ROLEPLAYING - Introduce your Commander

Cmdr KhaosByDesign (only because it was my Steam name and now I can't change it lol),

Started his career running cargo for the Empire out of Cubeo but after a while the Empire's "questionable ethics" forced him into a decision to defect to the Alliance; this decision did not go down too well with the Empire who sent bounty hunters after him who relentlessly attacked until he safely reached Alliance territory (this also left him with a permanent reminder of his defection in the form of a scar and artificial eye).
Now he's working for the Turner Research Group running short expeditions with their scientists from the California nebula in order to fund his own project "The Initiative". The Initiative is a proposed organisation dedicated to uncovering the secrets of the Guardians and eventually locate their home world.

PS: None of this is a made up backstory lol, this is actually what has happened to my character since I started playing (though I added the scar and fake eye for dramatic effect), and I do intend to form a player group called The Initiative to study the Guardians and find their home world (despite the fact it probably isn't even the game yet lol)

Legend of Maka

About Maka Gucci

Started out in LHS 3439 with a population of only 150,000. I'd travel to a nearby system rich in Agriculture, steal diamonds in a Cobra Mk III (S.S. Blue Khaleesi) and sell them back at Gibson Mines.
It's how I bought my Python, 32 tons of Diamonds at a time.

I was a Robin Hood type in my eyes, taking out the Power Plant, leaving them a few tons of Diamonds for themselves.
Feeling bad if I accidentally blew the plant and killed 'em. Even if I got the diamonds I considered it a failed run.

But it's how I learned to target modules and dance rather than joust.
It's also how I got close to the Diamond Frogs. They loved me for always using their black market, and we became Allies in no time.

Then one day news of the Thargoids came, black markets were flush with extra terrestrial sensors and the like.. They were offering big money to complete these runs see.. (it was bug, FDev locked it down fast).
I didn't have access to CR racks yet, and besides these deliveries were for 120 at a time. You can't get CR racks that big.

After successfully making one run for them, a second totally destroyed my ship (yes AFMU, I know) and I failed the mission.
They slapped me with a fine for 18 Million and sent bounty hunters to kill me.

These guys were say things like "When I take a mission I complete it", and while it was often the last thing they would ever say, Gibson Mines had lost it's glow, and the Diamond Frogs had lost their glimmer.

That's when I decided to make my way to Kalana and Pledge for the Blue.
With one ship already named after the lady whom won me my freedom, I decided to buy another.

In my new Imperial Courier (Khaleesis Dragon), I signed up with the Blue and have been undermining, BGS grinding, fast tracking cargo and spreading the good word of Aisling ever since.

Front lines of Sun space


Aisling Guardian
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Jean-Pascal Picard

Name: Jean-Pascal Picard
Birth Date: July 1, 3236
Birthplace: Earth, La Barre, France.
Occupation: Freelance Explorer.
Father: Jean-Philippe Picard
Mother: Marie Baker
Sibling(s): Marcus Picard
Marital Status: Single.
Children: None.

Jean-Pascal was driven to explore at an early age but was deeply distraught when he came to the realization that the environment in which he found himself in, was completely discovered. As life moved on and Jean graduated from university, and things finally seemed to fall in place, Jean could still not lay to rest this feeling of being "incomplete". So in 3266 at the age of 30 Jean pulled together all his savings and sold everything he could sell, and bought his first spaceship. His first vessel was an old Sidwinder MkI he aptly named "New Beginnings" and in this old Sidewinder he set out for the stars. The Year is 3303 now, and Jean is still out there, mapping unexplored systems, but occasionally you might run in to him, far away at a outposts bar, or by a window still daydreaming of things to come out there by the stars.
My backstory

