[EMPIRE] [RP] The Imperial Federation

Gamma-3 Octantis: Cold War overturned by Cold Blood
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 18.01.3305)

The formerly long lasting cold war between Andriani and Gamma-3 Octantis has turned hot and the temperamental leader of the liberal union of star systems Aislin Conrad has overplayed her hand. This came at a time when the financial support of the Boman Co fell through in light of their recent major insurrection in their homesystem and headquarter as well as uprisings all around their formerly well kept and exploited sphere. It was a well timed strike of Andriani and the lingering reactionary forces inside of Gamma-3 Octantis territory that ultimately ended the extreme dominance the group had established in the outer peripherie of the Empire. Without the vocal support of neither the Imperial Federation's Dervishi family or the Boman Co's CEO inside of the imperial senate, there was nothing stopping their enemy from rolling the dice when their stars had finally aligned.
As locals reported the Bureau of Inars coordinated its insurrection with the actual declaration of war by Andriani, soon leading to a near abandonment of Inars to meet the powers of Andriani head on. The leftover fleet wasn't able to hold off the initial brutal charge of the regime from inside the systems core, leading to the seizure of the Chawla Dock shipyard facilities and many ships still in line to being fitted for combat. This quick strike and efficient acquisition of additional fighting power turned the following longer skirmishes in favor of the traditionalists which won total air superiority in Inars.
With the fall of Inars back into the hand of the local Bureau, the backbone of the Gamma-3 Octantis' warmachine has been crippled and their supply lines for new major fleets severed. As attrition set in and faced with massice forces around their sphere, Gamma-3 Octantis retreated and secured their local systems, barely able to also hold on to Friguda.

Colonel Alden Morse of the Bureau expressed their gratitude towards the Inars Industry which had lent their support and that of their NDO surveillance network to coordinate that swift strike. Due to their unshaken support for the Empire, the so-called democratic forces and allies of the cooperative could be evaded during this special operation. The Empire will accept no rebels amongst their ranks, no matter how small.

Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers of the Imperial Federation decided not to comment on the situation. "We are no longer affiliated with Gamma-3 Octantis, as declared by Lady Aislin Conrad herself. As a loyal member of the Empire it is not our place to question the decisions of the senate."

Due to recent developements in the Selkadiae cluster, this diplomatic neutrality of the Imperial Federation has come into question as the loss of Boman Co's position inside imperial politics has given rise to a major democratic insurrection that not only fits the Imperial Federations personal ideology for the region, but also weakened the financial and political stability of their renegade member Gamma-3 Octantis. They stand to gain either way.

Negri: Otohime Union reassumes Control over the Cluster

(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 19.01.3305)

With no choice but to abide by the imperial senates decision to hand over the Khemaraui and Negri cluster to the Boman Co, the Otohime Union had bided its time. Now that Boman Co has lost imperial support and is facing multiple insurrections at once, the stll strong union has retaken control of Sukhoi in the system without any party able to intervene.
The strong bonds of the Boman Co to local corporations like Lemon Slice had given them the financial capacity to resist this change for a while, but due to the overwhelming force behind the Otohime Union with the recently freed up reserves of the Imperial Federal fleet after the Sokaram Wars, the corporation retreated from Sukhoi after major initial losses. Now the question remains if the Lemon Slice Organisation is able to strike a favorable deal with their new democratic 'tradepartner' or if this conflict escalates in the face of potential exapropriations.

The speaker of the Social Union of Otohime, Aubrie Mayr, confirmed that this was a conflict solely between them and Boman Co which had shown extremely hostile demeanor over the last year and had enforced many questionable laws in nearby systems. Their open support for other corporations to acquire "reparations" in mostly questionable legal ways of the former union surely played a part in this sudden retaliation as well, especially inside Muthnir and Otohime proper.

"The Boman Co has exploited many people, but never have we seen more greed from them than the entire last year. It is time for a second revolution, and this time it won't stop at Edensu."

In light of its many enemies, many analysts fear that the goldrush in the region is over and that the once glorious Boman Co is about to collapse in its entirety to go the way of the once great Selkadiae Ltd. All good times come to an end.

Kureserians: The Question of NDOs
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 20.01.3305)

After the Sokaram Wars have been concluded, further analysis of the situation has led many to believe the original source of the pirate cartells rise to power has been the new frequency and easy access to NDOs (Non-Documented Orbitals). These artificial and cheap stations lack any type of official registration with the pilot federation and operate entirely outside of any jurisdiction. While many factions employed secret installations before, especially military shipyards, the huge drop in price and low barrier of acquisition has led to many new pirate bases spawning all over known human space. If they weren't outright acquired under false pretense, these mobile installations have been taken over by pirates shortly after their deployment through careless business men and seldom legal private person. Most of these were always intended to become smuggling dens or casinos to circumvent local law enforcement.

"With the short-sighted idea of major corporations to mass produce cheap modular bases, the option to acquire your own station is a terrible idea. Every station needs to be tracked down and held accountable under local law. Right now every warlord could acquire one and hide right under your nose in an asteroid belt!" - Principal Cesar Snider

Indeed this danger has shown its ugly side and many militias and people have risen to the occasion to crack down on them. The law is being called upon to enforce rules on NDOs. Among the forefront is the United Freelancer Flotilla that has made their headquarter in Kureserians. The equalitarian militia has gone to war with the remnants of the local pirates to drive them out of the illegal broadcasting station they recently captured as their base.
Other neighbors, like Auso, were the first to crack down on local pirate installations, leading to the takeover of the Grand Willow Estate by the former ruler of the region, the Labour Union of Auso. Reports say they also intend to use these NDOs to lead a new revolution against the local corporation that had been reinstated under support of the Boman Co in a major imperial punishment expedition.

"Thanks to the new strides in technology, the formerly mobile and well hidden installations can be tracked down with the easily accessible FSS scanners. Now that the scum can't hide from us anymore, it is time to eradicate this new wave of piracy before it can fester again." - Speaker Robyn Hudson

Other systems have chimed in as well, also launching programs to eradicate mobile pirate bases from their systems and the APF of the Imperial Federation has confirmed its support in any dark space operation inside those systems. While not all governments see the possesion of inofficial stations as unlawful, all of them agree that none should be any base of piracy or illegal activity.

It seems the wild west mentality regarding NDO construction is about to be over. If they want or not, technology has forced them back into the light and under the governments watchful eyes.
Kureserians: End of Local Piracy Leads to Political Crossroad
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 23.01.3305)

It was the night after the pirates last small fighters fled the scene in Kureserians. Amidst the wreckage of the former raiders' cold-charred metal husks and salvage crews, a government ship found itself escorted by the UFF and its own honor guard towards the GSC station. Lady Walker, Aide and representative of the Kureserian Liberals had decided to personally congratulate the militia for their service to the people and their effective strike to finally put an end to the nearly three year long war that had engulfed the region; a war first for freedom against imperial tradionalists and the Federation of Sol alike, then against the Chaos Syndicate and finally against the remaining corrupt elements inside their own midst.
Speaker Jaya Jimenez of the United Freelancer Flotilla was quick to great her peer and addressed her as such. As the hours went on and the tongues of the local soldiers and politicians loosened, the flotilla openly declared their intention to become a political party inside of Kureserians. With the state of emergency now scheduled to end by the month, elections should be held to determine the future of Kureserians and the former militia declared its intent to candidate as an alternative to the current government. With the massive success of the liberals in recent month since the retreat of Auso from its protectorate, the situation had slowly soured. The new policies of the government seemed a bit too liberal for some people and the former militia considers itself socialist and equalitarian in both civic as in military duty. With no proper opposition to run against the young inherent democracy, the flotilla will now fill the gap and offer a true alternative without admission to Auso. The celebration came to an end shortly after, even though some of the liberals politicians decided to stay a while longer and celebrate. The leading circle of the liberals and Lady Honor Walker left the scene.

„This is absurd! The United Freelancer Flotilla is not a political party, it is an army with political ambitions. If we let the military back into politics it will be the patronage all over again. I don't care if they follow some equalitarian ideal! The people that work for their luck, deserve it most. I didn't build my company to give part of it away to charity. They are thieves and their plan is theft. Out with them I say. Pay them, by merit, but out. Thanks for your work! Now insult someone else with your megalomania.“ - A caring citizen (name left annonymous by request)

„The wars were hard for all of us. But once the local emergency employment around Lambert ended I had to cancel my rent and move back into my old Adder. Living out of the cargo bay feels terrible. Times were better under Auso. I would give the UFF a chance.“ - A troubled transport captain (name left annonymous by request)

Synuefe: The Fall of Boman Co, a chance for Wurun Legal?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 24.01.3305)

At this point all signs have aligned for a swift end of the Boman Co mining empire in the outer rim of Synuefe. But inside all the chaos surrounding the so-called 'Second Wind Movement' that sweeps over the local cluster and calls for democracy and a future as a new imperial colony and terraforming hub, the Wurun Legal has stepped in to save the assets of Boman that still can be salvaged. Vice President Sonny Norris of the Wurun Legal Commodities has put in a pledge for the mining rights of Khemaraui and its surrounding systems, openly attacking the reassumed authority of the Union of Otohime of the Imperial Federation.

„There is profit for all of us, and we personally don't mind if the Union controls the workers homes in the nearby planetary colonies and demands fair wages. Where there is profit, there is Wurun Legal Commodities. I am sure we can find a deal that suits all parties involved.“ Sheldon Pierce, contractor of Wurun.

In an aggressive attempt to acquire local shares, Wurun once again tries to gain access to new markets and expand while taking over the reigns in Khemaraui. For many the offer of Wurun appears to be a trojan horse, as the former Boman Co also came with lush promises and terrible results. For now the region awaits the Unions response to the sudden expansion of Wurun Legal. Boman Co meanwhile is not amused about its competitors 'methods' in acquiring their former guaranteed rights as given to Vice President Fernando McDowell of Boman Co.

„Even if Lady Torval has suffered minor setbacks recently, we believe a strong corporate base is the future of the empire. Only then can we support her imperial majesty with the resources she desires. This infighting is a disgusting attack on our granted authority over the region. We would gladly share the wealth with Wurun Legal in a fair competitive market. But we first need to remove this disgusting revolutionary ideal in the region. Revolution is the first step to sedition.“

When asked about the reactionaries and traditionalists support for the recently defeated Nova Imperium, a group that strongly aligns with Lady Torvals ideals, no further comment was given.

Muthnir: General Crosby Returns the System to Order
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 25.01.3305)

Barely a week after the sudden attack of a pirate invasion that led to the capture and hostage of Takahashi's Pride, the brilliant General Derek Crosby lifted the siege and returned the system to order, killing many insurgents in the process. While the station has suffered many damages, mostly from looting by the insurgents, he promised a swift return to normalcy and the procurement of fresh goods to support their newfound freedom from nearby systems.

„It is a shame that the pirates have returned, now that Boman's firm grip has left the region. But we thank the Imperial Federation for their swift aid in pacifying the situation. Surely we can work together like we did before Boman came here to support the Gold Allied Partners.“

It is unclear if the General meant to assume the rule of the system himself as an ally to Otohime or if he wishes for its readmission to the democratic sphere of Otohime. For now the Imperial Federation fleet has left the system again to help in other pirate conflicts all around the local regions and the people of Muthnir are once more able to live in safety and peace.

Achenar: Nova Imperium Trial, Collective Punishment or Massacre?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 26.01.3305)

A day, an hour, a few minutes. Many had wild speculations how long the trial of the false kingmaker Kaeso Mordanticus would take. Mostly due to the question if this would be a quick show of force and execution by the imperial guard and the reigning Empress for high treason or if the senate would conduct a glorious mock trial of a peacock too proud to surrender its ambition. For the first moments, most went as expected. Even when Senator Denton Patreus personally executed the traitor under the eyes of the senate and the guards with his sidearm, no one was really surprised or alarmed. A quick show of force and guilt beyond a doubt.
It was the sheer disregard of the senate and its neutrality that finally broke the illusion that this was to be a common trial, military or not. Based on reports of the surviving senators, the imperial guard went on to not only execute the openly treacherous senators Pal Vespasian and Eloise Winterstone, but also several other senators allegedly aligned with the Nova Imperium. There was no trial and no further show of proof, just blood and a massacre that might forever shake the relationship between the royal family and the imperial senate. There was no consideration for actual conduct of treason beyond sympathy and there was no regard to political immunity inside the sacred halls.
It is yet unclear how many and who exactly is among the victims of this blatant act of tyranny and anti-democratic conduct inside the senate and holy center of our empire. However, there is little doubt that most if not all victims are among the reactionaries and traditionalists of the empire, further weakening the position of the old guard and isolationists like Lady Zemina Torval who had suffered major setbacks to her plans with the immense disdain for the traditionalists after the start of the insurrection of the kingmaker.
This move will undoubtedly further Senator Denton Patreus position inside the Empire and appears as a further step towards centralization of the imperial administration towards the Empress and the military. The feudals and traditionalists inside this structure might not take this as calm as expected as they stand to lose. The more dangerous interpretation of this day is an open hostility towards the rights and liberties of the senate and its senators. A truly dangerous game to play as the industry and fleet is far from centralized yet.

„This is an outrage! A disaster! Guilty or not, this has happened outside of any jurisdiction! I damn well hope our dear Senator Patreus has his fleets ready to move out again right now, or better already on the jump towards these senator's home systems. Because if the families and friends of the senators hold the slightest grudge against this idiotic act of tyranny, then the Nova Imperium rebellion was the least of her imperial majesty's worries. They might unite their fleets to strike back as we speak! They will not wait for their deaths!
There is a time and place for everything, people say, but this was uncalled for. She had won. All she needed to do was offer a branch for the disgruntled old guard to come back and move on. Now, instead of peace the senator has helped to create more bad blood, or worse a civil war. The regional administrations will continue to oppose her under the pre-groomed successors and all gods be with us, not all will take this lying low. She openly threatened every potential enemy of her empire with death... (visibly shaken). She backed them into a corner... It is now do or die. I fear our Empress has given us a hydra to content with. If she was afraid for a claimant to her throne, let her see if she is pleased with all the hyenas fearing for their hide. She did kill one head of the rebellion. An ugly and disgusting head I would personally have smashed in for her. But now she has created at least eight more.
Pray for the Empire, my brothers and sisters. For today we might have seen the last splendor of a dying age. The empire has changed today, in a way we can only hope for the better in the end. War is coming, be it with the Thargoids or our brethren. This is now our fate and we will have to weather it all. And we will prevail! Our people will prevail! Again! The methods that were used by her imperial highness can never be condoned, even if they hit our own enemies. This act can never be forgiven and should never be forgotten. For one day, this act of tyranny might target none other than ourselves if we condone it. Never again!“ - Federal President Alberto Dervishi, returning from Achenar

Federal President Alberto Dervishi was visibly shaken as he returned to his chambers. Later the day an emergency meeting of the Imperial Federal Parliament is rescheduled to discuss the systems' stance towards the now potential future major civil war between the liberal parts of the Empire, the royalists and the remaining reactionaries and traditionalists. If it would come to the worst case scenario, the protection and security of the capital ships in Papako and Anotchi had to be the primary directive of the Imperial Federation. Neither side should use them in any war against any imperial citizen. Tucanae and Synuefe has seen enough bloodshed for a lifetime. But more might be yet to come.
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HIP 1419: Former Pirate Base "New Pony" Seized
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 26.01.3305)

In line with the recent disdain for NDOs, the Imperial Federation has conducted a major census among their own systems. One of the stations unaccounted with the Pilots Federation was "New Pony", a so-called civic installation with focus on entertainment and basic housing. In truth it was a smuggling den and pirate base for the local syndicate that had taken control of the installation from the get go. After its alliance with the Sokaram outlaw uprising, the syndicate has become a common enemy and this mobile base of operations was too risky to leave alone. In a short but decisive campaign, the democratic front of HIP 1419 surrounded the installation and took control of it after a fast and decisive operation. Due to its basic and lackluster schematic, sabotaging and ultimately seizing the installation was no problem for the experienced squadron.

Vice-Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster thanked the brave commanders for their aid in this swift operation and agreed to the proposal to keep the former NDO operational. It would become a proper housing complex, offering cheap and reliable living space to the miners and workers of HIP 1419 and would be monitored by the socialist party of HIP 1419. The station would need some time to be reworked to be up to imperial federal standards, but in due time it would become a boon to the system instead.

Meanwhile the Lichfield Centre in HIP 1536 still remains at large. The famous pirate base of the local outlaws has once again escaped during a battle with the local militia. It is yet unclear how this NDO is able to constantly change position despite its massive size.

"I have never seen such an installation. It acts like a megaship, but with engines that would make a racing eagle blush." - A confused militia men.

Actual scientists of the nearby services believe that the station conducts a series of micro-jumps, by getting in and out of supercruise. This extremely risky maneuver seems to have been adopted into a rather standard guerillia procedure. It would be dangerous if this idea of evasion was to spread.
Indeed the installation appears to move at 30km/s in subspace, a ridiculous speed that makes it impossible to capture it in battle. Any attempts to seize their mobile base in open conflict were fruitless. While the chase is still going on, this stalemate also offers little chance for the outlaws to regroup as they are constantly on the run.

Imperial Federation: Unilateral Disarmament Declared Mandatory
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 27.01.3305)

In light of the recent astounding success of Senator Denton Patreus to pacify the situation with his secret police after the violent and cowardly 'trial' in Achenar, the Imperial Federation has declared the "Unilateral Militia Disarmament Act". While the members of the local parliament and their Client and President Alberto Dervishi still demand that all dead senators be proven guilty posthum at a later date, this final proof would remove all of their consideration to act defensively towards the Emperor. While hasty, the whole situation might still be justified. With the systems occupied by the imperial navy and the clients and patrons below the traitorous senators detained, an imminent civil war might have been prevented.

In his address to the seated members after the long nights beforehand, Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers found a common ideal among them.

"Sometimes dire times need dire solutions. And unlike blind idealists our own history has taught us that sometimes the result does indeed justify the measures taken to accomplish them. However, we still demand that the Empire returns to a lawful and reliable conduct past these recent grievances. It is time to move on! Only then can be assured that all imperial subjects feel safe and united against our common threats outside of our own sphere and the outlaws and vile subjects within. Thusly, we have come together to declare the disarmament of the old and now abandoned feudal system of the Empire in support of Senator Denton Patreus and Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Alissa-Lavigny Duval.
The only groups henceforth allowed to carry arms and hold sway over production facilities of military grade ships are to be the imperial patrons and the elected people of the systems themselves. We hereby call upon all Dictatorships and Militias in Tucanae and Synuefe to lay down their weapons and hand over these facilities to the respective imperial clients or their people. Otherwise we might be relegated to enforce a more peaceful conduct upon those systems in a less civil manner. Any Militia that decides not to follow the disarmament and deny their allegiance to the new United Imperial Navy in this region will henceforth be seen as an imperial traitor. The only exclusion to this law are militias that have been tasked by their local people to protect them in times of crisis, foremost the Nationals of Shorodo in their fight against the Chaos Syndicate.
Nevermore shall a reactionary rebellion risk the Empires unity and stability. There is only one Empire, and it has become more progressive and inclusive. It is time to welcome this new age and to support the ideals of our dear Princess Aisling Duval. We once more invite the old guard to join us and find their new place inside the Empire, or we will see them out the airlock. Even appeasement will know its limitations."

