[EMPIRE] [RP] The Imperial Federation

The Imperial Federation
"Forged in Unity, Strengthened through Diversity, Wielded by Democracy"

Administrative Division

Head of State: Imperial Princess Aisling Duval

Federal President: Alberto Dervishi

Seat: Eggen / Otohime
Affiliations: Member of the Dervishi family, previous governor of Otohime
Personality: Introverted, Spontanous, Temperamental

Imperial Chancellor: Hank Summers

Seat: Goonan Base / Papako
Affiliations: Chancellor of Papako (previous), Freedom Fighter (resting)
Personality: Intuitive, Organized, Assertive

Federal High Admiral: Madyson Whitaker

Seat: Ore Installation / HIP 11886
Affiliations: Otohime Imperial Society (Patron), Representative for Otohime in the Parliament


Papako IFC
Seat: Goonan Base
Leader: Imperial Chancellor
Department: Papako, HIP 1536

Seat: Vess Station
Leader: Robyn Hudson
Department: Auso

HIP 1419 Governance
Seat: Dawes Port
Leader: Mei Swanson
Department: HIP 1419, Hermoricaur

HIP 3488 Governance
Seat: Ballard Installation
Leader: Clover Bruce
Department: HIP 3488, Estarna

Atjil Governance
Seat: Herjulfsson Enterprise
Leader: Elodie Barnett
Department: Atjil, Bugaguti

Edinura Governance
Seat: Block Base
Leader: Lowell Christensen
Department: Edinura, HIP 494

Otohime Governance
Seat: Eggen Laboratory
Leader: Alberto Dervishi
Department: Otohime, HIP 10137, HIP 11886

Foreign Governance
Department: Gurojas, Walgalu, Coelachi
Contested by: Gallaeni and/or Daibo
Status: Temporary Members of the IFC

The Imperial Parliament

Federal Union of Papako (Federation)

Sphere: 12 Systems, 5 Embassies, 0 Candidates, 2 Expeditionary Forces
Assets: 59
Population: 26.544.070
Chancellor: Mercedes Lancaster
Governor/Imperial Client: Alberto Dervishi

Papako - Full Member (2/1/4) of (2/1/4) / Allies: Papako One
---Imperial Military Port (Papako Crimson Federal & Co)
Bugaguti - Full Member (1/1) of (1/0/1) / Allies: Bugaguti People's Co-Operative
Estarna - Full Member (1/1) of (1/1/0) / Allies: Union of HIP 3488
Hermoricaur - Full Member (1/1) of (1/0/1) / Allies: Hermoricaur Shared
HIP 3488 - Full Member (2/2/4) of (2/2/4) / Allies: Union of HIP 3488
HIP 494 - Full Member (2/1/2) of (2/1/2/0) / Allies: Integrated Samo, Integrated Edinura
Kumal - Full Member (1/2) of (0/1/0/2)
Atjil - Semi-Autonomous Member (1/1/1) of (2/1/2)
HIP 1419 - Semi-Autonomous Member (1/2/2/3/2) of (1/2/2/6/3) / Allies: Revolutionary Party of HIP 1419 (0/0/0/3/1)
HIP 1536 - Semi-Autonomous Member (1/1/2/3/0) of (1/2/2/5/3) / Allies: HIP 1536 Labour (0/0/0/1/1), HIP 117114 Democrats
---Lichfield (Illegal Installation)
Auso - Autonomous Member (1/0/0) of (1/1/0/0/2) / Allies: Labour Union of Auso (0/1/2)
Edinura - Autonomous Member (1/0/0/1) of (2/2/3/2) / Allies: Integrated Edinura

Sotiate - Expeditionary Fleet (0/1/1/1/2) of (1/2/1/4/3)
Sokaram - Anti-Piracy Operation (0/0/0/0/0) of (1/2/2/6/3)

Akbakshu - AU Embassy
---Confederate Menezes Embassy (1)
Ghylder - AU Embassy
---Imperial-Federal Yakovlev Embassy (1)
Ten Mayan - AU Embassy
Waimile - AU Embassy
Wuninka - Laka Embassy

Socialist Union of Otohime (Communism)

Sphere: 4 Systems, 2 Colonies, 11 Embassies
Assets: 13
Population: 413.171
Spokeswoman: Aubrie Mayr
Governor/Imperial Client: Alberto Dervishi

Otohime - Presidential Control (2/1/2/1) / Allies: Otohime Imperial Society (2/1/2/1) / Lemon Drop
Coelachi - Semi-Autonomous Member (1/0) of (0/1/0/1) / Allies: Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative (0/1)
Gurojas - Full Member (1) of (0/1)
Walgalu - Semi-Autonomous Member (1/0) of (0/1/0/1)

HIP 10137 - Full Member (1/2) of (0/1/2) / Allies: Otohime Imperial Society
HIP 11886 - Full Member (2/2) of (0/2/2) / Allies: Otohime Imperial Society / Workers of Negri Free

Puntinelao - Observer Mission

Negri - Protectorate Fleet / Allies: Workers of Negri Free (1/2/2/2/2)
Shamaphan - Protectorate Fleet / Allies: United Shamaphan Progressive Party
Liberal Union of Edensu (Full Military Support / Embassies)
Fuambe - Embassy
Apis - DDT Embassy
HIP 14521 - DDT Embassy

Military Alliances

Liberal Union of Edensu

Sphere: 3 Systems, 2 Colony, 1 Embassy
Assets: 14
Population: 33.231
Progenitor: Merida Carr
Governor/Imperial Client: Elmo Auer (Muthia)

Edensu - Full Member (2/2) of (2/0/2) / Allies: Socialist Union of Otohime
Khemaraui - Full Member (2/1/2) of (2/1/2) / Allies: Socialist Union of Otohime
Muthia - Full Member (1/1) of (1/0/1) / Allies: Socialist Union of Otohime

Synuefe KY-H C26-4 - Full Member (1) of (0/0/1/0/0) / Allies: Socialist Union of Otohime
Synuefe KY-H C26-5 - Full Member (1/1) of (0/0/1/1) / Allies: Socialist Union of Otohime

Otohime - Embassy

Democratic Star Alliance

Members: Angardh, Negri, Shamaphan
Population: 22.969M
Current Leader: Angardh
Governor/Imperial Client: Alyssa Ellison

Socialist Union of Laka (out of date)

Sphere: 10 Systems, 2 Colony, 3 Outposts
Population: 17.81M
Spokeswoman: Karli McDowell
Governor/Imperial Client: Gen. Zayla Hofer

Laka - Coalition Control (2/0/1/3/0) of (2/0/3/4/2) / Allies: Off World Corp (0/0/1/1/2)
-Imperial Military Port

Defensive Alliances

HIP 6369 (Patronal/Socialist)

Homesystem: HIP 6369
Population: 228.3K
Spokeswoman: Mackenzie Herman
Governor/Imperial Client: Blair Salas

HIP 6369 - Shared Authority (1/1) of (1/1/0/0) / Allies: Imperial Society (1/0)

Foreign Policy

Imperial Traitors
Dark Armada - Assault on the Royal Family Estates (Adamantine Union)


Boman Co - Ousted from Lower Synuefe's Political Control


Dark Armada - Declaration of War on Federal Member Otohime / Smuggling

Terrorist Organisations

Chaos Syndicate - [Resting]
Nomad - Smuggling, Murder, Sabotage
Resolve - Smuggling, Murder, Sabotage
Sidewinder Syndicate - [Resting]

Former Members

Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis (Cooperative)

Progenitor: Aislin Conrad

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Unlimited Potential

Long before the fourth millenia, there was a time when many inside the Empire saw the Tucanae and the Synuefe sector as their future homes, and much more saw an opportunity to expand the imperial influence. Blessed with several new earths and dozens of terraformable worlds, sometimes in just one system, many believed the region could become a new powerhouse to support the Empire with taxes and levies for its economy, soldiers in times of war or to serve as an industrial megacentre. To speed this process up, the whole area was highly advertised.

Soon the clamor for land begun, as several imperial corporations vied for ownership over virginal pristine asteroid belts and the best central systems to establish high-profit tradehubs. Many succeeded, cutting out a piece of their own with several other positions lend to loyal and highly decorated – if lesser - families of the empire to make a name for themselves.
The newly founded Selkadiae Energy Limited would soon become the epicenter of the region, supplying high-tech products and establishing a major shipyard inside of their jurisdiction with the nearby Crimson Major Industries of Auso supplying the main resources for them and the hungry mining colonies all around. Only the families of Alourovices were still able to challenge them openly for market control.
At the beginning all went well. Several temporary moon colonies were established throughout the sectors to prepare for greater endeavours; to supply the local industries, man the new refineries or to just help in the nearby terraforming of the new worlds. The decline came sooner than most expected.
It was the beginning of a new era inside the Empire when the isolationist policies took hold which finally put the lid on the booming borderworlds and the future of Tucanae and Synuefe. At first the financial support stopped, forcing the cutting-edge and riskier enterprises of lesser profit to close down in favor of the stable, yet unmoving bigger competitors. Then the military support was cut, forcing the weaker corporations to give in to piracy or forcing them to employ militia to fight on their side. Slowly, this unchanging stagnate situation began to turn to rot and corruption and abraded the future the region once held day by day.
In the end many lesser corporations were overthrown by their militias, now ruling in their stead and keeping the Empire at bay by swearing loyalty to them. To pay for the needed levies and taxes, they exploited their systems, ruining the economy and robbing the freedom of the once proud colonists. Piracy sprung up again and took some minor systems no one even cared for anymore. Now all that was left were the silent giants that slowly sucked the lifeblood out of the innovation in nearby systems, only administrating the local exploitation. In despair, even some of the good-hearted families turned to cruel measures to pay for safety or to keep up their prestige inside imperial circles. Life at the border became bleak and many saw an exodus of the still free people back to the core worlds of the Empire. In their wake they left once again unpopulated new earths no one was willing to live on anymore. Not under these conditions.

