[EMPIRE] [RP] The Imperial Federation

Hampson Survey put under Quarantine

(Galnet: Imperial Federation, 26.09.3302)

What was first considered an odd surge in sick notes aboard Hampson Survey has turned into a widespread outbreak of yet unknown origin. Several people aboard of Hampson Survey reported strange symptoms even after a short prolonged stay at the station and many previous guests were called back to contain the strange phenomenon. As of now it is unknown if the cause is a germ, a chemical leckage of the refinery or based on general radiation. The symptons are too wide spread to be sure.
While the quick spread pointed to an airborne infection, no new variant of any known pathogen has been found as of yet and the general measurements for background radiation and chemical composition didn't show anything out of the ordinary either.

"With no known cause even after a minor quarantine, we had no other option but to put the entire station into lockdown and to hand out protective suits. Several air barriers and disinfection showers are deployed among the corridors to slowly contain the problem. We also ordered new air filters and send out our still healthy engineers to check every nook and cranny at our chemical refineries. Ultimately we hope it will blow over in the next days, with or without knowing the cause."

As stated by the service manager of the station.

Frontline News: The Empire joins the liberation of Auserid!
(Galnet: Empire, 26.09.3302)

In the wake of the ongoing war between the Tucanae Alliance and the Chaos Syndicate, the Auserid PLC under its local vice president Dong Case has staged a liberation war for Auserid in the name of the Empire.
As the PLC faced a situation that completely outmatched them with the total air superiority of the ToC forces, the Tucanae Alliance decided to support this unexpected act and prepared the new freedom fighters for the coming storm.
Now that the battles have started, the ToC forces still rule supreme over the skies of Auserid and the Tucanae Alliance decided to send out a request for support of the PLC's cause to independant pilots of the Empire.
Yet, the Auserid PLC pulled its own strings and apparently called in old favors. Only hours after the siege of the Faber Mines began, a legion of the Empire descended upon Auserid and shut down the direct route to the Faber Mines with a majestic interdictor. The 'Trasken Duval' is believed to have been sent by vice-reign Aisling Duval herself to aid in the war against the Chaos Syndicate. It is unclear if this is just a case of a major lend-lease around old favors or an official declaration of war towards the Chaos Syndicate itself. For now the imperial fleet might yet turn the tide in the occuring conflict and spurn the hearts of loyalist all around Tucanae to come to its aid.
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Frontline News: A New Challenger!

(Galnet: Empire, 29.09.3302)

While the initial supremacy of the ToC fleet in Auserid has begun to crumble under the onslaught of the Empire's relief squadron and the local coalition, a new challenger has entered the battlefields. The Socialist Union of Auso has used the time since its declaration of independance to invest into their own fleet, one that could rival any of their neighbors.
Now, ready to enter the great game, Auso has declared its ambition to pacify the ongoing conflicts in Kureserians and its will to secure the border of Northern Tucanae in their own right. With Auso entering the stage, one of the mightiest industries in the region puts forth a claim that will sit bad with old elites and rampaging anarchists alike, one for socialism, but foremost democracy.
Surprisingly to its prior embargo, the Selkaldiae Energy Ltd. did not object this new display of power by their neighbor. Instead leaked and later published contracts indicate a newly formed formal relationship between the two parties, declaring the Selkadiae Energy Ltd. the primary supplier for any ships and replacement parts at pre-arranged prices for Auso.
With the tensions between the three great players in the cluster solved, it is expected that the embargo against Auso will soon be lifted and a new boom might come with the prospect.
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Anotchi Accredits Papako's Admission Party

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 30.09.3302)

After Anotchi found the support of their neighbor Papako and the protection of its fleet during their recent bid for independance, Anotchi has decided to accept their neigbor's application for their own admission party. As a young republic, the future of Anotchi is as of yet undecided. And despite the war that still ravages near their border, Papako might ultimately be the safer option for Anotchi, as both not only share the same ideals but also the same interest inside of Tucanae.
Currently the new constitution of Anotchi is still undecided and with no proper fundation, no general election will be held for the time. Thus, the first real test for the new admission party of Papako will be the local planetary state elections that will soon begin. It will be a real test of the will of the people; one that might decide about their future in or outside the Federal Union of Papako and the Imperial Federation as a whole.

Frontline News: The Empire Victorious!
(Galnet: Empire, 30.09.3302)

In a protracted battle that lasted over four days, the Empire successfully shattered the superior forces of the Chaos Syndicate during the siege of the Faber Mines in Auserid. With the ToC forces unable to break through the imperial blockade during their counter-offensive, the important station of Abe Landing has been liberated by the Tucanae Alliance during their failure. Now all that stands between the ToC forces and their total defeat is a final onslaught of the imperial forces onto the Faber Mines themselves. Yet, no side has announced any further plans to drive their current advantage over the aggressive syndicate home.
It remains to be seen if this major battle, fought against all odds before the imperial intervention, will finally force the Chaos Syndicate to surrender, as their realm continues to crumble under their truly chaotic reign.
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The Federation Strikes Again!

(Galnet: Empire, 01.10.3302)

After the Federation had attacked the friendly maneuver between the Muthnir Militia and the Dervishi Fleet only weeks ago, the same has occured again in Coniaci.
In the midst of the ongoing tensions over the police rights of Coniaci, the Federation descended into the system and attacked the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet. Following their unexpected assault, they immediately incited the local commanders of yet another militia to join the side of the Federation against the budding democracy of Tucanae and Synuefe. With several seemingly worried about their future positions, some corrupt commanders took it upon themselves to join the Federation in this act of aggression. Yet, despite this sudden onslaught, the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet held the line with minor losses during its initial momentum. This wasn't a maneuver, they were there to defend the system in earnest.
Only hours after the federal attack was halted and the 'Orion' was locked in battle outside of Froud, vice-reign Aisling Duval's council reordered the 'Trasken Duval' who had won the battle over Auserid to defend the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet in Coniaci. And with the advent of the imperial capital ship, the battle was turned in the blink of an eye.