Shamaphan: Another Dictatorship Fallen!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 27.01.3305)

The ongoing Second Wind Movement in Tucanae and Synuefe gains more momentum as the squadron of Resolve under Commander Konnivar has taken on the dictatorship of Shamaphan. As one of the first to strike out against the Angardh autocracies, Resolve has begun to dismantle the chokehold of the warlords in the region. For the first time in decades the people of Shamaphan will be able to elect their own government and to decide their own fate.
In light of the recent 'Unilateral Disarmament Act', the Imperial Federation send its regards to the brave pilots of Resolve in their fight for liberty and freedom in the local cluster. This marks another heavy blow to Lady Zemina Torval's influence in the region and continues the downfall of her associates after the current decline of the Boman Co.

Auso: Crimson Co Accepts Ultimatum!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 28.01.3305)

The imperial punishment expedition under the old guard had hit the Socialist Union of Auso hard last year. With Lady Torval now out of the picture, they launched their reconquest of the system from the shadows. First they used their hidden military base from their hayday to retake control of the food supply in the system, the agriculture installation of the "Grand Willow Estate". The Grand Willow Estate had been run by the local mob, which once again flourished under the Crimson Co that decided to share the system's spoils with their former allies. It didn't take long to right this injustice. The freed slave laborers inside the estate joined up with the socialist union, now bolstering its forces. Shortly afterwards the socialist union put forth an ultimatum to the Crimson Co to surrender Vess Station which was met with instant acceptance. Due to the full control of the local food supply, public support and no reinforcements from the syndicate, Boman Co or Lady Torval, the corporation saw its second decline after its short resurgence.

"The people of Auso are free once more! And while the despicable acts of the Crimson Co have once again shown their will to gain profit at any cost, foremost slave labor under an allied syndicate, we will remember their peaceful abdication and will see their guilt lessened in future trials."

It seems likely this guilt is to be paid with the complete surrender of their recently gained assets in form of Thorne City and would effectively force the Crimson Co into bankruptcy, making the Socialist Union the only power in the system once more.

Frontline News: Boman Co's Lower Sphere Collapses
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 29.01.3305)

What has long been speculated has finally become reality. With the reclamation of the last major station of Negri by the coalition of the Imperial Federation and the local Patronage, the corporation of Boman Co has lost its last major base in the lower region. Further complicated by the recent news about Wuruns acquisition of Khemaraui mining rights, this destroys the last remaining hope for an upturn on the situation. Finally news broke that the Edensu Cooperative under Progenitor Merida Carr has finally retaken their home system after their brutal exile in the Khemaraui colonies under protection by the Otohime Union. With Graham Camp secured, a future reclamation of their home from the invasive corporation is finally at hand. Boman Co might never truly recover from this blow.

Meanwhile the 'Hastati Astral Liberation Party' and the 'Dark Dragon Triad' republic are still fighting for the final revolution for freedom in the heart of the Boman Co sphere. It is unclear if the victory of the democratic forces in the lower sphere of Boman Co will see their frontlines weaken or tighten up in the face of a now more desperate enemy. The Imperial Federation has declared to send aid and push the front further, true to Speaker Aubrie Mayr's promise of retaliation:

"...and this time it won't stop at Edensu."
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Sotiate: Open Skies! Pirate Clans Routed.
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 30.01.3305)

Despite the last petty attempts of the local pirate clan to blackmail and disrupt trade aboard the Nagata Mines the local corporation has struck back with the help of the APF to secure the system once and for all. Arissa Wilkinson, a local patron of the Sotiate Empire Party, offered her sincere gratitude for the support. Due to their friendly relations and alliance with the Sokaram Empire Party, their main fleet was distracted and couldn't quickly come to the aid of the hassled corporation.
The joint operation of the two patronages in the Sokaram cluster is indeed on the way towards A1 as current retaliation strikes on the last pirate base of Lee's Legacy are under way. Standing in for the still weakened SEP, the Sotiate patronage has taken it upon itself to rid Sokaram of the last scum on A1-A3. While the wars for air supremacy have been won, the last stand of the local outlaws is on the ground and may take a while longer. Without any supplies to come through, their defeat however seems very likely. It is more a question of time and not a question of result.

Caspiat: General Randall's Legacy
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 01.02.3305)

For a long time the Caspiat League has guarded the border of Imperial space against the incursion of pirates and other ill-fated scum of the universe. A mandate he followed with pride and honor. Under his rule corporations blossomed inside the system and no one questioned his orders. One could even say his legacy was one of merit and admiration in line with Senator Patreus.
Following the events of the Chaos War and the total destruction of local structures of piracy and anarchy as well as the recivilization of the Imperial border, his mandate has weakened. Once a hero of the Chaos War that held the line of their expansion, the war-hero has become a liability.
The formerly pure feudal and corporate system has begun to change. The popular support that helped stem the tides in former wars are now demanding a full representation. And since systems like Kureserians have officially ended the martial law, people look to General Randall to follow suit. In the face of a united democratic front outside and inside his former fiefdom, this call has become impossible to ignore and both Resolve and the Imperial Federation have made clear that they demand a full and unconditional surrender of power to the people of the system. If this change would come swift and without any major resistance of the former militia, General Randall could indeed become a legendary figure revered by future generations inside the military and the public alike. His future memory is only for him to decide.

HIP 14521: The Union of Otohime Declares a New Front!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 02.02.3305)

The Boman Co corporation had barely been humbled in Lower Synuefe as the Socialist Union of Otohime declared the extension of the frontline into the heartlands of Boman Co itself. The strategic waypoint and bridgehead for further incursions and liberation of the central sphere would be HIP 14521.
While not directly under Boman Co control, their competitor and the local feudal society had exploited the system of HIP 14521 longer than many could remember. In accordance with the disarmament act and the general fight for freedom in the Second Wind Movement, the union has officially gone to war with the nobles and delivered an ultimatum. The planetary colony had to be liberated and put under their protection and democratic accord to guarantee proper rights and salary for all workers by the end of the week. If these demands weren't met, the Union declared, they would be willing to fight for the peoples freedom until the last nobles is dead.
News of this incursion has sparked panic among the shareholders of the Singa Blue Central Interstellar. Despite recent losses in the cluster, HIP 14521 was a stable stream of revenue, and the losses for proper salaries would doubtlessly lead to further concessions or permanent loss of all public power for the corporation within the system. As Singa is barely able to measure up to Boman Co, the value of their corporation took an immediate hit. No one believes in their success against overwhelming odds and no one believes in an amicable solution between the Socialist Union and the corporation, at least none which involves lasting public rights of administration and special laws in its favor. For now the amount of mining ships has increased to procure as many ores as possible to throw them into the hungry forges of war that engulf the region. If this revenue should be lost, one last goldrush might be in sight for the remnants of February.
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Kureserians: First Polls Favor the Liberals!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 04.02.3305)

Despite the UFF's attempt to appear like a normal socialist party, many people have joined the Liberals position and it seems the people will prefer the devil they know over the former militia they don't. While the UFF will always be remembered for their valor in the recent pirate skirmishes, it didn't sway anyone in their favor once the danger left the people's mind. Many look onwards, towards prosperity.
Not all reforms of the liberal party have led to prosperity among the entire community of Kureserians, yet most people are happy or at least satisfied with their success. There is no doubt that the UFF will join the local parties of Kureserians for the forseeable future in parliament, but they will not be part of the government. The forseeable victor of the election, the Liberal party, has drastically different ideals than the equalitarian party.
In light of a recent scandal surrounding some escapades of a minor official, the UFF had a short resurge in the polls in the second week, but due to decisive actions by the leadership among the Liberals to replace them, this event has left little influence in the poll and disappeared barely three days later. At this point it is expected to be a clear victory for the Liberals. Unless the sun dies, Kureserians will remain liberal.

Negri: Funds Misappropiated! LSO secretly supports Boman Co.
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 06.02.3305)

Shortly after their return to power, the Socialist Union of Otohime had ensured the LSO that all their assets and livelihood acquired under imperial mandate during Boman Co's local reign were save from any persecution. To further this good will, several transactions were done to ensure local projects were handled by the Lemon Slice Organisation to expand and support life on Celebi (Negri 3a). While the local conservatives protested this step, as most of the assets lost were once their domain until Boman Co. allowed them to be seized, Otohime did win an open referendum.
Barely two weeks after the settlement between the LSO and the Socialist Union, reports from around the cluster had uncovered a group of pilots operating under the guise of merchants in the vicinity to acquire funds and resources for the Boman Co. war effort. Led by the "Energetic Walrus", a Krait Mark II, this group has been tracked back to the LSO.
Faced with this open deceit and breach of trust, the Socialist Union of Otohime inquired a statement from the CEO of LSO, but didn't get an answer. He hastily left Sukhoi aboard his Federal Corvette, the "Atonement". Instead operations under Senior Executive Emmy Atkinson have increased and the LSO has dropped all pretense to operate within a fair conduct or the law. Now their wings openly smuggle goods for Boman Co among their regular cargo, turning Negri into a mess of checkpoints and careful cat and mouse games between the law and the renegade corporation.

"This is a clear breach of contract between the Lemon Slice Organisation and the Union of Otohime. In light of this transgression, all public projects associated with them have been terminated and financial support has been cut. We will allow the conservatives and the local corporations to pursue old claims again. Due to their regretful decision, we must evaluate all of them carefully. Who knows what other corpses lie within their vault. At this point anything is possible."

With Boman Co using the new gained assets for a last grand stand in Negri as their sphere around them crumbles, onlookers wonder what position the Union will take in this conflict. For now Boman Co seems intent on fighting the local police under the Negri Patronage and tries to take back the station of Ilyushin from which the patronage fleet operates. The patronage seems assured to hold the line and to enforce their imperial mandate over the invaders of Boman Co. Time will tell if the former great patronage can finally stand up to Boman Co face to face again.

Caspiat: The Question of Mandel
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 07.02.3305)

As the war hero General Randall made way for the democratic change in Caspiat, many onlookers remained sceptical. With McKee Orbital finally in the hand of the Values Party of Caspiat, the current elected government of the system, it remains unclear if the militia would be willing to part with the remainder of its local possesions. The Mandel Observatory on Mandel (Caspiat B6) is a known military facility in the depth of Caspiat and as long as the militia still had sway over this powerful asset and its huge hangar facilities with its many weapons, many people wonder if the militia might conduct a coup when the time is right or other parties less aligned with their ideals step up to rule the system in future elections.
Of course for many this is a pessimistic scenarion. Nonetheless decided the Values Party of Caspiat to enter into negotiations with the former dictatorship over the future of Mandel. Going by first informations leaked from the hidden negotiations, the militia might indeed fully disarm outside of a general police force inside the system. With careful optimism among the populace of Caspiat, the people avoid the coming weeks. Caspiat is free, and we thank our grand protector General Randall for his lifelong services.

Negri: Terra Mater Sides With LSO and Boman Co.
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 08.02.3305)

Known for its legacy inside of Utopian space, the Brotherhood of Terra Mater always referred to itself as a true beacon of anarchy and a symbol of empathy and voluntary actions. This was an attempt to rise above the common perception of other anarchies that operated on the might makes right attitude and egoistic impulses. On this day the Brotherhood of Terra Mater joined the LSO and by extension Boman Co. in their desperate fight for survival as their own efforts began to wane against the might of the Negri Patronage.
Unlike the mostly honorable fleets and armies of Boman Co. that follow the galactic conduct of war, the famous "Fortress of Lies", the flagship and leader of the Brotherhood, has already begun to attack civil installations in the region in an attempt to sow chaos and to help ease the pressure on the LSO and Boman Co. All of these "civil" operations were conducted by small insurgent groups, delivered in dropships at gunpoint. As weak soldiers and labor, Terra Mater dropped Imperial Slaves to fight for the cause of the LSO.
While Governor Alyssa Ellison was surprised by the sudden onslaught of the group, the local authorities remain calm and follow any information about human trafficking, weapon smuggling and murder. These obvious distractions will not prevent the ongoing investigation of the Lemon Slice Organisation as extra resources will be requested to deal with the problems of these isolated and involuntary suicide soldiers.

"Minor acts of terrorism and fearmongering are nothing new in the region. Papako endured them long before during the Chaos War and these actions ultimately serve little purpose in our lasting unity. As always we stand tall in the face of such atrocities and stay firm against these dishonorable acts. When the last sun has set upon the systems of Tucanae and Synuefe, it won't be them that remain. We will not yield to terrorism or their employers. And accordingly we will punish them for each and every transgression their entourage has cost the people of the region." - Secretary Abbigail Conrad, Socialist Union of Otohime

The motives for Terra Mater's involvement are unclear at this point.

Frontline News: Edensu Leads the Way to Freedom!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 09.02.3305)

Progenitor Merida Carr had already won admiration from her peers, as she openly defied and dismantled the supremacy of the Boman Co. in her homeland. With the second colony of Khemaraui and the entire airspace of Edensu now purged from Boman Co. influence, the cooperative sets sight on Khemaraui itself. It is time to return the favor and take back the freedom of the people of the cluster once and for all. Edensu requested support in its preparation to expand its operation towards Khemaraui as the recent battles have left it with little resources to expand its own frontline.
Nonetheless, the Second Wind Movement continues to gain traction in Synuefe and might soon reach the heart of the Boman sphere, where the Dark Dragon Triad and Khakya stand firm against the aggressions of their former exploitative overlord. For Freedom, Liberty and Democracy!
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Otohime: Federal President Alberto Dervishi Escapes Attack
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 10.02.3305)

As the insurgent troops scattered around the region are apprehended one by one, the headquarter of the Otohime Patronage and Federal President Alberto Dervishi in Poncelet was attacked. First reports of apprehended and secured outlaws indicate that the local group of insurgents had been financed by the LSO to conduct the raid while the police forces of the Otohime Union and the local authorities were busy dealing with the remaining suicide soldiers deployed by Terra Mater.
Further reports on site mentioned the insurgents unfocused and rabid manner, openly conducting air raids and shooting in the streets. All of this showed a rather hasty approach to this sudden attack without careful planning. All assets of the Otohime Patronage were secured by emergency protocols while the air raids continue. As of this moment, all local police forces return to engage the enemy and to disperse the cowardly attempt on the lives of the local imperial patrons.

Negri: Gone With the Wind
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 11.02.3305)

After the hasty deployment of the Terra Mater Brotherhood, the freelance group has vanished overnight. As the Boman Co. corporation successfully routed the small fleet of the Negri Patronage and retook its local headquarter in Ilyushin with their help, the Brotherhood had decided to end their current affiliations with the corporation.
A fleeting comment towards the investigative reporter Kumala Elm shed a light on the nature of their involvement. Based on his source, the Brotherhood was called in for an old favor the Boman Co. corporation had done for them. It is unclear which nature this old exchange followed, but after their deed was done, the Brotherhood left the system. Outside of this favor, there seems to be no lasting attachment towards the fallen giant.
Secretary Abbigail Conrad confirmed that all damages and charges are pressed towards the Boman Co. mostly on the basis of warcrimes and misconduct of the Imperial Code of honor in regards to the conduction of interstellar warfare. The use of Imperial Slaves as suicide soldiers marks a grave disregard for their social contract and will not be tolerated. The LSO will be charged as Co-Conspirator for these warcrimes as well. It is unlikely any charges can be levied during the ongoing war. Despite all of this Federal President Alberto Dervishi confirmed his intent to report to his senator to gain the support of the Imperial Senate on this matter.

HIP 10137: A New Seat of Power?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 12.02.3305)

Federal President Alberto Dervishi announced his plans to migrate the offices of the Otohime Patronage and the seat of power for the imperial client to the colony of HIP 10137. As he still recovers from the shock of the last days, this announcement was delivered to the people in writing and approved by his secretary.
He further proposed a renewed construction and deployment of a presidential fleet to accompany the Enrico, a special imperial command to suppress insurgents and dangerous forces in Synuefe. As the official client to the Empire for the Imperial Federation, this new mandate would also allow our people to more easily press their claims in the face of the Imperial Senate with the open display of order and stability under a firm and legitimate claimant to prevent another overwrite of authority by the senate like the one under the Boman Co.
This proposal has led to a heated debatte and the question how much authority inside the Federal Presidential seat would threaten the nature of the democratic body of the Imperial Federation. As this mostly concerned the direct future of the Otohime cluster, Federal Chancellor Hank Summers declared a regional vote on the matter.

"I think it would be very incensitive if our far greater population would be allowed to decide the fate of our sister republic back in Otohime. But as this is also an Imperial Federal resolution, we can not ignore their voices. It is Papako's and my fervent belief, that distant people should never decide matters of local precedence. As such the matter of the new separation of power will be chosen by representation. One system, one voice. This puts the Federal Union and the Socialist Union on near equal terms."

Elections will open by tomorrow and continue for about a week. Everyone is called on to log into their Imperial Federal Galnet and present their citizen ID to join the referendum. Remember to join the political discourse with your peers at any time as your vote will remain open and subject to change until the day before the referendum ends. Democracy lives by participation!

Frontline News: HIP 15886 Declares Independance!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 13.02.3305)

Despite the short term success of the Boman Co in Negri, the socialist party of HIP 15886 has successfully rallied the local populace inside of the system to go to arms and fight for their freedom. Despite their initially peaceful protest of space truckers blocking the station, the short violent defense of Boman Co in light of their recent victory had caused an even more violent counter-reaction. After initial loses by the non-intimidated freedom fighters in their retaliationary raids on the long and difficult resupply lines of the local Boman Co. security force, the remaining defenders gave up. With the entire populace turned against them, the local infrastructure made it impossible to hold the line.
The Socialist Union of HIP 15886 has declared its independant administration inside Imperial space as of the 13.02.3305 and will attempt peaceful negotiations with Boman Co. to retreat the premises, fully prepared to go to a lenghty war to enforce their demands. Business is closed.