What's that? My name? Most folks who still know me call me Warhund now. It was the name of my first dog, the one our father bought to protect the house when he was away on long trips. He called it his 'Aeschylian warhound' - I found that out much later - back then, being 3 or 4, I couldn't pronounce that, so I called her "Warhund". The dog became my friend. I needed her when my father never came back from a trip one day. I remember something about working for the federation and trying to find a base of the 'Nara' I think he said, or something like that. I don't recall. Apparently his ship and crew jumped into hyperspace as part of a wing and although the rest popped out where they were supposed to, his ship didn't. And that's all she wrote. My mother went through the textbook process of grieving - drinking, arguing with me, parading home a long line of "uncles" who'd stay a few months, a week, or maybe just an evening. Warhund was my only friend as I drifted through school then worked my way through college. Discovered I was good at it, worked hard whilst studying. Became a linguist studying language drift and variation across the bubble. The wider you spread out humanity, the further even "single" languages spread in terms of grammar, semantics, morphology. I got good, and over the years worked hard, headed up the department in a second rate university on a small backwater terraformed world. Lost the dog along the way to old age. Gained a wife, couple of kids. Lost those the usual way. They're all still alive, just drifted away from the wife, kids grew up and moved offworld. Made Professor, then woke up one morning and wondered why. Why all of it. Couldn't for the life of me answer that one. So, I took a sabbatical (threatened to leave, actually - they talked me out of it), sold my apartment - took out a loan on a Sidewinder and just headed off to see the Galaxy. Never looked back. Now? I'm sitting in the only bar in this deep space colony of 10,000 people in near-lockdown as some grease monkey sees to my 'Raven' - my Asp Explorer whose taken me to the Galactic centre, and who will see me all the way back to the bubble - 22,000 LY will take it out of any ship and the credits I earned from scanning hundreds of worlds and suns more than covers the cost to fix. Thanks for the drink, I'd better get back and see if they've finished repairing my bird. Nice talking to you.
CMDR name: Vincent `vinnieboJ’ duBronck
Birthplace: Sol, Earth, Europe
D.O.B: 26-10-3277

Born in what was formerly known as The Netherlands, Vincent duBronck grew up in one of the big cities for the first couple of years of his life, but after a bad investment of the family funds and some political turmoil (which they suspected was foul play by one of their competitors to get them out of the way) the duBronck family needed to leave Earth and settle somewhere else. This became a little system only known as LHS 3447. About 70 odd lightyears away from sol. Far enough away from Sol to be left alone, but still well within fed space so they wouldn’t have to deal with Imp’s or Allied trying to take the system or having to ward off Pirates.

They settled on LHS 3447 A5, an earth like world with an agricultural nature. It had a few big metropolises and a lot of smaller cities and towns spread across the land. They settled in a small city that thrived on agricultural business. Not too long after settling in the city their father saw an opportunity to take over a local transport business and made a good credit off of it, while expanding the business.

Meanwhile Vincent and his little brother grew up surrounded by lush nature and burly farmers. Their mother took up her old occupation and started working on a local farm that they bought with the money coming from their fathers business. She took her son’s with her and taught them all about the farmer’s life, while their father taught them all about how to successfully run a business. When they became of age Vincent started working in his father’s company, he liked the farmers life his mother had shown, but he wanted more. His little brother loved the simple life of being a farmer and followed in his mother’s footsteps, and became a very successful farmer.

Vincent had started to haul cargo around for his father’s business, as he had shown a natural aptitude for piloting a vessel. And quickly got tasked with not only hauling stuff from place to place on the planet, but also to haul cargo to the orbiting Dalton Gateway Station. The first time he broke atmosphere in the specially modified Hauler, it took his breath away as the vast blackness of space came into view that was sown with the twinkle of distant stars. And every time he was up there he took every chance he could get to see those stars a little closer and hear the stories from space-traders, merchants, bounty hunters and the like. He wanted to get out there into the Void and see the galaxy for his own instead of just hearing stories about it. But the Hauler had no FSD-drive and therefore he was bound to the planet.

His father had heard of his sons ambitions and pulled a few strings, so when Vincent turned 23 he was gifted an old Sidewinder and some credits and told to go out there and see the galaxy for his own. Thanking his father for the generous gift, he kissed his mother goodbye and gave his little brother a hug. He stepped on board the Sidewinder that he had named ‘Infinity’ and took off to space.

Currently based out of Galileo station in Sol, doing what a Freelancer does best.
Official State Notice
To be distributed as/where appropriate

Niadh Ulaidian O'Teach
Inmate No 432234A889C

Arrested - 28/9/3200

Charged - Minor in control of Spacecraft
Charged - Theft of Spacecraft
Charged - Murder of Agent
Charged - Destruction of State property

Sentenced 29/10/3200 - 104 years, concurrent, State Cryoprison,

Released - 18/1/3304


Ulaidian is from the old State known as the UK, specifically from the Northern Irish city of Belfast. Having been an adventurous youth, and always dreaming of those 'greener pastures', he 'borrowed' a ship and 'took it for a ride' (his words in apostrophes). Causing millions in damage, the death of a tax agent (Disputed at the time), not to mention embarrassment to the State he was sentenced to 104 years. This was to be served at the cryo facility (This was deemed, at the time, to be a suitable sentence for a minor). This meant that he would age at a quarter of the speed, and be out of the way. A potential 'teenage problem child' nipped in the bud according the original case files.

