[EMPIRE] [RP] The Imperial Federation

Edinura: The Question of Authority
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 13.06.3305)

Several representatives of the Confederacy of Papako and the democratic organisation of Integrated Edinura have taken up office in Dixon after the intervention fleet of Governor Christensen withdrew from a standoff.

The Federal Union of Papako had repreatedly warned Governor Christensen to reinstate the democratic mandate of Edinura. Several months have passed since the time the pirate menace had been destroyed and the emergency laws had been repealed. As of today the democratic alliance inside of Edinura has retaken office and began work as usual based on their new popular mandates.
The 'unsanctioned' elections inside of Edinura were long concluded and were held atop the Grand Hill Steading back in May. With a fair majority the people of Edinura declared their will to return to democracy and join the confederacy inside the Imperial Federation. In a long and due process to involve Governor Christensen and the traditionalists as part of this slow and mutual transission of power, both democratic forces tried to sway the patronage to accept the terms before any office was taken.
Soon after the first meetings between all parties, the continued delay of many formal follow-up meetings left little hope of a fair and swift process. Further complications arose as the clients overseeing each democratic party had made unreasonable demands or outright disregarded formal agreements in direct administration inside their own local districts. Despite several attempts to appeal to Governor Christensen in an effort to call his subordinates to order, all these requests have been dismissed as unsubstantiated.
This entire situation finally led to a renewed danger for Edinura as security and oversight of important aspects faltered as consequence of poor compliance. Allegedly many clients began to exploit their cities and facilities and attempted to extract as many wealth as possible before a shift of power would occur with many shady deals. With the security and order of Edinura under renewed threat due to the rampant corruption and nepotism, the Imperial Federal Parliament finally agreed to sign the admission clause of Integrated Edinura without the official consent of the governor's office and send its fleet to oversee the proper adherence to Imperial Federal law.
Governor Christensen reacted to this foreign fleet as expected, but as both parties stood face to face outside of the Dixon Terminal, the patronage fleet soon withdrew, either due to concession or just in the face of overwhelming firepower.

The Federal Union of Papako has assured to guarantee all laws and rights inside the local cities and facilities that were introduced under the guidance of Governor Christensen and invited the governor to formally join the newly founded Council of Patrons inside of its constitution to discuss future steps and relations of Edinura and the union. Governor Christensen decided not to comment on the matter for now and has not been seen in public with any official members of the confederacy. He has not shown to take either side yet.
In light of these events many pose an important question: Was this a democratic admission or a hostile takeover under legal imperial mandate? While the patronage might not like the idea of having their authority questioned, Papako has the right to do it and allegedly popular support.

Apis: DDT-Republic Assumes Office in Roe
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 14.06.3305)

Boman Co follows the ultimatum of the APF and hands over the settlement of Roe to the DDT-Republic as legal overseer and democratic guardian.

Ten days after the end of the anti-piracy operations in Apis all formal acts have been concluded and the DDT-Republic has officially conducted the first free elections in Roe. With the vast and overwhelming support in favor of a democratic system, the DDT-Republic has declared its intent to officially admission the entirety of Apis as a member of the young republic. This would mean an end to the short but successful corporate mandate of Apis Interstellar which succeeded Boman Co during the recent war in the region.
Apis Interstellar is used to be a subcontractor or service industry inside of local governments around the system and lucked out when it actually inherited the full authority over the economy and the laws of the small backwater system from Boman Co. As of now there was no official statement from the AI CEO or the vice president, but nobody expect any real opposition. Ultimately the end of their short political legacy would leave AI to focus on their long lasting and successful corporate legacy again.

Vasho: The Final Stretch
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 16.06.3305)

The Vasho Patronage and the combined fleet of the APF and the Knights of the Black both succeeded in their ongoing efforts to pacify the system. The fatal blow to the mafia was the final blow to the local warlords.

