Route 33: a mapped route through the Abyss plus a new POI "The distant view in blue

The result

After the release of new technologies that allowed us to boost our FSD and to land on airless planets, I started on 18 DEC 3301 with my 2nd CMDR to the far rim of the galaxy. A few weeks later, leaving the far rim, I found a time-saving route through the Abyss for ships with ~33 LY range and a new POI.

Route 33
On 8 FEB 3302, after a few weeks exploring the far rim, I decided to go back home and to try to find a crossing through the Abyss for ships with a lower jump-range than stripped Asp Explorers or Anacondas.

In this case, my ship the Asp Explorer Loraha has a jump-range of 33.41 / 36.06

In my opinion perfect for exploring with all comforts: Equipped with AFMU, shields, 2 SRVs, boostable and trusted for High-G-Planet-landings. For a 6A Fuel Scoop I did not have enough money in this case ;)

Moreover, it fulfilled one more job: to find a shortcut through the Abyss without using Jumponium or jumping on fumes

Started at SYRIAE THAA PJ-I D9-1 at -2,543 / 13 / 63,807 I finally reached on 12 FEB 3302 a point where I was able to safely continue my way back home without manual plotting: CHO THUA SF-W B29-0 at -302 / 36 / 58,462

Overall it is a distance of 5,796.91 LYs between the 2 systems and a total distance to travel of ~9,056 LYs.

The first 43 (~1,218 LYs) and the last 44 (~1,165 LYs) jumps are within the full plotting range of 1,000 LYs. The rest of the route is all manual plotting, except 2 parts just before the end in the south, where the route planner allowed me to make once 23 and once 24 jumps, between 2 areas where I had to plot manually.