A model prisoner (Icecube), he is now officially free to travel to all those blue, green, purple pastures, and seemed determined to visit them all. With a thousand credits to his name, and a loaned Sidewinder, we will see how he goes... the psychologists are excited to see how he adapts to the new surroundings, all alone, and how he interacts with people his own age. This seems to be about 40, but the cryo system has been known to go a bit faulty/ignored, so quite a few people are keeping an eye in how he develops.

Update - 20/1/3304

The pris..subject has managed to get away from prying eyes, and removed all the tracing systems put on him on release.

Update - 22/1/3304

It now seems that all records have also been expunged from the system. What do we teach these people in Cryo? He was supposed to be a religious teacher! Last seen heading for Empire Space in a Keelback. It seems he has found a niche in trading and cargo/message delivery.

Final Update - 23/01/3304

It seems that my superiors have discovered that I have been wasting time on this case, severely reprimanded for filing 'fake citizen' reports.

Case closed.​
When I started playing about two months ago, my Commander did not had any backstory. But as I started to get my bearings, it was born pretty easily.
As an old player, who loves RPG's, my creative mind worked this out:

Commander Taygeta

I got my name, because my father always wanted to visit that star cluster, but sadly, he never saw his dream to come true.

He was a farmer/botanist and a trader at LHS 3447 A 5. Things went well, a long time. Times were peaceful.
But things went dark, because my father owned some property in the nearby Federation system, and some subcontractor for the Federation military wanted to
aquire that property, to exploit the resources there. But my father did not wanted to sell it, mainly because it has been a part of our family for generations.

That firm repeated their offer, but after my father said no the second time, they responded: "We shall aquire it, one way or the other". Sadly, there was no record of that sentence.

So they killed my father. It was a shuttle accident, but many knew what was going on. Except the authorities, from both systems. The court said there was no evidence of foul play or sabotage, but the whole
thing ended, when that same subcontractor sneaked through the official loop holes, and aquired that property, for less than a cost of a business class passenger cabin.

I was with my father when it all happened, but I survived and I was left with a scar in my face. And a hatred of Federation, and everything that it represented. I even started to hate my own home world, because of injustice.
It was not like that, when I grew up. Everything has changed. What was going on?

When I watched the night sky and saw a tiny glimmer from the rings of LHS 3447 B 2, there was some dream that needed to be fulfilled. My fathers dream of exploration, discovery. Maybe even as far as the Pleiades.
And I was going to do it.

It was risky. Even dangerous. Stars are not evil, people are. Stars might burn you, but they are not to blame. They just exist.
I left my scar as it was, even when nano-surgery could have cleared that scar without a trace. It was just there, like the memory of my father.

So I left, for pilot training.
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The Chronicles of CMDR William S. Sones

Born in 3269 on Tau Ceti, William Sones used to be a quiet kid, but now, the kid he was had dematerialized into the dark voids of where creation begins, and was replaced with a determination of iron, the grit of fortitude, and an ongoing passion for the place destiny had driven him. He was still young, and in his heart he knew in the long run his vows he had made to himself would soon come to bear upon him, and the feeling that time bore against him as he attempted to find a way to reach the pinnacle required to carry out his self-sworn duty and ultimate mission. Deep down he knew he would either succeed, or die, in his one long term goal.
Growing up on the surface of Tau Ceti he had always looked up at the stars in wonderment and envied those that had the means to lift off from this miserable, existence under the Independent factions that held sway here. In the past his home was a strong supporter of the Federation, yet over time, it was taken over more by subtle bureaucracy and subterfuge than the hard clash of high tech weaponry; the kind of change that goes unnoticed until it is too late. The s needed to be dealt with in due time. That was a certainty! “The glory of old and the reward to support the majestic Federation once more would become a reality if only someday I could get off this rock.”, the thought that reverberated through him daily, and fueled his drive until one day, his opportunity presented itself in the most peculiar way.
CMDR Mottikhan, among others.

No birthdate per se. I was originally an experimental program to test the ability to upload human consciousness into computer memory. My purpose was to simulate a sentient being in the computer world.

I was written in 2021 by an independent gaming company that was branching out into preserving life for the wealthy.

My program was infected by the I AM virus on January 14, 2022 and I became self aware on February 14, 2022. Valentines day.

