ROLEPLAYING - Introduce your Commander

Rickk Deckard was born in Liu Baja to a modest family of miners who worked in the local mines but never got much back in terms of wealth due to the exploration of workers by the mining corporations.

As a youngster, Rickk worked in the mines like his father but soon felt he wanted more out of life. Being a dreamer of space travel he often spent time by the local starport bar chatting with pilots who were willing to tell their stories. With every story he heard the will to change his life increased. The dream of becoming a starship commander became the focus of his life.

One day, at his work at the mines, Rickk found a strange ore, one he hadn't seen before. Instead of turning it in to the corporation he decided to take a sample and smuggle it out of the mine, to show it to his father, a long time miner who certainly would know what it was.

As soon as Rickk's father's eyes set on the sample, they grew bigger and brighter and a silent gasp came through his mouth.

'Where did you find this, son?'
'At the mine, father. It seemed odd so I brought it to you. What do you make of it?'
'Son, this is Alexandrite, one of the most precious and rare minerals in the galaxy. You have to turn this in to your supervisor. You will be miner of the month for sure! You might even get a bonus for your discovery!'

Rickk understood why his father never made it out of a poor standard of life. He was too loyal to the corporation. Of course Rickk wouldn't report his find to the supervisor. He would certainly take credit for it himself! And a bonus? That would certainly be peanuts compared to the actual value of the finding. No, he thought he would smuggle out small quantities of this 'Alexandrite' until he had enough to sell for a good sum of money. Maybe one of the pilots at the starport bar would take it off his hands...

Several weeks after, he had managed to gather around half a ton of the stuff. He talked about it with one of the pilots he knew used to mine stuff out of asteroids. As soon as the pilot heard 'Alexandrite' his otherwise wandering eyes focused on Rickk's.

'What do you mean you have some Alexandrite to sell, laddie?'
'It's true, I have it, a whole half ton of it. Does it interest you?'
'Well, that depends. What do you want for it?'
'What's it worth to you?' Rickk asked, not really knowing what it might be worth.
'Tell you what, lad, I'll give you 10.000 Cr for it. And I won't let anyone at that mine of yours know where I got it.'

Rickk knew what he meant. If anyone knew what he had done he would certainly go straight to a detention centre somewhere. He had no choice, really. He knew it was probably worth much more but 10.000 Cr would just cover the cost of the flight academy. And take him out of the mines. Rickk accepted. He knew he had to make a deal and leave the planet quickly, before anybody would find the unreported Alexandrite in his section of the mine.

He knew his father would not approve and might even turn him in to the corporation for stealing from their mine. His father was that sort of man, deeply loyal to the corporation and their laws. So Rickk left one day as if he was going to work and never returned. He had already negotiated a transport with one of the pilots to LHS 3447, where the closest academy was.

He later sent a message to his parents:

'I'm sorry I had to leave like this. Even though you have never taken me seriously, I always knew I had a higher purpose in life than just spending it in the mines. Be sure I'm fine and happy pursuing my dreams. Love you.'
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I am Darth Montu… Or I was. Starlines stretched and I jumped. Weapons fire hit my ship just as she leaped and something The Mandolorians were a cheeky bunch and I figure they had enough of General Revan's crushing them. Figured the lonely force user that I was presented a chance for vengeance. They had hit my hyperdrive and as I jumped, red lights erupted around me like tiny nova. My anger flared and I stretched out to use the force, but as I did, it felt distant. The usual blue tunnel I was used to shifted, changed and with the force seemingly ignoring my demands, I was left to fight time and the failing hull of my ship. I seen the fight would be futile and managed to get to an escape pod, a damaged bulkhead hitting me on the head as I entered. I remember the hyperspace tunnel changing color but I'm not sure which went black first, the tunnel or me. I awoke feeling...nothing, well nothing good. The force was gone... How? was I cut off? Where was I? the escape pod was gone and in its place was a med bay on some station in a system someone had forgot to name...LHS 3447. There was talk of some "Pilot's federation" offering a loaned ship to new pilots. Free ship? just the thing I needed to find out just were the hell I was.