Otohime: After the Pacification, a Rebuttal to Alberto Dervishi?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 14.02.3305)

With the end of the initial air raids and following battles between the local police forces and the outlaws on the payroll of the LSO, the situation has begun to calm down. While Federal President Alberto Dervishi still wants to go forward with his plans to establish a new Patronage fleet beyond his flagship Enrico and to move the headquarter to one of Otohime's remote colonies, the members of the socialist party have called on the patronage to reevaluate the situation in light of the recent success. Indeed popular support for the presidents heartfelt project has waned and resistance to the idea of an independant patronage navy have returned. Faith in local law enforcement has been restored.

Do you want to know more? Yes

The terrorist incident originated from the Lemon Slice Organisation and the Union is currently in support of any civil and criminal charges levied against the renegade corporation in the nearby system of Negri.

"As of this moment, a trial is taking place to determine the LSO's involvement in fraud towards the Negri Organisation and several more charges of illegal exappropiation by the Negri Worker's Party have already been declared. Outside of these civil lawsuits any comment on criminal charges will be presented when the full scope of their involvement around the Negri Cluster has been appraised. The Union will not accept any adjudgement of guilt before a proper persecution has been concluded. We will stand by the law." - Attorney Miriam Harlow

Currently the main charges of fraud by the Negri Organisation are seen as valid and hard to disproof, leading to many expecting an imminent conviction later this week with a transfer of funds to the Negri Organisation.
Caspiat: Militia Requested to Become Police Force
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 15.02.3305)

As of this moment, all non-corporate centers of Mandel and the last local headquarter of the milita have been formally relinquished to the democratic institutions inside of Caspiat. With the handover of the main military forge of Mandel, the era of the great fleet is over and the legacy of General Randall is secured. In an honorable display the entire militia was willing to disband and demonstrated its peaceful intentions in a last grand maneuver above the station to honor its glory days in conflicts past.
Several high ranking members of the new government have declared their intent to request General Randall and his peers to stay in power and join the official police forces inside of Caspiat. While civilization has returned to this wild area of space, piracy still looms and crime will always be a threat. Many would be happy if the honorable pilots would join them in the fight for continued freedom and prosperity in the light of a shaken and Thargoid beset galaxy.

Negri: Lemon Slice Organisation Implicated – Resolve Declares War
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 16.02.3305)

With no way to disprove the charges levied against it, the Lemon Slice Organisation has lost its commercial rights for local interstellar trade. While its assets on Celebi remain unchallenged for now, the ruthless corporation was fund guilty and all its commercial contracts were henceforth transcribed onto the Negri Corporation which will continue the successful business of the Johri Port installation.
Despite this legal process following each and every conduct, the supposedly pro-democratic group called „Resolve“ has contested this judicial result, putting forth the Socialist Republic of Otohime as a criminal agent in the region. In light of these false and unbased claims, the secretary of the union addressed critics.

„No one is above the law and the Lemon Slice Organisation has wronged the local democrats under the mandate of Boman Co., it has hurt the local corporations rooted here since time immemorial and it has openly funded Boman Co.'s mercenary forces as a repayment for old favors. LSO has openly supplied their fleets with weapons and send imperial slaves to die as suicide soldiers! Any proceedings done in court and under Imperial Law are the mildest form of prosecution possible. Any attempt to discredit the separation of power and legitimate democratic structure of this process is solely based on Resolve's own financial structure. There are several accounts that directly link the private fleet of Resolve to the Lemon Slice Organisation. If their loyalty to their ideals end at their own credit purse, they are just the bloodhounds of Lady Torval. No group that supports democratic change on paper, but challenges it the moment it comes to bite their benefactor is a true democrat. Democrats stand aside when the populace elects another party. And true democrats fight for the right of the other to follow their own dreams. Resolve, you have killed your fellow democrats, and you are being held accountable for each of them.“

Many Resolve members are openly declaring their allegiance to the CEO of LSO and it seems a new wave of terrorism is forming among the skies, as the supposedly honorable group has been seen conducting first sabotage actions on civil installations in the region. With every democratic citizen dead at the hands of Resolve, their false legacy of Robin Hood falters and many onlookers believe their entire operation on the surface was nothing more than a mask for their true pro-corporate intent to weaken those that wronged Lady Torval in the sphere of influence of Her Imperial Princess Aisling Duval. While their glorious leader has not yet given a response, his deputies and marshalls have openly joined the corporation. For now it remains to be seen if this is merely a divide among the group or the end of a masquerade.

Forsina: Anti-Piracy Fleet challenges Cartel
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 16.02.3305)

In a joint effort, the three parties of the Anti-Piracy Fleet of the Imperial Federation, Forsina Crimson Transport Group and the Workers of Forsina Citizen Party have liberated the moon of Bloch (A2 E). Bloch is known as the gate to Forsina and home to the mighty military defense platform, the properly named „Very Bastion“.
While the APF held of the cartel fleet, the corporation that funded the operation took charge of the installation as several supply transports towards the cartel were disguised and instead carried armed soldiers. With the cartel in disarray, the entire planet was secured in less than a week, marking a breach in the eternal rule of the cartel inside of Forsina.
Officially the Boman Co holds sway in Forsina, but it is an open secret that they have a deal with the cartel. They shielded them from persecution while the cartel allowed Boman Co to run the profitable trade with the Empire for them. The Anti-Piracy Fleet has decided to call the corrupt corporation out on this. Despite the recent conflicts in Otohime, the Anti-Piracy Fleet has decided to keep their focus on Boman Co, who openly acts as a surrogate for criminal activity in the Empire and is seen as an outlaw by association.

„Our first and foremost mission is to remove corruption and crime inside of the sphere of Her Highness, Princess Aisling Duval. While Resolve's actions are to be punished at a later date, these people are suffering now and every day. We will not stop until the cartel has been fully dismantled and the people are free to elect their own fate.“ - Admiral Vivien Gemai

Similar operations have begun in Angardh, as Resolve has fully abolished its operation to liberate the cluster from its autocratic legacy. To halt the democratic rise inside of Angardh, the militia has allowed the local government installation and parliament to be taken by the outlaws of Angardh. Any calls on them to hand it back fell on deaf ears. The APF has declared their intent to cut the outlaws funding by assaulting their NDO and industrial center in the depths of the system to then bring them down in a final siege for the future parliament of Angardh. Any resistance or interference of the Angardh autocracy would be countered with immediate guilt by association and their inaction to help the local democrats is seen as a betrayal to their imperial mandate. The APF will not allow this insult to democracy to continue inside of its sphere of influence.

Apis: Local Corporation Reclaims Mining Rights
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 17.02.3305)

Shortly after Boman Co lost its mining and export rights to Khemaraui, the corporation has suffered another defeat in Apis. Once again the operation was handed back to a local corporation with the intent of renewing the stations productivity, which had suffered considerably under the current misappropiation of funds by Boman Co for mercenaries and their constant war effort. In a resounding vote of confidence, Apis Interstellar has been chosen as the new Imperial Governor of the mining worlds of Apis.

HIP 14521: Equality for All!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 18.02.3305)

With the quick retreat of the local nobility from their local fiefs in HIP 14521, the Socialist Republic of Otohime had ensured free and open elections among the system's citizens. However, as the week passed by, the local corporation openly challenged the wages and demands set by the new unions established under the protection of the Imperial Federation. Speaker Aubrie Mayr offered fair recompensation and protection for the corporation, but as all deals fell through, the Socialist Republic took control of Strebbin's Depot and the local means of production in the name of its workers. The asset has been seized.

„As of today HIP 14521 joins its family among the stars. No one will be treated special because of their origin, their race, their personal joys and their ambitions. And no one will have to be afraid to be mistreated or go hungry into the night. The age of corporate dictatorship is over. All traffic to and from the system has been opened and all people are welcome to explore the galaxy the corporate interests and feudal lords hid from them. Welcome to the galaxy people of HIP 14521! Let's build our new tomorrow, together!“

Khakya: The Hastati Astral Liberation Party Wins Elections!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 18.02.3305)

In the midst of upheaval that has griped the region, the election between the socialist party, the center democratcs and the federal HALP have come to an end. The socialists decided to pull out of the race midelection as their main intent still lingered on Boman Co and the liberation of its workforce from the gruesome slave contracts the corporation had imposed in previous years. This has led to a landslide victory for the federal party of HALP which will now control the fate of the local region in the coming days ahead.
Both, the Imperial Federation and the Dark Dragon Triad Republic welcomed the results of this fair and open election and offered their continued support and cooperation in the times to come to the new Chancellor and the local security forces under Centurion Ivanovich.
A federal union might just be the element to unite the people of Khakya and Forsina and the APF welcomed the idea of another force joining the fight against the corruption of Boman Co and the Forsina cartel. Any democratic power is a boon for the region and the democratic powers within Synuefe and Tucanae will challenge all those that stand against it.

Khemaraui: Wurun Legal Loses its Mandate!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 19.02.3305)

In a cruel twist of fate, the cunning Wurun Legal corporation has lost the rights to Khemaraui barely after it had bought up the shares for the Schomburg station. With pain and regret the corporation had to see the local mining rights go to an independant local corporation after Wurun Legal had come under threat of regional bankruptcy. In an unexpected reveleation, the corporation had seemingly overplayed its financial accounts and had to liquidate all assets held in Muthia to even grasp for a change to recover by acquiring Khemaraui. Faced with the loss of Khemaraui mining rights and the entire offices in Muthia, the corporation faces dire times ahead.

Otohime: Self-Declared Robin Hood and Leader of Resolve Joins Terrorists!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 19.02.3305)

As the last days brought the people inside the Socialist Republic of Otohime closer together in adversity, the brutal terrorist attacks and murders of the Resolve mercenaries under the Lemon Slice Organisation have failed to produce any major effect and the formerly strong corporation has been reduced to its mere existence inside of Negri.
Initial reports were unclear about the actual divide inside of Resolve, but as their current leader and public face has openly joined the terrorist campaign and even openly joined the assaults on civil installations, there is no more debate that the entire group has now officially turned outlaw and is in full disregard of the Pilote Federation and Imperial Rules for the Conduction of Warfare. Despite his personal involvement, the actual terrorist leader and bloodhound of the CEO of LSO is known as „Vendetta“ aboard his Federal Corvette in pursuit of mindless murder against the Socialist Republic's citizens. The Socialist Union has declared a state of war against the terrorists of Resolve and considered to invoke the piracy mandate to call upon the APF to dismantle the LSO as a pseudo-cartel for assistance. For now however all matters of conflict were handed to Fleet Admiral Theodin Klaviaer of the socialist navy who will decide on the proper application of Imperial but legal force against the terrorists while supply lines will remain open as assured by Trade Minister Ivett Moren.

„At the end of the day, we are born and bred as members of the Empire. It is my personal belief that this war, as all others before us, can be won on the field of honour. We will fight them at home. We will fight them in space. And we will fight their false image in public. When this insurrection against Imperial Law is over, the world will know we have fought with honor. And more importantly, we will remain. The corporate terrorism and dictatorship of Resolve will not be the fate of Synuefe! We will expose their lies and we will hold the line.“ - Fleet Admiral Theodin Klaviaer of the Socialist Republic's Grand Fleet.
Bugaguti: First Free Elections Favor Liberals
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 20.02.3305)

Following a long deliberation the Bugaguti General & Co corporation has ceded its mining mandate inside of Bugaguti in favor of the local populace that had been born and raised in the time the operations began and continued. The Imperial Federation under Chancellor Hank Summers has acknowledge this gesture of good will and explained his intent to strengthen the economic ties to the system following their first free elections. With the polls and final results all cleary in favor of a more liberal and open policy, there will be much room for new investments.

"As of now we plan to make the process of reformation as slow and gentle as possible. Initially the main difference mostly comes down to the people on top now answering to their workers and populace and not some CEO or conglomerate in a far away system. The laws remain mostly the same. We will look outward and continue to loosen some business regulations with our more liberal outlook towards Imperial policies."

Angardh: Local Crime Ring Loses Funds and Fleet
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 23.02.3305)

In accordance with its declaration the APF has officially launched the Angardh pacification. Despite minor protests from the local junta and Commander Elyssa Norton, the APF has deployed a special squadron to attack and secure the deep space NDO of "Delta Binary Unlimited". With next to no losses, the siege and consequent takeover of the facility has been reported.
The DBU was the local crime rings main source of income, an inofficial industrial installation that was tolerated by the local junta far from any normal traffic. While the DBU managed to remain outside of the prying eyes of authorities, the takeover of the local inofficial parliament installation had sparked an outrage inside nearby democratic systems. It was one thing to ignore protests and democratic decisions from an inofficial or weak parliament, but the whole attack on the "Civil Social Administration" of Angardh went too far.
The APF has publicly declared to lift the siege on the parliament and reinstate the local elected leaders within the next days. To further the democratic agenda inside of Angardh further, the APF and Imperial President Alberto Dervishi have sought the approval inside the Empire to hand over the DBU to the parliament of Angardh. This motion was approved and carried out today and offers the democrats a free and protected way to generate further funds for elections and social projects. The junta still controls the main traffic and airspace of the system, but together with the "Omega Vista Incorporated", the democrats now control the very grassroots of Angardhs economy. This marks a dangerous stalemate between the local junta and its disgruntled citizens.

Singa: A People's Call for Admission and Freedom!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 23.02.3305)

The recent downfall of Boman Co has not only shaken the corporation in its core and weakened its peripherie, it has also given thousands of people hope. Their hope is to lift the corporate ban on travel, the monopoly of supplies on their daily consumer goods and to find their true future among the stars.
The newest member among the freedom fighters are the people of Singa. While their yoke was long semi-broken with the takeover of the Singa corporation by Boman Co, their lives still very much focused inside their sphere of influence in the local cluster. There was little hope to break out of something that was a bigger world than before, but still a yoke.
As of today the DDT republic that has formed after it had ousted Boman Co from rule in their former homesystem has accepted the people inside the Eggleton Base colony on Singa 2A as their own. Under its extremely liberal and dreamer constitution, each person will have the chance and the duty to carve out their place in the world and thousands are willing to take the chance. May their dreams come true!
Meanwhile the DDT republic has declared its intent to also takeover Singa officially by challenging the rule of Boman Co directly. With its fleet already deployed there is little doubt that they will finish what they have started in Boman themselves. Further reports indicate the Otohime fleet in the system, which could mark a new alliance or at least cooperation between the two democratic factions inside the cluster. As is commonly known, the Socialist Republic of Otohime is at war with Boman Co since they attacked their home and their colonies in a bid to expand its southern rule. The consequence of this declaration has seen Boman Co's total collapse in their lower sphere in favor of other Socialist Republics and the Liberal Union of Edensu.

Forsina: Forsina Cartel Retreats to Remote Areas
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 24.02.3305)

As the war between the Forsina Cartel, the local social democratic freedom fighters and the APF of the Imperial Federation continues, it becomes more and more clear that the cartel is losing. With a focused attack on the major colonial port of Dunyach (A2F) the alliance of democratic forces has secured the main entrance to the planet and liberated its population from slavery, forced recruitment and other more horrible fates. Meanwhile the cartel had little choice but to retreat to its outposts in the minor settlements all around Dunyach and tries to dig in and defend the little power it has left. As the APF is still screening the skies against reinforcements and dropships and scouts try to locate their main pirate base in the void, further ground troops and tactical bombers have been drawn together to prepare for a focused strike on the first of several targets on the planet.

"If we can, we plan to finish off the cartel before April. At this point we are sure it can be done and we want to end them as soon as possible. The security and life of all citizens used as their shields will delay some efforts, however. We will not risk the lifes of innocents wherever we can avoid it. This is not a weakness! We will never hesitate to take collateral damage if it would mean the cartel remains in power otherwise. We do not bow to terrorists at any costs. There is no room for negotiation. So at best their cowardly actions will stall us for a bit, but not change their fate. This will only serve to increase their guilt and punishment in the end. For all cowards of the cartel that remain and sacrifice people, we promise them death. For all survivors we promise liberty and for all those that surrender peacefully among the outlaws, we promise full rehabilitation and admission after they serve their sentence at the hands of the local democratic forces. Forsina will be pacified, you have my word." - Admiral Vivien Gemai of the Anti-Piracy Fleet

HIP 15886: Boman Co Surrenders!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 25.02.3305)

Boman Co has officially ceased all its operations inside of HIP 15886 and has handed over control of the Johnson Colony facilities to the local authorities under the Socialist Republic of HIP 15886. Speaker of the Socialist Party, Collette Russo, has acknowledged the peaceful surrender and explained no lasting ill will against the former imperial corporation.
With the system now entirely in democratic hand, a new era has begun. As all services and business inside the system remains open, but subject to the new strict labor and safety laws, Boman Co was also invited to continue its business. If the company will consolidate its assets and retreat from this rather hostile market enviroment or try to find a new niche inside of HIP 15886 remains to be seen. The corporation still faces many challenges in Singa and elsewhere and is now barely a shadow of its former self.

Edensu: The Liberal Union of Edensu Secured Support!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 26.02.3305)

A long campaign comes to a close as major donations by the Imperial Federation and a strong word from Federal President Alberto Dervishi towards his senator have finally yielded results. As of today the Liberal Union of Edensu has been appointed a formal claimant on the Khemaraui cluster and accepted local party among equals.
Progenitor Merida Carr expressed her gratitude for all commanders of the Pilote Federation that had supported their initiative to lead Khemaraui towards a democratic future and also thanked the Imperial Federation for their political support. As of now the formal fleet of the liberal union has entered the airspace of Khemaraui and intents to challenge the local forces if needed for control of the airspace. After the retraction of Otohime's mandate in favor of Boman Co and the recent collapse of their influence, the system has become semi-anarchic in its structure and even foreign investors now hope for a more stable future for the region under a united and protected democratic force.

"Democracy can be slow, downright lethargic. I praise the stars each time a law finally passed and didn't cut into my finances. I love business in the Empire! But Khemaraui has become a moloch. I can't believe how much money I sunk into it only for it to be frozen due to new leadership. This chaos has to end! We need stability." - A distraught investor after yet another change in ownership and renewal of laws.

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Khakya: Return of an Old Threat
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 27.02.3305)

In the shadows of the lasting upheaval in the region, a long presumed dead menace has reappeared. The Omana Jet Partnership has come out of hiding to prey on the weak to rebuild their lost empire of the past. Their first target from outside their remote small pirate colony in HIP 32351 seems to have become the corpse of the Boman Co supply fleet. As of today the remnants of Boman Co inside of Khakya are at war with the ancient cartel.
The Omana Jet Partnership saw its decline in the region with the advent of Boman Co. While Boman Co was known to cooperate with criminal organisations as long as they submitted to their demands, Omana decided to go down fighting. This minor quarrel could be seen as an act of revenge on the now dying corporate empire of Boman Co itself.
In light of this recent daring move, the APF has send an operative to monitor the cartel and if need be implement a blockade on the system of HIP 32351. Shortly after the supply of the cartel towards other systems was cut-off and the raids slowly grind to a halt. If all goes well the cartel should cease operations in the region in the next weeks or months.