"We are sure the Federation has now learned that the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet is more than capable of handling their aggressions, even those of their battlecruisers."

As mocked Founder Jonah Pugh of the Gamma-3 Octantis' admirality, who oversees the defense of the system during the assault.

The real question is, why the Federation has now attempted to sabotage and destroy the military power of the Imperial Federation twice. If they really stood for freedom and democracy, they should instead support the budding idea, not stomp it out and seed distrust inbetween imperial forces. This act only highlights the hypocrisy and corruption of the Federation of Sol.
Sequentially, the Inars Bureau called upon their illoyal commanders to stop the assault on the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet, as any action against the vice-reigns decision to back them would constitute in open treason towards the Empire.

Frontline News: Vesuvit Enters Open Rebellion!
(Galnet: Empire, 02.10.3302)

While the skies over Vesuvit and HIP 1672 were long lost to the Chaos Syndicate, their actual forces never gave in to their besiegers. But now they might face their greatest challenge yet, as the people of Fozard they suppresed for months now declared an open revolution against the government in the hopes of support by the Tucanae Alliance and the Coalition surrounding it.
And indeed, the insurrection of the brave people of Fozard might be the last straw the Vesuvit Patrons needed to push for the official reclamation of the system. The only problem is, while the Vesuvit Patrons cleared the skies, the initiator and financee of the insurrection is the Vesuvit Galactic Industries which headquarters resides in Fozard itself. It remains to be seen if freedom or the wish for less protection money is the true driving factor behind this rebellion. Nonetheless, it offers finally a chance to take the second and last capital station of the ToC fleet in this war and shut them down for good. With the Patrons only on the sideline, it remains to be seen if the Empire will step in to lead the charge like it did in Auserid, though.
Despite this blemish on the whole chaotic affair, the Vesuvit Galactic Industries has put forth a call for freedom and wished for all freedom loving people to help them end the slavery and immoral practices of the Chaos Syndicate.
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The Federation on the Retreat in Coniaci
(Galnet: Empire, 03.10.3302)

After the Federation had attacked Coniaci and incited a conflict between the local authorities in its wake, the farragut battlecruiser 'Orion' finally fell back with most of its escorts being destroyed by the joint fleets of the 'Trasken Duval' and Gamma-3 Octantis.
With the last traitors of the Inars Bureau routed, the local commander of the militia, Colonel Alden Morse, met with Founder Jonah Pugh of the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative aboard of the station Froud.
In a formal act overlooked by the commander of the 'Trasken Duval' the Inars Bureau took full responsibility for its illoyal officers and stepped down as official police force of Coniaci. Having seen the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet in action, there was no doubt they would serve this purpose in their stead with little consequence to the local security. And with their honor now tarnished, the Bureau has to focus on its own system as its budding democracy encroaches on the rights of the elite more than ever, now that it has even less authority in the eyes of the Empire itself. The very system, that kept them in power all this time.

Frontline News: Papako Deposes the HIP 1536 Junta
(Galnet: Empire, 03.10.3302)

The advent of the Papako fleet in HIP 1536 had the goal to secure the system against the rampant piracy and to serve as a defense against the aggressive Chaos Syndicate.
Now, only weeks later, the constant hassling and embezzlement of the local junta had taken its toll. Instead of attacking the local pirates, the leadership of HIP 1536 saw it fit to take even more protection money from those that sought their help against the pirates. When Papako tried to step in and to attack the pirates that had been supplied by the Chaos Syndicate again to end this blight, the local dictatorship intervened on the pirates behalf. The blockade and embargo the junta employed against Papako found only one respone. The federation declared open conflict, fighting the pirates and junta alike.
Now, days later the dust has settled and the Papako fleet emerged as the victor of the conflict, ousting the corrupt elites from Anderson.

"We warned the junta and we warned everyone around them. Those who deal with pirates will be treated as pirates. Today, HIP 1536 has gotten the chance for a new beginning. One overseen by the Federation of Papako, which will ensure that they may soon join us as free brothers and sisters under federal democratic rule. But for now we will have to ensure that they will be ready to step into the galaxy and save Tucanae from the ilk that plagues it, together with their saviors. Thus, we will continue our war against corruption and piracy to free every last body inside of HIP 1536 for good."

The clear message of interim-chancellor Mercedes Lancaster left many with one question. How could the small Federation of Papako, even as the Imperial Federation as a whole, ensure the safety of the nearly six million inhabitants of HIP 1536 going forward. And how would the small political entity deal with such a huge influx of new people to its voting system.
The only official statement offered was the confirmation that for now only Anderson would have a chance to be allowed to vote in the oncoming elections in Papako's politics, and no plan to incorporate the other inhabitants of HIP 1536 has been brought forth. This led some observers to remark that the huge system of HIP 1536 had effectively become a colony or at best protectorate of the stronger yet far smaller federation, similar to India in regards to the British Empire nearly two millenia ago.
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Muthnir: 'Takahashi' Elections Conclude

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 05.10.3302)

Less than two weeks after the colony of Hughes has been given democratic independance under the socialist charta of the Union of Otohime, the proud people aboard Takahashi's Pride joined their planetary brothers and sisters by electing their own secretary to represent them in the senate of Otohime. Just like the movement for democracy in Hughes, this process was initiated and supervised by the Union of Otohime itself. The Gold Allied Partners complied and handed over all responsibilities for the station to the new secretary immediately after the vote's results were announced.
It is to be expected that the Gold Allied Partners will put all political ambitions to rest to focus on its own key business again, after it has lost control of all major political assets inside the system; albeit with some more laws and regulations controlling their efforts to maximize profit.

HIP 5549: The Last Pirate Base Surrenders!

