Round Up of 3.3 Impressions - FDev Community Visit

To me, this all sounds rather good.

However, too much sugar, not enough salt... so please FD, announce that as part of this release, you will be reseting all the "first discovered"s in the game so we have to start again with the new system.

That will be a large order of your saltiest salt from the Salt mines of Saltium, with a side dish of forum meltdown

It would be hilarious though :)
What's this? Something we actually agree upon?
We can't have that can we. We must be doing something wrong.

NDA is a necessity, it protects a company's or person's intellectual property.
I remember a colleague of mine who shared some techniques we used on an application we developed.
He shared it with the very same costumer who ordered the application, so he thought it was okay.
Heh, never saw him back in the office after my boss found out about it.
Yup. An NDA has a good reason to exist.

In this case an NDA is just frustrating a lot of people, something that could've been prevented by Fdev.
Inviting people over, show them cool stuff and shutting them up at the same time is not good pr imho.
It just doesn't make much sense to me. But hey, not my company.

Still, despite the NDA I think the invitees are doing a good job reporting that little of what they can.
This has gotta stop. Another thing we both agree on.

To be fair, we probably agree on a lot more then you realise. I like to play devils advocate.
Wish for once that updates were done right the 1st time and didnt all have to be revisited later, seems like a lot of wasted money/dev time imo.
Can we (you) stop the personal arguments please.

If you have something to say that is relevant to the premise of the thread, then please do so.
Arrgh, now you've spoiled it. I had such a nice réplique for him... :D

in case you don't know: we are pretty best friends, impossible to insult me how hard he may try - and we both know it
Criticism is always subjective. It can contain objective observations, true. But criticism is always byproduct of bias.

And that's fine. Why people always up in arms when this is brought up I don't know. Do you really think you score some Internet points when being hip and critical about big bad game developers? Seriously :) We are all essentially wasting time here arguing about zeroes and ones...and that's cool by the way, as long as name calling and cynicism is kept at low levels.
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