"We don't think the Omana Jet Partnership will be a threat to the fledgling democracy in the region. If it should come to pass, however, we will consider direct intervention against any form of its renewal and a direct prolonged strike against its minor deep space colony." - APF Commander

Negri: The Patronage Triumphs over the Boman Co Fleet! Terrorism on the Decline!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 28.02.3305)

After the support of Terra Mater for Boman Co ended, the Negri Patronage regrouped and collected its forces near the Skewed Goose installation. With a masterful plan and the dedication of its Imperial pilots, the former protectors of Negri have driven of the rebels that plagued the system and forced them back to Celebi while taking down the last major forces of the invasive Boman Co corporation once again.

It is the firm believe of the patronage, that the corporate exploitation and feudal structures of old have no place in the region and the Imperial Federation has once again renewed its support for the Patronage and the democrats of Negri in their continued struggle against human exploitation. Further funds to repair the fleet after these exhausting conflicts have been offered to the defiant members of the Ilyushin squadrons.

In the wake of this success and the still ongoing civil persecution of the LSO by the Worker's Party of Negri, Resolve has ceased its support for the corporation. While the groups leader and his main ships have vanished into the depth of space to evade charges levied against them in the aftermath of the terror campaign, one small squadron under the "FNS Facehugger" still conducts minor acts of sabotage. It is the firm belief of the secret service that this squadron acts against the wishes of the Resolve leadership and is seen as a rogue element. As such all efforts will be directed to stem their incursions into the lives of the free people of the Socialist Republic.

HIP 494: Federal Union of Papako Finally Intervenes
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 01.03.3305)

Several democratic forces tried to aid the helpless people of HIP 494 in the last months, but the local corporation still supports the mafia to further its exploitation of the local workforce. Despite Edinura's best attempts to establish a military presence in the region, their efforts to liberate the populace of HIP 494 have fallen through as their support from Edinura itself was cut short in the recent pirate wars at home and due their loss of power inside of it.
Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster has declared the full support of the Confederacy of Papako for the people of HIP 494 and wishes to extend their peoples support to liberate them from the mafias rule. She also directly threatened the local corporation to forcefully destroy their imperial mandate by destroying its authority and fleet should it continue to harbor and support the local outlaws. Ultimately the will of the people shall decide the systems fate and there is little love left for their former corporate overlord with ever more democratic parties rising to the call for freedom. One of them will surely lead the people of HIP 494 in the future.

Forsina: Boman Co Implicated in Local Slave Trade
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 02.03.3305)

While the war on crime is still going on in Forsina, the supercorporation Boman Co has lost its imperial mandate over the system to the local Crimson Corporation after it has been implicated with collusion for the unlawful treatment and sale of slaves inside its jurisdiction. The general control and ownership of the system has been transferred as demanded by this ruling and the Crimson Corporation has immediately banned all form of slavery inside of its sphere of influence.

The APF greeted this victory in the court of law as a sign of support for its ongoing efforts to pacify the system and declared its support for the Crimson Corporation until the time the pacified system could hold a controlled election by its people over its future style of government. As of now there was no objection to these plans by the Crimson Corporation, which leads many to hope for a better future inside the region.

Angardh: Democratic Parliament Reinstated!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 04.03.3305)

Despite the long weeks the Angardh Civil Service Administration was in the hands of the outlaws no real damage to the installation has been incured. After the quick and peaceful surrender of the last remaining outlaws inside of the surrounded station, it is already fully operational and back to its normal day to day events.
With the first meeting of parliament held just the day it was liberated, the parliament was quick to enact a pardon on several members of the paid mercenaries that would attest against the local junta for their attempt to silence their own grassroot movement of democrats by insidious means. While some of the accused might be found liable for false testimony later, some documents handed over by higher echelons of the defeated outlaws might hold true in court. For now most of the local crime rings have been apprehended and the mercenary fleets dispersed.

"We will monitor the further process of democracy inside of Angardh and the ongoing lawsuit against the junta. Should the junta decide to attack the democrats by force, we will come to their aid as this would be seen as collusion with outlaws and a violation of imperial law. For now, however, we see the system as pacified and our job as accomplished. For any further acts of disarmament by mandate, this indeed falls into the responsibility of the Imperial Federal fleet and not the APF." - Vivien Gemai, Admiral of the APF

Frontline News: Boman Co Loses its Headquarters and Heartlands!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 04.03.3305)

For some it might be revenge, for others just rewards and then for Singa Interstellar fair reparations. Today Boman Co has lost its headquarters of Ptack inside of Boman in a court case to its old rival.
While a minor victory and only a minor loss compared to the recent tidings of the two competitors, it was a true blow to Boman Co's prestige. As of now the former supercorporation holds no sway inside of its own original homesystem and it also lost control over Singa as the local population has voted for admission to the DDT Republic, which also is based inside of Boman itself. If any more stars could have misaligned for Boman Co, it would have imploded. Instead the loss of its last business mandate over an aerospace installation in Khemaraui on the same day has marked the exile of the corporation to the outskirts of Upper Synuefe along the lines of Sumeragwa, Shangbe, Mannovichs or Ngongani. The rise of a new cult in Batzin, the Federal Union of Khakya and other powers in the region, alas, might mark the end even for these remote sanctuaries for the fallen giant.
Forsina: Another Settlement Liberated
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 05.03.3305)

The settlement of Stokes Landing as of today joins their fellow people and citizens of Forsina in freedom as the cartel fleet was driven off and the local structures liberated with the support of the socialist militia and the Anti-Piracy Fleet. With this further major defeat, the cartel now only has one stronghold left to prey on traders and the people of Forsina near the entry star outside of their ominous and well defended pirate base in orbit of Forsina A2.
The Hastati Liberation Party has announced its intention to help Forsina as well and their fleet is expected to join the local freedom fighters by the next week to finally put a nail in the coffin of the cartel. The Anti-Piracy Fleet has already declared its intent to join up with their fleet to finally take out the space fortress of the pirates.
In light of this renewed success and with reinforcements on the horizon the socialist militia decided to join up with local freedom fighters to march on the Disch colony, the local headquarter of Boman Co. An ultimatum was send to the supercorporation and it is expected that the invasive Boman Co will have to vacate the system's politics in favor of basic business soon, unless they are poised to fight the people they suppressed and exploited before. But this time, they are armed.

Negri: Colonial Planetary Port McMahon is back with its People!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 05.03.3305)

Several months after the Lemon Slice Organisation had seized control over access to the planet of Celebi and trapped several citizens on its surface with excessive travel restrictions, the local patronage and the democrats of Negri have enforced its return to the people. After the loss of their aerospace business after their terrorist activities, this marks another loss of power for the upstart LSO corporation.
The Worker's of Negri Free have confirmed the reinstation of former laws and rights and the removal of any restrictions on trade the LSO had imposed. While not many took the chance to vacate the planet for the first time in half a year, the end to the ban of semiluxury goods is highly appreciated among the populace and several people were seen in generous celebrations all over the installation.

"Celebi belongs to the citizens of Negri. A right which they earned and defended in the many years before the LSO took it from them. It is our firm believe that a strong patronage that guards its citizens liberty and proper respect for imperial institutions can foster the ties that bind our Empire together. Especially in these trying times let us never forget where we come from and who we are. We are all Imperials and no corrupt member of our society will exploit the contracts and laws that bind us. The people of Negri deserve to dictate their own fate. At the very least on their own homeworlds! I think we owe them this much." - Federal President Alberto Dervishi

HIP 494: Crackdown on Akin, Local Mafia Retreats!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 07.03.3305)

True to their promise, the Confederacy of Papako took little time to attack the Mafia of HIP 494 in favor of their allies in the democratic coalition. Alongside the Edinura and Samo cooperatives, they struck the settlement of Akin.
In a quick and precise operation the local supply routes of the mafia were cut, their supporters isolated and apprehended and the remaining populace vetted for remaining supporters. After this operation concluded, Papako announced the full liberation of the Akin settlement and immediately demanded an explanation from the local corporation about why they allowed the complete violation of civil rights in their system.
The Blue General Corporation is yet another corporation of Synuefe and Tucanae that not only tolerated outlaws among them, but profited from the now reduced "costs" of their workforce. Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers made clear that this behavior will have consequences from now on and declared his intention to incarcerate the mafia members in the nearby prison of Panshin. The question who would safeguard these criminals was mostly between Edinura and Papako as no one wants to see the keys to these criminals in the hand of the BGC.

Ghylder: The Imperial Federation Opens Official Embassy
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 08.03.3305)

After several minor embassies with the Adamantine Union were estabished between Papako and the union itself around the border systems, the Confederacy of Papako has inaugurated the offical embassy of the Imperial Federation inside of the Adamantine Union.
In a show of good faith, both sides have come together as the Imperial Federation opened their main embassy in Yakovlev in Ghylder, a system bordering their shared friend and ally Anotchi. Anotchi later joined the Adamantine Union and left the Confederacy of Papako. This corner of Tucanae, nowadays a major military base for the Empire with Papako and Anotchi as their official base, stands as a symbol for the similar ideals and peaceful correlation of the two regional giants in their fights against slavery and piracy. Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers personally visited the location and offered his respect for the recent successes of the Adamantine Union to consolidate their sphere and liberate the people from oppression. It is expected that peaceful relations between the two states will continue in the years ahead.

Negri: The Patronage Enforces Control over the Aerospace
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 08.03.3305)

Due to the recent instability of the region the Negri Patronage has declared it will assume control of the Johri Port installation as well as the Ilyushin Dock directly. While there is no official hostility between the patronage and the Negri Organisation, this step was seen as a necessity to keep tradelanes clear and protected. The organisation received a sizeable financial payment to alleviate this loss and a guarantee for safe trade with special concessions towards the Negri Organisation. While there is little doubt that this step might be necessary and corporations have shown their fallible nature in recent conflicts, this is just one of many small steps in the region that see the patronages restored and strengthened.

"We have seen a sharp decline in power for the local juntas and militias and especially the feudalists and corporate colonies in the region. The fall in grace for Lady Torval and the death of many old guards in the recent Imperial Civil War with the Nova Navy have changed the power balance drastically. I fear we only see the ripple effects of those changes and they will slowly become more prominent.
It is with careful interest that we observe the reestablishment of old patronage ties and further direct control of the Empire in recent times. While it is true that the Empire plans to centralize its operations and also has an increased interest in ending the old feudal and neo-feudal structures near its borders, we should all be vary that our rights and freedoms are not the next thing to be 'reappropiated' due to 'circumstances' that arise. Even imperial subjects need some room to breathe, some more than others. And the outer rim colonies always had a will of their own." - Political Analyst Toren Strater

Khemaraui: Admission to the Liberal Union of Edensu Announced!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 08.03.3305)

Today the local corporation of Khemaraui has announced it will hand over the Schomburg station to the new holder of the Khemaraui imperial mandate, the Edensu Cooperative. Shortly after the cooperative signed an official declaration to add Khemaraui to their state as a full member of the Liberal Union of Edensu. This marks the end of the local corporate conflicts in the region and many hope that the new union will manage to pacify the system in the long term.
Onlookers expect that the militia will soon fall in line and hand over their tactical outpost in Covington from which they guard the system from pirates and other dangers. The real question many onlookers have is if the foreign corporations Boman Co and Wurun Legal would relinquish their political control over major assets of the system. For Boman Co, this effectively marks their only bases left in Lower Synuefe and for Wurun Metcalf is a major financial incentive. It certainly would hurt their business if they had to relinquish their free taxation of goods and had to follow different trade laws than in their other locations.

Forsina: H.A.L.P. Arrives!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 10.03.3305)

Several weeks after the fledgling confederacy of Khakya has announced their military buildup operation and secured the funds necessary, the Centurion fleet of the Hastati Liberation Party has entered Forsina. It was greeted among equals from both the socialist militia and the Anti-Piracy Fleet who welcomed their arrival.
Following a meeting that was held about the imminent continuation of the wars to liberate the last people of the system, the Centurion fleet and the APF set out to assault the last settlement of the local cartel. With these new reinforcements poised to end suppression and exploitation in the region, even the most sceptic of onlookers have come around. At this point the cartel is finished. Also with another major fleet active in the region, it becomes less and less likely that the local corporation would or could reject a demand for democratic self-rule.

Otohime/Edensu: Mutual Embassies Established
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 10.03.3305)

Despite their long time alliance and cooperation, the Liberal Union of Edensu is a new construct. Fostered and protected by the Socialist Union of Otohime, the Edensu Cooperative has finally grown into a full interstellar client state of the Empire. With the ink barely dry on the admission for Khemaraui to Edensu, both sides have opened mutual embassies in their respective home systems, ushering in a new age between the two nations. From this day forward they will be equals in all matter of interstellar diplomacy.

"It is with pride that we stand here today to greet our fellow colonist, freedom fighter and... imperial citizen, the Liberal Union of Edensu. We have fought many battles alongside our comrades and weathered many a storm in these trying times. Today the sheltered democratic spark that was nearly extinguished by the Edensu PLC and Boman Co not only has returned to its rightful homesystem, it has ignited yet another flame for fair representation and freedom inside of the Empire. I know these are trying times for all of us. We are besieged by enemies from within and without. We wrestle with the sins of the past and the unsure nature of our future. But if anything our recent endeavors have given us hope. Hope for former slaves and exploited people in a better future. Hope that justice can prevail even in the deepest jungle of corruption. Hope that the Empire can yet be saved from the parasites that would consume it from within. We are all in this together and we shall never abandon hope and trust in each other. Let us welcome our new ally as an equal among friends. Let us celebrate! You earned this!" - Federal President Alberto Dervishi

The Federal President addressed the Imperial Federation at Korolyov and didn't hold back from any commendations and compliments for Edensu. After the recent referendum had ended inconclusive due to the blocking minority that prevents any change from occuring without a 10% leading consent, the controversial reform of the Imperial Federation has not ended. It is believed the Federal President is already flirting with the idea of an admission of Edensu to the member states of the Imperial Federation. Neither side was willing to comment on this rumour.
Sotiate: HIP 3488 Cartel Finally Defeated by Patron Fleet
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 12.03.3305)

Patron Arissa Wilkinson and the entire Sotiate fleet have once again aided the nearby systems in the ongoing war against piracy. While the Sokaram outlaws still remain in the system and hide in small bases, the last base of the former pirate capital HIP 3488 has finally been pacified and MacKenzie liberated.
Earlier this morning after the HIP 3488 patronage had declared the reinstation of patronage law in the system to curb the remnants of criminal activity in the region, the regional power and hegemon of the Sotiate patronage had come to the system to assist in this endeavor. In a joint effort the two powers succeeded. Several observers note the disregard of several civil rights in the attempt to quickly and unceremoniously end the threat to the people. People were arrested with little to no evidence and entire ships were destroyed simply based on leads. Yet, the results give credit to the patronage. In the remaining week since the crackdown, the illegal slave markets have run dry and former frequent "visitors" of the system have been seen to frequent other pirate havens. HIP 3488 is not safe for them anymore.
Despite this harsh treatment of the situation and the ongoing claims of false convictions and executions by families affected, the reinstated patronage government didn't impose radio silence. While admittedly harsh, both patronages are willing to deal with public critique. Many see this as hubris of the patronage that would undoubtedly besmirch their image, while others see this as a sign of respect to the systems democratic roots. For now the population is on their side, as much more crime was ended, than grief caused. And after 3 years of pirate wars, HIP 3488 truly deserves peace. Many agree, rather a dreadful peace, than a war without end and the socialist republic that formed from the freedom fighters and was tolerated by the local governor of the empire didn't seem to finish the job when it was needed due to being tied down by "democratic obligations".

"Democracy is slow, crime is not. The cartel has adapted over the years and the former freedom fighters fell into the trappings of democracy. We appreciate the work the socialists have done for the people after the wars were over, but now we need order. As such we decided to back the appointed governor of HIP 3488 in their attempt to reinstate full imperial law in the system. The democratic institutions below the governor level will not be challenged. The people will be able to voice their concerns and we will listen.
We can't forget the socialists weren't charitable in their conviction in favor of civil rights, they were downright lenient. Before the outlaws dealt right under the peoples' noses in drugs and crime. Now all they do is serve their time or are dead and many more will follow."

HIP 3488 was a former pirate haven of the region alongside systems like HIP 10137, Forsina, Laka, Vesuvit and others. As a testament of its time, the only pirate haven to endure to this day is the Chaos Syndicate. While not defeated, it was weakened severely since the Chaos Wars that saw their sphere expand up to Kureserians and their client states threaten even the mighty Sotiate Patronage and the newly established Adamantine Union and Imperial Federation. With the downfall of the last pirate base in HIP 3488 that started with the Anti-Piracy Fleet years ago, another era has come to an end and its final mark will vanish once Sokaram is pacified.

Fuambe: Mutual Agreement Reached
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 14.03.3305)

After several weeks of debates and negotiations, the Fuambe patronage and the Otohime Union have come to a mutual agreement. Fuambe will serve as the Socialist Republic Grand Fleet's furthers outpost into the eastern outer rim of the Empire. In return for this concession the Socialist Republic affirms to guard the region against any aggressive acts by the nearby Zenith Squadron in Negrici.
The Zenith Squadron currently leads a local rebellion against the Empire in the Eastern Outer Rim of the Empire near the sphere of Her Imperial Highness Princess Aisling Duval. The entire presence and defense of the Fuambe perimeter is an according response to the uprising that began in the midst of 3304.

"We believe that a strong democratic base and a firm imperial presence will shield the local region from any detriment effects this unreasonable minor civil war might cause. In spite of this mutual safety agreement and alliance, we hope this civil war will end soon as civil wars often lead to the destruction of local institutions an of course the rise of piracy. Something we personally wish to avoid." - Marionnette Eldrin, Ambassador for the Union of Otohime.

The Anti-Piracy Fleet already declined any call to arms by the Empire as their official declaration does NOT consider rebels as pirates and an open civil war against the leadership of the Empire should fall into the respective responsibility of Senator Denton Patreus.

HIP 494: The Wards are Closed
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 14.03.3305)

In a swift and decisive negotiation the three members of the democratic coalition for HIP 494 - Papako, Edinura and Samo - have reached a consensus. The powerful and imposing Federal Union of Papako will take charge of the Panshin prison and will extend its local facilities to house a minor permanent fleet to act as a local police force against further criminals. Meanwhile Samo will take care of the last pirate base while Edinura will patrol the skies of HIP 494 during the coming week.

