but actually developing based on this (P2P) engine multipple constantly changing modular bases might actually be much more complicated than design and code with PG (procedural generation, that will produce unlimited amount of alternatives after put in enough variables).

Actually some algorithms on code like simple planetary formations, trees/weed/plants/desert and even animals from smaller area and replicate it on different forms on different planets might require much less work than nursing what and where ever players deside to put their base in (and if choices are possible, in what form?).
The base components would be below ground and specific to the player. No need to alter the overall map for all players, just the individual visiting the base. It would be a singular instance. Maybe multicrew visitors, but that is all. You visit city X on a planet surface and expand on your personal space within that city. This model could be applied to all stations as well.
I wouldnt say maint mode exactly. Its being worked on more than ever.

This year will be more of the same updates we got last year. Core changes happening before they release the big update at the end of 2020.

The new player stuff is a obvious hint in their direction. Even last year, and the multicrew we have now is all a foundation for later.

Some of this stuff could be true, could be a guess or something heard in the grapevine. Theres something there thats for sure.

My only worry is sometimes things should be straight forward, and developers do some crazy stuff to be different than everyone else. Back to League of legends, they do this quite often where they make crazy random stuff that really doesnt fit, or an attempt to bend the balancing rules of a game.

I hope they pick and choose what to be creative with and what should be direct.
I get the feeling that the leak is most likely fake but man, its still exciting to speculate on the possible future of elite. If theres any truth to it, I don’t see why base building would be a bad thing, being able to add more customisation in any form would be good for business and keep people coming back.

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Planet Coaster 2 raise red flags to me, why would they already be working on two, when there still so much potential to be built on.

Plus another oddity is that Sony and Frontier team up to get ghostbusters into Planet Coaster and no other projects. Seem a bit weird to me, especially as Universal license Jurassic park to Frontier an license other properties to frontier for planet coaster.

Jurassic Park survival game make sense given the ending of the last film.
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I dont think the crowd that like survival base building games will enjoy the rest of ED enough to invest the time.
If they dont have ED already for its spaceship aspects, then shoehorning in Base build mechanics wont change that.

ED is a spaceship simulator. Base building is off tone for this game.
ED can be more than one thing. You can explore, fight, trade, so maybe you can build too?
Interesting. Some sounds legit, and some smells fishy, such as the ED "FPS" stuff. Seems like the ED portion was written to troll those who want atmospheric landings instead of space legs. I can't imagine that Frontier would focus on one to the exclusion of the other ("haven't seen any mention of atmospheric landings"). What is more, if Frontier was planning on a full-blown FPS expansion, it would seem more logical to me to expand landable planet types first as that would provide more variety for FPS encounters. That part just doesn't ring true to me. Base building, on the other hand, wouldn't surprise me. Not sure how that could be accomplished in ED, but giving players the ability to carve out their own little niche in the galaxy doesn't seem outlandish to me. It would certainly make for a much needed credit sink!

Having said all that, if the next expansion is heavy on FPS stuff, that would be a big disappointment to me. ED is about spaceships first and foremost. I wouldn't mind some "space leg" functionality incorporated at some point, but having the game go full CoD against aliens would be a huge misstep in my opinion. I am not looking for that type of gameplay.

As for that unannounced strategy game, if true, please let it be Elite-themed! :cool:

Overall, though, I don't buy this post. It just doesn't ring true to me.
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I'm one of those people who would be equally happy to see either space legs OR atmo landings, so either one would be fine by me, they both sound absolutely fantastic. First time I've ever heard of base building though, I really hope it doesnt end up MP only, I dont think MP is really ED's strong suit, look at how multicrew turned out.
Seems dodgy because, who'd breach an NDA and risk their job...

Referring back to the kickstarter / dev diary videos it would appear DB is fairly committed to the idea of both legs, and atmospheric landings, provided they can be done well and there is something satisfying on those planets to look at, including safari type content which would suggest firearms of some type.

Concerning the deployment priority it would make more sense to release legs first, since the game already has a vast number of assets with breathable atmospheres within them eg. ships and stations that would allow for further testing prior to adding some kind of extended O2 supply via an EVA pack.

Once we have a backpack, with more than a few minutes of air we might be able to consider leaving the ship or SRV to engage with wrecks and buildings like Dav's Hope on the planets we can already access, and perhaps be equipped with tools that allow interfacing with locked doors and interior data consoles.

Support for the Mac has already been dropped due to it's inability to render the new planetary graphics in Horizons and if the consoles are the current bottleneck holding up more advanced content it would make even more sense to hold back atmospherics until the next generation of PS/XB are up to the challenge.

Consider also that work is being done on various different aspects of the game simultaneously. There may have only been a small team working on the Holo-Me, which feels like a definite precursor to legs, it may have taken them two years to build the framework, with more people added to finalise integration.

There may have been a couple of people developing the new commodities market from day one, and it may still be ongoing, with a project manager deciding when something is near enough to completion for a few more coders and testers to be put on it to duplicate the basic framework across all goods types.

If FDev do have a somewhat mobile test team that can be re-purposed as particular sub-projects near completion, as you'd expect since finished things don't need testing again until something is updated, it would seem logical that many things could easily be simmering at once, with a bigger picture in mind.

When you consider FDev's feedback that ships and stations were specifically designed with walking around inside them in mind from day zero, why is it so difficult for people to get a grip on the idea that some things might be almost ready to deploy but on hold pending critical infrastructure for it dropping first?

As I've pointed out many times, we're only what, five or six years into a ten year project? Maybe by the end we'll have access to something significantly more realistic than NMS, with the challenges of low gravity and recoil physics properly integrated into a FPS that goes WAY beyond a fixed at 1G CoD clone.

Regardless of whether this leak is real or a hoax there really isn't any point reiterating the impatient rhetoric of omg if they don't do X first I'm gonna throw a huge, childish, toys out of the cot tantrum all over the forums because I'm the most important baby in my Universe who MUST have what I want, NAO!

Go to the shop, buy a family bucket of patience and ask for your change in common sense.
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I am sure of one thing about this (fake) leak, and that's Frontier will have seen the reaction, seen who reacted and how, AND seen what got support and what didn't, and maybe, just maybe, used that to tweak (but not change) what they are doing just a tiny little bit.
Smells like a hoax. Also base building in ED.... i'm not sure FD want to go down that road. Not unless its meant in the current sense of there being CGs that result in bases being built, player owned bases... well, they are doing fleet carriers, it could be an extension of those. I'm not sure though.

Space legs is a good guess, but could be completely wrong.

The rest of it regarding other games seems quite strange.

My guess is it was written by someone with a reasonable knowledge of ED but not so much knowedge about the other games and just threw in those points to make it look like it was a FD roadmap rather than an ED roadmap.

However, time will tell. Who knows. Maybe it is real. If so, it would be rather bizarre.
Elite IS in maintenance mode...... until late 2020. I know we've gotten used this ever since day 1.. but playing future patches via imagination in your own head is not... really.. playing a game...

So excited that its space legs. Also super excited about planet zoo.. but since jwe was such a hype flop ill just with a small smile see what they come up with. Oh wait. Yeah lets just see what happens with space legs.

I would be bursting with it.. its just frontiers track record over the last 2 years.. the actual output nothing more.. is at the same time checking anything to do with excitement. I was SO excited for JWE... Then frontiers first pass fss debacle plus complete abandonment / silence of the feature.. actually cant do it.
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