Roadmap leaked??

Providing tools for base building and building of any sort is what frontier excel at. See all of their planet games.
They got a rock solid base of tools to incorporate into elite dangerous.
I don't really get this talk of the park game tech being a shoe in for ED. Cobra will have been nuanced in different directions for each game's different requirements (ED's all 64 bit positioning for scale, proc gen surfaces, twitch PvP multiplayer support etc). It's not like Planet Coaster's 1000 piece constructions or terrain manipulation are going to slot in painlessly etc ;)

It's kinda notable that whenever Braben's asked about tech-share between the games he cites optimisation benefits, not tech transfer per se. IE:

Will Planet Coaster technology help with later iterations of Elite Dangerous?
Absolutely, it's the same Cobra engine, but the point is both games benefit each other. The low level optimisations benefit both games and support the new technologies. That's the beauty of having the engine live and getting ever better. Look at the performance, polygon counts now compared to launch. [1:10:31]
But don't get me wrong, FDev do have broad expertise in the area, and I could see them doing some modular base building or something that works just fine with the ED world & tech constraints. (I just find some of the 'Coaster crowds for stations!' stuff can get a bit carried away ;))
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