The systems and distances for Route 33 from North to South
#Systemto next system
1Syriae Thaa PJ-I d9-130.2
2Syriae Thaa PD-E b39-033.0
3Syriae Thaa HE-P c19-128.1
4Syriae Thaa FT-Q c18-230.7
5Syriae Thaa EY-Q c18-130.0
6Syriae Thaa GL-J b36-033.2
7Syriae Thaa CK-L b35-013.6
8Syriae Thaa XL-U c16-032.2
9Syriae Thaa MD-K d8-830.0
10Syriae Thaa UM-Q b32-031.5
11Syriae Thaa WA-W c15-121.5
12Syriae Thaa NA-U b30-022.5
13Syriae Thaa JU-V b29-031.0
14Syriae Thaa GO-X b28-033.0
15Syriae Thaa EI-Z b27-032.1
16Syriae Thaa GR-N d6-830.5
17Syriae Thaa GR-N d6-432.1
18Syriae Thaa UP-E b25-032.0
19Syriae Thaa TE-G b24-033.2
20Syriae Thaa CL-P d5-833.2
21Syriae Thaa DL-P d5-332.0
22Syriae Thaa ZE-R d4-732.3
23Syriae Thaa ZJ-I c9-117.5
24Syriae Thaa AF-P b19-025.3
25Syriae Thaa XY-Q b18-023.8
26Syriae Thaa VN-S b17-030.1
27Syriae Thaa LG-W b15-032.5
28Syriae Thaa HA-Y b14-031.7
29Syriae Thaa SS-U d2-728.3
30Syriae Thaa SS-U d2-327.3
31Syriae Thaa NW-N c6-131.8
32Syriae Thaa LL-P c5-126.2
33Syriae Thaa LL-P c5-031.3
34Streau Eop KI-Z d1-528.1
35Syriae Thaa IF-R c4-122.3
36Syriae Thaa EZ-S c3-025.4
37Syriae Thaa KY-L b7-030.4
38Syriae Thaa LY-L b7-030.9
39Syriae Thaa EM-P b5-027.2
40Syriae Thaa LG-Y d230.6
41Syriae Thaa AG-R b4-014.5
42Syriae Thaa WZ-S b3-027.4
43Syriae Thaa IA-A d617.8
44Syriae Thaa PN-W b1-032.9
45Syriae Thaa LH-Y b022.3
46Syriae Thaa IA-A d324.6
47Pyrie Eurk KJ-X c28-028.0
48Pyrie Eurk IO-X c28-024.5
49Pyrie Eurk DI-Z c27-029.3
50Pyrie Eurk FD-Z c27-027.0
51Pyrie Eurk LI-B d13-333.2
52Pyrie Eurk ZB-B c27-030.6
53Pyrie Eurk LI-B d13-129.0
54Pyrie Eurk LI-B d13-016.6
55Pyrie Eurk WQ-C c26-032.2
56Pyra Drye IH-K c25-021.9
57Pyra Drye DY-F d12-127.7
58Pyra Drye EB-M c24-020.6
59Pyra Drye JH-K c25-020.8
60Pyra Drye HW-L c24-023.8
61Pyra Drye DY-F d12-431.6
62Pyra Drye CQ-N c23-032.4
63Pyra Drye DQ-N c23-017.9
64Pyra Drye ZR-H d11-327.9
65Pyra Drye ZJ-P c22-032.0
66Pyra Drye CV-N c23-026.9
67Pyra Drye YO-P c22-016.7
68Pyra Drye DV-N c23-031.4
69Pyra Drye ZO-P c22-030.8
70Pyra Drye BK-P c22-031.5
71Pyra Drye -H d11-028.0
72Pyra Drye CK-P c22-024.3
73Pyra Drye YD-R c21-031.3
74Pyra Drye XL-J d10-424.8
75Pyra Drye WI-R c21-030.0
76Pyrie Eurk GM-L c21-032.4
77Pyrie Eurk BQ-G d10-031.0
78Pyrie Eurk DG-N c20-025.6
79Pyrie Eurk XJ-I d9-014.2
80Pyrie Eurk XJ-I d9-131.3
81Pyrie Eurk AA-P c19-118.3
82Pyrie Eurk YJ-I d9-331.8
83Pyrie Eurk ZE-R e4-025.2
84Pyra Drye IK-Y c17-032.8
85Pyrie Eurk TN-S c17-029.5
86Pyrie Eurk UD-K d8-425.4
87Pyrie Eurk UN-S c17-027.1
88Pyrie Eurk VD-K d8-232.5
89Pyrie Eurk UD-K d8-128.7
90Pyrie Eurk QH-U c16-026.9
91Pyrie Eurk QX-L d7-533.3
92Pyrie Eurk LB-W c15-017.9
93Pyrie Eurk SW-T b30-031.1
94Pyra Drye IN-Q d6-216.6
95Pyra Drye IN-Q d6-330.6
96Pyra Drye IN-Q d6-132.2
97Pyra Drye UL-F c14-020.0
98Pyra Drye WG-F c14-029.9
99Pyra Drye SA-H c13-031.5
100Pyra Drye JN-Q d6-023.1
101Pyra Drye FH-S d5-225.3
102Pyra Drye OU-I c12-031.2
103Pyra Drye NU-I c12-026.5
104Pyra Drye LZ-I c12-030.5
105Pyrie Eurk WC-D c12-012.4
106Pyrie Eurk JL-P d5-232.8
107Pyrie Eurk SW-E c11-021.4
108Pyrie Eurk MV-G c10-032.7
109Pyrie Eurk RB-F c11-031.3
110Pyrie Eurk FF-R d4-530.0
111Pyrie Eurk NV-G c10-032.6
112Pyrie Eurk OV-G c10-026.2
113Pyrie Eurk FF-R d4-115.5
114Pyrie Eurk FF-R d4-428.5
115Pyrie Eurk HE-K c8-029.9