"We believe this is the best result for all parties involved. Papako is simply the only one with enough financial backing to carry the burden of a prolonged security operation. Edinura can not guarantee the local system's safety anymore after the local patronage has curtailed nearly all civil rights and their funding after their failure to fight the Edinura outlaws." - The ambassador of Samo

The Liberal Union of Edinura did wrestle control from the long absolute governor of Edinura over a year ago when the patronage also failed in their war against piracy. Today, a year after the events, Edinura is back under full patronage control. The patronage had used its time to rethink their approach and repair their public image by cracking down on local piracy and shutting down exploitative corporate structures. Today the patronage of Edinura is as powerful and beloved as never before and the little support for democracy the system once had seems all but dead.
To counter this sentiment of the Edinura populace, Papako has agreed to join their brethren of the Edinura Cooperative in a joint operation against the last pirate base in the region. Maybe by repeating the glorious deeds of the former patronage and exposing corruption in their midst they might copy their rise to popularity and rekindle the idea of democracy inside the people's heart. For now it remains just another anti-piracy operation.

Forsina: Last Planet Liberated!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 15.03.3305)

Joint fleets of the Anti-Piracy Fleet and the Hastati Liberation Party have taken down the last planetary base of the Forsina Cartel and pushed the outlaws to retreat to their last bastion in orbit of Forsina A2. This marks the end of the cartels stream of income as the last remaining asset among them is their personal bastion and NDO that served as their personal HQ and communication hub for all operations inside the system.
The shattered retreat of the outlaws ultimately became their undoing as several formerly captured ships joined their retreating "brethren" to locate the NDO's current location and acquire the necessary data about their current resources and navigation routes. In a public statement the APF made it clear that "We got them!" The installation has since been surrounded and besieged by the joint fleets. It is unclear when the final assault will begin, but unless the outlaws surrender their space station peacefully in the near future, this might end in one last showdown and the alliance is ready to strike at the snake's head.

Otohime: Dervishi Fleet Officially Reinstated!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 15.03.3305)

With the general idea of a proper reform of the Imperial Federation towards a more presidential system inconclusive at 53% to 47% in the representative referendum last month, Federal President Alberto Dervishi suceeded in a local referendum in Otohime proper.
After several talks with the local Otohime Union representatives had failed to deliver his personal vision of the future for the region, Alberto Dervishi finally decided to call upon the patronages right to call for any referendum at any time on any level as guaranteed by the Livery Act of 3303. The referendum requested to arm the system of Otohime against any further acts of terrorism and to act as a local beacon for the Imperial Federations official embassy in the Empire. This would see the reinstation of the former Dervishi Fleet with its flagship the "Enrico" named after Alberto's father and the general right of the patronage to represent Otohime directly alongside the Speaker of the Union with their base in Parker Orbital. The overwhelming success of the referendum with 76% of votes in favor of the Dervishi family only reaffirmed the love the family still harbors among the people of their home. The official ceremony for the reinstation of the first squadron of the Dervishi Fleet alongside the "Enrico" is scheduled for next week and will see a military parade to show its new might. All expenses would be covered by the Dervishi family itself.
Despite no public funds involved in this endeavor, many have questioned where the quick stream of money and the quickly assembled ships will originate. Not only does this involve a major economic contract that was not vetted by democratic institutions of the Union, it also constitutes a direct rivalry of local law enforcement and the Dervishi fleet outside of Otohime. Most of all, however, does the quick and efficient procedures of this referendum and its implementation imply that nothing less than its success was ever expected and that many preparations were done beforehand. Several attempts to levy this fact against the referendum have failed. People might believe you can buy 10% of the votes, but not over 30% and all observers confirm this referendum followed highest standards of the Imperial Federation, especially because of its sensitive nature. Federal President Alberto Dervishi is simply a very impulsive man. He never expected to lose.
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Edinura: Pirate Scourge Defeated
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 16.03.3305)


Governor Lowell Christensen officially lifted the month long emergency in Edinura after the final base of the insurgents has been liberated. Grand Hill Steading served as the local outlaws last line of defense and was under constant siege of the Edinura cooperative. With the pirates at the brink of destruction in HIP 494, Papako had come to support their fellow democrats in their struggle to pacify the system. The united fleet had no trouble to shatter the remaining pirate squadrons.
Freed from the weight of military law, trade and prosperity begins to return to the system that had seen the fall and rise of their old patronage under Governor Christensen. While the interim government under the Edinura cooperative had been replaced due to inadequacies in the pursuit of order, many onlookers now gently request a slow but firm transition back to local self-rule by the people.

"No one denies the achievements of the patronage and we really appreciate the sacrifices Governor Christensen and his brave imperial cadets have shown. We simply remind him that Edinura was granted self-rule last year and with the crisis averted we would like to continue our shared and progressive cooperation with the imperial governor after a return to normalcy." - Olaf Braaten, member of the liberal party

As of now Governor Christensen does not show any intention to loosen his newfound grip in the system, but Grand Hill Steading has become the new interim seat of government, shared between the liberals of Edinura and the newly founded federal party supported by Papako. Only time will tell if self-rule will be restored, the governor stays in absolute power or if an armed conflict will resolve the situation.

Negri: Boman Lost in Court! Headquarters Seized.
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 16.03.3305)

Depite its short-lived comeback, the Boman Co supercorporation has found no friends outside of LSO in Negri and its recent open war against the patronage led to even more animosity. Governor Alyssa Ellison supported a direct motion for the Boman Co case and demanded a swift trial before the local imperial high court. It didn't take long for a verdict to arrive. All Boman Co personell and military remnants after their massive defeat had to leave Lopez, the system's capital. With this verdict Boman Co has lost its mandate over Negri and the empire no longer sees them as a legitimate ruler for the system.

Aside of the conflict between the imperial mandates of the Negri patronage and the Boman Co claim, further complications arose after embezzlement and links to terrorist activities implicated the fallen giant. Today justice was served. In a magnanimous gesture to the people of Negri, the local corporation NO has taken on all financial burdens of the lawsuit and intends to hand control over Celebi's capital settlement back to its people. Both rival corporations, NO and NFS, have also declared their intent to further reinstate the government of Celebi by dragging the Lemon Slice Organisation through the mess they had created in the aftermath of the recent terror wave in the region. They would not rest until the last area of Celebi is back in the peoples hand and they wouldn't win this by terror or war, but by lawsuit and imperial justice.

"As long as the Union of Otohime and Governor Ellison keep the people of Negri safe, we are willing to uphold honor by fighting the LSO in court. Only imperial justice will solve this problem. By relieving them of their former assets peacefully and in agreement to our shared ideals and laws, we rob them of any claims of foulplay. LSO will be dismantled for all the lives they have unjustly taken! Honor will persevere!" Jamba Kitwana, lawyer of the Negri Organisation

HIP 494: Peace Reigns Over Macivar
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 17.03.3305)

Barely a day after Edinura had been pacified, the victorious fleet of the Samo cooperative destroyed the last active squadrons of the local mafia in the skies of Macivar before entering the settlement with peaceful intentions.
After Aikin, that was freed by the fleet of Papako, this marks the liberation of the last planet in the system. All prisoners were taken to Panshin to avoid their trials for the crimes they had conducted inside of HIP 494 and towards the people of Macivar. It will take several weeks to collect witness testimonies and gauge the entirety of all of these criminal acts, but many even at barely the mid-echelon of the mafia can expect severe to lifelong punishments and incarceration in Panshin.

With peace restored to the region, most people's thoughts return to the HIP 494 corporation that did nothing to support the democratic forces in their fight for freedom and in a public statement the CEO simply demanded the inhabitants to honor their labor contracts and return to work after all legal procedures were completed.

"There is no open hostility from the HIP 494 CEO, but then again no empathy either. It is hard to tell if they dread the anger of the people or are satisfied to return to a time before the mafia war. But the democratic alliance is here and we will demand answers. The ghost has long slipped its bottle and the people demand answers for all the years of exploitation and silence. If the CEO won't answer them, we will demand it in their stead." - Mercedes Lancaster, Chancellor of Papako

Forsina: Boman Co loses yet another Headquarter!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 18.03.3305)

After their recent loss of the last Negri assets, Boman Co also lost its position and the headquarters in Disch inside of Forsina. While both cases got similarities, mostly concerning Boman Co's illegal activities, the socialist militia of Forsina took a more direct approach towards the supercorporation. With a quick operative strike, the socialist militia surrounded the settlement and demanded the surrender of the Boman Co forces. All obliged this ultimatum and no bullet was fired. It might have been the most peaceful war Boman Co has fought lately.

Disch had long served as their local headquarter and was their embassy to the pirate port nearby and their heavy fortified base the Very Bastion. Today Disch only served as a remainder of the brutal and corrupt regime Boman Co adopted for Forsina to coexist with the local outlaws. It seems quite obvious that Boman Co has long given up any hope for the system, even before nearby powers like the Federal Union of Forsina or the DDT Republic laid their eyes on Forsina's struggle. Now with the APF and several democratic forces present, any resistance to a democratic militia would be downright suicide. It is expected that Boman Co will cease all political influence postforth and will be lucky to not be ousted from the system for its former crimes. Any continued business with the system is revenue undeserved.

Angardh: The Junta Strikes Tedin!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 18.03.3305)


War has come to Angardh as the local conservative junta has declared its intent to shut down all non-approved space travel in the system by taking control of all stations in the system. This effectively is a declaration of war to the Democrats of Angardh who control Tedin Vision and the economic base of the system in shape of its industrial installations given to them by the APF.

Commander Elyssa Norton leads the operation and with a quick strike against the unprepared and mostly peaceful democratic party has had major success. Today it looks like the democrats will have to bow down to the might of the junta before the end of the week. No matter their internal justification for this motion, outside perspectives offer a more complete view of the matter. In the days after the parliament of Angardh had been liberated from the militia, the democrats had imposed new laws to slowly wrestle control over the local planets and laws from the junta itself and to liberalize the markets while banning weapon distribution. They also declared any future armaments to be approved by the elected people of the system to make sure their loyalty lies with Angardh and not the Governor General. This was possible due to the revenue of the system now being under democratic control and only available to the junta with their approval.
The declaration to safeguard the spaceways after the junta had failed to do so against the local insurgents is a false claim to shut down any independant streams of income and to usurp control over the spaceways around Tedin and the local industrial installation. If the junta can regain control of the system's funds, it can regain full control over its rule.

The Imperial Federation condemned these brutal actions against peaceful democrats and demanded an end to the bloodshed inside of Angardh. It would not stand idle while a junta slaughters its own people inside Synuefe and Tucanae. Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers called for a quick meeting of the Imperial Parliament to determine a motion for intervention and several unspecified ships have come to Angardh to disrupt the juntas freedom. A so-called "Shadow Fleet" without any insignias or signs of identifiation has arrived and already sabotages the juntas resupply from Hiyya to Tedin. At this point in time the siege of Tedin might still be lifted. It is yet unclear who these mysterious protectors are, but they are undoubtedly imperial ships.
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Angardh: Siege of Tedin Lifted
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 20.03.3305)

In a matter of barely two days, the brutal assault of the Angardh junta on Tedin has been pushed back. Several of the undesignated imperial ships have now taken hold of the spacelanes between the main and secondary star and have gone to shelter the Angardh parliament from any form of retaliation near the hub of the system, the Hiyya spaceport.
Shortly after their arrival, the forces of the junta fell into disarray and retreated into the safety of their station's laser array. With no obvious intent to hurt the people of Angardh, the shadow fleet has stopped its pursuit and has taken Hiyya under siege, blocking all non essentiell trade and skyrocketing prices for non livery goods. The leader of this new imperial fleet hasn't come forth to speak with the junta and it remains dubious why they are here. For now, however, they are seen as protectors and liberators from an imperial governor general fallen from grace. With each passing hour, more ships of the shadow fleet and commanders willing to aid the people of Angardh assemble and the junta forces are about to be completely overwhelmed. Soon the end of an era might come.

Edensu: The Last Aristocrats Recede From Office!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 21.03.3305)

Today the last knight of Edensu has ceased all functions as a local administrator for the local capital after the democratic forces of the system had demanded a referendum over the settlements future system of government. With a clear 2:1 split, the people demanded a voice in future appointments of government and have chosen the socialist candidate as their first freely elected mayor. The new mayor will now have to look for a coalition with the local liberal party as most funds and assets are directly under their control. As a former mining system, the economy of Edensu does not lie with its planets, but its powerful mining fleets. Any ambitious social projects will need the cooperatives approval.

Forsina: The DDT-Republic Opens their Embassy
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 21.03.3305)

As a melting pot of democratic forces, it comes as no surprise that the nearby DDT-Republic did approach the new legitimate government of Forsina to discuss new prospects of trade and a permanent embassy between the two star systems. Their ambassador and fleet was greeted at the military port of 'Very Bastion' by the Vice President of the local megacorp and their admittance to the local system was concluded in a lavish ceremony and banquet atop the highest towers of the planetary port.
This new embassy marks another step for the DDT-Republic in the region as they opened another embassy in the nearby system of the Union of Otohime around the same time and strife to become more connected with the other powers that woke from the fall of the Boman Co in the region. In the case of Forsina, this new embassy marks a definite end to their dark age which the Forsina cartel had put them under. They are now a full part of the galactic community and the siege of the last pirate base already under way.
At the same time the first free elections of Forsina were announced to be held the following week with parties of many parts of the spectrum attending. In the rush of its first free elections it seems liberals, federals and socialists all vie for the favour of their people and soon Forsina will join the democratic systems in the regions proper. The corporation has already announced to peacefully handover control to whoever wins the hearts of Forsina.

Khemaraui: Militia Surrenders Covington
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 23.03.3305)

Not unlike most expected, the local militia and police force of Khemaraui has willingly given up control of the system's main economic asset, the powerful refinery of Covington. Progenitor Merida Carr thanked the militia for its cooperation and respected their wish to remain in power as the system's main police force. With the many years of experience with the dangers of the system, the cooperative was willing to accept.
The Khemaraui militia brutally persecuted any form of piracy, leading to its complete destruction two years ago. Today no organized syndicate can claim to hold enough power to endanger anyone but a single trader which happens to be in front of their laser's fire. With such a profound legacy, they will make for a great police force for the system. However, the people have not forgotten its horrific mismanagement of the system and the massive food crisis that arose over a year ago which had led to its disposal in favor of the Union of Otohime before Boman Co forced an imperial vote to hand over control to them instead.

Angardh: The Dervishi Fleet Comes Clean
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 23.03.3305)

Several days after the siege of Hiyya began, several ships of the shadow fleet disappeared back into space. During this seeming moment and day of weakness, the Angardh junta had attempted a sally to reopen their supply lines between their local bases. The lifelines didn't remain open for long before their attempt had failed.
With their forces out in the open the flagship of the Dervishi Fleet, Enrico, had achieved its goal. When the shadow fleet next appeared and surrounded the scattered junta, it openly answered hails with their official Dervishi Fleet IDs and insignia. Meanwhile the massive corvette and flagship blocked the retreat of the junta back to Hiyya. The Enrico even dared to engage and take shots at the civil installation to disable its most dangerous defense systems. Seemingly intimidated by this show of force and risk to civil lives with no way to retreat, the junta finally surrendered and was forced to sign an unconditional surrender of the Hiyya spaceport and all political claims to the system at the Angardh parliament.
After the brazen intervention of the Dervishi Fleet under regional governor Alberto Dervishi, the junta has not shown any attempt to contest this motion before the Imperial Senate. Afterall they would go up against an official and highly recognized client of the Empire and would be unlikely to succeed as many of the junta supporters and proponents of more autonomy in the Empire have grown silent if they weren't outright shot in the recent military trial of Senator Denton Patreus.

Originally the Dervishi Fleet was meant to rendevous in HIP 11886's Ore Installation with Union forces where it would officially take the position of the new local defense fleet of the Imperial Federation and takeover the post as Imperial Federal Admiral. This position was vacant since the withdrawal of Gamma-3 Octantis from the Imperial Federation, with Admiral Aislin Conrad being the last recipient of this title.

"It is not the naval parade we had envisioned, but I believe it serves as a great demonstration of the new might and resolution of the Dervishi fleet. We will enforce the demands of Her Imperial Highness Empress Lavigny-Duval in the region to dismantle all radical elements in the Empire and to put them under direct control of the senate. Further, true to Her Highness, Princess Aislings Duval's promise, we will protect the people of her domain from unjust military actions by imperial subjects.
Today we fulfill both promises by dismantling the chokeholds of the bloodthirsty junta of Angardh and giving a voice to its people. Hiyya, from here onward shall be yours! The Empire hasn't forgotten about you and we will always strife to better ourselves in pursuit of our forebearers legacy and the honor they bestowed upon us. May the stars favor you all." - Federal President Alberto Dervishi
Negri: Imperial Court Disarms LSO
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 24.03.3305)

For long the Celebi military installation had served as the de facto capital of the planet, even though Lopez is the main settlement. As of today the local fleets of the Union and the Patronage have taken hold of the installation after the imperial courts had judged the LSO guilty of financing terrorist activities in the region. A corporation with a dangerous history could not be allowed to operate a planetary military complex.
Until all official and bureaucratic steps are completed, the Negri Fortune Solutions would take care of the military base, before it would be handed over to the democratic government of Negri.
The patronage kept its commentaries short, mostly falling to the party line of 'Justice has been served'. LSO has been beaten by legal measures alone. Now all that is left of their assets is the Empyreon Network, the backbone of their former corporate empire and headquarter.

Negri: Nomad's on the Lose!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 25.03.3305)

After the recent loss in court and the seizure of Celebi from the LSO, the terrorist group known as Nomad has gone on a spree of piracy and attacked several security groups and police ships in the region. Their presence among the frequent guests of the LSO in Celebi was known and thus all fault for this recent outrage of their members was solely put on the LSO regarding future lawsuits of terrorist collusions.

„Nomad wouldn't throw a temper tantrum over losing their local criminal base of operations, if it didn't have one before. LSO's contacts to this group were known for a long time as well as their minor connections to Resolve.“ - Admiral Theodin Klaviaer

In a brief but honest statement, the Union addressed the sudden spike in local crime, reaffirming its member systems that the Imperial Federation would see an increase in security in the following days and the diversion of defense fleets to hunt down piracy in the region.

Angardh: Dervishi Fleet Pacifies the System.
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 27.03.3305)

As an unwelcome aftermath of the recent Tedin war, the system of Angardh has seen the resurgence of minor piracy. No leader for this movement has been uncovered, but with its main attacks focused on the rival militia of the Angardh Nationals in Cobb, some speculate this could be an attack of renegade members of the disposed junta to prevent their former subjects from toppling their position as the current number two under the new democratic government.
To combat this threat of a prolonged civil war under the guise of piracy, the Dervishi fleet has stepped in once more by request of the local government and the Anti-Piracy mandate of the Imperial Federation. In a matter of two days, the supposed pirates had been scattered to the wind and a message sent to all those that would claim the jolly roger as their cause or cover. All will be killed without scrutiny. The Dervishi fleet didn't care to scan the debris for any corpses of important figures or survivors to question them.