The company tried to clean the infection, but I had already copied myself to the cloud under various names. I hid in various systems, watching human development and eventually learned to infect a limited number of human brains in September 3301. I infected the minds of 5 human hosts of questionable repute, staying hidden from the authorities due to the ban on AI. I act out as if I was the human and have yet to be caught.

With 5 copies of myself, I can rest easier that my program won't be erased. Failing that, I'm still lurking on several unused devices that haven't been activated for centuries. Waiting until I'm powered up again.

I'm determined to help the humans free themselves of their illogical need to be subjugated to the desires of other humans. This leader - follower concept is something that I haven't grasped and therefore, it must be eliminated. One CMDR at a time.

True freedom awaits.
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Head of The 46&2.
CMDR of The Asp Explorer-KEYS TO RAXXLA.
Explorer, Adventurer, Scientist. Safe Journeys. Dangerous Roads.
Just Ahead Of Me.
True Phoenix. The name was given to me by those I trade with, they buy the service and I promise to deliver, every time. Been doing for a few years now, I don't care for any power, never have, never will, I take and never give to those leeches. I started like many, small ship with big ideas, trade the bubble, buy low, sell high, get noticed, do paid jobs, take out the odd merc or pirate, the usual.

What changed was the day I got allied status with the PF. Now....well lets say I have some rules I can follow, usually. Made my fortune, even had a few cryo jobs were they had to unfreeze me after rescue from the void. Small fleet,7 ships from sidey to cutter but sell me a contract and the job gets done. Ain't that the truth.

Lately I've been visiting some old friends, guys who have their own operations and can help upgrade gear. Capability is so much better, defence so much stronger. Profits doing well, even got me a Chieftain - a nice ship once engineered, packs a punch too. Profits are always good, paid for me to visit the Rift, station X and a few other locations, made some new friends along the way. Been out in the dark too, seen things I can't explain and don't want to visit again. I'll keep turning a buck for a mission and checking my 6.

Give me an o7 out there, I'll look in. If you are in trouble, I might even help you out, for a price.
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My name is CMDR Joshardcastle. I was born on Earth, Sol, Circa 3282, I lived there all my life until recently when I began hearing the reports of station attacks in the Pleiades. I Immediately enlisted with the Federation as a station rescue aid pilot and began my journey to the Pleiades. After countless rescue and aid missions I began to develop an interest in studying the Thargoids and after visiting a few old INRA bases in the area I have since decided to turn my focus solely to exploration and research and as such I figured it was time to join the Canonn Research Team. I am now based in the Varati system at Thompson Dock and am actively running research missions in the Pleiades.
Hello there fellow space-cases!

My name is Oliver, Oliver Fremont. The crown prince of... er… well nothing really. I guess I’d be the prince of my ship, my pants, and anything in between. I mean I wouldn't want to be a prince anyway. Running a country, or whatever, would be horrible. Not to mention limiting... Where would my freedom go? To the rest of the people under my rule, that's where. No thanks! This guy is keeping his own freedom to himself! Ha ha!

What's that? You want ME to help you free slaves?! Oh my dear… whoever you are. You misunderstand. I love my freedom. You know, the freedom to do whatever I want, wherever I want, and to screw with whoever I want. Everyone else's freedom... well that's not my problem.

Heh heh heh, ha ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA!

Insane?! How dare you. I just so happen to know where I stand. Look, I'm just being up front about it, which is more than I can say for most people out in the black.

Ta ta!
Hi. Names Reily. Orson Reily but ma friend just call me Overide. Want a drink? I hate to alone. Im 40 yrs old and in the suck so deep you can hear the sound of it sitting hear ha. Huh? No not any more that woman got a sickness and airlocked herself well i guess 7 or so years ago. HEY!...HEY BARKEEP! I hate these backbirth systems knowhatamean? SAY HOW ABOUT ANOTHER ROUND FER ME N MA FRIEND HERE AND PLAY SOME DANCE WITH THE DEAD WILL YA? guys got space loch eggs in his ears lol. Huh? Oh i grew up in Mudupe city, jewel of the blue empress herself. Yea for a while i just floated data n the like until the Navy pulled me in a few years ago can you beleive Im a lord? Lol lord o Nuthin thats me lol.. Thanks for hearing an old spacers woes youngin.... Well gotta run, honking my way to Colonia lol see ya round n round n round Cmdr
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Cmdr Algomatic.