The Fall of the Dervishi

Hence it came as no surprise when another one of the last proud families that held on against piracy, enforced exploitation and corruption declared to step down from rule in the early summer of 3302.
The imperial family of Dervishi was proud enough to never let anyone walk over it. It enforced security in Otohime and even managed to use its assets to found a new colony to extract water in HIP 10137 under Alberto's father Enrico Dervishi. His son however seemed to only have gotten the temperament of his father, not his foresight and perseverance. Instead of projecting order, he tried new way of governance. Instead of keeping close ties to nearby rulers, he engaged in new friendships. Instead of keeping face with the imperial society, he fraternized with comminers. Most of this he did to protect his families assets, which included to hire a neutral nearby militia to fight for him instead of the more expensive navy his father had operated.
Like many before, they turned on the Dervishi and stole the colony of HIP 10137, before they declared themselves the new rulers of the region. This posse didn't stop there. As they also attacked his homesystem of Otohime, the Dervishi employed the costly help of the nearby autocrats. Sworn to the empire they had to heed the call, but made the Dervishi pay in kind for supplies, weapons and service, bleeding the already strained finances of the honorable family. In the end all he got was a dangerous stalemate between the Dervishi, the supporting autocrats and the posse. It was at that time that he turned to the people for help, using his shy but strong ties to the population in Eggen to rally them to his cause. And the people answered.
It was Aubrie Mayr that heeded his call, together with the socialist union she had built in Eggen under the more liberal agenda of Alberto. Just like him she wasn't the most forthcoming person, but unlike him she wasn't as temperamental and didn't decide on a whim. When she spoke, she spoke with clarity. When she had a vision, it was bare of empty ideology or dreams. She was grounded in reality and had given more than three thoughts to the prospects of an endeavour. Her whole life she had fought for her ideals. Now she made Alberto an offer.
Her tight-knit group of brothers and sisters would serve as his shield. All he had to do was give them the mothballed fleet of his father and supply them instead of the autocrats. There would be no excessive payment for their service, no promises of land. They would fight to defend their home and their future. Together they would fight back the posse and reclaim Otohime. All they asked for in return was a democratic election about the future of Otohime in the aftermath. To decide for themselves how they wanted to proceed in this dark time, the Dervishi and their people. Alberto agreed.
Hope is a powerful force to steer a person's heart, as for many is personal gain or safety. On that day the Union of Otohime was indirectly promised all at once. They didn't ask for it, but Alberto was immediately willing to keep Eggen in democratic hands even if the people would be willing to let him rule Otohime as his family did in the past. They would keep the fleet, they would even keep their newly appointed titles. But for Aubrey and her official secretary Abbigail Conrad, this was about Otohime's future. Once they for once could shape themselves.

The Revitalization of Otohime

It took two weeks and several hundred deaths, but in the end the posse was beaten back to HIP 10137 in a decisive battle where they now licked their wounds. Finally the proud Dervishi fleet guarded the skies once again, if with a slightly different paintjob as of then. The upcoming elections about the future status of Otohime had a participation rate of 94% and made the democratic proposal of the Union of Otohime win in a landslide of 92%.

Alberto had already prepared to keep watch over his families' legacy from the shadows. He hated the spotlight he had for a long time and this loss of political power was welcome to him. Yet, Aubrie Mayr had different plans for him. She needed his families' influence for the next step in her plan. With Otohime's resources at her disposal, she would be able to revive the colonial ruin that was Tucanae and promote freedom and democracy around them. The real problem was the Empire. Her government lacked legitimation and would be seen as the aggressor. Thus, she devised a three step plan.
First Alberto Dervishi had to speak up for them in the Imperial Court to prove their legitimation. To this end she appointed him for the newly created Imperial Office of Otohime. All future dealings with the Imperial Court would be solely based on the Dervishi. All imperial requests, all imperial levies and all imperial demands... and in return they would be heard.
As much as Alberto hated the idea of a new spotlight, he saw the prospect of the situation and decided to accept this new position after a long debate with Secretary Conrad. This marked the formation of the Democratic Alliance between the Empire and Otohime. This aggressive plan was no coincidence. Aubrie knew that the Tucanae and Synuefe sector had become the jurisdiction of the Empress' niece Aisling Duval after the 'unfortunate' assasination of the last Emperor. She was known to not only accept but actually promote universal suffrage among her subjects, making the legitimation of Otohime in her realm possible at all.

Carefully the Union build up the navy again. It would never reach the height of Alberto's father, but the refinery system of Otohime struck favorable deals with the families of Alourovices with Alberto's help and turned the tide on the failing economy. With new assets under them, the Union spread their influence to nearby systems, promoting the already ongoing insurrections in Gamma-3 Octantis under the secretaries niece Aislin Conrad and the democratic movement in Papako with financial support.
While the newly elected Chancellor Hank Summers of Papako was able to overturn the local corporation by the will of the people of Papako alone, the Gamma-3 Cooperative needed the military backing of a nearby power to stand up to the local militia. With the threat of Otohime's and the Dervishi's involvement, the local colonel decided to step down peacefully and handed the rulership of the people in Gamma-3 Octantis to Abbigail's niece, Aislin.
Hank Summers managed to use the local corruption and piracy in his favor, leading the local militia in his early days. While slow, he managed to drive back the Dragon Syndicate that terrorized most of the backwaters in Papako. Over time this support came with a price for the corporation. And once it was unwilling to pay for the safety, Summer enforced democratic elections in his 'territory', winning by a landslide each time. Unable to stand up to the pirates, the corporation didn't oppose them either and soon nearly the whole system aside of the operative headquarters were in their hands. It only took a last universal election and a letter of Alberto Dervishi to the Imperial Court to appoint him as the official new regent of Papako. The era of exploitation and corruption was over when he took up his new office on the 10th of August 3302.
Meanwhile the Union of Otohime liberated the colony of HIP 10137 and freed its citizens from the posse, already undermining the oppression of the nearby autocracy of Muthnir.

The Imperial Federation

In the midst of the great revolution inside the Tucanae and Synuefe sectors, several leaders had come to Gamma-3 Octantis aboard the Bruck Platform to discuss the future of the dead colonies. For the local cooperative spoke Aislin Conrad, for the Union of Otohime Aubrie Mayr and for the Federation of Papako Hank Summers. Several minor factions like Auso's Labour Union and Ngaun's Cooperative send representatives to the meeting, but for now only as witnesses to the decisions that were to be made. Meanwhile Alberto Dervishi presided over this meeting in the name of the Empire. After three long fought days of debate and two exhausting nights of diplomacy, a final treaty was ratified between the four parties.
A loose confederation between the three democratic parties would be formed which will be based on federal legislation and based in the Goonan Base of Papako, which will also serve as its military headquarter for now. All will rule independantly inside their respective spheres, but will unite their assets and abilities for their common ideals and goals. Inside the new Imperial Parliament all would be represented equally, but in matters of personal concern a member could ask for a majority vote of all the members' populations. This can be done by representation or universal suffrage. All decisions of the Imperial Parliament would henceforth become law in all jurisdictions and its directions are to be followed. Despite that, neither decision would be allowed to influence the government of any member state. The Dervishi family would have the permanent seat of presidency, serving as the official ambassador for the Empire, with the imperial chancellor elected from among the member states. The official head of state would be her highness Aisling Duval, to whose vice-royalty the Imperial Federation subordinates itself in personal union. Yet even her decisions would not be allowed to influence any local government.

Further the members declare the universal legal force of the following eight statements:

No citizen without fault is allowed to lack basic nutrition, education or freedom against their will inside any member's jurisdiction.
No member state is justified in aggressions against an outside force without an unanimous vote of the parliament or by command of her highness Aisling Duval, unless to support the local will of the people.
All citizens of the Imperial Federation shall henceforth be accepted in all jurisdictions to chose their place of residence and work to find their true home among the stars.
All economic matters lie solely within the local governments jurisdiction if it regards the safety of its citizens, but have to adhere to the rule of free trade otherwise.
All systems without a permanent residence and local authority are declared free and no claim of ownership of either party, member state or foreign power, will be accepted.
All members of the Federation declare their resolution for a call to arms in defense of either member state, no matter the cost.
All member system has the right of self-government if it adheres to democratic procedures. The will of the people can not be denied.
The rejuvenation and terraforming of the Tucanae and Synuefe sector for the people of the Empire is paramount and a universally financed fund will support colonies and projects aimed at the improvement of the borderlands.

The Chaos War

Early in the history of the new supranational union, the so-called "Free Systems of Vesuvit" had incited conflict over a proposed border treaty, as the Imperial Federation sought to curb their aggressive expansion into upper Tucanae. Known to if not support then to at least condone slavery and violence, the suppressive regime had started a series of terrorists attacks along the border of Auso and Papako. With a quick response, the Imperial Federation assembled the Anti-Piracy Fleet, their main navy, to strike back against these aggressions, with a full blown war starting shortly after to push the rotten syndicate back to whence it came.
In a matter of months, the once feared might of the Chaos Syndicate fell to a series of uncontested victories ranging from HIP 6369 all the way to Shorodo, a once proud legacy of theirs crushed under the heel of reality. As other disgruntled subjects and foes later joined the Tucanae Alliance in the war against the syndicate, by then known as the Anti-Chaos Coalition, their entire resistance crumbled and even their holy grail and founding system Vesuvit was taken hostage.
It was only when their last stronghold was in danger, Synuefe GU-D D13-78, that the syndicate resorted to its only left option. They chose to leave the honorable battlefield they had lost on each time and resorted to mass murder of slaves by simply dumping them into the surrounding systems to terrorize the populace, combined with support for local crime syndicates with arms and resources in an attempt of petty revenge.
Papako rallied behind the liberal leader Jarod Donovan of Papako One in absence of their chancellor who was fighting the syndicate personally to weather the storm of these taxing days of murder and cowardice. His idea was to increase autonomy and freedom for Anotchi and HIP 1536 to combat the local problems swift and efficiently. Meanwhile Auso decided to retreat its forces from the war entirely, saving hundred thousands of people by willingly leaving Kureserians in a painful declaration of neutrality.
With no hostile presence left, the Chaos Syndicate's terror campaign subsided, as the syndicate decided to retreat and regroup, to reclaim some of the systems that still entered open revolt against the alleged 'Freedom' they brought; a freedom in none but name for those too weak to protect or steal for themselves.

All that remained was the legacy of a war in which the syndicate had lost every battle, shown the total lack of morals and no honor. But in its dishonor and desperation, it survived! In the end all that their deeds accomplished was to ruin and tarnish their reputation, which was build on long and by now wasted propaganda. No one still believed in their 'honorable' motives.
And so the Chaos Syndicate never dared to challenge upper Tucanae again, resolving itself to govern their own little sphere below with their imperialistic tendencies crushed. But the continuous hostage situation and the ongoing freedom fight of Kureserian's citizens are an ever growing concern for lasting peace, as the wounds of war begin to heal on both sides.
The inofficial ceasefire can't last forever, especially since no treaty was ever signed... and certainly not as long as the people of Kureserians are held at gun point and threat of life. They didn't chose to live under the syndicate and neither Auso nor its people will forever stay quiet about the people's rightful claim of self-governance and freedom. They had just thrown of the yoke of the patronage, but not to be subdued by another syndicate forever.