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 07.10.3302)

With the help of their new forward base in HIP 5549, the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet has managed to force the Crimson Clan to abandon the Becvar Dock in favor of the local inhabitants. Now free, the people have decided on an interim leader for the station from amongst the long standing freedom fighters of the Progressive Party and decided to move forward with the implementation of democratic structures aboard the station.
Founder Jonah Pugh announced the intention of the Gamma-3 Octantis leadership to support this motion and to help the people of HIP 5549 to enter open elections for their future soon after. Now that the threat of piracy has been contained, noone has the right to claim security over freedom any longer.
The only influential group that still opposes this new idea is the Federal Industry, a major corporation that still regards its inhabitants as a workforce belonging to them, including their imperial slaves.
It came as no surprise that the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative announced that it would support the democratic movement of HIP 5549 even against the corporation's wishes from now on. And if they should not end their immoral practices of human objectification, the cooperative would even consider force as the necessary means to its end.

"One shouldn't always align democracy with disputes and weakness. We are not here to talk. In the future we might not share the same ideas and interests as the people of HIP 5549, but we will fight to the death for their right to state them. No human of the Imperial Federation shall ever be a slave!"

Founder Jonah Pugh

Frontline News: Tucanae DQ-Y C11 Secured!
(Galnet: Empire, 07.10.3302)

In the midst of the Vesuvit Rebellion, the local militia of Vesuvit had decided to stage an assault on the nearby allied pirate haven of Kohoutek that helped the Chaos Syndicate to reinforce their position in the region for months.
With their only potential ally fighting its last stand for their ill-gotten homebase, the pirates found little to no support and were quickly overwhelmed by the superior militia. General Miguel Zamora stated the intention to never hand the planetary base of the pirates back into a criminal's hands, calling for the nearby systems to band together and defeat the scourge that plagued their region once and for all.
The main victory in this success lies with the fact that the identifiable pilots of the Chaos Syndicate will find no save haven in Kohoutek anymore and that this base will serve as a local outpost for the final invasion of the enemies territories.
For now this success seems to underline a coming conclusion for the ongoing war.
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Otohime: Quarantine of Hampson Survey Lifted

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 08.10.3302)

After the cases of new patients have decreased drastically, Hampson Survey has now officially reopened its service for the surrounding systems. Soon the production should be back to pre-quarantine levels.
Even though the cause was never found, it is expected that the extended maintenance of the station has somehow removed the problem by itself, prompting many to suggest a contamination of the stations water recycling system. And while no new cases are known, the sale charts of prehistoric water from HIP 11886 has risen to new heights. The demand seems stable enough that it is expected to continue in the following months and establish a new permanent market for 'pure' water.
As the local supplier of filters, this new trend threatens the position of the Otohime Exchange in the system of Otohime after it not only got dealt part of the blame for the outbreak, but also lost sales due to a lesser demand for filters.

Frontline News: Vesuvit Reclaims Its Freedom!
(Galnet: Empire, 08.10.3302)

In a short but decisive conflict, the Vesuvit Galactic Industries has rallied the people of Vesuvit to fight the fleet of the Chaos Syndicate. Now, three days later, the VGI has succeded with the help of the Tucanae Alliance and the Anti-Chaos Coalition. Suri Gateway is back in the lawful hands of its people and the ill-gotten homebase of the syndicate now a distant memory.
While there is more than enough room for conflict between the official rulers of the system in form of the Patrons and Governess Giulianna Fletcher with the president of VGI, no one can deny that the greatest thorn for the Chaos Syndicate in this war was the will of their enslaved corporations to see their business done; in peace. Some even call this war a showcase for a renewed faith in corporate rule as they were the first to step up and take the fight to the Chaos Syndicate whereever they could. And that, by all the inhumane practices of Tucanae's corporations in the past, is commendable.
With the Chaos Syndicate on the retreat, governess Giulianna Fletcher called for a final assault on the criminal scum to drive their last forces out of the system. It is now that the people of Vesuvit must send the message the invaders need, as long and as hard as necessary. Order has returned and their empire will continue to crumble.
The last true fortress the Chaos Syndicate can call its home is Bokeili in Synuefe GU-D D13-78, a system beset on all sides itself. With the Nationals of Shorodo and the Iota Empure Consulate ready to strike, even its dawn might soon come as well.
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HIP 5549: Roelof Refinery Appoints Its Own Founder

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 11.10.3302)

In the wake of the declined piracy inside of HIP 5549, the negotiations over the implementation of democratic structures continues between the local corporations, the previous elites and the Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis.
As of today 'Roelofs Beacon', the major planetary refinery of the region, has appointed its own founder, replacing the overseer from the local patrons who supervised its economic output prior to the systems admission to the union.
Despite protests of the patrons and a requested intervention by the Empire on their behalf, the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet enforced the change with little resistance. Not even the bluff of a majestic interdictor that 'resupplied' in the system at the patron's request made the union reconsider. They simply reinforced their own military presence.
Now, once even the populace of 'Roelofs Beacon' has taken the chance to embrace democracy, the envoy of the empire has given in and left together with the majestic interdictor, leaving the patrons to deal with the fallout alone.
With the relationship of the old elite and the Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis soured, there is little chance the union will allow them to keep any future privileges after this affront. There remains no doubt that the days of birthright and honor might soon be replaced by merit and democracy.

HIP 1536: The Previous Junta Retreats Moon A5C
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 11.10.3302)

Shortly after the previous Junta had been ousted from Anderson and the whole system had been declared a protectorate of the smaller Federation of Papako, the previous junta tried to regroup in their base on the moon A5C inside of the Pond installation.
The Federation of Papako immediately deployed its fleet, ensuring the total defeat of the junta's remaining fleet with little to no losses in a matter of days and secured their planetary outpost for itself.
With little to fall back to, the days of the old junta are now more than measured, as they had to fall back to their last outpost in the system.
Interim-Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster declared that the inhabitants of the moon base A5C will have to accept a registration, examination and reeducation during the occupation by the federal fleet. Once all loyalists of the junta have been expelled or renounced their allegiance in favor of democratic structures, the settlement would be placed under supervision of an appointed magistrate until proper elections could be held.
The explicit goal would be to completely integrate Pond into the Federation of Papako with their own elected and not appointed magistrate at the end of the process. The Federation expects the proces to at least take three months at best but would relinquish their control as soon as the populace would warm up to the idea itself. Otherwise the old military order would be upheld, for as long as necessary.