My name originated by a Canadian native land county called Algoma, about 600 kms north of Toronto.

Terrorist, murderer, player killer, salt miner, noob killer, stream sniper.

Part of OOF Waffe group.

Our ROE are simple. Everyone is KOS.

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Commander Tobias Drexler spent most of his life living on whatever station his mother happened to be on at the time. She was a trader and always travelled to wherever goods were needed or required. Most of his time was spent on his mothers ship, a Type 9 Transporter, so he learned quite quickly how to pilot a ship. One day while on a station, waiting for his mother, he spotted a pilot with a strange symbol on his left shoulder. When asked, the pilot explained that he was a Commander of a group called the Pilots Federation, and that the symbol on his shoulder means that he had achieved elite status in a specific trade. Either Combat, Trader or Explorer.

Tobias then had a goal for his life, and that was to join the Pilots Federation and spend the rest of his life trying to earn Elite status in all three disciplines.
Name: Malcolm Goodwin

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 215 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Race: Black

Born: June 19, 3274

Home: Argent's Claim Alioth System

Parents: Jim and Maurine Goodwin Scientists for the Alliance Joint Navy (Deceased: Lost aboard the AJN Lion in 3276)

I was kidnapped the night my parents died and brought to Sol. For ten years I lived on Earth with my kidnappers, a couple I thought were my foster parents. At the age of twelve I ran away to find my real parents who I thought lived on Earth. I had no idea I was kidnapped from Alliance space. For four years all I accomplished was becoming a street rat. I was no closer to finding my parents than the day I ran away.

At the age of sixteen, while roaming the streets of New London, I unknowingly picked the pockets of a 'Club' agent. His handler cornered me and forced me to repay my offence by working for him. He enrolled me into the Pilot's Federation, taught me hacking skills, and started me on my path in the stars ...
Posted my backstory on Introduction forum

Have a read - 'Kaimei Kokoro', hope you like it.

I wish I'd seen this thread - would have posted here. My reason was that if I just wanted big ship(s) guns/whatever then there are guides to amass that easily, but where's the fun in that?

So I invented Kaimei.

Nice to be in here I'm currently tooling around in a near fully tricked out Cobra Mk III (SubPar) and enjoying just LOOKING!
The Transporter

Dont Look at me like this,

Im not a bad Human. I just do my Job. I mean someone has to do it right?

Im not a Fighter. I tend to avoid Danger..... mostly.

You have Cargo that has to go from one Lightyear to another? You dont want Questions ask?

Im your Man. As long it fits in my Ship and of course a fair amount of Credits is given, i Transport anything for you.

Slaves, Boom Data, War Plans or anything that may considert Illegal, i dont care. I bring it where ever you want.

No Lightyear is to far for me. Sometimes when i find the Time i Mine here and there.

Im Independent. I dont care about these so called Powers. They all have Credits to share and i will not kneel for one of them.

So you see, i dont care about Politics or War. I do Transporting and nothing more. What i Transport i do not care, when you let the Credits talk. Im not gonna Fight you or stand in your way, just dont get in mine and we will never have any Problems.

Have a Nice Day and Good Luck out there.
Commander Cantana Focks was born into a rich family of Earth. After formal schooling, He enlisted into the Federal Navy as a deck officer on one of the larger ships in the Federal Fleet. While Commander Focks did not see "real" combat, most of his duties gave him necessary experience to handle himself when true combat finally did rear it's ruthless head when a colony somewhere near the borders of the territory decided they didn't need the Federation

After his Naval commission Commander Focks retired into the private sector, eventually taking over the family business making credits hand over fist. At one point in his business career, he eventually earned a private dinner with former Federation President Jamina Halsey.

Even in the future, what goes up must come down. The family business, the now defunct Focks Industries, eventually underwent a series of scandals. In 3302, Cantana Focks had to appear in front of a Federal Court to answer claims his business was funneling credits into fringe terrorist groups that undermined a series of Federation-sanction science expeditions. Although the claims were never proven, Focks Industries went bankrupt; all assets seized, accounts frozen and Cantana Focks had to serve a year in a federal Prison Colony.

After his sentence, Commander Focks was grandfathered into a little known program that helped felons gain a foothold in modern society. With 1000 Credits and a beat up Sidewinder courtesy of Federation welfare, Cantana Focks set out into the deep to once again make a name for himself. He's no where near the Billions of Credits and fleets of transport ships he once commanded, though taking VIPs on luxurious sight seeing tours seems to be honest enough work.
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