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Rowan Gardens is my park which came out of me creating a greenhouse themed trackride using the Hoax. http://

It is a fantasy garden/magical school themed park.Currently it has the Enchanted Greenhouse centerpiece ride, an Elixar machine, using a rideskin I made a couple of months ago., a wooden coaster called Dragon Sanctum, a Magic Twirl which is part of the Drat stable area (for learning to enchant and fly Drats) and a chair-o-plane or Levitating chairs. I am hoping I won't loose the enthusiasm and keep going on this park. I want to build a castle an incorporate rides into it, such as a water coaster.

Any ideas or areas of improvement?

You've got a great start for this park. It's going to turn out beautiful when your finished so don't give up :) You picked a great theme for it as well. Keep us updated with photo's on your progress.....


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While I have been a little quiet I have been working on my park!

I have added a rideskin I made previously for the Blackout to the lake as it fits the theme perfectly. I have also built a Cascade watercoaster into terrain with a boathouse station. The ride itself still needs themeing, but the station and queue are done. I plan on making it a journey through Crystal Caves, with hopefully some of the story of the history of the school. The school will be built on rocks above the lake, (No relation to similar magic schools [wink][mouth shut])



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It has been a while since I gave an update, but I have still been working on the park. I don't have a POV of the water coaster yet as I couldn't get shadow play to play ball tonight. However I have made a ton of progress on the castle. Guests can walk on foot or take a boat ride to the back of the castle, where they can walk up the hill. The castle has a Magic Katz ride to give guests a tour of this ancient magic school. Professor Poosh (named for my cat Lucius aka Poosh who recently passed away) is feline wizard with many skills and he is going to whisk you away on a magical tour! I have finished the outside and am starting the inside of the castle. I think at this point, the park will be completed as the dreaded lag as begun on my PC, (I am impressed how many pieces I have got before I started to notice anything and it still plays perfectly with my husband's 1080).

Some screenshots of the Crystal Caves

Some of the castle



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I am still working on the park!

My latest progress is mainly on the castle and the ride within it. Still have more detail to add and one more room to complete. Then hopefully the park might be ready for the workshop.

The school library

The Pyromancy classroom

The Grand Staircase

The Great Hall shops

Hotel hidden away inside the castle towers

Ride line

Ride station

Another classroom

The Great Hall

I'm so glad to see this back, mrs.
I love the sorting hat near the ride op. Nice touch [big grin][up]
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