116Pyrie Eurk BZ-S d3-120.0
117Pyrie Eurk DY-L c7-032.5
118Pyrie Eurk BD-M c7-024.9
119Pyrie Eurk XW-N c6-029.9
120Pyrie Eurk XS-U d2-230.2
121Pyrie Eurk XS-U d2-331.2
122Pyrie Eurk TM-W d1-331.2
123Pyrie Eurk SQ-P c5-017.9
124Pyrie Eurk PF-R c4-031.6
125Pyrie Eurk TM-W d1-129.5
126Pyrie Eurk MZ-S c3-028.6
127Pyrie Eurk NZ-S c3-030.6
128Pyra Drye LC-B d1-228.8
129Pyra Drye XF-B b6-028.5
130Pyra Drye UZ-C b5-022.4
131Pyra Drye VZ-C b5-08.9
132Pyra Drye RT-E b4-028.7
133Pyra Drye NN-G b3-031.1
134Pyra Drye JH-I b2-019.5
135Pyra Drye KH-I b2-025.3
136Pyra Drye LH-I b2-030.0
137Pyra Drye MH-I b2-014.1
138Pyra Drye JB-K b1-022.8
139Pyra Drye KB-K b1-021.3
140Pyra Drye LB-K b1-023.9
141Pyra Drye MB-K b1-015.4
142Pyra Drye JW-C d223.3
143Pyra Drye JW-C d116.1
144Pyra Drye KW-C d318.3
145Pyra Drye OB-K b1-023.5
146Pyra Drye TH-I b2-018.1
147Pyra Drye PB-K b1-018.4
148Pyra Drye UH-I b2-025.0
149Pyra Drye ZN-G b3-022.1
150Pyra Drye AZ-D c1-031.4
151Pyra Drye LW-C d022.4
152Pyra Drye ZD-E c1-027.0
153Pyra Drye LW-C d124.6
154Cheia Drye IT-E b59-030.9
155Nuwo QW-F c027.9
156Chua Dryiae ZQ-E b59-027.0
157Chua Dryiae WK-G b58-021.9
158Chua Dryiae TE-I b57-028.2
159Chua Dryiae EK-C d14-126.3
160Chua Dryiae RY-J b56-020.9
161Chua Dryiae SY-J b56-021.1
162Chua Dryiae TY-J b56-022.2
163Chua Dryiae UY-J b56-031.0
164Chua Dryiae RS-L b55-025.7
165Chua Dryiae OM-N b54-030.7
166Chua Dryiae TS-L b55-028.2
167Chua Dryiae RM-N b54-031.6
168Chua Dryiae OG-P b53-022.5
169Chua Dryiae PG-P b53-026.0
170Chua Dryiae QG-P b53-021.6
171Chua Dryiae NA-R b52-027.5
172Chua Dryiae OA-R b52-021.4
173Chua Dryiae PA-R b52-025.3
174Chua Dryiae MU-S b51-028.1
175Chua Dryiae EI-W b49-032.4
176Chua Dryiae FI-W b49-025.4
177Chua Dryiae CC-Y b48-011.3
178Chua Dryiae DC-Y b48-028.4
179Chua Dryiae XR-H d11-024.7
180Chua Dryiae WP-B b47-027.5
181Chua Dryiae TJ-D b46-028.2
182Chua Dryiae LX-G b44-031.6
183Chua Dryiae HR-I b43-031.4
184Chua Dryiae EL-K b42-029.8
185Chua Dryiae BF-M b41-026.2
186Chua Dryiae YY-N b40-029.6
187Chua Dryiae QM-R b38-025.8
188Chua Dryiae MG-T b37-032.2
189Chua Dryiae IA-V b36-024.8
190Chua Dryiae EU-W b35-022.9
191Chua Dryiae AO-Y b34-029.3
192Chua Dryiae XH-A b34-024.9
193Chua Dryiae UB-C b33-030.5
194Chua Dryiae LP-F b31-027.4
195Chua Dryiae QV-D b32-024.3
196Chua Dryiae JT-O d7-132.7
197Syneayoi BV-X c14-030.8
198Syneayoi AA-Y c14-019.0
199Syneayoi CV-X c14-025.3
200Syneayoi BA-Y c14-031.7
201Syneayoi KR-N d6-426.3
202Syneayoi YT-Z c13-021.1
203Syneayoi LR-N d6-231.8
204Syneayoi LR-N d6-427.9
205Syneayoi LR-N d6-030.5
206Syneayoi HL-P d5-316.9
207Syneayoi SC-D c12-032.1
208Syneayoi RH-D c12-028.3
209Syneayoi HL-P d5-120.3
210Syneayoi HL-P d5-021.2
211Syneayoi DF-R d4-329.3
212Syneayoi QW-E c11-017.1
213Syneayoi IL-P d5-031.9
214Syneayoi RW-E c11-033.2
215Syneayoi EF-R d4-328.7
216Chua Dryiae EN-M c10-021.1
217Chua Dryiae BB-U d4-125.5
218Chua Dryiae SM-V b22-021.2
219Chua Dryiae TM-V b22-022.6
220Chua Dryiae QG-X b21-026.6
221Chua Dryiae MA-Z b20-030.9
222Chua Dryiae JU-A b20-030.6
223Chua Dryiae GO-C b19-015.9
224Chua Dryiae HO-C b19-021.6
225Chua Dryiae EI-E b18-032.1
226Chua Dryiae FI-E b18-029.0
227Chua Dryiae XV-H b16-016.5
228Chua Dryiae YV-H b16-030.2
229Chua Dryiae VP-J b15-027.1
230Chua Dryiae SJ-L b14-019.4
