Rocky Bay - The Unveil

Rocky Bay - The Rocktopus

" In a luxury wealth in a starry sea
Rocky coast and scream of banshee
Safe heavens for all to foresee
All come to get your milkshakes free "

[Directors log book]
Enriques , General director - 21 January 2016

"Rocky Bay is almost open. Soon visitors will be able to come and see the wonder of the seven seas and touch the rocks where black beard once felt. The local detective has kept arguing that we should no build her as a curse lay on those land. Who care about some banshee and stupid curse~ This is the place that will get us all rich!"

The park will be available for download soon.

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[Directors log book]
Sofia , Scenic Designer - 25 January 2016

"After what seem an eternity, the park is open. Finally, I can see people come through or park and admire the scenery I designed! Enriques got into a fight with the police again, about a curse or something like that. Honestly, I don't think it's real. If it was, something would have happened already."

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[Directors log book]
JO , Ride Manager - 28 January 2016

"It seems we have been having some issues with the octopus.Despite its heavy themed queue,

& Great location,

the ride popularity is rather low~

We need to somehow incite guest to come. Just like the Victory

and the Aeronauts!

This park will be complete really soon.
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