A short whimper was all the warlords could muster as Governor Britt Powers and the imperial governor's fleet descended onto the planet to seize all assets and installations of the local warlords after a short skirmish in its atmosphere. The militia never had a chance. As paid mercenaries they had assaulted the democratic powers of the system during their time of crisis, only to fall together with their former benefactor as the mafia enters the final phase of their destruction.
Alongside of Governor Powers success began the assault of the democratic alliance on the outlaw fortress. The mafia had not surrendered the installation and according to the ultimatum, the combined fleets attacked. After less than a day of intense fighting, the resistance ceased and the mafia finally admitted its defeat. Their headquarter was seized and is now under temporary military control of the APF and the Knights of the Black before it will be handed over to the Vasho Democrats to serve as their own military base inside of Vasho.
Remnants of the mafia's fleet have broken off during the fight and fled into the depth of space and a small group had succeeded in a sally to vacate the vicinity entirely. It is likely the leadership of the mafia were part of one of these squadrons as none of the upper echelon could be apprehended aboard the station or was among the dead.
Despite these huge steps to pacify the system, the mafia still has several smaller communication stations spread among the system to communicate and steer its subversive acts of intimidation and corruption inside the government. The APF assured the people of Vasho that all of these satellites, relays and of course their main communication hub would cease working before the month is over.

„The mafia is finished and our war here is over. The Knights of the Black and the APF will continue to hunt down stragglers and patrol the airspace of Vasho until we are sure the mafia has been beaten decisively. All that is left for us to do is to hunt down the remaining vermin that feed upon the people of Vasho.“ - Vivien Gemai, Admiral of the APF

The martial tone of the APF admiral follows the general line of the Imperial Federation of Tucanae and Synuefe regarding outlaws and terrorists and has widespread support among the traumatized people of the region. As Client Quentin Gruber and Commander of the Dervishi fleet concurred before during the Angardh pacification: „Pirates don't follow honor or human laws. They are best left forgotten, and unmourned. As they all deserve.“

Sokaram: Renegade Fleet Challenges Patronage
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 17.06.3305)

The 13th fleet of the Sokaram patronage has withdrawn its allegiance to Governor Abbey McMillan and declared its independance.

In an unprecedented act of insubordination an entire fleet has turned against their former employer and now openly challenges the order of Sokaram. This act included the seizure of military assets with no recompense towards the patronage.
The elected Envoy for the fleet, Chadwick Noel, has affirmed their loyalty towards the people of Sokaram and their homeland inside of the Empire. This act of insubordination allegedly has a noble goal. The fleet wishes to finally put an end to the remnant piracy inside of Sokaram and allow the people of the system to elect their protectors based on merit and democracy.
The origin of this 'democratic' force offers many questions, for example if only those of military service would be deemed worthy to vote. Not few even call their altruistic motiv into question and many feel reminded of the United Freelancer Flotilla of Kureserians that has used its success against piracy to take up the mantle of the leading party in the democratic system. This short-sighted comparison often leaves out the part where the UFF peacefully handed over control of their assets after they lost in a fair democratic elections, however.
Regardless of the true intent of the 13th Vendetta Fleet, their actions will speak for themselves and unlike the lethargic patronage, they have already begun to openly challenge and attack the remnant pirate bases inside of Sokaram that remained after the Sokaram War.

Estarna: Former Prison Colony Joins Papako
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 18.06.3305)

As the second of regional prison colonies to join a democratic union, Estarna will now serve as the official prison of the Imperial Federation of Tucanae and Synuefe under the Imperial Federal constitution.

Superintendent Santana Espinoza had the honor to sign the official document that would see her installation to become the main high-security prison of the Imperial Federation. This admission of Estarna to Papako marks the end of an era for Tucanae as the other former prison of the Empire had given up its independant mandate to become the official prison inside of the Socialist Union of Laka.
The new management and oversight under democratic laws and humanist guidelines will ensure that no more 'undesired people' will be sold into faux slavery to rot away in distant colonies. Papako and Laka will ensure that only true criminals will find a permanent home in the penal colonies of the Empire inside of Tucanae.
The facility is under no threat to ever close down as many high value targets are apprehended daily by Papako's APF, most of which require special detainment. There is no short supply of pirates and criminals despite the ongoing efforts of the APF to pacify the region.