231Chua Dryiae OD-N b13-029.7
232Chua Dryiae QI-V c5-026.6
233Chua Dryiae PI-V c5-026.7
234Chua Dryiae LC-X c4-024.4
235Syneayoi VF-R c4-019.7
236Syneayoi WF-R c4-032.9
237Syneayoi WM-W d1-432.0
238Syneayoi SG-Y d231.6
239Syneayoi YG-R b4-028.2
240Syneayoi UA-T b3-023.6
241Syneayoi RU-U b2-033.0
242Syneayoi HH-Y c026.1
243Chua Dryiae YR-U a2-030.8
244Syneayoi EC-A b023.6
245Pyria Thua XZ-S b58-031.7
246Pyria Thua WO-Z d13-530.3
247Pyria Thua SD-Z c27-031.9
248Pyroo Eohn EU-G c27-022.7
249Pyria Thua OX-A c27-024.3
250Pyria Thua KR-C c26-125.5
251Pyria Thua GL-E c25-029.1
252Pyria Thua GL-E c25-133.1
253Pyroo Eohn KY-F d12-126.1
254Pyroo Eohn RB-M c24-020.2
255Pyroo Eohn WH-K c25-032.7
256Pyroo Eohn KY-F d12-326.1
257Pyroo Eohn YC-K c25-025.5
258Pyroo Eohn JY-F d12-130.5
259Pyroo Eohn UW-L c24-031.1
260Pyroo Eohn PQ-N c23-029.0
261Pyroo Eohn LK-P c22-028.4
262Pyroo Eohn MK-P c22-033.0
263Pyroo Eohn BM-J d10-333.0
264Pyroo Eohn BM-J d10-129.3
265Pyroo Eohn HM-K b42-032.4
266Pyroo Eohn ZZ-N b40-023.2
267Pyroo Eohn VT-P b39-031.0
268Pyroo Eohn SN-R b38-025.4
269Pyroo Eohn NH-T b37-030.1
270Pyroo Eohn KB-V b36-031.4
271Pyroo Eohn CP-Y b34-019.6
272Pyroo Eohn DP-Y b34-017.9
273Pyroo Eohn ZI-A b34-032.3
274Pyroo Eohn KT-B c16-028.5
275Pyroo Eohn LQ-F b31-033.3
276Pyroo Eohn IK-H b30-025.0
277Pyroo Eohn EE-J b29-017.7
278Pyroo Eohn AY-K b28-019.4
279Pyroo Eohn BY-K b28-027.1
280Pyroo Eohn WR-M b27-028.9
281Pyroo Eohn XA-H c13-019.5
282Pyroo Eohn NF-Q b25-019.7
283Pyroo Eohn JZ-R b24-031.0
284Pyroo Eohn BN-V b22-031.8
285Pyroo Eohn XG-X b21-031.6
286Pyroo Eohn VA-Z b20-029.2
287Pyroo Eohn RU-A b20-031.5
288Pyroo Eohn NO-C b19-014.2
289Pyroo Eohn MO-C b19-022.7
290Pyroo Eohn LO-C b19-021.8
291Pyroo Eohn KO-C b19-032.8
292Pyria Thua PK-I c9-031.0
293Pyria Thua DZ-S d3-229.1
294Pyria Thua LE-K c8-024.6
295Pyroo Eohn ZU-V d3-218.0
296Pyroo Eohn XU-R c7-029.2
297Pyroo Eohn VO-X d2-232.6
298Pyroo Eohn MD-N b13-029.4
299Pyroo Eohn ER-Q b11-022.5
300Pyroo Eohn AL-S b10-025.8
301Pyroo Eohn WE-U b9-029.9
302Pyroo Eohn SY-V b8-029.5
303Pyroo Eohn KM-Z b6-023.3
304Pyroo Eohn GG-B b6-027.0
305Pyroo Eohn NC-B d1-225.8
306Pyroo Eohn ZT-E b4-027.4
307Pyroo Eohn VN-G b3-031.1
308Pyroo Eohn QH-I b2-024.2
309Pyroo Eohn LB-K b1-020.1
310Pyroo Eohn JW-C d216.1
311Pyroo Eohn JW-C d131.2
312Chua Eohn RK-C d14-325.0
313Chua Eohn GA-F c28-030.5
314Cho Thua QD-Z c27-010.1
315Cho Thua VO-Z d13-120.5
316Chua Eohn CU-G c27-024.0
317Cho Thua MX-A c27-027.9
318Chua Eohn YN-I c26-029.7
319Cho Thua MC-H b51-029.7
320Cho Thua IW-I b50-032.7
321Cho Thua AK-M b48-016.1
322Cho Thua BK-M b48-020.5
323Cho Thua XD-O b47-024.9
324Cho Thua XY-H c23-032.1
325Cho Thua TS-J c22-032.0
326Cho Thua HF-V b43-027.8
327Cho Thua DZ-W b42-026.5
328Cho Thua FQ-G d10-528.6
329Cho Thua FQ-G d10-130.8
330Cho Thua NL-C b40-025.8
331Cho Thua JF-E b39-029.9
332Cho Thua BU-Q c18-026.4
333Cho Thua AK-I d9-430.3
334Cho Thua VS-S c17-130.5
335Cho Thua WD-K d8-332.6
336Cho Thua JZ-O b33-028.4
337Cho Thua PB-W c15-124.4
338Cho Thua OG-W c15-026.1
339Cho Thua WL-U b30-016.6
340Cho Thua SF-W b29-0
I also have created a more comfortable Google-Spreadsheet, containing both routes from North to South and vice versa
POI "The distant view in blue"
Pyrie Eurk QX-U e2-0

