Roller coaster supports (frame)

First up, super excited about this game. If it's half as good as it looks it will be awesome.

I know there is still lots of work to go before this game is final but one of the things that I have noticed from the few videos released so far is that while most of the time the roller coaster supports (e.g. framing/posts/supporting structure) looks pretty cool, there are a number of occasions where there are quite unrealistic gaps between one support and the next. I'm sure this is something that still needs to be worked on (and programmatically would be quite difficult to do) but it can really break the realism.

If we could have the option to manually place/construct supports that would be really cool (so you can get it just right when going over other structures).

Apologies if this has already been posted but I did do a search couldn't find anything (relevant).
Lets wait and see what we get in Early Access. As for now it is not planned to build it manualy, but the supports are really looking good. But i can imagine, that if many people want that to place it completle free, it could come maybe...

I think Frontier wants to collect feedback in the early access, and a part of that is hearing into complains of support, im sure.

Let's just create a minigame for the coaster supports. During the building phase we can decide on our own where we want to place the supports. But you would have to place enough supports for the coaster not to collapse, i.e. after placing a support the next few blocks of the coaster appear in green until you reach a maximum distance and it turns to orange or red. You can still build with orange track, but it is more likely to collapse e.g. if a train puts high pressure on it. It would be like bridge builder inside the game.
From my point of view the animation of destruction does not have to be very complex, just the track falling to the ground or sth like that.
If all the coasters that are designed for this game, needed extra supports, then they would be done by the Dev Team when designing them. If they haven't got sufficient supports like the real coasters have, then they wouldn't be safe to run. I don't particularly want to see a load of extra supports running through my parks anyway, so why have them when they are not needed.
i think simply having the ability to place more supports along the track is a needed feature. Doesn't need to be a mini game where you have to support the ride more or less and make it safe. I just want to be able to freely move my supports along the track so that i can actually manage how my coaster/supports interact with the paths. TPS has this feature. to me it seems pretty simple to add. Being able to mod in custom support prefabs would be really cool as well so we don't all use the same supports over and over again.
Having realistic support physics would be nice, but it can get quite frustrating and tedious at times and the physics plus processing might take a big dump on the performance. I think the best solution would be to include coaster physics only on a higher difficulty level for experienced players.
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