Frontline News: The Chaos Syndicate Expels Ambassador!
(Galnet: Empire, 11.10.3302)

In the wake of the VGI's victory in Vesuvit, the local ambassador of the Imperial Federation, Theodin Chevalier, attempted to follow the retreating syndicate to its new hideout. Yet, despite all attempts to reach the beaten anarchists, all communications have been cut. With little to fall back to, ambassador Chevalier returned to his office aboard Suri Gateway, now directly responsible for the diplomatic relations towards the imperial governors and clients of the Iota and Vesuvit clusters.

"In all honesty, the way in which the chaotic syndicate conducted its diplomacy was ripe with arrogance, child-like behavior and ignorance. Now that they have been ousted from all their self-declared home systems, it doesn't really matter for us to come and see them. It would be more prudent for them to come and see us. They need this peace more than we do.
For now I will engage with the local rulers to ensure there is as little infighting as possible over the remnants of the Chaos Syndicate. There is no point in rebuilding Lower Tucanae if the old elites and new challengers rip each other apart the moment we turn our backs on them. My role will be to ensure they do not."

Ambassador Theodin Chevalier upon his return to office.

Meanwhile the Chaos Syndicate gathered its last forces inside of Vesuvit to attempt to fall back to the backyard of the system. An area that is safeguarded by the Vesuvit Patron's Principles since the rise of the syndicate began. It remains to be seen if this will be an offensive retreat to somehow stay relevant in Vesuvit's politics, or another defeat for the previous threat to the region, finally turning them into the laughing stock of Tucanae.

Gamma-3 Octantis Running For The Inars Elections?

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 13.10.3302)

With the Bureau of Inars fallen from grace after the defection of several lead commanders during the Coniaci incident, the democratic wing in the system has taken flight. Now all but powerless, the Bureau only remains the ruling faction of the once proud industry system in name only.
After the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative had announced to respect the borders and territories of the militia in the past, founder Jonah Pugh instead announced today to officially support locals in Inars during their attempt to establish an official admission party to the Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis.

"I am certain if the people of Inars vote for us and if they find themselves aligned with us and our ideals, even the Bureau will accept any claims we might hold in our fair ambitions for the region. In return, the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative vows to continue its peaceful policy to not engage the Bureau for its right of rulership. That is, unless the people deem it so. By the statue of the Imperial Federation, the free will of the people can not be denied. And we, as the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative will respect their wishes above all."

Frontline News: Secret Alliance Plans to Establish a Neutral Region?
(Galnet: Everywhere, 13.10.3302)

With the Chaos Syndicate on the decline, many corporations have taken hold in the area around Auserid and assumed leadership during the great reconstruction and redevelopement of the region. Apparently this drastic change and new business opportunity has finally managed to stir the interest of the superpowers, as the Alliance has not only shown interest to establish a neutral trade zone in the region, it already started to form ties to do so.
This sudden and unrequested action of the Alliance has shaken the local rulers of the old imperial elites and the new democratic front alike. Despite the Alliance claim to stand for freedom, it is a well known fact they mostly cater to business interests and prefer apple-polisher over extreme democratic parties with healthy debates. As such, neither the Socialist Union of Auso, nor the imperial clients of the region feel strongly about their decision to enter Tucanae and foremost the Kureserians' affairs.
Even Alberto Dervishi, Federal President of the Imperial Federation and its direct link to the imperial senate voiced strong concerns regarding this step.

"The Alliance couldn't care less about Tucanae when it was nearly overrun and left to rot. But now that we have been revived and risen against our would-be slavers, here they are! We didn't usher a call for a neutral region inside of Tucanae and we do not look favorable to any intervention of non-imperial nature. Auserid and all loyal imperial corporations feel the same about the Alliance's corrupt ways.
The Federation of Sol has repeatedly shown us what their ideals of freedom and democracy are worth by shooting our people and murdering my brethren in the name of traitorous dictators! And the corrupt Alliance can stick to their own wage slavery and dictatorships on the other side of the galaxy. I say nay! They can keep their corrupt filth and dishonorable megalomania in their own region of space! May they choke on it!
The Imperial Federation, its allies and the Empire of Achenar will never accept their very own hypocrisy in our homes! The vultures have come to dine on the Chaos Syndicate's entrails, but they will soon see that this carcass is more toxic than a basilisk!"
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Otohime Exchange adjudged guilty!

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 15.10.3302)

During the investigation following the mysterious outbreak on the Hampson Survey station, the imperial control committee has found evidence supporting the claims for contaminated water supplies. A new alloy that has been deemed a secret by the Otohime Exchange degraded into a mildy poisonous powder. With most symptons pointing to metal poisening, the corporation has now been found guilty. To pay for the damage and to restore its honor, all assets of the Otohime Exchange in Poncelet were seized and handed over to the Imperial Society of Otohime.
The local secretary of health declared the intention to put any new produce and patents that would come into contact with critical food and water infrastructure to a new centralized and standardized test. How these tests would be conducted and how long corporations of the Socialist Union of Otohime would have to wait to deliver new discoveries was left open. Some analysts expect this step to limit new investments into the local branches inside the union's territory and advise against such a measure. Others claim this step to not be enough and call for a united initiative to ensure customer rights and health standards for the entire Imperial Federation by vote of the Imperial Parliament or universal suffrage of the entire accounted population.