Rise of Papako

The Borderlands Campaign was announced by a popular vote of Gamma-3 Octantis and under support of Otohime inside the Imperial Federation. As mismanagement and chaos after the war still griped the borderlands of the two major powers in the region, Papako had failed to pacify the region under their new Chancellor Jarod Donavan. Finally done with bureaucracy and down to her calling, the Anti-Piracy Fleet dispatched into the borderlands and dispatched of the dangers to their newfound ally Laka in form of the Blue Family and destroyed the local gangs around Papako. With the last outpost between the three united powers falling in HIP 3488, Kartamoan and Gendi, and further pirate bases being destroyed, the situation had not only been resolved, but improved for all upstanding citizens in Synuefe and Tucanae. With the return of Kureserians by the renegades of the Chaos Syndicate to Auso, even the cold war finally ended.
With the return of Federal Chancellor Hank Summers from war and the formal election of his former vice Mercedes Lancaster to Chancellor of Papako proper, the era of decline for the confederation had ended. Following the impeachment of Jarod Donavan, the support of the APF saw the downfall of all major pirate syndicates behind the HIP-HIP demarkation and the void that opened up had to be filled. Papako stepped up to bring order to the chaos and lead the fragmented democrats into a loose confederacy.
With a reworked vision of his former agenda of protectorates during the Chaos War - now focused on full representation instead - first HIP 1536 rejoined, then their old ally Hermoricaur and finally the democrats of HIP 1419 joined the new confederation. Their quick diplomatic success saw the liberal party take to the forefront of politics. Now Papako had become the Imperial Federation's biggest member. While it didn't control huge sways of systems like the other two, or wielded the military might of shipyards and influence like Gamma-3 Octantis, it still had considerable democratic influence due to its 22 million inhabitants.
Otohime was happy with its found role as the federation's colonial and civil aid arm. Gamma-3 Octantis had by now completely grown into the federation's official military and Papako would soon become its representative. Yet, the future was still unwritten.

The Boman Claim

The year passed and all seemed well. The Chaos War ceasefire slowly became a stable occurence, mostly considered a silent but permanent agreement from the union. Here and then fleets patrolled through allied territory along the border but nothing happened. With the local pirates defeated, the army slowly disbanded and went home to their families. Everyone was back to consider their own safety. Costs were cut wherever possible and the system security was the only concern in Tucanae. Laka, the grain system of the region, blossomed in this climate, but not the union.
In war the supranational union had forged many ties and found strength within and without. After the war it had used those assets to pacify the region. Now those assets were unnecessary and fully dismantled. In peace it finally found dishonesty and deceit. With all major outside enemies beaten, what were their ties actually worth?
Otohime was always focused on autarchy and itself, keeping careful watch over the few human colonies of Outer Synuefe it kept safe from exploitation after it finally claimed Negri's freedom. Meanwhile Gamma-3 Octantis continued to build up its massive armada to finally challenge the local behemoth Andriani in the cold war over local superiority. Papako didn't care. Election after election since Anotchi joined the Adamantine Union went their way and no one doubted their influence in the supranational union.
Finally the greatest coup of the Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers was revealed, an official recognition by the Empire. With the help of the Dervishi family a contract was forged to become a military outpost. As the leader of the union by population, it easily fell on Papako to become the first major military port in the region. The Empire also decided to expand on it, not only building a military shipyard under supervision of the Crimson Federal & Co in Papako, but also in Anotchi under the Adamantine Union, a long cherished project of Princess Aisling Duval. With this military power in Tucanae, the claim of the empire to the region was made clear. Even if the Empires main armada and focus was directed to the actual cold war with the Federation it would stake its claim for Tucanae.
The 'honor' and recognition of the matter didn't pass by Gamma-3 Octantis. The military arm of the Imperial Federation felt betrayed, as it should have been given the honor of being the ambassador to the imperial military. Their general loose alliance with the local forces in the local power struggle did little to resolve the matter. For weeks this hurt pride of the temparamental leader of Gamma-3 Octantis paralyzed the parliament. Anything that went past local matters needed their consent and their consent did rely on any concession towards their ego as reparation. At first it ignored the call for help from nearby systems when a new syndicate arose in Upper Synuefe. Then it let Sokaram fall into piracy and finally Gamma-3 Octantis didn't show up to the meeting at all. Otohime and Papako had little choice as to go on without Gamma-3 Octantis. What both didn't rely on was that they were sold out by their former ally.
The Boman Co, a long standing powerful corporation known to exploit the Edensu cluster had massive success in recent years. It had expanded its sphere, acquiring mining rights and ownership for several systems in Upper Synuefe. It didn't take long after the protection of the patron of Negri had faded and the militia of Khemaraui disbanded to lay eyes on the area below them. While Otohime was powerful inside the Imperial Federation, it did rely on Gamma-3 Octantis to turn the tides when it was in dire straits. This time their rising opponent was a corporation on the same level as the former Selkadiae Ltd. but not as reliant on one asset as they were.
With no 'imperial' house aside of Dervishi 'owning' the region, Boman Co petitioned the imperial parliament for the right to exploit the Khemaraui cluster. Gamma-3 Octantis vouched for them and renounced Otohime's claim to the region as it itself held military power in them. Since the Dervishi family had no stake in Negri and it was liberated in a worker revolution, it was declared unlawful and the nearby cluster of Khemaraui was also put on the market for mining rights again. With a sudden charge for reparations by the Otohime Exchange as well, the young socialist republic of Otohime faced the lack of a military ally, a legal claim to the region by a major corporation and the new ties with the Empire at stake that Papako had build. First they conceded Negri and called upon the workers to take over the government of HIP 11886 in their exile. All the while the Boman Co private military entered Khemaraui and forced the Otohime fleet to retreat. They couldn't stand against this giant unprepared. And so two colonies fell back into a dark age they sought to have left. Boman had conquered Outer Synuefe with little more than a claim and no ally to come to Otohime's aid. Papako was still exhausted from the many wars of its past.

The Sokaram War

The fall of a major industrial system of Upper Tucanae into anarchy was a catastrophy! Yet Otohime, Papako's loyal ally, was gutted by the Empire under loyalists of Lady Torval and their only way to protect the people left through the backdoor. It was apparent that Gamma-3 Octantis had gained a 'fair' compensation for their neutraity, no, support of the move of the Boman Co. Their shipyards ran all day and night and the Andriani war was about to commence. All of their ships had left the remaining Imperial Federal space and their ally Auso came under assault from official charges for reparation by the Auso Crimson Major Industries. The Auso Union was ready, it wanted to fight this, but they needed help. Once again neither Otohime nor Papako could answer. Otohime had lost its new homeport in Negri and had to consolidate its current assets they had left and Papako just entered a new pirate war. While the weakened Auso Union had no chance against the Boman Co supported reacquisition of its system, Papako once again went aflame.
The new Posse of Sokaram had supplied the local pirates in a bid to punish those that had destroyed their former legacy in the region. All their old enemies came out of their holes, the Dragons, the Clans, the bloodhounds willing to fight for a few credits and some fun. And all had to settle a score. At this point the news of Gamma-3 Octantis resignation had made the rounds. This war was one Papako had to fight alone. It couldn't burden Otohime with this and the recreation of a new Anti-Piracy Fleet could take months. First they lost control of space around HIP 1419 and Hermoricaur, then Papako itself. Only HIP 1536 managed to keep its skies clean and punished the local Purple Gang at every corner. With its massive power base in Anderson, the enemy was dealt hard blows and all local militias and the corporation were on their side. No one wanted to see those b-astards back in control after the Chaos War and they had to retreat to their mobile pirate base of Lichfield. It was from here the siege would finally be broken as the pirate alliance made one crucial mistake, they attacked Anotchi.
Rallied under a united cause, Anderson worked tirelessly to build new ships and the corporations helped fund mercenaries and bounty hunters. In less than a month the situation had turned around. The skies over Papako had been cleared, the Dragons been devastated. It didn't hurt that the Empire send out some minor ships to deal with the threat to their personel shipyards, especially after the pirate war spilled into Anotchi itself, risking two shipyards altogether. With Papako's and Anotchi's safety now guaranteed by imperial peace, the confederacy was free to purge the skies of Hermoricaur and was ready for the final push on HIP 1419 and Sokaram. Since there could be no peace with Sokaram supplying the local pirates, Papako decided to strike there first and hard. It was just in time. The local patronage had held out but was about to lose their last ground. With the relief forces of the confederacy, the united front pushed back against the Posse and secured a draw, slowly resupplying the imperial forces there and pushing back half a month later. Sokaram was finally liberated! Yet, Sokaram was not pacified. It would take a prolonged purge to end any hope and tendency of the Posse to come back to power. All the while the war for HIP 1419 entered its final phase and in a lone corner of the Khemaraui cluster a new revolution was about to start.
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What is the Imperial Federation?

To sum up the backstory, the Imperial Federation is a federal union of several democratic groups around the border of Aisling Duval's sphere of influence that is focused on promoting the three C's: Cooperatives, Confederations and Communists. It also acknowledges democracies of other colour. It will have Her Imperial Highness Princess Aisling Duval as its official head of state, similar to the British Commonwealth.
Everything it does, however, will be based on ingame events and logical processes and will be reflected in democratic decisions and roleplaying done with the characters and politicians inside the group. No events outside of the game will be reflected inside its decisions (No Meta-Gameplay). However to support the ImpFed you don't need to roleplay. Just join us in Tucanae and Synuefe and maybe ask for current political plans.

How would roleplaying work in this respect?

Each member of the Federation has certain positions open for players to inhabit, which come with their own set of responsibilities and fields of operation. And of course their own benefits. No player will have more than one position at any given time, but will be free to support fields which lack an operator for the time being. Certain new factions would offer more freedom than others, as the three founding members have a preset history, and new factions are free to join of course.
Any player is allowed to either play themselves as a player and the role in personal union or create a pen-name for their political office and work seperate as a player.
Not everything the Parliament will decide on will affect gameplay, but it will certainly influence the ongoing story of the region. To further diversify this process, a discord channel with special channels for each group will be made available.
All ingame events, including states, are canon and will be provided with an explanation and backstory if necessary. Thus the Federation is forbidden to ignore famine and outbreaks of any of its local faction citizens outside of a crisis - like war.

Who is part of the current Imperial Federation?

Officially it 'claimed' the Confederation of Papako, the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative and the Union of Otohime. Any further member state would be based on player support and will be completely open to free interpretation by the leading roleplayers unlike the founding members. No other faction will join the Imperial Federation without them being led by a new player group. They will only be allies. We did support the Auso Labour Union and the Ngaun Cooperative. Both were unclaimed by any roleplayer as of now.

As of late 3304 the player associated with Gamma-3 Octantis and thus the entire faction has left the Imperial Federation.

What do the special roles stand for and what can I do with them?

This might be the most interesting part of the whole game of politics. While every player can serve as a citizen or government employee below the special roles, there are certain criterias for the special roles as they need to know what they are doing.

