[FEDERATION] Royal Navy Space Corps (RNSC)

Royal Navy Space Corps

A branch of probably the oldest Naval force still in active service. Once pledging themselves to the service of Earths Ancient monarchs, this fleet now stands to service the federal forces in it's endeavours. It's main shipyard is still in the historic dock of Portsmouth, England.

The RNSC still upholds the same traditions and philosophy it has had for thousands of years, but with a new purpose. The Squadrons sole purpose is for the protection of humanity and it's home in Sol. Not only does it carry out covert ops in powerplay within the human bubble, but it also has taken part in research into the guardian's and also taken part in Anti-Thargoid strikes. The RNSC wishes to also hold races for squadron members to prove who is the fastest as well as squadron only duel tournaments.

We are currently recruiting new members both old and new, with a variety of experience and flight hours. As mentioned above, squadron members can expect to take part in Anti- xeno operations to hold back the Thargoid incursion, internal squadron races and duels, powerplay operations and guardian research.

If you wish to join us on our flight through the void please contact TheDuckster369 on Xbox or on here.

Space is dark, it is so endless
When you're lost it's so relentless
It is so big, it is so small
Why does man try to act so tall
Is this the reason, deep in our minds?

It does not feel, it does not die
Space is neither truth nor lie
Into the void we have to travel
To find the clue which will unravel
Is this the reason, deep in our minds?

The secret lies with our tomorrow
In each of us is a hidden sorrow
The path goes onward through the night
Beyond the realms of ancient light
Is this the reason, deep in our minds?

Hawkwind, 1972.

Inara- https://inara.cz/squadron/6041/
Xbox - Royal Navy Space Corps
Xbox contact- TheDuckster369

Fly Safe CMDRS
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