RCT 3 PC RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 - Remaster

Hello Frontier and thanku for such an awesome gaming development.

Now that Atari is not publisher of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 anymore, do you consider making an remaster of the game that makes it run smoother on newer pc's?

Bugs that i know:
-Resolution must be set in options.txt for high resolution. it Works, but is a bit clunky.
-Saved Games fails to load in menu and shows Message "Failed to Open File. Access may be set to read-only ++" but will actual load, but this is very annoying.
-The terrain tool for evening out Cliff edges takes like forever to smooth out/glue together, you will actually see it very clearly in the light/shader on the ground that it is not smoothed completely out.
it would be Nice if this tool could have like very small steps throughout the adjusting when you rise or smooth terrain, so it would easilyer come together.

Still this game is awesome to play, and i love to play it on my laptop wich is not good enough for Planet Coaster.
This is a laptop With Intel Core I7 6500U and Geforce 940M, on the other hand, Perfect for RCT3.

Anyway, thanku for your good support in Your games and thanku for any help!:D

Best Regards Christopher H.H.
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