Laka: Offworld Collective Joins Communism Interstellar!
(Galnet: Empire, 19.06.3305)

The informal syndicalist supra-organisation called 'Communism Interstellar' has declared that their former guarantee of independance towards the Offworld Collective of the Socialist Union of Laka has transformed into a permanent membership alongside over sixty political entities.

With the admission of the Offworld Collective to Communism Interstellar the safety and prosperity of the people of Laka might be guaranteed for years to come. The supra-organisation has no central control or governance and will ultimately have no impact on the day to day lives of the imperial citizens under the Offworld Collective's socialist rule. The systems allegiance towards the Empire remains unquestioned.
Based on the articles of Communism Interstellar the systems of Laka have now agreed to value all life, including that of non-human origin, outlaw and prevent slavery in their presence, prevent corporate and autocratic excesses and exploitation inside of their sphere, and to offer support and resources to their fellow members of CI.
The Offworld Collective already shared most if not all of these goals and in return now enjoys the safety of one of the most powerful independant alliances in the known galaxy. As a member of the Boarder Coalition, Communism Interstellar will further stabilize the democratic roots that have grown in spite of the pirate wars and anarchy in Tucanae over the last four years.

The Imperial Federation has declared to uphold its alliance with Laka and will continue and expand their friendly relations. While there might be less need for military intervention by the Imperial Federal fleet to protect Laka, the parliament still passed a declaration that will allow their fleets to assist the Offworld Collective in all attempts to dismantle exploitative corporations and disarm militias in lower Tucanae based on the articles of Communism Interstellar. Outside of these guarantees, the Imperial Federation also offered their support to pacify Karunti if the Socialist Union of Laka would wish to take control of the situation in the near future.
The broad support for Laka and renewed guarantees come without surprise. It is an open secret that several members of the Imperial Federation are known to have former ties and good relations with Communism Interstellar and the Boarder Coalition as a whole.

Iburri: Former Junta Deposed
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 20.06.3305)

True to their promise to the APF the Vasho fleet has taken on the Iburri junta and finally deposed their leader.

After a short conflict with several loses on both sides, the democratic forces of Vasho are triumphant. The system of Iburri was pacified and put under direct control of the reinstated democratic goverment of Vasho.
Due to the many incidents that saw warlords pactate with anarchists, pirates and outlaws to weaken their oppositions in the region, this step was necessary. The government of Vasho acted under advice of the APF and successfully challenged the last dictatorship of the Zagombo Arm.
The economic and political control of Iburri now falls under strict anti-slavery laws, which includes indentured servitude, leaving some analyst to expect a drop in the extraction system's profits.

HIP 3488: Papako Grants Candidate Status
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 24.06.3305)

The former pirate haven and recently pacified system of HIP 3488 has been granted candidate status towards the Confederacy of Papako and by large the Imperial Federation of Tucanae and Synuefe.

With the end of local piracy and the new direct borders between the two parties, the Imperial Federal parliament, as well as the local parliament of Papako proper, have both agreed to grant their neighbor the option to join their respective federations.
The renowned Governor Clover Bruce of the patronage and Speaker Emil Hunter of the socialdemocratic government of HIP 3488 both agreed to deepen the ties between the system and the regional democratic power of Papako but did not show any favor for or against a proper admission.
To bolster the economic ties of the two entities Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster confirmed plans to acquire several assets in the system from the Sotiate patronage and the Crimson General Company, including the Shen Depot and the Freemion Mines. This move seems to be an attempt of Papako to show the success of their socio-economic model and the extensive freedoms and guarantees of their confederate system. By launching several minor projects that will operate both withing Imperial Federal law and the patronal laws of HIP 3488, the value and validity of an admission would come to light.
Due to the massive involvement of the APF and the Imperial Federal fleet to pacify the system over the years, a permanent informal presence of military personal was always there. The new agreements and contracts between Chancellor Lancaster and Governor Bruce simply turned the informal protectorate into a proper partner system of equal standing.
Sokaram: Renegade Fleet Takes Huebert
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 26.06.3305)