The Home Secretary

This constitutes the general command over the faction's military and its military bases/stations, as well as all players marked as members of the factions 'navy'. The Home Secretary has the right to decide which systems get reinforced by bounty hunting or which matters to take to dispose of unwanted factions inside the factions jurisdiction. They are however not free to chose individual actions against other factions and can be requested by the local ruler to prioritize certain plans. For example securing a major tradehub or preparing a literal invasion. They also decide which wars have priority themselves as keeping the minors in check and out of war is also important for the security and vital developement of systems. They are solely the executive. The holder of the office will discuss future expansions inside the factions lore and roleplay with the other echelon based on local events.

The Business Secretary

The business secretary organizes the trade inside the faction and directs its own or voluntary independant traders towards certain stations. To this end he can declare stations 'tradehubs' and make them a priority for resupply and protection. This can be based on tactical positions, lack of supply or roleplay events unfolding by special demands (such as outbreak or famine). His further job is to enforce embargos against stations and factions and to find replacements if a resupply base of them runs dry. He is also part of the echelon that decides the future expansion, representing the economic mindset of the endeavour.

The Colonial Secretary

The colonial secretary is in charge of a factions settlements and moon colonies, as well as all terraforming stations and terraformable planets. Their goal is to plan the future of the faction, to prepare the resupply of them and weighing between their options to either send wares to expand a local colony on a moon or to intensify the process of terraforming for a planet. They further are part of the decision process for new expansions and for the proposal of colonial CGs towards Frontier Developements later on.

The Head of Secret Service

The Secret Service is the true balance breaker of a region. Knowledgeable in many sides of the BGS, their job is to prevent a crisis before it occurs and to weaken nearby enemies or competitors. They also tend to break down the BGS and actively join into the takeover of systems by a laid out plan. To that end they undermine factions in surrounding systems and prevent them from reaching expansion, lock them in wars to jump ahead of them or they assasinate factions in overpopulated expansion targets to make way for their own faction. The Head of the Secret Service coordinates these endeavours as laid out by the faction leader to make as many projects as possible work at the same time. They are the true force behind the political BGS. As such they are admitted to vote on the next expansion target after careful debate of their observations in inner and foreign politics

Do I have to understand the game mechanics to join?

No, there are always positions in which everyone can support the Imperial Federation without any basic knowledge. You can just ask the more experienced members or the leaders of a respective resort. We are more than willing to teach you out of character - or in character if wanted - on how to deal with matters of politics, the demands and productions of our industries, how secret service actions influence which situation and how to win battles and wars. In case of Otohime with a two planet premium Jumponium resort, we can even support basic exploring. The outfitting might rest on Selkadiae for now, though.

How can I join?

With the - in our opinion - good changes of 3.3, we have reopened our investment into the game, if with one major player less. This means that the roleplay will continue! Just shot me a message or join the public Discord.
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On the Topic of the 'Imperial Federation'
(Galnet: Synuefe and Tucanae sector, 16.08.3302)

In the wake of the so-called colonial mismanagement and exploitation of the Tucanae and Synuefe sectors by some imperial clients, the governments of Gamma-3 Octantis, Papako and Otohime have decided to establish a loose confederation they call an imperial federation.
After having suffered colonial exploitation and mismanagement themselves, Papako and Gamma-3 Octantis saw a recent change of government by support of the Socialist Union of Otohime.

This new developement and their openly communicated goal to rejuvenate the borderworlds of the Empire even against the opposition of 'cleptocratic autocrats and corporations' might soon lead to conflicts, however. Thus, it is of little help, that their open hostility towards non-democratic goverments serves as an outlet for the local neo-feudalists and corrupt officials to band together against their claims for the region. Which, in all honesty, is solely based on their archaic democratic agenda and in their adoption of our local viceregent, Her Highness Aisling Duval, as their at best figurative head of state.

In the end the only solace we take is that this risky experiment of neo-democracy inside the Empire's jurisdiction falls into a long neglected area of colonial expansion and will hopefully never leave its premises. One should never forget, a war can be started but never ended at once beg and call and profits might be lost in its wake.

Long live Empress Alissa-Lavigny Duval!

This news was sponsored by Selkadiae Energy Limited, "Our future is your success! SEL Resonating Seperators, the difference between Painite and Palladium!"

The Labour Union of Auso receives Federal Support
(Galnet: Imperial Federation, 16.08.3302)
Auso, know as one of the major industrial hubs of the local cluster, has been send an ultimatum by High Admiral Aislin Conrad of the Federal Fleet in the wake of a request from its local labour union. In it the High Admiral declares the will of the Gamma-3 Octantis combined fleet and those of the newly formed Federal Fleet to advance on the system's 'Thorne City' to remove its 'problem'. While the Crimson Major Industries immediately called this step into question, even going as far as citing the newly formed Federation's own founding principles, High Admiral Aislin only had one answer for Executive Makenna Garrison.

"Thorne City, as we believe, is not under jurisdiction of the Crimson Major Industries. It does however supply a third of its workforce. The wealth of the Crimson Major Industries is build upon exploitation and intimidation, yes, even slavery at times. Make no mistake, we are not talking about the despicable practice of imperial slavery. They are willing to capture and traffic their own people by the hands of the local mob in the name of their own profit, even against imperial law itself, and did so for years.
What they claim is their sovereign territory we encroach upon in reality is nothing but a willing coexistence with a local mob for their own ill-gotten gains. While, for all its misdeeds, the local militia of Gamma-3 Octantis kept us safe from this madness until they stepped down, we know Papako and Otohime suffered the actions of similar criminals. Thus, it was the solemn wish of the Imperial Parliament to commit a major part of its combined fleet for lend-lease in anti-slavery operations throughout the cluster. We will support all people in their attempt to bring down illegal slavery once and for all. This will be an officially condoned pirate war by the request of the Labour Union of Auso and its democraticly elected government in exile. And that, despite Lady Makenna's claim, also doesn't violate our fundamental charter. We are also certain this is in goodwill with her Highness Aisling Duval and her plans for the region.
Lady Makenna, I hereby repeat my stern request that the Crimson Major Industries does not interrupt this operation, for any act in defense of the local Auso Family will be seen as an open collaboration in matters of illegal slavery and murder. An act which can only end in an immediate blockade of Vess Station and seizure of any trade in the region based on human trafficking.
If you are willing to defend your ill-gotten gains by openly admitting to your crimes, expect to share the same fate as the Papako Dragons and the Otohime Posse before you. This will be the natural course of all illegal slave-traders in the region. The Imperial Federation is coming and this will be your only warning."

Coniaci Netcoms Industry cut out of Arms Deal
(Galnet: Synuefe and Tucanae Sector, 18.08.3302)

After the change in government of Gamma-3 Octantis in which the Cooperative forced the local militia to step down and the appointment of their Progenitor Aislin Conrad to High Admiral of the newly combined fleet of the Imperial Federation, it came with little surprise that new arms deal were on the horizon.
Now that the negotiations have begun between the Cooperative and local producers, the only foreign major player inside of Gamma-3 Octantis bewailed its own absence from the meeting. Despite its long standing ties to the system and their local assets in the nearby systems and Coniaci, the Netcoms Industry was not allowed to attend the meeting. With the potentially cataclysmic developement for the local branch of the Netcoms industry in mind, Executive Waldo Boyer surprised the people, as he found only appreciatory criticism for the initiative.

"Of course we personally regret the decision of the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative to favour local producers over long standing friends, but we also understand that they wish to change the symmetry of power in the area. Not only in political, but also in economical matters. And just like them, the Netcoms Industry understands that diversity among the market is a boon, not a hindrance. For too long the local cluster has suffered under corruption, danegeld and all the things natural to the authocratic rulership in the area. Things the local economy had no way to deal with on its own, other than to make friends with the current person exploiting the system. If you didn't get their gold chair, your competitor did. There was no time for friends.
I won't deny that we might be punished for supplying the previous militia before and during the insurrection, but like many before us, the Netcoms Industry will survive. We will restructure our company, and yes, if need be close our local branch in Gamma-3 Octantis to make way for new enterprises. But, we believe that change is good. Change is what our cluster needs most and the Netcoms Industry will try to stay at the forefront of new endeavours to seize the opportunity for new profits and new partnerships."

Founder Jonah Pugh from the Cooperative's economic forum denied any fault with the Netcoms Industry and pointed to their general business modell of shared wealth.

"We knew what our decision would cause for the foreign corporations involved in Gamma-3 Octantis, but not only will the ties to local producers strengthen the unity in the system, it will also serve as a catalyst for our long sleeping industry. Most of the materials used for our new weapons and modules will stem directly from our local mines, reforged and refined in nearby industries and refineries who will then be chosen between many in equal proportion at reasonable and fair prices, before local craftsmen and engineers will refit them to suit our fleet and those of our trusted friends. We believe in autarchy and thus wish for as many systems to stand on their own feet by local trade networks. If you can do it yourself, you should!"

While questioned if this local focus would interfere with research and developement in general, Found Jonah Pugh further denied this idea himself.

"Autarchy doesn't necessary beget ignorance. We won't risk the safety of our state or our people. Even our local producers understand that they have to constantly better themselves, because we made it absolutely clear to them, we want the best. And if we can't get the needed know-how in Gamma-3 Octantis, we of course will continue to rely on our trusted partners. Ingenuity should never be punished."

The Auso Family evacuates Thorne City
(Galnet: Synuefe and Tucanae Sector, 18.08.3302)

Shortly after the announcement of High Admiral Aislin Conrad, the ships of the Auso Family left the premises of Thorne City. In the last and maybe greatest shakedown the city ever saw, the frightened mob tried to steal all it had overlooked in the past years, yet mostly found only empty houses. Then all was silent.
When the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet arrived, they didn't find themselves in the midst of an ambush or in the face of a well executed urban warfare. All they found were the proud colours of the Labour Union and some hastily recreated flags from the newly designed federal flag shown in the streets. Instead of preparing a siege, the local admiral ordered the supplies to be distributed among the citizens, leading to a massive liberty feast in the streets by the evening.
"I've never expected for a mob to just up and leave like that." Cited one of the local citizens before he was forced to join his peers again. With the supplies only half empty, no one expects the night to end soon and the medical specialists of the Cooperative finally saw action as they had to reanimate some overeager guests with more than one over the eight.
It is expected that the spokeswoman of the now officially instated Labour Union will give an official statement about the situation in the following days, when the festivities have died down and the reality sets in that now that freedom has arrived, the people will have to resume their work to keep it. This time though, the future they work for is only for themselves, for their families and for their own home. A home they can from now on defend themselves, preferably by vote.

Free Elections in Zillig end with Socialist Victory
(Galnet: Imperial Federation, 20.08.3302)

After peace and prosperity had returned to Otohime's colony of HIP 10137, the first free elections inside the liberated settlement of Zillig saw the socialists win with a clear lead of 58%. The conservative party under the Otohime Imperial Society outperformed all its other competitors by far, coming in second at 35% with the liberals just barely taking the percent hurdle.