Frontline News: Vesuvit Patrons Destroy Remnant Chaos Fleet!
(Galnet: Empire, 15.10.3302)

In the wake of their exile from Suri Gateway, the Chaos Syndicate attempted to seize a backyard outpost from the local goverment under Governess Guilianna Fletcher. Despite their minor advantage, the Chaos Fleet had no chance after the Imperial Federation send their own Anti-Piracy Fleet to deal with the remnant problems deep inside of Vesuvit.
With the forces of the Chaos Syndicate shattered and fatally wounded once again, the Patrons around Governess Fletcher prepare to bolster their fleet once more. As the Iota and Vesuvit cluster awaken to new life, the imperial loyalists rebuild their power and plan to soon overwhelm the remnants of their previous tormentors.
Meanwhile the Chaos Syndicate has fallen to the state of a local pest, being no more of a problem for the newcomers of HIP 1672 in Vesuvit than the battle-hardened native factions. The syndicate by now is barely able to threaten the tradelines of Vesuvit, let alone retake it. It's end seems upon us.

Coniaci Netcoms pulls out of HIP 5549

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 16.10.3302)

In a surprising statement, the executive director of the local branch in HIP 5549 announced the end of their ongoing research into genetic mutations on the high-radiation eden worlds of the system.
After the recent settlement between the new Gamma-3 Octantis colonies on the eden worlds and their local privileges, it was expected to further not end their ongoing projects. This announcement has shaken the stocks of the corporation, which had to give up another field of operations after the loss of contracts in Gamma-3 Octantis itself.
While this step was defended as an internal re-alignment, some anonymous sources claim that the local investors lost some of their assets and the funding was cut in the process. This rumour would point to the currently waning elites to be the true sponsors behind this expensive research and its ethical questionary implementations in biological augmentation.

Muthnir: A Misguided Embargo?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 18.10.3302)

When Selkadiae started its early embargo of the Imperial Federation, many believed them to be in a position of power. But as time went on, the profit of Selkadiae started to shrink in its local branches, especially in territories soon under the sway or sphere of the Imperial Federation itself. Now the company had to admit to its failure and retreated from Muthnir, closing their branch altogether. The Imperial Federation had finally found a replacement for their extortioner. While neither side admitted to hostilities between the two, neither side did anything to amend this crisis, removing the systems of Otohime further from the central worlds of Tucanae.
This sudden step also coincited with a drastic measure inside of Selkadiae itself, as a small squadron of the APF have been sighted to violate the sovereign right of the Selkadiae Energy Ltd. by deploying ships in the area. Their target seems to be the local mob who is believed to engage in the same despicable deals the Auso Crimson Major had in Auso. Yet, no official allegation has been brought up against Selkadiae's Energy Ltd. by the Imperial Federation and neither did Selkadiae oppose this step. Rumours already spread, ranging from an accepted crackdown on piracy and danegeld to a hidden alliance or reconciliation between the two former enemies.

Frontline News: Auso Takes Kureserians By Storm!
(Galnet: Empire, 18.10.3302)

Only short after its arrival in Kureserians, the Labour Union of Auso found widespread support among the local populace that had been on the chopping block inbetween the old elites and the invaders of the Chaos Syndicate.
With the inson station and the powerful planetary refinery and port of Tepper joining the new founded Socialist Union of Auso by their own will, no one can expect them to let up soon. Trade fleets have been seen to ship refined metals back to Auso, most likely in preparation to gear up its fleet for the necessary confrontations ahead. And no one doubts the oncoming conflict for the Lambert Vision mining station is far away. A stable and self-owned major mine is the only thing that keeps Auso from becoming nearly autark and mostly unopposable in the region, easily rivaling its allies of the Imperial Federation in power by itself.
Of course any attempt to take control of Lambert Vision, in the name of the people or otherwise, might be violently opposed by the ruling Governess Lorelai Henderson and not many believe that a peaceful solution to this conflict remains possible.
The greatest supporter of the Governess during the Chaos War was the Imperial Federation. But with them supporting both sides, it remains to be seen if the Imperial Federation will step up in anyones favor or remain neutral altogether.
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Selkadiae: The Right-Wing Vultures Assemble

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 20.10.3302)

By means of a quick anti-piracy campaign of the Imperial Federation, the system of Selkadiae can finally be at ease. The local mob has been driven off and sent into hiding, forcing an end on their common raids on traders.
Yet, as the dust settled over the station, the local militia has reared its ugly head. With little regard to the people that have risked their lives for freedom from danegeld and extortion, the leader of the militia has demanded to rule over the station instead. Weakened and without a strong claim against their would be future dictators, the people of the station now look for the Selkadiae Energy Ltd. and the Imperial Federation for aid.
Even though the Energy Ltd. withdrew from any mediation for the sake of their neutrality in internal politics, the Imperial Federation already announced to not accept non-benevolent dictators. And the Selkadiae Bureau fits that definition quite well.

Anotchi Choses Admission Over Independance
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 20.10.3302)

With the recent fall of the elites in Anotchi and the advent of democracy in all of its settlements, the young Republic of Anotchi elected a constituent assembly. Now that the new constitution of Anotchi had been decided, the people were called to the ballots to accept or decline the compromise of their leaders. The choice was between old privileges, their own independance or a territorial admission with local autonomy under the Federation of Papako.
With a resounding 45.2% of votes, the admission to the Federation of Papako had won the first round, leaving the independance movement at 34.2% and the imperial conservatives at 20.5%. Followed by a secondary election, the Federation of Papako combined all of its supporters and reached a necessary majority of 56.8%.
Observers consider the success of the Federation of Papako to be rooted in their continued support for the Empire, thereby even appealing to the conservatives with the vague promise of a potential home in their new political world.
The vote was not without conflict however, as several supporters of total imperial independance took to the streets following the results and protested for local independance of their settlements instead. Overall, the amount of protesters only reached several thousands and the local police quickly subdued the riots with minor property damage. It is doubtful the small number of extremists will be enough to stop the coming changes. Even now a pre-made roadmap for the establishment of local Magistrates and the systems new High Magistrate are well on the way and the next elections are already scheduled to take place soon.
Thus, it would seem wise for the independance party to rally for support in the streets with words rather than violence to at least secure a voice in future Anotchi politics. Democracy has just arrived in Anotchi and thus the initial elections won't end anytime soon.