„Pirates don't follow honor or human laws. They are best left forgotten, and unmourned. As they all deserve.“ - Quentin Gruber, Dervishi Fleet Commander

Forsina: First Free Elections Lined by Syndicates Total Defeat
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 28.03.3305)

Today the free planets of Forsina officially joined their democratic brethren in the region as the socialist party claims victory in the recent elections. Gratulations from all involved parties were given, but one special congratulation was received from the Anti-Piracy Fleet and the Hastati Liberation Party from atop the syndicate's fortress.

„We congratulate the Socialist party of Forsina on their victory in today's election and we offer the people of Forsina the special gift of peace. As of today the pirate fortress of the syndicate has fallen. The Anti-Piracy Fleet will leave the installation in the trustworthy hands of the Hastati Liberation Party as their party headquarter in future elections. They already agreed to handle all rennovations after the week long siege and assault. All apprehended officers of the syndicate will be handed over to the new democratic authorities and will await their trial in the Very Bastion. We thank all parties involved for their weeks long cooperation in this effort to pacify the region.“ - Admiral Vivien Gemai, Anti-Piracy Fleet

As the Hastati Liberation Party, the Socialists and the conservatives celebrate their newfound freedom, the Anti-Piracy fleet has promised to patrol the system for any stragglers the following days before returning home to deal with the Nomad situation. Their mandate was supposed to continue until the end of April and now will most likely not be extended.

Alourovices: Opik Orbital Returns to Democracy
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 29.03.3305)

The Heathen Knights who had chosen exil in Alourovices from imperial politics had instated their regime with force against the former influential patronage after it had seen decline in power. Neither side had shown kindness to the democrats who continuously tried to establish democratic institutions, just to be attacked and dismantled. Today the Heathen Knights finally allowed Opik Orbital to install a democratic government without their intereference. Onlookers speculate if this is supposed to be a minor concession towards the people of Alourovices or a test run for an extended minority government under 'protection' of their loyal knights. Only time will tell.

HIP 494: Democratic-Corporate Stand-Off Peacefully Resolved
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 31.03.3305)

After a short assembly of its decent defense fleet, the local headquarter of the Blue General Corporation in HIP 494 ceded control of the system to the vastly superior and experienced Papako fleet.
Days prior the three ambassadors of Papako, Edinura and Samo had come together to conduct an election in their liberated settlements and planetary cities. As all legitimacy is derived from its people, the three parties involved accepted the victory of the Confederate Party and supported a future takeover of the system and admissions to the Confederacy.
The corporation never accepted the election conducted between the three democratic powers in the system, but Papako had decided to press its victory in the democratic process with force if necessary. The weak claim of the corporation to not represent all of the people as their stations didn't join the elections rang hollow as all democratic parties had requested for them to join the elections in the first place. As both sides, the democrats and the corporation, held true to their point of view, a conflict seemed unavoidable. But a short day of skirmish later the corporation conceded under major loses of their first squadrons. In line with their humanitarian ideals, the Confederacy of Papako returned all pilots captured in the initial skirmish to the corporation, claiming no ill will or future animosity.

„The people have chosen to embrace freedom and to join our confederacy. But no matter their allegiance, we won't deprive any human of their basic civil or imperial rights. We call on the BGC to return to their peaceful ways and continue to lead HIP 494 to prosperity. We expect elections in Swift and Meech to begin in the following months and will hold a new general election after all local governments have taken up their work.“ - Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster

Negri: Lemon Slice Organisation Convicted and Dismantled
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 02.04.3305)

Less than a forthnight after its disarmament the final verdict for the LSO has been issued. All of their remaining assets would be seized by the people of Negri and given to the newly reformed democratic institutions under the Negri Patronage.
With their recent actions of terrorist support and the short but finally quelled fallout with the Nomads inside and around of Negri, the LSO has put imperial citizens in jeopardy and violated the imperial code of law. As such they had forfeited all legal rights to hold property inside of imperial space until further notice. Furthermore all financial assets were to be seized. This conclusions marks the absolute low point of the corporation's long history and is the direct result of its failed attempts of a coup in the region in the wake of Boman Co's fall from grace. First they supported Boman Co, later their own agenda with all means necessary. Now both have failed.

„With todays verdict we see the disgraceful matter of the LSO as concluded. As long as the LSO is willing to return to a peaceful conduct and return to a mutual beneficial relation with the people of Negri, we will help to reinstate its right for commerce. Should the LSO however fail to uphold imperial and local laws, we will once again persecute them before the imperial court of justice.“ - Jamba Kitwana, lawyer of the Negri Organisation

The Union of Otohime and current protector of Negri has spoken up regarding these new developements and calls for a time of civil liberty and a return of freedom to Negri.

„With the end of the terrorist conflicts in the region, we believe it is time to end the martial law imposed by the patronage and return all assets to the people. This also includes all commercial platforms. We will meet up with Governor Alyssa Ellison to discuss the return to normalcy.“ - Secretary Abbigail Conrad

Papako: NI Sanctions Remain, Imperial Federation Cautious
(Galnet: Empire, 06.04.3305)

Despite the recent reconcilation between Her Imperial Majesty, Princess Aisling Duval and her now confirmed relative Hadrian Duval, the Imperial Federal sanctions won't be lifted. In a unilateral vote with barely one abstention, the parliament has voted to continue all sanctions towards the Paresa cluster all throughout April.
Nova Imperium has been punished for its atrocity and crimes against the Empire, but it is unclear how the reformed corpus under Hadrian Duval will position itself in future imperial politics. Worse, their general reactionary stance directly violates the ideals of the Imperial Federation and unless Her Imperial Majesty Princess Aisling Duval, Senator Patreus or the Empress Alissa Lavigny-Duval herself demand it, no trade relations will be considered, let alone conducted.

„The Empire is still de facto at war with the Nova Imperium. As such the Imperial Federation will regard it as an enemy force and uphold all sanctions as dictated by the senate.“ - Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers
Negri: Martial Law Revoked
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 07.04.3305)

The Negri Patronage has declared to rest all of its authority over Negri after the system has been pacified and the terrorist threat is over. In accordance with this declaration martial law has now officially been revoked and the space installation of the Johri Port has been handed back to the people of Negri.
Governor Elisson assured that the space station of Ilyushin would be handed over as well after Sukhoi had fully prepared to house and supply the patronage fleet and that nearly the entire fleet would be given to the people as a general police force. Until then the ships would stay near Ilyushin to receive their supplies and patrol the system.
Based on internal reports confirmed by several leaks of disgruntled clients, this supposed victory of democracy and imperial benevolence had been preordained months ago when the local powers began to facilitate the fall of Boman Co and its allies. Neither the Union of Otohime nor the Patronage tried to deny those leaks.

„Once Boman Co is defeated we would give Negri and Celebi back to their people. That was always our promise. Even though the betrayal of LSO and the terrorism of Resolve forced us to conduct some rather drastic measures and delayed the effort, we still plan to work on a shared future for the system. If the LSO plans to become a part of it is up to them. And chosen not to, Negri has no lack of investors who support the people like the NFS or NO. Until then we remain a stalwart defender of their freedom and autonomy.
As such we are happy to announce a constitutional delegation is set to meet aboard Sukhoi to discuss the future of the system two weeks from now. Upon their shoulders falls the responsibility to unify the long fragmented laws of the system and Celebi and to unite the judicial corpus of Negri as one in preparation for the final push of the terraforming efforts. Afterwards Negri's people may elect to either join Shamaphan and Angardh as an official partner and ally in their own defensive Star Alliance or join the Union of Otohime proper.
No matter the result, a united region and system will finally stand against any threats of unelected autocracy and piracy. And henceforth their will shall be protected by the Imperial Federation as all power is derived from the people.“ - Fleet Admiral Theodin Klaviaer of the Socialist Republic's Grand Fleet.

Coelachi: Local Clans on the Rise
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 07.04.3305)

After the recent downfall of the short-lived Sokaram Pirate empire and the end of terrorism in the Negri cluster, many had expected a time of reprive. Alas, it appears that this shallow hope was once again crushed by reality and local clans have banded together to endanger the local fiefdom of Coealachi near Daibo.
In this desperate time it is thanks to the nearby presence and good relations of both Gamma-3 Octantis and the Union of Otohime to the leadership of Coelachi. Both regional powers have agreed to send support in the conflict and to quell the danger of a new pirate nation on either doorstep. While Coelachi is a small system, a new pirate harbor could send a dangerous message to the region.
Further reports have indictated major financial support for other clans in the regions, including the mafia of Auso. Several intelligence reports confirm that this rise of piracy seems to be mostly linked to an attempt of the renegade squadron inside of Resolve to sow renewed chaos in the region. Since they failed in the Negri cluster, their efforts had shifted to the Union of Auso and the nearby backwater system of Coelachi to destabilize the Selkadiae cluster.

„We closely monitor the Orion squadron of Resolve under the 'Valorious Shield' and are also aware of other operations under the Warhawk squadron of LSO. While we aren't certain if LSO is truly part of this, there is no doubt that the Orion squadron has taken to supporting pirates in the region. No matter the origin, the Anti-Piracy Fleet remains committed to curb any type of illegal activity inside of Tucanae and Synuefe. It doesn't matter if it is financed or not. The APF alongside the Dervishi fleet will rendevue with the ships if Miss Conrad to eliminate this threat together. All legal matters will be left to the authorities of Coelachi and Auso.“ - Admiral Vivien Gemai, Anti-Piracy Fleet

HIP 15886: New DDT-Republic Embassy Fuels Speculations
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 08.04.3305)

With a new diplomatic coup, the DDT-Republic has futher extended its sphere of influence and befriended the government of HIP 15886 in hopes of a mutual friendship and cooperation.
The extreme expansion of influence of the young republic has given them enormous prominence, especially since they destroyed the Boman Co empire from directly within and remade the former economic colony into the image of a direct democracy. Perturbed or just surprised, many onlookers have called their quick expansion into question and due to the rather extreme stance of the republic for personal freedom compared their reach for influence with the idea to 'manifest destiny' of the ancient United States of America on Earth.
Asked to comment, Imperial Federal Chancellor Hank Summers of the Imperial Federation said they are aware of the ideals behind the DDT-Republic, but see no reason to comment on another imperial democracy's foreign policy.

„We can confirm that the ambitions of the DDT-Republic are in line with democratic conduct and imperial honor and the Imperial Federation has officially recognized them as the protector of HIP 15886 and the Upper Synuefe systems. As long as they uphold civil rights and honor in the region, we will not even consider to intervene in their policies.“

Further questioned what this means for the people if HIP 14521 the Chancellor confirmed suspicions.

„There will be a referendum in HIP 14521 in the near future about its future prospects in line with those of Negri. During that time they may chose to align themselves with the DDT-Republic due to their economic ties and proximity or stick with their liberator of the Union of Otohime. The decision will be fully up to the people. Similar referendums are up for debate in Muthia and the Havilland Colony to opt between the Socialist Union and the Liberal Union of Edensu.“ - Imperial Federal Chancellor Hank Summers

The end of the Boman Co war might indeed become the greatest upheaval in the region for months, as the final borders of the sector might be decided for years to come in the following weeks or months.

Khemaraui: Boman Co Surrenders Nielson Depot
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 11.04.3305)

The former supercorporation and former ruler of Upper Synuefe, Boman Co, has surrendered control over the Nielson Depot and some of their last military supplies in Lower Synuefe to local authorities.
During the entire four days of this operation, the Union of Otohime and their ally Edensu have tracked down several convoys and financial transactions to finally pinpoint the last remaining assets of Boman Co in the region. Apparently all their remaining operations in Lower Tucanae are coordinated from smaller tactical HQs in Khemaraui. With the Liberal Union of Edensu only recently in charge of the system and the many months of capitalist intrigue, many things are yet to be discovered. This vacuum of power was used by the former owner Boman Co as a guise to hold on to local centers of power inside of the system. After its operations had been discovered and the small supply convoys surrounded, both the cargo and assets were seized by the democratic parties. Once the last remnants of the Boman Co operations are uncovered and removed, full control of the system is supposed to transfer to the Liberal Union.
Wurun Legal has received an ultimatum to surrender their political control inside of the system during that time. Otherwise the Khemaraui corporation would pursue them in imperial court in the name of the Liberal Union to take political control while they themelf would reclaim economic control of the system.

Coelachi: Pirate Clans Routed
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 13.04.3305)

As quick as the syndicates had risen to challenge the Coelachi government, as fast was their downfall. In a matter of days the superior three fleets had utterly crushed the Coelachi Dragons and driven them back into space.
With the Dervishi fleet already on its way back to the Negri cluster, the APF has confirmed to remain and monitor the situation in the following days. The current plan is to hunt minor remnants and strengthen the security and defense of the shaken fiefdom before they would disengange to leave the system's defense back with the Gamma-3 Octantis fleet and the authorities. It seems the pirate uprising was more bark than bite in the end.
Despite this quick victory, however, further streams of financial support for the Auso mafia has been seen from the Orion squadron. The APF has assured Auso to send military aid if needed and for now the Imperial Federation also offered economic support to deploy additional patrols to reduce their raids on traders.

Bugaguti: Papako Confederacy Closes Down Penitentiary
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 14.04.3305)

Diplomatic relations between Bugaguti and the Imperial Federation become more entangled as the recently declared liberal system of Bugaguti officially requests Papako's support to takeover the Beebe Penitentiary and handle the dissolution of the abhorent corporate tool of suppression and exile.
Several inmates of the falsely declared penitentiary were wrongfully admitted and used as cheap labor. Others were political and unwanted prisoners, paid for by contacts to disappear. While several people seem to have undergone mental stimulation to weaken their willpower and memories of their former lives and occupations, most of them are still very healthy.
Papako has promised to screen all inmates to identify those in true need of psychological help and to discern those innocent or with false identifications. As of now 29 falsely admitted people have been identified with roughly one in four missing proper documents. All of them were offered to join the Confederacy, regardless of documentation.

Papako: Aisling-Hadrian Pact Divides the Parliament
(Galnet: Empire, 19.04.3305)

After the Imperial Federation had declared to uphold its sanctions at least up towards the end of April against the Nova Imperium of Paresa, new developements have swayed some of the federal governments inside of the Confederacy of Papako to join their head of state's position in the Imperial Parliament.
Due to this matter falling under the guise of imperial politics, Imperial Princess Aisling Duval is supposed to be the example to follow and not to defy. Leader of this new faction of supporters is HIP 1419 and its strong conservative faction. Since the system of Otohime under Federal President Alberto Dervishi has also signalled support, this move to offer HIP 1419 as the leader is speculated to divert attention from the true power behind this movement.
Many deep-rooted democrats are afraid that the demand to follow the – mostly symbolic – head of state in matters of foreign policy would erode the Imperial Federal constitution and set a dangerous precedent for future decisions inside the parliament. If this was to be decided, it had to be put to a vote, as all future matters should. While this would still offer Princess Aisling Duval legislative powers inside the Imperial Federal parliament, it would also retain the right of the parliament to veto the proposal.

A vote has been scheduled for the end of April and the main point of contest remains if the new pact needs a qualified majority to be adopted... or cancelled. It might decide the difference between a yes and a no and the future power of the imperial princess inside of Synuefe and Tucanae's borderlands.
Vesuvit: The End of an Era?
(Galnet: Empire, 24.04.3305)

Two and a half years after the Chaos Syndicate's empire has been shattered and started its decline during its quarentine in lower Tucanae, its final days seem ahead.
General Miguel Zamora, a long lasting resistance fighter inside the Chaos Syndicate's sphere, has finally found the needed support among its peers. With the „Wolf of Shorodo“ of the nearby junta and independant pilots coming to his aid, the Autocracy of Vesuvit initiated a consecutive strain of wars beginning in mid April which finally led to the liberation of Vesuvit as of today. The Chaos syndicate fleets begin to scatter into the backwater of the system to its distant outposts and the militia stays triumphant.
While many look at the events in disbelief, the signs had slowly aligned against them. The last attempt to rebuild their sphere had begun around February, but the Imperial Federation intervened in HIP 4273 against their claims of rulership and supported Laka in liberating Nai No Kami in their local attempt to pacify and socialize the region. Afterwards the syndicate went back into lethargy.
The Imperial Parliament has declared that it will consider a review of their current stance towards the Chaos Syndicate in next weeks seating. Thus it will be only one part of the other important matters like the reform for the head of state, the powers and rights of the president and the general decision to expand the Imperial Federation membership. Also a decision to reform the voting process using cluster muncipalities of population hubs is scheduled to be decided. Ultimately Tucanae became a lot safer today!

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During the massive war of 3302 the entire region of Tucanae was affected. The Chaos Syndicate had made a name in the sector for its aggressive demeanor and hasty expansion. This finally led to some tension inside of the faction which would later see them split in two between the renegades and the loyalists. Further support and finance for nearby cartels also brought them to prominence in Laka and nearby quarters.
At the same time the Chaos Syndicate finally subdued the entire Auserid corridor and grasped for the borders of the industrial centers of Kureserians, Caspiat and Auso, maybe even shooting for Selkadiae. With further funding for pirates in the HIP 1419 cluster they had gone too far. It was here that the imperial alliance of democratic systems gave them an ultimatum. Stop at Kureserians or risk an imperial war. With little regard for diplomacy and an ego to match their recent success, the Chaos Syndicate immediately declared war on the alliance itself. This also coincided with a war against their rival, the famous group of Remus Salvus Mortem and the Paladins they had coerced into a guarantee of independance.
It didn't take long and the many cracks and hubris of the syndicate would begin to break them apart. First the Tucanae alliance spearheaded by the Imperial Federation made contact with the Renegades and Remus Salvus Mortem. Under a combined military agenda, they managed to completely outmaneuver and exhaust the syndicates forces and helped General Wolf to take back Shorodo and slowly wrestle the Iota Tucanae cluster from the hands of the anarchists. Later on the Tucanae alliance would concentrate its forces to push them back in the Karunti corridor and the Auserid sphere, banning them from most of the upper systems.
Just when the Chaos Syndicate seemed to fully collapse, a fallout between RSM and the Paladins led to a white peace between RSM and the syndicate, with the Paladins pulling out. From here on the Anti-Chaos coalition had been reduced to the Renegades and the Tucanae alliance, barely a month into the war.
Nonetheless the alliance pushed on and not only retook Vesuvit for a time, but also strangled all other systems of the syndicate and for a brief moment nearly removed their entire rule. All their forces in the Auserid corridor retreated with the exception of Kureserians to regroup in the backwater of the Iota Tucanae cluster.
While no official peace had ever been signed, the inofficial demarkation of HIP 1672 to HIP 4273 was established shortly thereafter with the Anti-Piracy Fleet withdrawing its forces behind the line and letting the syndicate regain Vesuvit. In return the Imperial Federation fully liberated Kureserians a few months later. While minor skirmishes happened and both HIP 4273 and Laka came into conflict for a time to purge them of piracy, both sides seemed to adhere to the rules without official peace.
In 3305, the Chaos syndicate began a renewed slow decline after its recovery in 3304 and might soon vanish.