Federal President and former owner of the Zillig settlement, Alberto Dervishi, wasn't willing to comment on the situation and professed this to be related to his current appointments with the Imperial Senate and other political matters concerning the newly formed Imperial Federation. Without any comment on the situation we are left to believe that the fallout of his childhood residence with the old imperial traditions might have hurt him more than has been anticipated.
The new socialist mayor, Suraj Puga, pronounced his ideal of a united city and his plans to make way for compromise whereever possible between the Union and the Imperial Society to include as many people into the process of reviving their home as could be accounted for.

"Contrary to popular belief, I don't think one has to replace the old in the light of a new vision. No. As one born among you, my friends, I belief we should shape our vision from the fundaments we have been given. There can be no future if we disrespect our past.
I do believe there is good in the old ways of the Empire. Just at times honor and respect took a toll on our humanity. It is no shame to ask for bread. There is no reason why the poor have to suffer a self-imposed social imprisonment. And there is no reason why we should want to exploit them for it.
Together we can help each other out in these dark times. Just as the people of Otohime helped each other and us during the reign of the Posse to finally see this day realized. A day when I can proudly say I want to live in Zillig and I want for my children to do the same. For we, just as we are now, will build the home they will wish to see grow and defend. Together, we can make this into a settlement rivaling not only Bickel Vision, but maybe even the great moon colonies of those that braved the stars before us."

While the new mayor received mixed reactions from the people, there was no doubt about his honest intentions. Yet, many actually seemed reluctant to make peace with their former masters, especially the descendants of those that were bought by the Dervishi to help build the Zillig colony and the surrounding planetary mines in the first place.
Meanwhile the local authority of Bickel Vision and the Union Fleet are conducting a final operation to clear out the last nests of the Posse around the planet, to finally put an end to their short but violent legacy. Soon the whole system of HIP 10137 shall know peace again.
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Auso's Crimson Industry blockades Thorne City
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 22.08.3302)

In a questionable course of action, the Crimson Industry of Auso has decided to deny all deliveries of food rations to Thorne City, claiming unpaid bills by their former owners to be the cause. When the local new Labour Union offered to pay the full price for any new delivery as per the old agreement, the Crimson Industry just stopped all deliveries the same day, hiding behind their offered reasons. Yet, none of those claims for money are documented anywhere, like most 'deals' the Crimson Industry had with the local mob.
In direct response to this drastic measure, the Labour Union in return did call upon its citizens to not go to work in the following days aboard Vess Station until they get fed for what they get paid. 'One can't eat credits', one of the enraged strike leaders promoted.
Unlike credits though, the people could very well eat supplies. As the Federal Fleet prepared to depart, they left them all they had left from their former supplies, promising to return with more convoys of food from nearby systems.
In a statement of goodwill - or perhaps simple business interests - the local rival of Auso, Alourovices, offered to replace the shipments of rations at a fair price.

"The local Crimson Industry always tried to ruin our proud system with predatory pricing. We always knew how they achieved those prices, yet we prevailed by quality alone. And while it won't come cheap and might be more expensive than any previous 'agreement' Vess station had with Thorne City, we would try to cut our profit if only to help the poor workers aboard Thorne City."

While left without work, many shuttle and freighter pilots on strike decided to follow the initiative, collecting spare credits among their peers to pay for the extra margin the Alourovices rations would cost them even after the promised discount. They know even the Imperial Federation won't manage to keep them all fed at such short notice. The local secretary of the Labour Union already promised to encourage autarchy. A new initiative to produce food rations themselves was to be negotiated between Cubeo, Laka and themselves. All they needed were motivated freighter pilots, some investors and the goodwill of the people.
Meanwhile the stocks of the Crimson Industry plummeted after their loss of cheap workers and the immediate claim for higher wages. This local 'conflict' only increases any resentments some investors had, making them flee their stocks in terror. Yet, three other parties have been seen to acquire those shares with delight. While one was no other then their eternal rival Alourovices, the other two decided to stay in the shadows.
When asked about a sudden drain of assets among the Federal Anti-Piracy fond and its possible involvement in the acquisition of Vess Station, Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers smiled at the camera.

"You are free to think that, but I couldn't possibly comment."

Maneuver between Otohime and Muthnir announced
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 22.08.3302)

The creation of a field office in Muthnir had many wondering about the intentions of the Union of Otohime. Now that they officially announced a joined maneuver between the local militia of Muthnir and their own refurbished fleet of the Dervishi family in a test of mettle, this step has raised even more questions.
The Muthnir militia had taken control of Muthnir's security as the local corporation was failing to keep the peace in the abandoned border colony. With its help the system was kept secure at a reasonable price. Something they also demanded from the Dervishi in return for the defense against the Posse in Otohime for a time. Now that Otohime has returned to its old glory, the local General Derek Crosby seemed thrilled to see it back in action.

"I always admired the old man Enrico and during my childhood it was his fleet that had saved this cluster many times. If there was a pirate willing to attack the Dervishi or its partners, they must have been the most salted bucaneer around. And even then most of them died soon after. I don't care what paint you throw at these legends, these are his ships and I will be damned if I miss the opportunity to see them in action once again; maneuver or otherwise. I would kill for this flagship! This will be something to remember! I built my entire militia in his honor and shaped my fleet after his tactics and ideals. If I did a proper job, this maneuver will prove it. If not, I will be the first to lay down my command and fleet and leave Muthnir's safety once again in Enrico's trustworthy hands. I have instructed my Colonel's and their subordinates to do as they wish in that case. They won't be bound by their oaths anymore."

Any further inquiries about his last comment were left unanswered. But many believe that the Union of Otohime has put forth a gambit to assimilate Muthnir. If they were to outsmart the local militia in an unarmed game of galactic chess, they would accept them as the new protective power in the region. Sadly we won't be able to report live from the maneuver, as even small crews aboard the flagships were denied in fear of an electronic eavesdrop operation. Nothing will be left to chance.
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Labour Union of Auso socialized Vess Station
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 26.08.3302)

After many speculations regarded the upcoming hostile takeover during the recent crisis of the Auso Crimson Industries, the truth as always wasn't related to many of its surrounding conspiracies. But the result was far worse.
What has been a reliable and fair competitor in the region for decades has now officially been socialized by its workers and reduced to a mockery in an attempted bid they could never have funded themselves. While their so-called important populace was starving, their new interim government apparently found it appropiate to forego their needs and abused the desperate situation of the Crimson Industry to strike when it was at its weakest. Aside of this drastic ignorance by their self-acclaimed new saviors and paragons of democracy, no one even asked them first if they would like to starve for this madness. It is unclear how many assets Thorne City really had left after its recent changes, but the support of some shadowy power in the background remains a serious possibility.

In the end, they abused the generous deliveries of their neigbors and made a fool out of them, and all for their own archaic and deranged gains. The Selkadie Energy Limited will not stand for this madness any longer and hereby calls on the nearby corporations to join up in our struggle to blockade Auso. This blatant theft can not be supported by any honest business anywhere.

This news was sponsored by Selkadiae Energy Limited, "Our future is your success! SEL Resonating Seperators, the difference between Painite and Palladium!"

Joint Effort against the Harigah Posse!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 26.08.3302)

After the sudden drain of anti-piracy funds had alarmed the local systems about the Imperial Federations intentions regarding Auso, the Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers joined Progenitor Freddie Moore of the Cooperative of Ngaun in a statement today that declared an open war upon the Harigah Posse in the nearby system of the same name.

"The Co-Op of Ngaun is delighted to have the powerful Imperial Federation at its side in this endeavour. After all the recent reports of our own corporations inside of Harigah claimed increased attacks by the regional plague of the Harigah Posse, there was no chance we could stand idle and let them be extorted, or worse killed by some rabid hyenas. We alone wouldn't have the political leverage to demand an intervention on our own. Not against the likes of the local dictators that fought themselves over the remnants of Harigah for years. And all while during this bloodshed a real cancer has grown around their destruction and lust for power.
While we can't promise the people of Harigah peace after all these years of war, we will promise them to end the anarchy inside the system by the end of this year, if not earlier. Our fleet has already been dispatched and we will not rest until the safety of traders of all colour in Harigah is guaranteed once more."

The Imperial Chancellor took word after his colleague was done, adding only minor details to the general report.

"Like I am sure many of you have heard, we were embezzling funds from our people to buy out the Crimson Industries. Of course we didn't. While I can't disclose much at this point, our joint effort with the Cooperative of Ngaun won't be our last and other major anti-piracy measures have been set in motion. Due to much needed secrecy, I can't disclose any details yet. Please bear with me on this.
Meanwhile we will continue to outfit our friends with the weapons and ammunitions they need. Our joint refineries work day and night to produce the alloys needed for them to do so and the Federal Anti-Piracy squad has been sent to Harigah to support the whole endeavour as well. If anyone intervenes on their behalf, they will be treated equally, no matter who they represent. This system has seen enough cruelty and death and any further step of the Cooperative of Ngaun to end it will have our continued unconditional support. Even if this means war."

Despite further questions, neither side confirmed any plans to deepen this new alliance to the point of joining the Imperial Federation proper.

Alourovices Imperial Society demands a Disbursal
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 27.08.3302)

Following the drastic changes in Auso and the sudden takeover of the Crimson Industries, the major shareholder and local rival, the Alourovices Imperial Society, demanded a proper disbursal regarding its shares today.

"As the third or maybe now second biggest owner of Vess Station, we disapprove of the new practices the 'government' of the industrial complex plans to implement. Thus, we appealed to our right for a disbursal. If they want this station to be owned by the Labour Union and its people alone, they better are ready to pay us back our money. Otherwise the Alourovices Imperial Society might see the need to join the Selkadiae Energy Limited in their appeal of a blockade ourselves.
The Society as such welcomes new competition in the region, but even they will have to adhere to imperial law and the common rules of the market. And today this means they either stop their communist agenda they started to implement yesterday and ask our opinion on any further changes to Vess Station or they pay back our money. All shares will be offered to the Labour Union for a fair price, the one from before the recent crisis."

Asked if this wouldn't count as quadrupling their own profit on their recent purchases, the Imperial Society rebuked.

"Despite the often federal claim the Empire still adheres to the basic principles of free trade. Currently the demand for our shares of Vess Station is effectively unlimited. They 'have' to pay us out if they want to avoid conflict. We are thus granting them a more than noble offer to deal with this predicament."

