Ropes, Cables and Chains Editor (Dangle Gizmo)

One thing that iv always wanted in the RCT games was a rope Editor. So I could add a better looking chain lift. make hanging lamps and suspend objects from the ropes/chains.

I want to be able to in a Rope Editor. (Dangle Gizmo)
Point on any object to set the "Rope Start" and then point on another object and set "Rope End" with a X, Y, Z controller and snap. for precision placement.
Then be able to change how much slack the rope has and how many Nodes I want it to have for hanging ropes/objects down from it.
How strong the rope is. So it can brake (Toggle Flag: After brake reset /Delay in secs)
I want to be able to select "Rope Type" Chain, Cable, Rope, Barbed Wire, Celebration Flags
Then Set if its animated or not. Direction and speed the rope travels.
Toggle Flag: This rope can pull a object "distance" (time) toggle reset or trolley
(trolley means the rope can pull an object up to a set point. Then when the rope end gets to the set point or at end of movement. it animates in reverse letting the object fall back down to the starting position.)

Totally need to See some Physics objects for my ropes.
Hanging bumpers for water rides, lamps and Cog wheels/water wheels/lift hill Wheels/pulleys/counter wights/Flags/Party Flags/Signs/Paths/Fun house objects/anchors/fishing rod/bobber/rock climbing Equipment/buckets/trolley cars XD