Otohime Announces the 'Colonial Initiative'

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 21.10.3302)

As the Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis starts to colonize the eden worlds of HIP 5549 despite the weak magnetic fields and high radiation risk and the Federation of Papako intensifies its attempt to colonize a secondary earth with the admission of the Republic of Anotchi below Mukai, the Socialist Union of Otohime declared its plan to quickly create a home for all people of the galaxy right around its cluster. With the deep rooted knowledge on how to operate moon colonies based on HIP 10137 and Bickel Vision, the new plans of the Union entail the acquisition and control of any colonial system around them.
According to this schedule, the Otohime Union Party has launched a massive operation to expand its reach into the nearby colonial system of HIP 11886, which moon colonies oversee the people working on the terraforming project of the Negri system nearby and are under supervision of one of the local corporations. Accordingly, the Union Party attempted a peaceful approach and acquired major shares of the project, attempting to give the workers of the long lasting terraforming project not a temporary but finally a permanent home among the stars, transforming their working quarters into proper homes for long lasting endeavours.
At the same time, the Otohime Fleet has launched a massive operation in the Khemaraui cluster with the sole intent of consolidating it and the two colony systems of the local dictatorship under its own socialist democracy. A step that without a doubt could invite a violent conclusion of the local dictatorship.
But as first doubts arose, the Socialst Party rebuked them, declaring the advent of their fleet a humanitarian mission. The Khemaraui cluster repeadetly asked for aid in the face of long lasting famine and poverty, and even the local dictatorship went as far as creating a local office in Otohime to directly request aid in times of need. Viewed in this light, many onlookers expect a peaceful surrender to the superior fleet of Otohime in time, as the militia might have been able to hold back piracy for the long abandoned colonies, but can barely keep them alive. They are warriors, not economists and their long fight for safety might finally be over as the Imperial Federation steps up to finally destroy any remnants of organized crime in the region.

Frontline News: Alliance Plans Cancelled
(Galnet: Everywhere, 21.10.3302)

With the increased resistance of local groups against a neutral trade zone of the Alliance around Kureserians and the quick loss of support for the endeavour from the Alliance itself, all plans of future cooperation were put on ice.
Despite minor attacks of imperial loyalists on trade convoys of their potential partners and attempted attacks on their envoys, the true failure of the attempt lay with the Alliance. After the initial plans were announced, no internal corporation seemed willing to engage in trade so close to the Empire and no one was willing to oversee the enforcement of law around the Kureserians sphere. In the end only one corporation was willing to step up and sign any contracts in the region, effectively putting the Alliance influence in the region even far below local suppliers. This event only proved that there will be no Alliance presence in Tucanae in the near future.
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Otohime: Posse Burned Out of HIP 10137

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 23.10.3302)

In a final effort to secure the old hideout of the Posse in its entirety, the Dervishi Fleet conducted a major operation in HIP 10137. Now, only months after its descent from power, the last ships of the Posse were destroyed and any known supporter arrested to be taken in for prosecution, including several members of the old echelon.
In the light of the Union's expanded new colonial plans, this marks a strong signal for security and prosperity under its rule and will no doubtedly echo through the systems that yet hope to establish permanent and safe new homes in the void. The Otohime Union Party and the Dervishi Fleet are willing to safeguard their future.
Despite this success and a new permanent guardian fleet at the gravity well entrance of the HIP 10137 system, the Posse remains a constant factor in Otohime itself, where people prey on single traders and miners to gather a small profit. But while they might wield the name of the once glorious Posse, none of them is a serious threat, even for the local police. The Posse of old, as it was known during its height of power, is no more. All that is left are common brigands and pirates, which are dealt with accordingly.

The Inars Bureau Waives System Control
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 23.10.3302)

What started with the Treason of Coniaci and the Fall from Grace in the name of the Empire, finally culminated in the deposition of the Inars Bureau in their founding system. In an unglorious ceremony, Colonel Alden Morse had to accept the new elected leader from among the United Inars Democrats who now not only took over the Chawla Dock, but was formally declared the official ruler of the system by his peers aboard the Green Hub and the Kirby Terminal.
Despite this shameful event, the Colonel declared the continued support of his fleet for their home Inars and his will to become the official local police force of the new republic.
Yet, while many consider Inars to be a powerful system by itself and able to strike at the galaxy in its own name, first voices already raise the question for an official admission to the Liberal Union of Gamma-3 Octantis. The strongest argument for this is not only its strong ties to the Imperial Federation and the Empire, but also because its loose and fair governmental system would allow for the young Republic of Inars to flourish under the protection of what could be the strongest local fleet. And all of this while maintaining its own inner structures and governmental constitution. As the most liberal member of the Imperial Federation, Gamma-3 Octantis would never demand any act of conformation by any party or member system, past the Imperial Federal Constitution.

Otohime: Hampson Survey Report Incriminates Patrons

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 24.10.3302)

Shortly after the local courts had ruled in the Imperial Patron's favor during the Otohime Exchange trial, the civil court of Otohime has found additional guilt with the station manager, Client Quentin Gruber.
While no one denied the major contribution of the Otohime Exchange to the disaster aboard of Hampson Survey, several misconducts of the local management under the Patron's leadership have caused the situation to escalate and the contamination to slip through detection before it went viral. As such Client Quentin Gruber was forced to abdicate under threat of legal prosecution for negligent homicide. A step the Patron's quickly avoided by also offering major shares of the station for redress to the local population.
Within a small frame of time, the local population had set up an election process to decide the new management from among the people. The main condition is a provable expertise in the necessary fields and the complete independance from any imperial families. Many rise to the occasion, but several are expect to drop out again, once the press starts to sniff out their own secrets or dirty ties.
While this process might take several more weeks, Hampson Survey as of today is in the hands of the people once and forever. The interim ruling was left up to the elected secretary of Parker Orbital who immediately delegated his trusted aid to lead the election in Hampson Survey in his stead.