Spokeswoman Robyn Hudson of the Labour Union of Auso is expected to officially address this situation from aboard her new office aboard Vess Station tomorrow. It remains to be seen if the already busted Labour Union can find a way to pay out the Imperial Society or if their dreams of a fully communist Auso has to step back behind imperial market regulations for the time being.
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Spokeswoman Robyn Hudson adresses Auso
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 28.08.3302)

"Today we stand at the beginning of a new age for Auso and I am proud to have been chosen to lead us in the days to come. This revolution was not one of enforcement but one of necessity. Our people had been enslaved by a cruel corporation that collaborated with the local mob. We banded together, as brothers and sisters, to end this oppression and got hunted to the death for it. We went into exile and soon sought help. Help we couldn't find with the greedmongers around us. It was the Imperial Federation that came to our aid, when all the others around us only considered their own profits. First we got back our freedom. Then we fought to uphold our dignity against the Crimson Industry while they tried to starve us out. Today, Auso is the sole property of its people and them alone.
Some of you may have heard of the 'cruel' measures we took to 'socialize' Vess Station. We did in fact not. There was no money left to buy more food at the dastardly conditions they offered us. But there are mighty forces inside the Empire and the Federation. Loyalists and independant entepeneurs still exist among these stars. And not all want to see Tucanae and Synuefe fail.
Some still believe in the vision of our forefathers, as do I. I am not ashamed to say that Auso has taken out three major loans to finance this whole endeavour. Money we promised to pay back once our economy is on the rise. The loans however have low or no interest at all. It does not slow down the promise of our revolution, it makes it possible. The biggest of these loans is the one to pay out the Alourovices Imperial Society. The money has been transferred as of this morning. There will be no one claiming ownership under Imperial law of us ever again. Auso is from now on and forever, the possession of its people.
Brothers and sisters. Despite all this upheaval, I know we all still have the same dream and we will not stop here. Hard work has given us the chance to create our own future and hard work will ensure we can repay the kindness we have been given. Thus, I must also tell you that we can not join the Imperial Federation for the time being. Not because they would turn us away, but because our united weight would imbalance the fledging federation to the core. Once it has grown to encompass the local stars, we might reconsider. For now, let us join hands as brothers and allies!
We are, and will be, as of now the greatest, free system state in the sector. It's time that we prepare us for our new role. If we don't defend the freedom of our people and the sector, nearly no one else will.

May our Twins watch over you!"

Imperial-Federal Expansion?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 28.08.3302)

Following the recent alliance with the Ngaun Cooperative to smoke out the Posse in Harigah, the Imperial Federation has started its own operations to destroy even more pirate stations in the vicinity of their own sphere of influence.
While the Papako fleet launched an early attack on the Purple Gang in HIP 1536 today, local reports from HIP 5549 report the same for the Crimson Clan by the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative under request of the local democratic party to liberate Becvar Dock.
The interim chancellor of Papako, Mercedes Lancaster, claimed their assault to be a preemptive strike to pacify the region before the oncoming storm washes up at their shores. Only with a strong base could they hope to preserve peace and to protect the hope of the Tucanae sector, the colonial hubs of Anotchi, Chet and Uibuth. It is no secret that the lower Tucanae Sector has seen a massive increase of piracy and hostile conflicts under the local syndicates in the last months. And HIP 1536 would serve as an important base to defend against the 'Free Systems of Vesuvit' if they should decide to prefer violence over diplomacy.
Nearly contrary to the predicament of Papako, the initiative of Gamma-3 Octantis is not one of necessity. Aside of helping the democrats to pacify HIP 5549, reports of the advance fleet taking shelter on the Earthlike twins of A2 and A3 has infuriated the local Coniaci Netcoms.

"These planets were never colonized for a reason. Not only because they lack a strong magnetic field. They are rare biological pearls of highly mutatable but stable life we researched for years to advance our knowledge of genetic mutation. Only small research outposts under our supervision are allowed to operate there. Any plans to turn these planets into military targets by stationing a fleet on the ground is madness. We will not stand for this transgression against nature!"

Despite Coniaci's claims, the Cooperative has already established the basic infrastructure to uphold a base and actually conducted the construction of major radiation shields in the vicinity. One of the Founders of the Cooperative had this to say:

"The earthlike worlds are a squandered gift of our sector. With some radiation shields, special crops and a proper progenitor cell industry, we can easily use them as our new homeworld. For now the colony is small, but it will grow. And it will attract new people. As no one did stake a claim for them as of yet, we hereby do exactly that. All our settlements will adhere to natural preservation of life. We will not exploit the planets or repeat the tragedy of Achenar 6d, we don't have to. The Imperial Federation has enough resources to sustain massive industries in space. All we want is to have a home, once and for all. If the Coniaci Netcoms is willing to fight us for it instead of searching a peaceful cooperation in cellular research, we will abide by its stance. We will not back down though. We invite all to join us in this great new endeavour and profit from the increased traffic in HIP 5549!"

Dervishi Fleet ambushed by Federation in Muthnir
(Galnet: Imperial Territory, 28.08.3302)

What has been planned and started as a peaceful maneuver between the local Muthnir Militia and the Dervishi Fleet under the command of Otohime has turned into a bloody space massacre on the last day of its process.
After the Otohime fleet had outmaneuvered the Muthnir fleet during the first two days, the last day saw several unknown ships join the maneuver. At first the commander of Otohime took this as a hidden trump card and ruse for the last day. What he perceived as a special goodbye of his by this time valued 'enemy', General Crosby, soon turned into his nightmare.
The Flagship Enrico and his launched fighters were surprised as the fake hits notifications on their scanners turned into actual fire and the relaxed com-chatter turned into screams. The unknown fleet had opened fire on the flagship in earnest.
Shortly after its secondary defense was half-destroyed, the Farragut Battlecruiser Goliath jumped into its vicinity and launched another massive wave of Federal fighters.
Only the sacrifice of most its fighter pilots ensured the escape of the Flagship Enrico from the battle. In a bid to fight back against this cowardly ambush, all forces of Otohime engaged in one massive strike, the wounded Enrico at the frontline once again.
By the end of the day, the Goliath retreated with major damage, leaving the pride of the Dervishi a near wreck in space itself. Without his federal support, General Crosby was quickly apprehended and part of his fleet disable to be taken in for questioning. While a federal ambush was unexpected, the main question all parties might have as of now is why he did not intervene on Otohime's behalf. Instead some of his troops were seen to collaborate with the Federation during this cowardly ambush.
In the end, Muthnir has now been officially taken over by Otohime under Imerial Federal law until the situation has cleared up. Yet, this day could mark an important caesura for the whole sector, as the leading ship of the Imperial Fleet has been damaged for weeks, if not months, leaving the Imperial Federation dangerously weak for the time being. And this only accounts for the material damage. The loss of experienced crewmembers and the loss of their families is not even considered in this drastic prediction.

The Goliath caught in the act.
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Ngaun liberates Okuni Terminal
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 30.08.3302)

Just days after the shared announcement of the anti-piracy initiative in Harigah, the joint fleet has taken Okuni Terminal from the infamous Harigah Posse. With only small skirmishes conducted prior, the quick and sudden conquest couldn't be called anything but a silent coup. Reports from the still fully operational Okuni Terminal indicate a quick and nearly unhindered takeover by Ngaun forces after a series of local contacts had sabotaged its defenses and revolted against their slavers during the assault. With nothing to fall back to, the disoriented pirate fleet had to retreat to their secondary space fort inside the system.
Fully satisfied with the result, the local commander announced the continued battle against the Posse inside of Harigah. After the fleet has taken account of Okuni's assets and has been resupplied for another, even bigger, siege, they plan to conduct the final advance on the pirates.
While the two militias that fight for supremacy inside of Harigah were not really amused about the infringement on their territory, both seem to favor the loss of a thorn in their side, as their patrols can now join their own battles instead.
Ngaun and the joint fleet decided to not throw in their weight for either side of the civil wars still ravaging Harigah as of yet. They know the people want peace, but all parties, the warmongers included, realize true peace can't be accomplished as long as pirates run amok in the region. Thus, the priority will not change.
Rumours that this contentment operation has been officially sanctioned and requested by the High Council of Cubeo serving under vice-reign Princess Aisling Duval still remain unproven. But the truth remains, that they just recently renewed their office in Camundju after a short local insurrection had caused them to close office for a short time and with them order might once again return to Camundju space.
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The Wake of Eggen
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 01.09.3302)

After the cowardly assault of a federal strike force on the Dervishi-Flagship Enrico in Muthnir, the local government of Otohime has announced the official date for the commemoration of the fallen to be this saturday. The whole ceremony that will be held in the colony of Eggen in Otohime will be public and streamed live. While it will be attended by all important figures of the Imperial Federation aside of High Admiral Aislin Conrad, who is currently leading a military effort at our borders, the surviving commander of the Enrico himself is expected to deliver the eulogy for his comrades in arms.
In an unexpected turn of events, the commander of the Muthnir Militia, General Derek Crosby, will also be expected at the funeral. With still no official statement regarding his fleets involvement during the assault, this step can be seen as a sign of reconcilation. For at the end of the day, we all are part of the Empire and have to stand together against any federal attempt to divide us.
This step however does not impede on the ongoing investigation regarding the general's involvement in the tragedy.

Fighting erupts in HIP 1536
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 01.09.3302)

After the interim chancellor of Papako, Mercedes Lancaster, announced an increased presence in HIP 1536 to clear out the pirates, the initially retreating forces of the Purple Gang have decided to engange the young confederation in an open battle.
With initial talks between the two parties just before the events, this sudden turn of events seems unexpected. Experts believe the far smaller force of the Purple Gang would never dare to engange the mighty confederation without someone backing them up. And indeed, several deliveries of weapons have been noted inside of HIP 1536 prior to their sudden uprising, not only disturbing the government of Papako, but also the local governor itself.

"We do not condone piracy and we most certainly don't condone the support of piracy in the region. Anyone fraternizing with the Purple Gang must be expected to be treated the same way, as pirates. For now we will send a message to the people of HIP 1536 that we will not accept this transgression. No matter how long it takes, the Purple Gang will be punished for its unprovoked attacks."

Remarked the chancellor in a short statement after the initial reports of battles erupting all around HIP 1536
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The Chaos Syndicate Declares War on Tucanae
(Galnet: Empire, 02.09.3302)

The infamous Chaos Syndicate - also known as 'Time of Chaos' - has announced to oppose the Imperial Federation of Tucanae and Synuefe despite their bid for peace and the proposal of mutual borders along the line of Upper-Lower Tucanae. In their generous bid for peace, the Imperial Federation offered to recognize the Chaos Syndicate as a political entity of its own, despite its questionable methods and form of government. Yet, despite any attempts of appeasement, the on and off ambassador of the syndicate, Azazel, declared the following:

"You face embarrassment little one. Your systems will crumble and fail. You can run or be taken. [...] Just a sign of submission is required and you can join with us. Enjoy what you wish. Whether that be booze or drugs or building your own little mercenary army. We take all. We accept all. We treat all equally. All that is required is that you submit to the nature of the universe and submit to Chaos."