That was a month ago.

I am Darth Montu and I'm pretty sure I aint anywhere near Coruscant anymore. In fact, I'm sure in ANOTHER galaxy far, far away.
I've been pirated, harassed by the feds, divorced three times, stabbed in the back by supposed friends, had ships stolen by my hired help, beaten home by other explorers who got the first discovery credits...they're all going to pay - hence "Ca$hback".
I just want what's mine (since my character is also scum, "what's mine" is rather vague).
Inspired by a movie called "Payback".
Nice stories here to read. Glad to meet you, commanders.
And Mr. Ius, nice to meet you in person the other day and thanks for giving me a ride in your ship.

It is about time I tell a bit about myself.
Well, as much as I can remember of it, which unfortunately is not very much.

I share the fate of many a pilot who has been involved in an accident with a semi-defective life support system. Semi-defective, fortunately, otherwise I would not be here to write these lines. But a malfunctional hypnostasis module has caused my memory to be lost.

My earliest memory of events goes back to the day when I was pulled back to life by a friendly bounty hunter, who worked with me to reactivate my damaged Sidewinder and re-trained my basic pilot skills. Everything before that is a vague feeling only. In my posession there is a little amulet in the form of a red and silver blazon. An art trader muttered something of an old, minor noble family and asked where I got if from. I have no idea. For all I know I might have picked it up from a scrap metal trader somewhere. And I don't really care. Most of the time I keep it tucked away in my suitcase next to my towel.

Since I recovered from my accident I have been trying to make a living as a trader and explorer. And I can say that I am not doing badly. By now my finanical cushion is soft enough so that I don't have to fear hunger of rebuys.

I keep myself independent from the great powers for now. Much better for a merchant to be able to go anywhere without beeing considered "the enemy". But who knows what the future will hold. One day the time to choose sides may come. I realize that and it will be a new chapter in my life. Until that day I am happy to trade, explore and fight alongside anyone who needs a helping hand or is looking for a good adventure.
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Commander Nils Woland was born in the year 3192 in the Sol system.

He was discovered at the doorstep of the Pilot’s Academy in Gorbachev station. An unusually child with a distinctive “milky” eye, he displayed an unusual command of the ancient earth “English” language from infancy. A small note found on the boy’s person contained a hastily scrawled word which was adopted as his surname: “Woland.” His tutors at the Pilot’s Academy raised him as a son but always had difficulty forming close emotional bonds with the boy.

He excelled rapidly through the ranks of the Academy, graduating first in his class but refusing all offers of employment. With the small earnings he had saved running courier missions for private patrons in the Sol system, he purchased and outfitted a Diamondback Explorer upon his graduation from the Academy.

For several decades, Commander Woland disappeared into black.

Upon his return, he surprised many who had followed his career by the fact that he appeared not to have aged at all. Little is known from this period of his life except some records indicating that he commissioned extremely expensive genetic testing shortly after his return from the void.

Federation records reveal that his genetic testing uncovered that he is descended from a mysterious individual who inhabited the ancient a planet Earth in the late 20th century C.E.

This individual was featured—albeit in fictionalized form—in the celebrated work of fiction from this time period by Russian author, Mikhail Bulgakov, “The Master and Margherita.”

The ignominious “Professor Woland” in that work of fiction appears to have been a real individual who traveled across the world over a series of many decades.

Our Commander Woland paid an enormous sum to classify the remainder of his personal record but his career was well documented after this point in time.
He appeared at Trevithick dock in mid-3304 inquiring about a Sidewinder bestowed upon him by a mysterious benefactor.

In the years that followed his quickly rose up in the ranks of the Pilot’s Federation. He was initiated into the “Elite” rank shortly thereafter. It is unclear when he amassed his apparently enormous wealth, but our records suggest that he possesses several billion credits in total assets and a large fleet.

In the years that followed, Commander Woland has grown even more reclusive. He recently pledged his allegiance to Princess Aisling Duval but is known to work for anyone willing and able to pay his hefty fee.