On 09 FEB 3302 I aligned my ship to the next system and was a little bit confused as I saw this:


Wait a moment, what's that? A few seconds ago I had a look to the system-map and there was no blue Gas-Giant to see. Opened the Galaxy-Map, searched a little bit and hooray: A Black Hole, a Planetary Nebula, here, that far out.

Lucky find. Nearly that amazing like my find of Podar. And thanks to the possibility to boost, 1 jump with 40.44 distance, I was able to reach this system, unfortunately no (landable) planets :(

But an interesting view to the galaxy.

The system is located 62,172.07 LYs from Sol, near Route 33, just a little detour of 6 systems.

Detour to "The Distant view in blue"
Pyrie Eurk NV-G c10-040.4
Pyrie Eurk SB-F c11-026.2
Pyrie Eurk IQ-P d5-29.6
Pyrie Eurk IQ-P d5-133.4
Pyrie Eurk OL-F c11-022.3
Pyrie Eurk QX-U e2-0The Distant view in blue



The extended map

Finally, here is an extended map that shows Route 33, the new POI, Beagle Point, Podar (a POI that I found half a year ago) and the other 3 well known routes:

Svenno Crossing, data taken from Svenno's thread Exploration: Quest for the loneliest planet
Beagle Crossing, only the start-point, as I have found no further data
Roncevaux Crossing, data taken from Allitnil's post in Erimus' thread 65,000 LYs from home, on the fringe of intergalactic space...


The orange lines in my route are areas with full-range plotting between the yellow points, and the yellow lines show the manual plotting areas. Of course this is valid for ships with a jump-range of at least 33.41, otherwise the full-range plotting may change to manual plotting. But, as I documented the complete route and each system and distance, it should be possible for ships with a lower jump-range to manage this route by using Jump-on-fumes or some FSD-Boosts.

Although I think that this route sooner or later will be replaced by a better and more optimized route, I hope that it will be useful for explorers that may use this route for saving time to reach 65K or Beagle Point or as a basis for finding better routes.
I thought that a route might be possible (with FSD Boosts) and had a look on the way to BP- but chickened out -(range anxiety) and did a bit of detour.
Great work Stulli, and excellent write up :)

Distant View in Blue could well be the most distant planetary nebula discovered so far if its in the Abyss!

During Beagle Point Week there is a planned event out to explore Podar and with only one 40 LY jump to make along the Podar-Blue Route 33 it puts it in reach of most of the DW fleet.

Will add that as an excursion event for DW.

There's also a mission event to see if its possible to reach the Scutum-Centaurus rim further west than Svenno Crossing. I've been told its impossible but I'm sure a few of the fleet wouldn't mind still trying.
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Great journey and excellent writeup!

Is the trip from Beagle Point until the start of the route unproblematic for ships with 33.4 LY range?
The Distant view in blue is amazing, the blue seems stronger then in other similar nebulae. Really a shame it has no landables. The nearest system is 19 ly away, so no close up shots of the nebula.