Muthnir: Unknown Pirate Group Targets Trade
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 24.10.3302)

With the Posse in the nearby systems of Otohime beaten and the colonies safe, a seemingly new threat arises in Muthnir. While they didn't divulge an official name, a small squadron of brigands has made the local beacon of Muthnir its new frequent hunting ground for unsuspecting traders who jump into the gravity well of the entry star.
In the following days, several patrols of the local police have been directed to the beacon, yet were unable to turn up any results. Most of the brigands seem to rely on hit and run tactics.

"As a police wing, we operate in groups. Even when we sighted one of those b-astards, all they did was high-wake out of there. So we send in smaller and more agile vessels that could hide in the local gravity well. They fled all the same. We fear only a small group of experienced pilots might draw them out of hiding by acting as prey instead. For the mean time we advise all traders to either fly in guarded convoys or act on a self-defence basis. Unarmed trade is not encouraged in Muthnir right now."

Even though the local police commander didn't admit defeat in the face of the sparse results, some of the smaller companies of Muthnir fear for their wares or for the increased insurance costs in the wake of the attacks. Now many hope for the advent of the Anti-Piracy Fleet of the Imperial Federation and for them to dispatch a small crew of their Elite Hunters to take care of the problem instead.
But as the APF is still bound to a multi-front war against pirates all over Tucanae and Synuefe, this minor act of piracy might not be enough to draw their actual attention, leaving the matter in the hands of the local police and the volunteer bounty hunters of the region.

HIP 11886: Negri Fortune Solutions Inaugerates New Military Base

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 25.10.3302)

Unbeknowst to many, the Negri Fortune Solutions corporation that controls the worker colonies for the terraforming process of Negri in HIP 11886 had begun to militarize the Ode Installation. In a quick coup, the station was put under military law and all civil rights were limited or revoked. When asked about this sudden step, no comment was given. It is to be expected that the Negri Fortune Solutions corporation will soon begin production of new weapons and armour to outfit their troops and ships in the system.
While many criticize the sudden militarization of the peaceful colony system and the total shutdown of a major settlement, some onlookers blame the Union of Otohime for this step. Yet, while the Union attempted to peacefully acquire shares in the system, even their own possesions in Ode were confiscated. Pushed to a statement, Aubrie Mayr tried to remain calm.

"The Union of Othime does not regard the inaugeration of the Negri Fortune Solution's 'only' military base as a threat to the Union or the Imperial Federation. Neither its current or future capacity would be able to challenge the Dervishi Fleet. While there have been no reports of major piracy in the region since the Posse was destroyed, it is wise to resupply their ships in times of peace.
Yet, the Union of Otohime will demand a full recompense for the disonwed property in the settlement of Ode it had acquired. Further, the Union of Otohime will demand a civil inspection by the local governor of Negri of the Citizens of Tradition to ensure no imperial or civil rights are violated."

On the question what the Union would do if the corporation would deny any such measures, Spokeswoman Aubrie Mayr remained vague.

"The Union of Otohime will reserve any available option for itself, depending on the situation at the time."

Frontline News: HIP 6369's Blue Universal Network Gives In
(Galnet: Empire, 25.10.3302)

With the Chaos Syndicate nearly defeated at the northern borders of Tucanae, the Imperial Federation has used its political leverage to oversee and conduct democratic elections inside of HIP 6369. With a clear victory, the socialist Progressive Party has won and will be the first party to attain any kind of political office in the region.
Several violent attempts to disrupt the election by outside sources detail the truth of the process however, as the local corporation did everything it could to prevent or slow down the process of democracy. After the Anti-Piracy Fleet stepped in, the corporation yielded the station of Philipp's Landing, which will serve as the systems official seat until the terraforming of the local planet will be finished in the future.
It is expected that the Blue Universal Network will also have to yield Paul Vision in the following weeks after a local secretary is elected from among the populace, forcing the corporation to bury its political ambitions once and for all.

Anotchi: Imperial Exodus Reaches New Heights!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 26.10.3302)

After Anotchi's admissions to the Federal Union of Papako, many of the freed slaves from the Chaos War resettled there together with many imperial families on the lookout for a new home in Tucanae. The influx of new settlers was so temendous that the Schwarzschild Beacon and other local settlements had to build an entire new habitat ring with the help of the Imperial Federation, which provided the refined materials, and Auso, which offered the needed shelters. While most of the new facilities will remain temporary emergency shelters, in time the old and new installations will grow together and form a true new union among the stars.
Experts estimate the freed slaves to number in the tens of thousands and together with the continued influx of imperial settlers, the system of Anotchi might soon reach the spectacular number of 550.000 inhabitants. Compared to the last census during the period of decline in Tucanae two years ago, that would mark a growth of 150% from its previous 220.000. A number that can only rise with the sped up process of the local terraformation under the Federal Union, which again is spurred on by the industrial boom based on the new manpower.

