Roadmap leaked??

Yeah, oh the trauma of finding hints of a big new feature! The horror!!! Apology definitely accepted - sorry had to pause there I am verklempt! Hahahahaha! Btw if base building will be a thing that is an awesome thing. Just saying...
Hmmm - fdev seem to have accidentally confirmed base building ;)

Look at the source for the web page :

Near the top :

Anyway, discuss :)
Great find! :)

Not nailed on base building per se, but a swivel towards player-owned buildings looks like it's on for sure :)

Without skirting too close to ToS territory, I did chat to one of the guys who goes file diving, and there's a reference to 'station customisations' in the latest update, (as well as a fair bit of expected Carriers stuff). Possibly unrelated (could be BGS related variety or whatever). But it seems even more intriguing now ;)

Nice find. I believe "weapons" is also a reference to FPS gameplay.
Nah, that could easily just refer to the existing weapon colours etc.

EDIT: Oh wait, I take that back. Didn't realise the live site excluded the weapons bit too!
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Or, and bear with me, bases will have gameplay functions and also allow cosmetic customization. I know, I am a genius, but it is possible!
Option 3: bases are functional and have optional cosmetics - see ships and SRVs
Or we can change the look / interior of bases like we can change the look of our ships.
Ok that I'm not mother language... but "buildings" clearly means "buildings".. It says you can buy buildings with arx, not carpets, chairs, interiors... BUILDINGS! :ROFLMAO:
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