Further comments of the ambassador included major slander towards Her Imperial Highness Aisling Duval which will not be disclosed out of respect for our benevolent head of state. It is needless to say, this unprecedented act of aggression towards Her Highness' borderworlds in Kureserians and Caspiat, their mutilation and utter disrespect for imperial subjects in the past and their constant raids on imperial territory can not be tolerated any longer.

In the face of the oncoming storm, Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers of the Imperial Federation declared to return to his position as a Freedom Fighter from before the formation of the Imperial Federation. This time inside of the Vesuvit systems. Due to this drastic measure, the Imperial Parliament has decided to activate article 11, which vests Federal President Alberto Dervishi with the full authority for all foreign and military relations.
Before he left for the frontline, the resting Imperial Chancellor offered his sympathy towards his homefolks:

"The people of Papako knew their freedom won't last forever if we aren't willing to fight for it. I wasn't born a Freedom Fighter, I grew into it. I wasn't a politician either, and honestly I don't think I have grown into it yet. So I am glad to return to my old days once more.
The coming weeks and months might become rough, but if we must be the frontline against the chaos that wants to consume the borders of our Imperial Highness Aisling Duval, I will be the first to fight for my home again. I know my old comrades will support me in this endeavour. Therefore I have decided to give the old Amaranth another go. I am sure she can go for another 10.000 lightyears.
I have full trust in our Federal High Admiral Aislin Conrad and her APF-Forces to aid us in our plight. When the time comes and our plans come to fruition, we trust she will support the local freedom fighters to finally topple the darwinist dictatorship of the Chaos Syndicate."

Asked if he was religious, the returned Freedom Fighter smirked.

"I hope that any citizen will find solace with their own gods. I sadly can't be here in these dark times. But I can't deny that my life has more than once made me believe in Fortuna. Either that or the Norns. Neither want to let me die.

Wish us success!"

With the Dervishi-Fleet still in repair after the ambush in Muthnir, this war falls solely on the shoulders of the APF (Anti-Piracy Fleet) of the Imperial Federation, the local Papako fleet and its High Admiral Aislin Conrad. While a request to independant pilots and imperial loyalists has been sent out, only time will tell if the neglected Tucanae Sector will see support from the Empire at least this time or if the last lights of civilization will finally die out. For now the future of Tucanae lies solely with the Imperial Federation and it may very well share its fate, in freedom or defeat.

Adamantine Union and Anotchi Republic Recognized
(Galnet: Empire, 02.09.3302)

Federal President Alberto Dervishi has released his own official endorsement for the Adamantine Union in Uibuth and the Anotchi Republic in the name of the Imperial Federation. Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers already recognized the ongoing struggle of Papako's neighbors in his past comment.

"The main goal of the Imperial Federation is to rekindle the flickering light of colonization inside of Tucanae and to guarantee its citizens the freedom from fear and want. It is no secret that our Imperial Highness Princess Aisling Duval supports our new democratic approach for the sector and as such we are certain that the Adamantine Union will find a genial reception for its future projects among our kind. Despite, or rather due to its legacy.

We for one welcome our new democratic neighbors."

Now the Federal President used the likewise success of their fosterling in Anotchi in form of the local Labour Party to do the same.

"In dark times like these, each success of our cause, each new system that embraces its own freedom, can turn into a shining star for Tucanae. Today we not only light two candles in the name of democracy, we light two beacons. Anotchi and Uibuth are only two major systems that are reminiscent of the glorious future Tucanae once held. The terraforming industry died and corrupt elites took over. They told the people that came for a better life they are once again a subject. A subject of exploitation! Today the people that were left to rot in these systems acquired the means to finish what our forefathers have started... what mine tried to defend.
I... we ... we all... ...
We all worked hard for these days! The days of freedom our people so desperately deserved! The Imperial Federation has a critical role to play in this. We need to promote stability, security, democracy, human rights, and economic development.
Yet,... yet, there are people that want to deny us those freedoms. But we won't back down. The people of Tucanae have suffered enough! Today we tell the corrupt elites, the fascist militias and the slavers and pirates one thing! We do not go back!
Thousands have died for today and millions cried out in their wake. They cried out for democracy, freedom of choice, basic rights and the freedom from fear and want.
The brigands that invade Tucanae today will offer none of that. They want to protect their own ill-gotten gains and wish to legalize their greed. They tell you they want to free you from the terrible Empire. Yet, they respect nobody but themselves. They enslave everyone without the means to fight back. They are worse than the old Empire they wished to replace!
But they will respect the Imperial Federation when all this is done. They will respect the people of Synuefe and Tucanae when all this is done. They will respect our freedoms! And they will fear the people.
Tucanae will never fall back into darkness, for as long as just one upright citizen still stands! We will face them at their doorsteps! We will face them in their systems! We will face them at the borders! And yes, if need be we will continue to face them in the very streets of our settlements! There will never be a day again that Tucanae will bow down! That day has to be the day the last colonist is dead!
There will be no retreat, and no surrender!
This day won't be the day we chose to fight for our freedom once more. Hehehe. There will be many more in the future. But this is the day Tucanae and Synuefe will send their message to the whole galaxy; the will of the people can not be denied!"
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A Commemoration of the Dead
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 04.09.3302)

This saturday, the heroes of Muthnir, who saved the Enrico, and their comrades in arms aboard the flagship were given a major military parade in Eggen. After the processions had carried the 57 coffins of its guardians and the ten from the Enrico around the whole colony in two directions, four seperate groups continued inward on the main streets to the central plaza. There all of them were lined up, draped in memorabilia of their families alongside their portray.
The eulogy was given by the Enrico's current commander, Yevgeny Vaska Wallis. Afterwards he and the Federal President Alberto Dervishi continued the ceremony by visiting each of the Enrico's coffins single-handedly, adding their new ensigns, uniforms and their medal of honor to the memorabilia. All of them were promoted posthumously.
This act was followed by the Muthnir Militias Generel Derek Crosby, who substituted the commander for the leftover 57 coffins in this responsibility. After he added their new ensigns and uniform, the general kneeled at each coffin in silent salute for several minutes, while Federal President Alberto Dervishi told the world about the people they had lost and what they might never get back.

The Coniaci Netcoms renounces exclusive Rights
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 04.09.3302)

After the initial colony of the Gamma-3 Octantis cooperative had given way to tensions between the two parties in HIP 5549, the Coniaci Netcoms has given into the demand of the cooperative. This came to pass as the cooperative declared to respect the natural balance by keeping the colonies small for years. They themselves number a few thousands and immigration will be strictly limited as to not grow by more than 100% if possible. Disasters and emergency evacuation measures were excluded, to allow the new colony to give them shelter in times of need. The bases would not be used for military operations.
With the matter peacefully concluded, the Coniaci Netcoms hopes to use the small outposts to conduct even more intensive research of cell mutation. For now the system has gotten another protector and hopefully one that will soon take care of the pirates that still rampage the planets.

Frontline News: Shorodo Rebels!
(Galnet: Empire, 05.09.3302)

It has been two days since the Chaos Syndicate has let go of its mask and officially declared war on Upper Tucanae. Now, shortly after their attempt of gunboat diplomacy, the syndicate has fallen into disarray and is in a defensive state.
Several internal factions around the Vesuvit-Cluster have gotten support from the Imperial Federation for the duration of the war. Among them powerful corporations operating from inside HIP 1672 and their local patrons. Further the Patrons of Vesuvit who still have to pay the syndicate back for the dismemberment of their previous leader. Giulianna Fletcher can be regarded to be the honorable side of this conflict nonetheless. All of the brigands inside the Chaos Syndicate would be able to expect a quick death by military court once the dust would settle instead of facing their own treatment.
Among the biggest allies the Imperial Federation supports is the Nationals of Shorodo, the militia that governed the Synuefe border before the Chaos Syndicate came to attack them. After they opposed them for months, the new frontline is a welcome gift to them. General Coral Wolf, the female leader of the wolfpack, announced they would house an offensive on Shorodo to finally kick the Chaos Syndicate out in the next days and wished for volunteers and imperial loyalists to join the effort. It's time that the Syndicate learns how dangerous a group of wolves can actually be.
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HIP 10137 embraces Socialism
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 06.09.3302)

After the last remnants of the Posse were cleared out, the settlement of Lee has taken to the ballots to decide its future. Like the central planetary port and the settlement of Zillig before, they chose to stand by the Otohime Union Party. With a solid 60% of votes, the conservatives of the Imperial Society once again represent the opposition with most of the other votes, leaving the liberals a minor note in the local parliament.
With the last ballot closed for a long time, the whole colony of HIP 10137 is now firmly controlled by the socialist government of the Otohime Union and can expect a major increase in social welfare, most certainly deducted from its rich income from its ice mines. HIP 10137 remains a major distributor of water for all surrounding systems, making them more independant from the distant agriculture behemoths.

Shady Business in Auso
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 06.09.3302)

The local authorities have noticed a sudden spike in 'business offers' for their citizens, offering major payments for their voting rights in the previous Crimson Major Industries' Vess Station. While some people sold their shares for a quick gain or out of fear, most people declined them, banding together to force them to leave the premises. The perpetrator has now been identified as the Selkadiae Energy Ltd. in cahoots with the Crimson Major Industries. Both planned to undermine the ideal of the Auso Labour Union with this underhanded tactic.
To counter any future attempt, Auso removed the voting rights from the shares and socialized them. As not only the old, but the new and newborn citizens should have a vote, the money vested in the shares is to be distributed to all equally with the next paycheck, returning nearly all shares to the local government. From now on all people of Auso which have worked for the system over a year or are born there will have voting rights. As a last sign of goodwill, the government also offered to buy the now nearly useless shares of its competitors for the same price. If they will accept this offer is as of yet unknown.