I visited it 3 days ago,it was first discovered by CMDR HAMSTELBASTER, whoever that is - respect.
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I thought that a route might be possible (with FSD Boosts) and had a look on the way to BP- but chickened out -(range anxiety) and did a bit of detour.
I did not expect to find a route through the Abyss without FSD Boosts, but in the end I had some luck to find it.

Will add that as an excursion event for DW.
Thanks, Erimus, that's an honour for me :)

I am a little bit sad, because I had planned to catch up the DW-fleet as I came back with my 2nd CMDR on 20th February. But unfortunately since that day I have a pneumonia and I was not able to play the game since then.

Is the trip from Beagle Point until the start of the route unproblematic for ships with 33.4 LY range?
I started the route back coming from the west, not from BP. But I think it should be no problem with that jump-range. was first discovered by CMDR HAMSTELBASTER, whoever that is - respect.
That's me, my 2nd CMDR ;)

Many thanks for this! I have just successfully crossed the far rim using this route, which has saved me days on my route to the Praei permit sectors from Podar and Beagle Point. o7
Two observations (bearing in mind my Asp Explorer has 33.30LY range on a full tank):
  • The way to the start of the route back across the abyss (SYRIAE THAA PJ-I D9-1) can be reached directly from Podar (MYEIA THAA ZE-R D4-0) in one plot with no jumponium.
  • It is possible to reach The Distant View in Blue with only a 34.88LY jump by crossing between PYRIE EURK IQ-P D5-0 and PYRIE EURK JL-P D5-0. Most people using this route should be able to make this, either with a low fuel jump or a pair of J1 boosts to get there and back.
Great work! I tried finding a short cut after I got to BP. I didn't want to have to backtrack all the way to the Crossing. I made it about 3/4 of the way across the abyss and had to turn back as I didn't have the jump range to make it. I don't have Horizons, so boost wasn't an option. If anyone is interested in my route I tried, send me a message and I will send the info I have.
Yep, I finished the crossing today using Route 33. One bit of advice to anyone using it: STAY ON TARGET! A little bit past Distant Blue I got overconfident and tried to blaze my own trail in a more south-westerly direction. After many dead ends that even jumponium couldn't bypass due to empty space, I had to backtrack several hundred light years BACK to Route 33. The route works great, just stick to it and you'll put that Abyss right behind you!
Many thanks for the route Stulli.
I have just succefully completed the coreward crossing.
Only another 58k or so to home!
Thanks for this route!! Took it almost to the tee!

Man, the abyss is a cross!! Glad is behind me now, but wouldn't if it wasn't for this route!! ;-)
Thanks for this route!! Took it almost to the tee!

Man, the abyss is a cross!! Glad is behind me now, but wouldn't if it wasn't for this route!! ;-)

Well it wouldn't be so much hassle if route planer would actually work in Elite :)
On Route 33 sometimes it cannot plot 5 jumps even if you know there is a route and there is no jump bigger than 90% of you full fuel range...
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I'm trying to get back from Beagle Point, took a wrong turn and seem to have got a little bit stuck.
I do remember passing through SYRIAE THAA space recently though
I didn't mean to take this route across the Abyss, but I stumbled across it on accident. This may be the best way across from Beagle Point, as many Distant Worlds commanders have resorted to using it while inevitably getting stuck trying to trailblaze their own path. Thanks again, Stulli!
A heads up to everyone. As another CMDR Mengy pointed out on Discord (don't remember his name), if you plan to go through Route 33, stick to it.
I deviated slightly while making my way to the "Distant View in blue" waypoint, and with 31ly jump range I found myself stranded searching for jumponium.
(Used 7 J1, and 3 J2 boosts).

Gonna hop on the route again tomorrow.. hopefully..

Just stick to it guys if you value your sanity.
Also thanks for the route :)
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As I posted on discord..

after much pain..
prospecting and finding polonium, getting back onto the '33 (had deviated..silly me)
I just arrived!

Also, there's a correction on the spreadsheet of the Route (contacted the author about it)
for the distant view in blue detour

The correct distance between Pyrie Eurk IQ-P d5-1 and Pyrie Eurk OL-F c11-0 is 32.36 instead of 33.4.
This was important for me as it meant that I could jump it on low tank fuel(edited)
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