Frontline News: The Patronage of Vesuvit Restored!
(Galnet: Empire, 26.10.3302)

In a quick but decisive feud, the patronage of Vesuvit under the order of Governess Fletcher and with the full support of the Imperial Federation reclaimed its rightful title as absolute ruler of Vesuvit. While the Vesuvit Galactic Industries offered a major service with its initial defeat of the Chaos Fleet, its denial to accept Imperial Law and the Governess as official rulers of Vesuvit forced the alliance to reclaim Suri in the patronage's name.
Despite this last and short act of defiance, Governess Fletcher officially pardoned the corporation and allowed it to keep watch of the colony of Fozard from which it staged the insurrection against the Chaos Syndicate. All that was deemed necessary was an official oath of allegiance and a reimbursement for the damage to the patronal fleet. A step that was lauded by the Imperial Federation as it would strenghten the bond between the factions of Vesuvit and unite them against the true enemy, the remnants of the Chaos Syndicate, which still remains active in the region.
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HIP 5549: The Colours Have Changed

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 27.10.3302)

After the recent act of defiance by the old elites surrounding the local patrons in HIP 5549, the Gamma-3 Octantis Cooperative had started an aggressive campaign to root out all corruption and to replace old imperial ties and honors with local elected officials and merits.
Now, only weeks after the first charges were held, the entire system has been deemed 'purged' in all but the lowest administrative circles. As such, control has been officially given to the people of HIP 5549 and by decree of the Gamma-3 Octantis' Founder's Assembly, HIP 5549 has been declared a republican meritocracy under Imperial Federal Law.
Of course this step found little appreciation in the surrounding systems and all relations to Gamma-3 Octantis neighboring patronage of Andriani have been severed by the system itself. Some even call this cut in ties irredeemable, as many families of Andriani were involved with those in power in HIP 5549.
Some people inside the Empire go as far as to defame the drastic measures of the cooperative as gunboat diplomacy and a 'Might makes Right' attitude. Yet, none of them can deny they fought against the Federation in open battle and on the side of vice-reign Aisling Duval. And all this while previous subjects of the Empire had proven illoyal and attacked the Imperial Fleet instead in a desperate cling to power.

"There is no honor and no loyalty in a position given to your ancestor's family or bestowed upon one by marriage and personal grace. It is the person and not the name that holds the office. And as such they have to prove themselves each day to make Tucanae a better place. We, as the Founder's Assembly will uphold any human's right to prove themself and to attain any position by merit alone. There can be no keys in our union who do not adhere to this principle, at least not for long."

A comment by Founder Jonah Pugh

Selkadiae: A Foreboding Intervention
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 27.10.3302)

What had been a long planned coup of the right-wing in Selkadiae was suddenly called off, as not only the Imperial Federation, but the local fleet of the Prismatic Imperium itself stepped in. Faced with a war against the weakened democratic fleet, the APF and the Branch of Vigor, the militia gave in and signed an unconditional peace treaty with the 'Independant Selkadiae Revolutionary Party'. As such the militia accepted the democrats rightful representation of the people's will inside of Selkadiae. While this was a rare intervention of one of the greater powers in the nearby region, it remains a foreboding sign.
The De Kamp Dock in Selkadiae is the only high tech station in the region and it is widely regarded as a critical infrastructure necessary to conduct major local terraforming operations. As such any disruption in the system's production will endanger the future of the finally revived sectors of Tucanae and Synuefe. An event that can not be allowed by the PI's Branch of Vigor in Uibuth or the Imperial Federation surrounding it.
This, paired with reports of recent terror attacks of unknown origin and the continued struggles of the Energy Ltd. in nearby systems, which drain its resources and lower its economical output, might soon see the end of all imperial support for its delusions of grandeur, as a stable democracy might be preferred to an overextended and powermongering conglomerate.

Negri: Crackdown on Slavery

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe Sector, 28.10.3302)

After a covert operation had taken place, the local governor of Negri and the leader of the Free Workers of Negri union finally divulged the information many local figures had already speculated about. After a long period of abductions and extortions by the local posse, the station and the people of the Ilyushin Dock have finally found peace.
With the support of the nearby Dervishi Fleet, the local authorities cracked down on the pirates, freeing many of the desillusioned settlers from a fate of slavery or worse. Secrecy was upheld as to not alarm the pirates and prevent any last minute attempts of trafficking any humans outside of Negri. Once the siege ring was in place, the pirates quickly surrendered, preferring captivity over death. It is expected that the last remnants of the local posse will be smoked out in the coming weeks.
Despite this show of authority by the local governor, the Dervishi Fleet made it clear that only the people of Ilyushin themselves could decide their fate from here on out, as the Citizens Party had left them to rot in the months prior to their liberation. With little chance to object, the position of station advisor will be ceded to an elected representative of the Free Workers of Negri union with the election following in the next days.
The local governor made no pretence of their future relations with the Union of Otohime, as their "gunboat democracy" was made out to be in direct violation to the mandate they had been bestowed by the Empire to terraform and oversee the system of Negri themselves. This of course included the authority over any station in Negri. A statement that was followed with a displacement of the Dervishi Fleet into HIP 11886 and onto the Negri border as neither side expects this tension to end well for either when the previous allies of circumstance finally become enemies.

Frontline News: Escalation in Kureserians
(Galnet: Empire, 28.10.3302)

In a bid to break the siege and constant provocations of the Auso fleet in Kureserians' territory, Governess Lorelai Henderson declared open war on the Socialist Union of Auso, attacking their trade fleet that frequented between Teppler and Vess Station. Shortly afterwards a major response of Auso's fleet was met with hard resistance, but as the Kureserians' fleet was on the brink of defeat, the Federation decended onto the scene.
What had been a local dispute of ownership over a major mining hub had now become a political incident for the Empire in which yet another imperial dignitary had allied with the Federation and betrayed the very Empire they claimed to represent. An offer over a ceasefire from Auso to push out the mutual enemy was met with a joined assault of the Federation and local imperial forces on Auso instead.
As reports of this repeated betrayal of imperial dignitaries in Kureserians reached the imperial senate, their own fleet was send out to deal with the Federation and to throw the invaders out of Aisling's borderlands. Even the Imperial Federation has now called off its neutrality, as the attackers of the patronage even continued their assault on Her Imperial Highness' fleet and the interdictor the 'INV Emperor's Decree'.
With the Federation, the Empire, the Imperial Federation, several imperial loyalists, some local loyalists and the Auso joined fleet on the site, it has become increasingly impossible to discern friend from foe. The whole matter of control in Kureserians has turned into nothing short of a bloody disgrace and a proxy war inside imperial territory in which no initial side can claim honorable motives as neither Auso nor Governess Lorelai Henderson are without guilt.
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