Papako: Election over Administrative Division
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 07.09.3302)

Faced with the current war and with the full regard to their important position as the current capital of the Imperial Federation, the democratic leaders of Papako have met at Goonan Base to discuss the future of the system. The main point of the discussion was the unification of the government in Papako, giving the central authority more power over its settlements.
Now the vote is on and people expect a divisive general election, as Papako has a long history of freedom fighters of different political colour fighting together. The question if all these parties can finally bring themselves to swear an oath to one and the same bill of rights remains therefore the biggest question of the coming days. Papako has to decide if it wants to be an actual centralized Federation or a liberal Confederacy. If it wants to become a true central beacon of Tucanae it can't remain as a house divided.
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Frontline News: Victory in Shorodo!
(Galnet: Empire, 10.09.3302)

The Imperial Federation, within the scope of the Tucanae Alliance and the Anti-Chaos Coalition, has won the major battle between the Chaos Syndicate and them in the renewed imperial system of Shorodo. Now back under the control of its previous owners, the Nationalists of Shorodo have started to reinforce their position.
Pictures of Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers amidst his comrades could be seen in a victory celebration aboard the captured station. While the Akiyama Hub has suffered some damage in the ensued fight, most of its facilities should be able to be reactivated in little to no time to serve as a refueling hub for the next assaults on those that terrorized the local region for the last months. Yet, this success can only be the start of a continued massive operation to bring forth the fall of one of the most notorius crime syndicates in Lower Tucanae.
Simultaneous assault along the syndicate's entire border and core systems have crippled the organisation to the brink of destruction. Even their most treasured symbol, the ban of imperial tea, has been long forgone as people in the Robinson Arsenal of Vesuvit slurp tea in protest and preparation to assail the Suri Gateway in the following weeks. This only goes to show that the syndicate has even lost most of its control in its self-declared home system. A show of weakness as no real crimelord should ever survive.
Despite these terrible loses, no declaration of surrender has been issued by the syndicate. It remains to be seen if they believe they can still turn the tide or plan to burn their whole little empire to the ground.
For now the coalition that stands against the Chaos Syndicate is not planning its official demise. Many still offer for this conflict to end with quick concessions of the syndicate and guarantees of mutual borders. But the more ground they lose, the longer the fights drags on, the more concessions might have to be made. Of course these plans for peace demand a working leadership inside the syndicate, something they showed a distinct lack of in prior diplomatic engagements. A leadership, which might have just collapsed under the huge pressure of reawakened freedom fighters altogether.
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Escalation in Synuefe?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 13.09.3302)

First the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative took control of the gaia worlds of HIP 5549 on behest of the Federal High Admiral of the Imperial Federation, Aislin Conrad. Now the people of Synuefe have to swallow the next initiative of the growing powerhouse, as it dared to directly challenge the local behemoth of Inars.
The benevolent militia of Inars kept the local cluster clean of piracy and other unlikeable elements for a long time and even monitored the progress of the cooperative from inside their territory during their rise to power. Now this stalemate seems to be over as Federal High Admiral Conrad declared their own fleets to protect the mines of Coniaci as well. While she didn't go as far as also claiming the rights to the system of Inars, she clearly called on them to recall their fleets from Gamma-3 Octantis and to finally allow democracy to reign in the cluster.
Even if Inars is willing to abide by the call for a local retreat, it is doubtful the powerful militia will relinquish its duty to protect the mines of Coniaci, as it itself needs its metals to fuel its powerful industries that supplies most of its military might.
It remains to be seen if tensions will rise or a peaceful settlement can be reached, as of now the relations between the two parties are still friendly.

Frontline News: Demonstration for Independance
(Galnet: Empire, 13.09.3302)

During the late afternoon a demonstration for independance of an Orca-Convoy inside of HIP 1672 has drawn widespread attention. Several pilots of local imperial citizens that were recently subdued by the Chaos Syndicate called for a united front against their oppressors. Two of them, Commander Racor of the HIP 1672 Empire Party and Commander Struan Robertson of the Vesuvit Patron Principles called upon an end to their occupation altogether.

It's brave souls like these that will prove to be the downfall of their tormentors, as the Tucanae Alliance continues to win the war at all frontlines. It will surely be only a shortwhile until these two can enjoy their freedom once again and sleep safely and soundely under imperial protection.
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Papako Stands United!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 14.09.3302)

In what was most likely its most important election to come, the Federal Union of Papako has decided to move for a centralized federation instead of a liberal confederacy. With an astounding victory of 72% to 27%, the people have chosen to defend the stars and their freedom together under one united guideline and a strong chancellor.
In a speech accepting the result and the will of the people, the Cooperative of Papako has officially resigned from its posts and accepted to implement the federal charta in its prior settlements. There will be no more exceptions for any local government outside of federal law.
It is to be expected that many settlements will soon call their people back to the ballots, as the newly united federal assembly needs its new representatives to vie for their regional wants inside the new government system. For now most people are still concerned with the war at their doorstep and hope that their loved ones will return soon, after recent peace talks have ended with a denial of the Chaos Syndicate for a quick resolution to the conflict. And that despite its dire state.
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HIP 5549 joins Gamma-3 Octantis
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 16.09.3302)

After a long time of negotiation, the local governor of HIP 5549 has decided to sign the formal admission to the Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis and offered the powerful republican militia to station their ships in Baracchi Landing. While the local administration will stay with the patronage, the full economical and military capacity of the station is now in the hands of the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative.
With the gaia worlds of HIP 5549 under a military moratorium due to the treaty with the Coniaci Netcoms Industry, the fleet of Gamma-3 Octantis can now finally offer proper support to the local democratic powers in their fight against the pirates. Many hope that this new union and with it extended protection by the APF-Fleet will end this menace once and for all.
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Dervishi Flagship Enrico still at Dock
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 17.09.3302)

Since the terrible battle in Muthnir, the Dervishi's flagship 'Enrico' has been in repair at a secret location. Despite its severe beating, the allocated resources were able to mend most of the damage the Enrico had sustained in combat. Albeit mostly those of cosmetic nature.
With the ongoing blockade of Selkadiae towards the Imperial Federation, many parts have to be acquired at higher prices in distant systems. The engineers do what they can to work around the problems without crippling the power of the previously mighty ship. With several high quality machines delivered from Auso, the alloys crafted in Otohime and Papako and the willing workers at her side, the repair will only further digress if the shortage of high-tech and secret military parts continues.
"We can fix her body, but we fear for her heart. If this continues, the repair will take at least one more month, if not two.", remarked one engineer. And indeed, the main damage the ship suffered apparently was to its point jump computers, as well as overheating of its powerful reactor.

Frontline News: Victory in HIP 6369; a Silent Retreat?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 18.09.3302)

Over the course of last week, the Tucanae Alliance has managed to push back the influence of the Chaos Syndicate all around their borders. Now the Syndicate has fallen back to its heartlands which have come under attack by the Tucanae Alliance and the Vesuvit Patrons with their Governess Giulianna Fletcher.
During this vacuum of power, the Tucanae Alliance managed to liberate the system of HIP 6369 which had just recently been brutally subdued by the Syndicate itself. This local insurrection was financed and led by the local corporation who had ousted the previously beaten patrons and their governor from their secondary seat of power.
While the Tucanae Alliance wishes for the future of the system to be one of democracy, one can not deny that to the winner go the spoils, and the corporation will most likely not hand them the keys back like the Chaos Syndicate did before them.
Asked about the Syndicates unwillingness to face them on the battlefield, Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers remarked this:

"With our assembled forces, they barely had a chance. But if the Syndicate really wanted to hand us the keys to the HIP-HIP demarkation, we could already be on our way back home. I am a freedom fighter at heart, but our oath lies solely with Upper and Outer Tucanae, as well as Synuefe. We can't pick up the slack for all the people of the galaxy. If they would surrender, we would certainly find a way to make this work. Hell, we MAKE it work, right now. We just want them to retreat the HIP-HIP border once and for all and remain on their side of the galaxy. With or without their consent, really."
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Frontline News: Techno-Plague Strikes Shorodo!
(Galnet: Empire, 20.09.3302)

After the Akiyama Hub was just recently returned to imperial authority, the important trade hub has fallen victim to the dreaded techno-plague, which is caused by the unknown artifacts. Nearly all critical facilities have stopped working before the repairs due to the liberation war were about to finish. It took the combined effort of the entire population to ensure basic supplies and life support were upheld. With little choice, the militia uses most of its manpower to keep at least the shipyard running to supply its fleet in the ongoing war, but can do little else without the help of independant pilots.

"This cowardly attack on the civilian infrastructure and population of Akiyama is nothing short of murder! Who knows how many will die due to lack of medical or basic life support until the plague can be cured?! Most internal system are damaged and unusable. Even the automatic doors!
While many independant groups did operate out of the local cluster recently, the fact we are in an ongoing war with the Chaos Syndicate demands from us to consider this action as a possible galactic war crime under their authority to leave only burned earth in the wake of their retreat! This war has to end, one way or another!!"

Thus commented the Federal President Alberto Dervishi of the Imperial Federation.
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Gold Allied Partners concede Hughes Holding
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 23.09.3302)

When the Dervishi fleet scattered the renegade remnants of the Muthnir Militia and apprehended the loyalists, a new era had already dawned on Muthnir. Today, the Gold Allied Partners corporation yielded its major political power over the system, granting full control of Hughes Holding to its people and its elected socialist mayor. The planetary colony has finally chosen its first democratic representative. While the local headquarter of the corporation will remain the highest building for years to come, the scenery which it will continue to overlook will change.
While the corporation didn't resist this process, a bittersweet truth remains in its wake. They had lead the colony like a corporation, rewarding merit with wealth, discarding failures into social isolation. Now the landscape will change.
Some people of the former elite already remarked that the new government might prove 'inefficient' and that the lack of cooperation with the industry might lead to a loss of employment in other areas of the colony or system as a whole. Many who embraced the idea of free-roaming capitalism fear that most of the income from the colony will now be used to feed the bureaucracy and the social welfare its inefficency will create.
Of course those statements are common for a society that embraces change and none is more drastic than the change of darwinistic capitalism to social welfare. While some might mourn to be less rich for it, many will rejoice as being able to live again.
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Off World Collective claims Freedom for Laka!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 24.09.3302)

Laka will retain its long and troubled history, one which efforts still hold it responsible for the deeds of its forefathers during the transport and after the colony ship reached Kai-Kapu. But today the free people of Laka have finally achieved to break free from their past and the corporate shackles that had sent a shiver through the artificial intelligence research so long ago. With the successor of the Off World Corporation finally dethroned, democracy will come to the eden world of Kai-Kapu and offer a chance to revise and maybe renew the old excellence of its research departements.
The Imperial Federation has already shown interest in a future cooperation, offering their vast industrial supplies and refineries, as well as those assets they can muster outside of their own systems, to renew the old technological marvels.
While all sides agree that nobody wants to repeat the tragedy of Laka, the plans for an advanced V.I. developement with enhanced processing power, pre-selected behaviours and complex calculations might make a V.I and an A.I. nearly indistinguishable in the near future. A plan the Imperial Federation hopes to achieve in cooperation with the new Socialist Union to not only speed up the terraforming of Tucanae and Synuefe, but to also increase productivity with enhanced robotics in the long run.

Coniaci: One Mine, Two Fleets
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 25.09.3302)

After the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative had announced its plans to patrol the mines of Coniaci, the local corporation overseeing the mines has allowed them to police the system alongside the Inars Bureau. Neither party has shown any interest in conflict and with the Coniaci Netcoms accepting both sides as their patrons, some observers expect that an eventual handover could soon be conducted. Daily the presence of the cooperative increases and no actual resistance from Inars can be seen. Despite these obvious signs for a new era in Coniaci's history, neither side was willing to comment on the ongoing changes inside the local security structure or on a potential cooperation of the two fleets inside a future alliance.
Reports that the Inars Bureau had allowed democratic elections inside its inner territory further fuels the rumours of a new dawn in local politics.
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