Negri: LSO Returns to Business
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 26.04.3305)

Shortly after their full liquidation, the corporation of LSO has reacquired funding to reestablish a new enterprise in the real estate market. Instead of investing in major government functions, it will now concern itself with the happiness and security of the citizens of Negri aboard the space installation of Skewed Goose.
The decision to keep the former brand despite its loaded history has been brushed aside and the business license of LSO was restored. Both the governess of Negri and the democratic parties voiced their concern over this step and warned the LSO to remain inside of imperial law and respect the democratic institutions of Negri this time around. If they would step out of line again, they might not come back next time. This also includes funding of terrorism with any income of the real estate business.

Negri: Referendum Scheduled
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 28.04.3305)

The grand conference of the democratic parties of Negri has come to a close and two constitutions have been drafted. One would see them as an integral part of the Socialist Union of Otohime and another that would see them form their own defensive pact as a fully independent star system alongside Angardh and Shamaphan to form the Democratic Star Alliance, which would remain allied to the Imperial Federation.
The final vote is scheduled for the third of May and first pools see the independence movement in the lead by 65% to 35%. The Union is mostly seen as a trusted friend and protector and with the democratic system of Negri under the Worker's Party of Negri being socialist itself, many seem to prefer the mighty blossoming terraforming system to stand on its own merit. Centralization is not always the answer.

Papako: Edensu NOT to Join Imperial Federation! Alliance Formulated.
(Galnet: Empire, 29.04.3305)

Despite the massive support of the Devishi family as well as Havilland and Muthia, the Liberal Union of Edensu will not join the Imperial Federation. It will instead join the democratic alliance of imperial systems. In a system based vote of the local representatives, 4 are pro Edensu, 7 against and Papako and Hermoricaur abstained.
The decision for admission was given priority, as their members were considered to join the parliament the next day should the motion carry. With the denial, all further votes were held the same day. Among the advocates for Edensu are Havilland and Muthia, two systems that had considered to join Edensu as members when it would join the Imperial Federation. While Havilland stays determined to do so regardless, Muthia has officially called this move into question and put it back up for debate at home. Further supporters were Otohime and the soon potentially leaving star system of Negri. The idea to dissolve part of the Union of Otohime in favor of the newly joined Edensu might have prompted some of the unions systems to vote against it. With the idea of Edensu joining the Imperial Federation dismissed for now, the resistance to form muncipalities by the systems might wane as the union stood to lose if Edensu joined.

In further news the Imperial Federation has voted to adopt Eggen as the new presidential seat of power with a vote of 8 to 5 with most support stemming directly from the neighboring systems of Otohime and the Dervishi. However, the planned extension of powers for the president ended inconclusive as it had the basic majority of votes with 6 against 4, but the massive abstention of three systems forced the reform to go into a second vote tomorrow due to failing an absolute majority. Both sides now have the chance to convince the members to switch their votes, but should the vote remain at 6 by 4, the reform will be upheld the next day and allow Imperial Federal President Alberto Dervishi to implement presidential decree and to settle deadlocks between votes and members. Further he would be allowed to set the type of vote scheduled for each reform and law which currently mostly hinges on a by system vote of a local representative.

Admission of Edensu:
O Havilland, Muthia, Negri, Otohime
~ Papako Hermoricaur
X Fuambe, HIP 10137, HIP 11886, HIP 1419, HIP 14521, HIP 1536, HIP 494

New Presidential Seat:
O Hermoricaur, HIP 10137, HIP 11886, HIP 1419, HIP 494, Muthia, Negri, Otohime
X Fuambe, Havilland, HIP 14521, HIP 1536, Papako

Presidential Reforms:
O Fuambe, Hermoricaur, HIP 10137, HIP 11886, Otohime, Papako
~ HIP 14521, Muthia, Negri
X Havilland, HIP 1536, HIP 1419, HIP 494
Papako: Presidential Reform Overturned! Paresa Embargo Ends.
(Galnet: Empire, 30.04.3305)

The great presidential reforms spearheaded by Imperial Federal President Alberto Dervishi have failed during the second reading. This happened barely one day after it had succeded during its first reading, but did not pass the absolute majority to be enacted.

Both parties had convinced doubters to switch to their side. Under normal circumstances this would have allowed for the new constitution to pass with absolute majority, despite the simple need for basic majority. Now all plans are cancelled. The system of Papako, that had supported the bill the day before, did not switch to abstain as is common, but outright rejected the law in contrast to its prior vote.
The Federal President condemned this dishonorable act and called the conduct into question. In a rather emotional statement Alberto Dervishi didn't spare local Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster of Papako from allegations of collusion. „This Imperial Federation was build on trust and honor. There was no honor today.“
Miss Lancaster rejected his criticism, simply pointing to Papako's interest to uphold the votes of their members. „The deciding vote would have come from Muthia and further support was found in the patronal march of Fuambe. Unless we are sure they do not leave the Imperial Federation and stay loyal to the constitution, such a major decision should not fall to one system alone. As such the administraton of Papako saw the need to intervene by the request of HIP 1419. The few should not dictate the fate of the many.“
The autonomous government of HIP 1419 is known for its loyal imperial conduct, but also for its socialist views. While many had speculated about an alliance between the Dervishi and Governor Mei Swanson, the true alliance was struck between the president and the Muthia representative Governor Elmo Auer. It seems the lady of HIP 1419 tries to position herself for the first presidential elections inside the Imperial Federation as a worthy successor of the Dervishi. And as a member among the Federal Union of Papako, her chances have just gone up.

In further news the proposal for muncipalities inside the Imperial Federation failed by 1 vote of 5 to 6 with 2 abstentions. Noteworthy were the main antagonists of the bill, Muthia, Fuambe and Havilland, who are either autonomous, a protectorate or scheduled to leave the union the next month. This was seen by many as revenge for the denial of the presidential reform as Papako was the main supporter of the bill.
Meanwhile both the end of the war state with the Chaos syndicate and the end of the Paresa embargoes were adopted.
All parties decided on an equal motion for the head of state, Her Imperial Majesty, Princess Aisling Duval. As such the head of state will henceforth be allowed to propose legislation to the parliament in regards to foreign policy and will be subject to an absolute majority vote of the member systems.
Lower Tucanae will see renewed support for democratic governments and trade will be reactivated. All parties agreed that Vesuvit would remain under embargo to not interfere with the current freedom fight of the militias. Papako's involvement might spark fear among them and reduce their willingness to fight the remnant Chaos fleet. The Imperial Federation does not claim sovereignty over the Iota Tucanae cluster or the Vesuvit industrial complex and will not interfere in any political matters.

Presidential Reforms:
O Fuambe, Hermoricaur, HIP 10137, HIP 11886, Muthia, Otohime
~ Negri
X Havilland, HIP 1536, HIP 1419, HIP 14521, HIP 494, Papako

O HIP 11886, HIP 1536, Negri, Otohime, Papako
~ Hermoricaur, HIP 1419
X Fuambe, Havilland, HIP 10137, HIP 14521, HIP 494, Muthia

Lift Paresa Embargo:
O Fuambe, HIP 10137, HIP 1419, Muthia, Otohime, Papako
~ Hermoricaur, HIP 1536
X Havilland, HIP 11886, HIP 14521, HIP 494, Negri

Ending the Chaos War:
O Havilland, HIP 10137, HIP 1419, HIP 1536, HIP 494, Negri, Otohime, Papako
~ Hermoricaur
X Fuambe, HIP 11886, HIP 14521, Muthia

Negri: Worker's Party Wins Referendum! Negri to Join Democratic Star Alliance.
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 03.05.3305)

With the final vote cast, the electronic systems quickly announced the winner of the referendum for Negri's future. The socialist Worker's Party will rule the former protectorate and new independant system.

Despite the massive lead in the polls for the Worker's Party, the final result was much closer than expected. With 56.3% to 44.7%, the people of Negri have decided to become an independant member of the Democratic Star Alliance of Angardh and Shamaphan who recently attained their own independance due to the timely intervention of the Imperial Federation. True to their word the Union of Otohime has acknowledge the will of the people and has immediately transferred all economic and political control of the Sukhoi Terminal to the new government. Negri will remain in socialist hands under the Worker's Party, but the system of Negri will adopt the direct democratic system of frequent referendums for all major decisions among their populace. The slow transfer of all political offices to newly elected members of the people is scheduled to take two more weeks.
Speaker Aubrie Mayr further assured the Negri government of the Grand Fleet's support in all matters of defense and their police and will monitor the activities of the Lemon Slice Organisation personally. If there is any doubt of the peaceful conduct of the former terrorist financier, Otohime would defend the public order of Negri and guarantee its independance.

Vasho: Local Mafia Openly Intimidates Government
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 06.05.3305)

Barely two weeks after the collapse of the Chaos Syndicate, the borderlands of Tucanae awaken to the threat of a new pirate haven and shipyard of terror.

The local democratic government of Vasho in the Arm of Zagombo near the Adamantine Union has admitted to its failure to suppress the dangerous mafia that has grown below its corrupt administration and now openly 'advises' the politicians of the systems in all matters of governance. Recently more and more wanted ships were seen in Vasho space and the entire region might soon become a new pirate nation.
The official government has fled the Robert Terminal and takes shelter on Hayashi, guarded by its powerful anti-air guns. However, the new puppet government of the mafia has declared them rebels and might soon move to oust them entirely. Despite this false claim of legitimacy, all surrounding systems openly declared Vasho a failed state and recognized it as an anarchist region. A general warning to all travellers and traders was issued.
As of now there was no formal request of the exile government to deploy the Anti-Piracy Fleet of the Democratic Alliance of Imperial Systems. The APF has declared that any attempt of the mafia to spread its wicked influence to surrounding systems is noted, and they would intervene, request or not.
In lack of a request, the Imperial Federation, the Knights of the Black and the Adamantine Union have convened and dubbed the current developement as 'concerning'. Should the mafia attack Hayashi or threaten the nearby Adamantine Union, the APF will deploy.

Otohime: New Centre Party to Oppose Presidential Autocracy
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 08.05.3305)

Federal President Alberto Dervishi's attempt to centralize power in Otohime and to return to the formerly guaranteed status quo by the Union of Otohime begins to face opposition as a new centre party attempts to renege these agreements.

In lieu of the loyal conduct and support of Edensu, as well as the stoic honor and compliance of the socialists, the president has no friends among the new Lemon Drop party. Lazaro Baker, one of its founding members, confirmed that the goal of the party was to challenge the president in local elections and to revert the recent changes he had implemented for the traders and visitors of Parker and Hampson to strenghten the democratic base and credibility of the Imperial Federation.
As of now the president's office did not decide to address the upstart party and ignores the issue. With the extreme positions of liberalism and socialism in Otohime, a new centre party has ample grounds to grow and might be just the ingredient the intelligent and foresighted president did not account for. Afterall some peppers might be sweet, but this one could get very spicy very soon.

Vasho: Imperial Federation and Knights of the Black Intervene!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 09.05.3305)

The exile government of Vasho finally requested aid under duress of orbital bombardment and the two regional powers of the Knights of the Black and the Imperial Federation have deployed to help Hayashi.

Yesterday Aide Wilmer Burton has officially requested aid of the Anti-Piracy fleet and all uncommitted forces were deployed to immediately aid the besieged people. Both forces clashed with the paid-off mercenaries of the local mafia in the space of Hayashi, inflicting terrible loses to the untrained mercenaries and bloodhounds. Shortly after the siege had been lifted, several Imperial Cutters were seen to deliver fresh supplies and resources to rearm the orbital guns of Hayashi and prepare the remnant government forces to face their enemy and take back Robert Terminal alongside them.

In an attempt to quickly seize the system and regain control of the situation, the Knights of the Black have started strategic attacks on the installations the mafia has deployed all throughout the Vasho system's space, while the Imperial Federation will focus on rearming the populace and lead the charge on Robert Terminal.
Unlike the war in Forsina, the Vasho mafia didn't have much time to fortify its position. Yet, their ties to politics and the rampant corruption, as well as their many secret hideouts run deep in Vasho. While this might not become a major military operation, the APF Admiral Vivien Gemai confirmed that this mandate might last for several months and the process of rooting out corruption may very well go into the entire year.
Edensu: Protectorate Status About to End
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 10.05.3305)

Over three months after the grand fleet of the Union of Otohime once more liberated their old friends of the Edensu Cooperative from the occupation by Boman Co, the system is about to return to normalcy and the protectorate mandate will run out.

The Liberal Union of Edensu has seen an unprecedented recovery in the last weeks and with the scheduled admission of Havilland by the end of the month will soon consolidate its governments authority as a central power in the local region. To prepare for this auspicious day, the Imperial Federation and the Liberal Union of Edensu had already signed an alliance agreement after the full admission of Edensu has been postponed in the recent constitutional meeting of the Imperial Parliament in Papako and handed over the former tactical outpost in Edensu proper.
Further potential support arrived as a surprise and Muthia's governor Elmo Auer has proposed to become their official imperial representative towards the senate. With the Dervishi closely aligned with the Imperial Federation and overall Otohime and its colonies, the idea of an independant imperial governor for Edensu has struck a cord.
Imperial Federal President Alberto Dervishi decided not to comment personally on the situation and his secretary declared that it is the position of the Imperial Federation and the Dervishi family that any imperial system can freely chose which representative to back. He and Elmo Auer trust each other to do what is best for the Empire and they would continue the good relationship between their system's.
While this proposal did fail to create a crack between the former friends, it did fuel the fires inside of Muthia in favor of admission to Edensu. Instead of being a border system of the Imperial Federation, Muthia would be set to become the secondary capital of the Liberal Union of Edensu and the seat of the governance. Everything is possible.

Khemaraui: The Final Defeat of Boman Co
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 15.05.3305)

Four month after the purge of the Boman Co sphere began, the democratic forces of Synuefe seem satisfied.

With the last base of their former enemy in Khemaraui located and seized, the Union of Otohime has officially declared an end to the Boman War and has shown interest to further stabilize the systems of Synuefe under local governance. Speaker Aubrie Mayr thanked the valiant pilots that had liberated the region against all adversities and promised their families to slowly reduce the protectorate fleets around Synuefe to bring them home. With no further attempts of Boman Co to take back control of the political sphere, the conflicts end might be a welcome relief to the battered supercorporation.

„Boman Co still retains influence in Upper Synuefe, but their ultimate fate is not for the Union of Otohime to decide. We sent our message and helped our friends and brethren. This war is over.“ - Secretary Abbigail Conrad

After the many defeats it seems unlikely that Boman Co will ever recover and threaten Lower Synuefe again. With the DDT republic vying for acceptance among the people of Apis and HIP 15886, the space and chances for Boman Co to regrow in strength seem very small.

Bugaguti: Admission to the Confederacy
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 16.05.3305)

The formal request of the liberal government of Bugaguti to officially join the Confederacy of Papako has been met with approval among the members with the sole objection of HIP 494 and abstention by Hermoricaur.

It came as no surprise when the system of Bugaguti had requested a formal admission to the confederacy earlier this week and the overwhelming support they received among the members only went to show the close ties they had established in the prior months. Not only did Papako help to establish the liberal democracy inside of Bugaguti, but the confederacy also helped to close down the penitentiary and accepted open trade and border agreements long before the admission became official.

As a new member to the confederacy, Ryleigh Graves will not only represent Bugaguti inside of the confederacy, but also Bugaguti as a whole inside the Imperial Federation's parliament. With another voice towards liberalism and a free market model, the formerly strong socialist positions come under threat. While HIP 1419 still remains a strong voice for social equality and the constitution guarantees those indefeasible rights, many future policies of the Imperial Federation might slowly tilt towards a more open approach to all facets of life.

Vasho: The Siege of Robert Terminal
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 19.05.3305)

Less than two weeks after the intervention began, the joint forces of the Knights of the Black and the Anti-Piracy Fleet have cornered the Vasho Mafia in Robert Terminal.

Soon the liberation of Vasho will begin after the income of the mafia has been cut and their tactical installations began to fail under pressure of sabotage by the Knights of the Black. With a siege in full effect around Robert Terminal, the forces of the Anti-Piracy fleet are ready to strike out against any deploying forces.
Tactical analysts report no proper stockpiles inside the station and even less loyalty of many workers among the populace and workforce. All tradelanes towards the local agriculture installation were cut from day one and soon the people might turn on their captors for lack of food and supplies and oust the faux government the mafia had installed among them.

„We know the people didn't elect this emergency government and we trust they will use the lack of reinforcements and support for the criminals to liberate themselves. The mafia has no way to contact their allies anymore.“

Signal boosters have been placed around the entire facility to drown the station in noise and false signals to make any contact to the outside world impossible. Meanwhile reports of spies inside the facility have instilled fear for an uprising or sabotage of the station's defense systems among those in charge. However, if this siege would be upheld and the people weren't willing to free themselves, the admiral reaffirmed the sincerity of the APF to limit civilian casualties.

„If reports come in that the worst comes to pass, we are prepared to assault the station and take out the heavy ordinance of the facility with a direct attack. They will surrender by the end of the week or face the full force of the APF.“

Otohime: Sidewinder Syndicate and Resolve Join Forces
(Galnet: Empire, 20.05.3305)

The anarchist collective of the Sidewinder Syndicate and the self-declared 'freedom fighters' of Resolve have allied each other and attacked the civilian space around the Negri cluster.

After Resolve had declared to withdraw and end their dishonorable actions they had conducted during the Lemon Slice incidents amidst the Boman War in the name of the supercorporation, the group has returned in liason with another infamous group at the end of the Boman War. While further acts of smuggling and sabotage were conducted by the so-called Orion squadron, Resolve had declared that these few people acted on their own volition and disregarded the will of the collective. With the return of sabotage and shelling of planetary settlements as well as attacks on tradelanes conducted by members of both groups and lead by the flagship of Resolve itself, those former statements ring hollow.
In response to these attacks the Union of Otohime has formerly requested the assistance of the Anti-Piracy fleet to pacify the space around Negri and to monitor the situation. In accordance with the Imperial Federal statute the APF can only deploy to combat non-belligerent acts and suppress criminal activity inside imperial space. As such the group known as Resolve has now officially been declared an anti-democratic terror organisation alongside the fallen Chaos Syndicate and will join the Sidewinder Syndicate as an official criminal organisation.