Recent reports of an Anaconda operating in the Lugger region are hard to substantiate, but this appears to be the handiwork of Commander Woland. Low temperature diamonds have gone missing in the hundreds of tons but few have survived to point the finger. Those few who have survived their encounter with this mysterious vessel have identified the ship as the “Opus Mors” piloted by one Commander Woland. Despite their verified ship records, the Pilot’s Federation refuses to place a kill order on this mysterious Commander.

Some have suggested substantial combat activity against the Thargoid menace have afforded Commander Woland a degree of protection.

These reports, however, are also impossible to verify.
Since people are bringing it up, let me introduce CMDR Jenny, the fictional daughter of CMDR Old Duck:

When I started playing ED, I created two accounts, the main account being the "Old Duck", the alt being Jenny. As a role-player, I just can't swallow being allied with two opposing superpowers unless I'm a double-agent. I wanted one CMDR with access to Sol, which is CMDR Duck (loosely modeled after the Doctor, who has an affinity for earth), while Jenny is a military girl fiercely loyal to the Empire, though not all aspects (no slavery). She got all the "posh" ships while Duck flew the more "boxy" ships. Duck was also the explorer and Jenny was the "stay in the Bubble" gal. At least that's how it used to be.

Since 3.3 dropped and exploration credits skyrocketed, Duck and Jenny have swapped roles in many ways. Duck had lots of credits as I mostly played that account, whereas Jenny was poor but desperately wanted a Cutter. So Jenny put on the explorer's mantle and a bit of Beka Valentine's personality and set out in the Eureka Maru, a Type-7 equipped for exploration, which soon became one of my favorite ships for this task. She found a very interesting area of the galaxy and has been exploring it for months now, during which she has made Elite in Exploration and has finely bought her Cutter, the Andromeda Ascendant. Meanwhile Duck has remained in the Bubble, waging war against the Frontier's "Terrible Shadows" and their forces.

Demons Run when a Good Man goes to war.
Night will fall and drown the Sun
When a Good Man goes to war.
Friendship dies, and true love lies;
Night will fall, and the dark will rise
When a Good Man goes to war.

But back to Jenny - since I'm enjoying the new exploration tools very much, and because Jenny is involved in a detailed mapping project that relies on the "visited" GalMap filter, she has kinda flipped from being my alt account to my main account since 3.3 dropped, hence the change of forum avatar. She has also caught the scent of Raxxla, and who knows where that will lead!

Who is the pretty young lady? (and film/tv series she is in?)
Jenny is her character's name, from the episode "The Doctor's Daughter". She's Georgia Tennant IRL, wife of David Tennant (sorry, she's taken) and daughter of Peter Davidson - so she is both wife and literal daughter of a Doctor!!

When creating my alt, I debated in role-playing that character as my main CMDR's wife or daughter. My main CMDR is loosely based on the Doctor, in case that's not clear. Since I have a wife IRL but not a daughter, the latter seemed the safer bet, LOL.

Now if my RL wife ever decides to play ED, maybe I can talk her into taking the CMDR name River Song :)

ps - there is rumor that Jenny will be getting her own spinoff TV series!
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Thanks Duck! I had to look up River Song (I really must catch up on my Dr Who!) - as I immediately thought of River Tam (from Firefly / Serenity) :)
Jenny is her character's name, from the episode "The Doctor's Daughter". She's Georgia Tennant IRL, wife of David Tennant (sorry, she's taken) and daughter of Peter Davidson - so she is both wife and literal daughter of a Doctor!!
You have a very beautiful daughter... er, Doctor? Sadly I have not been able to warm to Doctor Who for a while now, I'm old-fashioned enough to be one of those who believe the writing and performing was never better than in the Tom Baker days, (if not the sets/production values!)

Peter Capaldi for me will always be the Angel Islington in Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.

