Rotate key function button

I am a disabled person and can only use the mouse with my right hand. I can’t use the spin wheel, so it leaves
me with the left and right mouse keys. Plus, Windows on screen-keyboard.

If I place a piece of wall on the build grid, I cannot rotate it. If I selected it and move to the Z key on the on-screen keyboard, it breaks the link. It would therefore be beneficial for people such as myself; to have more function buttons.

I do use a program called hotkeys, this is fine on individual items; on the build grid though changing the right mouse button to work as the Z key, doesn’t work. As it acts as delete and cannot be changed.

It would be nice to have a build rotate button.

Also it would be good to switch beteen, day and night, to check lighting effects, while working on them.

I have been with rollercoaster tycoon from the beginning 2002. I can't play all of this new game. Please, please, please make it so I, and other disabled users can enjoy and play it, to its full potential.


I've looked at these but it doesn't seem to be possible. Thanks for your suggestion anyway it's good to know there are people out there. I really like the forum.