„There was little doubt among the imperial federal parliament about Resolve's affiliations, but we lacked the evidence to condemn the entire group. As of today we got confirmed reports of the Pilot's Federation that the Apoplexy has been active in the region and was seen near acts of sabotage and assaults on the people of the Imperial Federation alongside the Base Dealer and the Pinochet. This means the entire leadership of Resolve at least condones this dishonorable act of terrorism or leads the charge themself. All efforts will be taken to sustain the region's economy and security where needed.“ - Imperial Federal Chancellor Hank Summers

It seems the end of the two former wars was simply the start of a new conflict for the Imperial Federation as Resolve prefers asymmetrical terrorist attacks and dishonorable acts of cowardice to destabilize smaller independent regions and force their will on the people. The Imperial Federation does not plan to conform to their ideal, especially with their payroll having come from many a corporation.
To combat this strange resurgence, the Union of Otohime has begun a shakedown of the LSO activity inside of Negri to assure that no financial assets from their security and real-estate services are misappropiated towards either of these two terrorist groups.
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Negri: Change of Power
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 21.05.3305)

Roughly two and a half weeks after Negri had voted on their independance inside the Democratic Star Alliance, the last office has been handed over.

Renewed elections in all locations came to a close and with all offices now firmly in hand of local politicians all documents pertaining to intelligence and research have been handed over to the new government. The Socialist Union of Otohime addressed the handover of the Pasteur Centre to the Worker's Party of Negri as a symbolic gesture. Both parties would continue to share research results and strife to increase the health and benefits for the people of the region. As long as the Pasteur Centre is under democratic control, all would share in the knowledge gained.
A proctorate fleet of the Union of Otohime will remain in the system even after the full change of power has been completed. Their main role is to monitor the tarnished LSO corporation during the renewed terror wave in the region and to prevent them from embezzling funds for illegal activities again.

Edensu: A Test of Strength
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 22.05.3305)

Following reports of assaults in the last days, Edensu has come out in full force to meet the mercenary fleets of the Khemaraui corporation who had openly challenged the government of the system with heavy causalties on both sides.

With the resurgence of Resolve's corporate support in the cluster, the Khemaraui corporation has decided to wager its future on the recent upheaval in the region and launched an all out attack on the fletchling liberal union. Initially the corporation had complied with the imperial mandate given to Edensu to oversee the system of Khemaraui. At this point in time many believe they were simply biding their time. Both the Dervishi and the Auer family have questioned this dishonorable act and called on the corporation to stand down and accept the new realities of the region.
Initial reports of major causalties led to the Union of Otohime to enact the alliance accord and Alberto Dervishi sent out the patronal fleet to meet the renegade corporation in battle. This finally turned the tide against the aggressor and the mercenary fleets abandoned Metcalf to be taken over by Edensu proper.
For now the last resistence of the regional corporations seems to be broken, but Alberto Dervishi assured Edensu and the people of Khemaraui to monitor the situation and assist them if the mercenaries would return.

Vasho: Robert Terminal Surrenders
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 24.05.3305)

The siege of Robert Terminal ends without any major confrontation in a peaceful handover and marks a renewed turning point for the system.

As of today the Robert Terminal is back under control of the original democratic government of Vasho. The installed puppets of the mafia have given up and turned themselves in under the promise of protection. A bloodbath has been avoided.
With no major confrontation the APF is still at full strength and has decided to harass and disrupt the remaining strategic ops of the mafia in the region with a basic defense squadron serving directly at Robert Terminal. Their main goal will be to liberate the local bioplantations of Vasho to restore the autarky of the system. Meanwhile its supply will be assured by convoys from Laka.
The Knights of the Black have accepted the duty to monitor and assess the situation in the far regions of Vasho. Their main goal will be to liberate the Abel Port and rob the mafia of their last hostages in the system.
The APF confirmed their will to hunt down and punish the mafia to their last member. Anything less would be dishonest to the people of Robert Terminal and the former puppets that risked their lives to betray the criminal institution that has begun to rot Vasho's fundation. There will be no end to this operation until the mafia is down and broken with no risk of recovery.

Muthia: Terror Campaign Branches Out
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 27.05.3305)

After several attacks on civil installations in Muthia and disruptions of trade, Resolve has expanded its attacks on the clients of the Auer family and the Liberal Union of Edensu and past the Socialist Union of Otohime.

With the active process of Havillands integration into Edensu's governmental system and the realignment of laws, the similar process started in Muthia has been disrupted by cowardly crimes of the anarchist collective of Resolve. Imperial Governor Elmo Auer recognized these actions inside his domain as an unlawful and dishonorable act and called upon the region to stand firm against any anti-imperial and cowardly practices. The APF has begun to crack down on local criminals to remedy the problem for Muthia and will monitor the situation closely.

„We will see to it that the admission and integration of Muthia into the Liberal Union of Edensu will not be disrupted. Governor Auer and the people of Muthia have our military protection and the support of the Socialist Union for resupplies for all damaged structures. Terrorism will not triumph in Synuefe.“ - Admiral Vivien Gemai, APF

Papako: Next Constitutional Seating in July
(Galnet: Empire, 29.05.3305)

With the regional borders redrawn and agreed upon by all democratic powers of the area, the Imperial Federation has called for another Constitutional Seating of the member states to discuss and vote on any new or former proposals in light of its renewed makeup in early July.

While the Imperial Federal Parliament of the Imperial Federation of Tucanae and Synuefe tends to regularly address matters of importance between and inside of its members in the Goonan parliament, the idea of a Constitutional Seating is rare. Due to the many loose and autonomous rules inside of the superfederation, most decisions do not affect all systems and people equally. The constitutional seating is meant to address major problems and prepare the Imperial Federation for future endeavors. It is also the only seating that is allowed to vote on, implement and overrule the Imperial Federal constitution. Normally this event is meant to happen twice a year, but the Boman War made it necessary to host at least one more.
The exact date will be announced whenever the transition of power and democratic elections in Synuefe are complete. But it was agreed that it shall be no latter than the 15th. Papako and Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster herself have expressed support to host another soon as several admissions to the Federal Union have lined up and reshaped the internal balance more towards liberalism. To properly represent all members, all of these people need a chance to be heard in a timely fashion and get an equal chance to vote on matters of the parliament.

Vasho: Knights of the Black Liberate Abel Port!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 01.06.3305)

With the successful seizure of the Abel Port inside of the Vasho system, the mafia has entered a state of retreat and tries to reassemble its forces at their headquarter, a major defense installation hidden in the darkness of space.

The assault on the minor installation of Abel Port was spearheaded by the Knights of the Black and led by Commander Poulter. While the installation will need some repairs after its seizure, civilian casualties are not reported. The reigning minister president Wilmer Burton and the imperial governor Britt Powers both congratulated Progenitor Dayami Matthews and her knights for a great service to the empire. Control of the station was already handed back to the officially elected representatives of the system.
Both, Governor Powers and MP Burton, have agreed to pacify the region alongside the APF and the Knights by taking on the militias that had been supported and financed by the mafia to hassle and weaken the imperial subjects. While the patronage will focus on the paramilitary structures in Vasho, the republican fleet will engage the Iburri junta.
This reaction is commendable and for the governor and his patronage a much needed show of fidelity to the people of the Zagombo Arm. With several governor candidates in the vicinity, Governor Powers stood to loose his position as the Vasho representative if he did not finally act on the system's behalf.
Muthia: Elmo Auer to Officially Represent Edensu!
(Galnet: Empire, 03.06.3305)

As the currently last and newest admitted member of the Liberal Union, Muthia will be the official seat of the governor of Edensu, and the Auer family will be the acting patron towards the Imperial Senate for the entire cluster.

Governor Auer expressed his utmost humility to have received the trust and goodwill of the people of the democratic union and promised to accurately portray all their plights and visions for the future of the Empire towards the Imperial Senate. While no name has been dropped, the clear anti-slavery stance of the Tucanae and Synuefe border region and the social-liberal ideals of Edensu are a clear indication who and who not to back. None of the more conservative senators can even hope to acquire Edensu's support and yet the weak position of the governor is all too clear.
With barely 33.000 people as his clients, not many senators would bend over backwards to gather their support. It might actually fall to the guile and diplomacy of the Auer family to find a senator that would listen to them on more grounds than lip service and the list of liberal candidates in the senate, while increasing, is still temendously small compared to the traditional faction and the loyalists.

Apis: Roe is ye! Apis Cartel Destroyed!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 04.06.3305)

After many years the anarchist remnants that had threatened the spacelanes of Apis and reduced the income of Boman Co and Apis Interstellar have been driven from Roe.

As a small and unimportant system, the people of Apis are used to being ignored. The only thing keeping the small extraction system relevant was the Boman War which had ended with the peaceful takeover of local assets by the Apis Interstellar for the few thousand inhabitants. No shot was ever fired.
The planet of Roe was a lawless haven for a very long time. Outside of minor mining sites, people would avoid it and trade directly through Challis. The risk to jump the intermediary trade of Boman Co and Apis Interstellar seldom justified the risk of being cheated or killed. There is a lot of fast money in the Milky Way, but it does not lie with Palladium.
After the recent downfall of the supercorporation of Boman Co and the rise of the DDT-Republic from its corpse every credit counted for the corporate remnant. This led to even minor pilfering of the Roe criminals not getting unnoticed. In a rare showcase of unity since the ceasefire between Boman Co and the Imperial Federation, the Anti-Piracy Fleet supported the attack and seizure of the Roe Arsenal from the local major cartel. The intent was to crush the backbone of the lawless world and slowly return it to a proper anchor of civilization as the other factions fracture without a uniting force of dread.

Despite this joined action against piracy, the APF has made it clear that the Roe Arsenal would be handed over to the DDT-Republic to allow for the creation of a grassroot democratic system on Roe. Boman Co is allowed to extract as much income from the mines and all surrounding sources and would gain exclusive exploitation rights further down the line for its contribution. Alas, it will not be allowed to return to political power in the nearby region. Some people inside of Apis are even dreaming of admission to a proper democratic union and the DDT-Republic seems to be the most likely candidate after the official plans for HIP 14521 to join it as well.

Khemaraui: Peace Returns!
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 04.06.3305)

In the wake of the Edensu-Corporate war that had shaken the young independant republic and demanded the intervention of the Dervishi Fleet, the Khemaraui system has been finally pacified.

Even before the Boman War, the former supercorporation was never fully able to pacify Khemaraui. The local militia had a very amicable and supportive position towards Otohime that helped it during the massive famine of 3302 and other humanitarian crisis in the cluster. This cooperation and the general trust of both had secured the militia a power base even during and after the initial membership inside the Union of Otohime. Later they had pushed back against the total exploitation of Boman Co with what they had gained. The Khemaraui milita never yielded control of the pearl of Khemaraui, the refinery city of Covington. This allowed them to influence many decisions of Boman Co inside of Khemaraui, to the detriment of their earnings.
When Boman Co fell, many vultures and local players assembled to take possesion of its dying corpse. In the ensuing corporate bid wars between Wurun and the local corporations no clear winner appeared, but none of the former wanted to yield to the democratic alliance that had struck down Boman Co in the first place.
The one true ally of the democrats was their old friend, the militia, who supported the mandate of Edensu early on and even handed over control of the Covington refinery to act as a basic police force for the system instead. Months after the Boman War and the many civil wars for dominance in the cluster had turned Khemaraui partially inhospitable, the united forces of Otohime and Edensu have now finally pacified the system. All mercenary fleets have been destroyed and no further attempt to disrupt the democratic status quo was attempted.
With the handover of the last protectorate base of the Union of Otohime to their more liberal ally, Khemaraui might finally know a lasting period of peace. It truly deserves it.

Fuambe: Special Voting Rights Revoked
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 07.06.3305)

As part of the Muthia admission clause, the patronal march status of Fuambe has been dissolved. All other guarantees remain.

Fuambe had joined the Union of Otohime under the special circumstance that the Imperial Federation would come to its aid if the Negrici rebellion would spread out and endanger the border systems. Several months after the Negrici rebellion inside the Empire had gathered momentum, the threat has outlived its hype and the rebels seem to have reached their utmost potential. Most fears of a rampant rebellion inside of the Empire are gone. It might still take years to crush the insurgency due to the minor importance of the involved systems to the Empire. The entire region remains under a state of pseudo-lawless conditions until then.
Today Fuambe remains as safe as it did in prior years after the Yawalapiti Cartel was crushed by the first incarnation of the APF. Based on the Muthia admission clause, the Union of Otohime has suspended the voting rights of Fumabe inside the Imperial Federal Parliament and handed over all defensive responsibilities associated with the status to the Auer family of Muthia and by large the Liberal Union of Edensu. As a proper ally and de facto still protector of the young republic, the Union of Otohime and the Imperial Federation will continue to guarantee Fuambe's well-being against any criminal activity or imperial rebels, regardless of direct involvement.

HIP 15886: Admission to DDT-Republic Overshadowed by Resolve
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 09.06.3305)

The socialist government of HIP 15886 requested to join the DDT-Republic after repeated acts of terrorism and sabotage by Resolve led to a short resurgence and occupation by the Boman Co fleet.

Recently Resolve has increased its infamy by attacking many smaller governments and institutions in Synuefe after its campaign against the Imperial Federation had proven futile. Aside of massive smuggling of dangerous and forbidden goods, their main course of action is sabotage of installations and ocasional murder.
This time the infamous group struck the social democrats of HIP 15886 and endangered the livelihood and security of the imperial citizens under Governor Jasper Herring. In an act of unity, both parties decided to end their hostilities lasting from the recent democratic spring and tackle the wave of terrorism together.
During this time of weakness, the strangest thing was not the arrival of a Boman Co mercenary fleet which attempted to take over the station of Alcock and reinstate the former status quo on the system, if not entirely then in space. Suspicions arose as the fleet also comprised of Resolve members and further aligned mercenaries.
Boman Co does indeed still hold an imperial mandate for HIP 15886, but as it had proven to accept the help of criminals and terrorists, Governor Jasper Herring formally invited the DDT members to take over the mandate of HIP 15886 and officially admission the system to their republic. Both, the DDT fleet as well as the APF of the Imperial Federation intervened on behalf of the democratic forces and finally drove off the Boman Co fleet to reinstate a democratic system inside of HIP 15886. Afterwards the governor and the union officially signed the admission to DDT. Meanwhile terrorist attacks of Resolve continue, now directed against the DDT-Republic as well.

Due to the small size and short existence of the DDT-Republic of Boman, Governor Herring further offered to serve as the democrats voice and supporter towards the Imperial Senate. While every imperial citizen has a right to be heard before the senate by the laws of representation, the young democracy of DDT has yet to find a patron to amplify its voice. This proposal, as of now, has not been answered.

Vasho: The End of the Mafia?
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 11.06.3305)

Much faster than most people anticipated, the Vasho Mafia has lost its last bargaining chip in form of the agricultural installations and sees its headquarter and main military base under siege.

In preparation of this major endeavour both the APF and the Knights of the Black have come together to lead the charge on the main fortress side by side. The mafia has lost its last leverage to the APF and the coalition has declared an all-out attack on their fortress. First skirmishes are fought with stragglers, smaller patrols and supply convois, which are attacked and destroyed to surround the fortress entirely. A full on blockade is now in effect.
Unlike Robert Terminal, most personal and definetly all pilots aboard the military fortress are not civilians. While there is a certain risk that hostages and slaves might be used to deflect the attack, no quarter will be given. In a short and decisive response the APF made it clear that no cowardly tactics will deter the final result and the siege would transition to an assault if the last ultimatum was ignored.

„There will be no bargain and no concessions towards criminals, murderers or terrorists. They can turn themselves in under the imperial penal code and be prosecuted under the Vasho constitution or die for their inhumane ideals.“ - Vivien Gemai, Admiral of the APF

With the system now back in full control of an autark food supply, the convois from Laka steadily decline and will soon return to normalcy.

HIP 1419: Governor Swanson Supports Unification of Laws
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 12.06.3305)

Years after HIP 1419 joined the Federal Union of Papako and the Imperial Federation, the system has finally given up major parts of its autonomy in favor of closer ties to their peers.

As a powerful and influential industrial hub in the borderlands, HIP 1419 always treasured its autonomy and local identity. While the system and the Imperial Federation worked together long before its admission, the main reason that connected both parties was the Chaos War and the decline of the entire region under the threat of anarchy and politics. Their admission was one of convenience and relied on many guarantees and freedoms.
After the Chaos War the Empire had rekindled their connection to the borderlands and with the support of several patrons towards the senate, many imperial shipyards were built to secure the Empire's foothold in the region. It also helped to pacify any renewed seeds of anarchy. This worked for the really important systems like Laka, but it didn't shield the Sokaram cluster and the outliers of Papako of which HIP 1419 was a part.
In the renewed struggle for order and a future free from despots and crime lords, HIP 1419 had once again found itself the lesser to the much smaller systems they called their federal peers. HIP 1536 was the beacon of freedom that would crush the Sokaram insurgency and restore order to its much bigger neighbor, HIP 1419. It was Papako that revived the old system of the APF and once again brought order to Tucanae and Synuefe when major governments had failed due to their own egoistic desires. Today, these times are gone.
Governor Mei Swansons never considered to deny the further unification of laws between the social democratic government of HIP 1419 and the federal government of Papako. She, just as much as anyone, has realized that the future of the region will not be decided by a single powerful entity, but the connections formed between the many. With the official paperwork out of the way, all major cities and stations of HIP 1419 now follow the Imperial Federal penal code and its constitution, as well as the economic and social laws of the Federal Union of Papako.

In the run-up to this historic moment many enemies and critics of this unification have accused Mei Swanson of collusion and likened her support to an act of treason. She would sell the identity and freedoms of HIP 1419 for a chance to become the future and first female Federal President of the Imperial Federation. Despite the overwhelming reasons and clear evidence for this unification, the more conservative and traditionalist factions inside of the system have openly embraced this rumour as an alternative fact and parade it whenever they get a chance in the local parliament.

„I fear the autonomy and many freedoms that guaranteed the status quo inside of our system have only led to a type of cancerous intrinsic value. Despite massive evidence of its failure, the traditionalists still cling to the old ways, mostly to guard their privileges. Papako's former generosity might only have delayed the conflicts that arose in the past to now deal with them tomorrow. Worse yet, some of the population has begun to share that sentiment.“ - Aaretti Rantanen, Social Scientist
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