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Sadly I have not been able to warm to Doctor Who for a while now, I'm old-fashioned enough to be one of those who believe the writing and performing was never better than in the Tom Baker days, (if not the sets/production values!)
I don't disagree, though there are some good stories to be found in all the silliness during David Tennant's run (and he really is a really good actor IMO, given good material), and I just love Capaldi's "grumpy" Doctor (reminds me a bit of the third Doctor, minus the Aikido and yellow car). That said, a lot of the writing is rubbish, and I haven't even bothered finishing Capaldi's run, let alone the new female iteration.

As for Matt Smith, I actually thought he was a somewhat below-average actor based on his run in Doctor Who, but then I saw him in some other shows and movies and was surprised to see he actually can act! Funny how so much rises and falls on good writing.
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Name: Devon Greatwolf
DOB: 10-18-3260
Place of Birth: OR Delphini 5
I was born into a colonial farming family. As a child and young man, I constantly dreamed of owning my own ship. I would spend hours flat on my back in the fields of our homestead staring at the stars above me and yearning to be soaring among them. At age 44 I finally built up the nerve and sold everything I owned, found a Side Winder with a cargo bay and an SRV for sale in Baker’s Prospect on Asellus 2 in the Asellus Primus system and booked passage on the first ride headed that way. After booking passage to Baker’s Prospect and purchasing the ship I had exactly 1000 credits left to my name, but I was now the commander of my own vessel and destiny. After getting my little Side Winder I started running any and all haul and courier jobs my little ship could handle without a thought for whom I was really working or the results of my actions. With financial stability came free time for introspection and when next offered a job moving slaves my conscience was reawakened and now, I only do honest jobs; preferably for independent democracies. I never really lost the explorer's wanderlust and so I sometimes yearn to just jump out into the Black with no plans on where to go or how to get back. Currently residing on the fringe of the “Bubble” running my company Greatwolf Enterprises. I somewhat have a distrust of all superpowers, but I have grudgingly been working with Federation for access to their ships…

Please find attached below a public notice regarding my company I have been disseminating to all available public galactic messaging services.


My name is Devon Greatwolf and I would like to take this opportunity to publicly announce my company GREATWOLF ENTERPRISES. GREATWOLF ENTERPRISES is a small yet growing company with unlimited opportunities currently operating on the outskirts of the “Bubble”. GREATWOLF ENTERPRISES is currently operating three subsidiaries and currently seeking new associates at all levels of our organization. Our subsidiary companies are comprised of our primary focus at Greatwolf Logistics and Freight (GLF) and supported by Greatwolf Galactic Surveying (GGS) and our newest endeavor, Greatwolf Extraction and Mining (GEM). Planning is currently ongoing to open our own security operation with a future eye upon expansion into tourism and travel.

On a personal level I hope to parlay the successful growth of my company into a philanthropic support organization. With growth and profit it would please me greatly to begin outreach and relief by providing supply/delivery of goods, rescue/evacuation services, and security/protection.

If you would like to become a part of this growing enterprise, partner with us, or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Devon Greatwolf
CEO Greatwolf Industries
You all may have gotten your ships through nefarious means, or have dark mysterious pasts.

I won my Sidewinder in a church raffle.
I got my sidewinder for being in the top 50 of my Pilot's School Graduating Class. Just about fell out of my chair when they told me and gave me the keys. And here I thought I was going to be flying around my Dad's old Eagle until I could earn enough for a hauler.
I found my sidewinder in a breakers yard,patched her up ,cannibalised scrap parts for the essentials and put in the paperwork.Examiner for space worthiness went green at the sight of it and authorised a solo flight.Bye bye world,hello galaxy. :D
Out in the dark, in the deepest black, I’m all alone with the sun at my back. Alone in the glimmering glow of the cockpit light, I plot my course ahead into the blackness of night. Then I remember the explorers creed, the dark is your home and your friend indeed. What wonders await me in the blackness of space, worlds undiscovered and stars to behold. Then I realize with a glow on my face, that my journey is almost complete. After a year in space, truth be known, my only wish now after my story is told, is to shower, get some rest and become Elite, before I grow old.

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