Shortly after its official declaration of independence from the local patronage, the renegade 13th Vendetta Fleet has successfully pacified the Huebert installation and is on its way to become a lasting force in Sokaram.

Initial reports about the battle and the landing troops near the installation have led to speculations about foreign supporters among the renegades. This support threatens the unity and stability of the entire system. The system of Sokaram is under direct rule of the imperial patronage system and despite its flaws and failures, the assault on the Huebert installation undermines Governess McMillan's authority. If further proof would be uncovered that highlights the influence of foreign powers in favor of the 'traitors' the authority of the patronage would be in further jeopardy. The APF has confirmed their support for all matters of anti-piracy operations, but did disavow any further support for the fleet past joint operations against select targets. This has led to the open question of the secondary supporters that openly supply the group with economic resources outside of military cooperation.

The loyal ally and friend of Governess McMillan, Governess Sena Watson of Sotiate, has declared herself to her cause and will begin an effort to finally put an end to this dishonorable act of defiance inside of their fellow imperial system. Despite this threat the 13th Vendetta Fleet seems intent to stand its ground, against piracy... and foreigners.

Vasho: Mafia Satellite Network Dismantled
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 26.06.3305)


The final phase of the pacification of Vasho has ended with the total destruction of the propaganda network and seizure of the interal elements inside the government.

In the night of the 25th the joined forces of the APF and the Vasho democrats raided several installations to apprehend or eliminate the remaining supporters of the old corrupt order. With all major corrupt elements expunged and all assets seized, Vasho can finally know peace.
The last bastion of their rotten ideology was the local news station which always reported negative about the actions of the democratic alliance and promoted the faux government. After the fall of the mafia all evidence tracing back to this openly aligned network led to its ultimate shutdown and most illegal satellites have been destroyed to prevent a second installation to take up their mantle. The station shall now serve as an official free press outlet with a proper range of opinions and a transparent programm decided by the audience itself.

Governor Britt Powers applauded this success and confirmed the plans to hand over the former military base of the traitorous militia in the following week. The Vasho war is over! Not only in person, but in spirit.

HIP 14521: Otohime and DDT Reach Understanding
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 27.06.3305)

The former corporate extraction system and current protectorate that had been taken under custody by the Union of Otohime during the Boman War will join the DDT-Republic as a full member.

Both parties agreed the direct vicinity to the capital of the DDT-Republic and otherwise isolated position of the mining system from Otohime would lend credence to the idea of an admission to the DDT-Republic instead of a formal entry into the Imperial Federation. Despite this change of allegiance, the system will continue its new path and support fair wages for the local populace. The former local government and newly formed socialdemocratic party inside of HIP 14521 would continue to assist its democratic brethren in achieving equality and fair standards of living. The entire process is scheduled to end in early July when the last elections for the new vacant offices are to be held.
This treaty continues the prosperous and mutual relation between the DDT-Republic and the Imperial Federation. This cooperation might not only end the total dominance of the exploitative corporations in Upper Synuefe, but also end the still lingering threat of crime syndicates and anarchists in the near vicinity. The APF has confirmed plans in the following months to join the DDT forces in the total extermination of all nearby threats and will personally assist the people of Forsina and Khakya in the continued struggle against the Omana syndicate and other dangerous elements in the region.

HIP 3488: Sotiate Renders MacKenzie
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 30.06.3305)

The MacKenzie installation that served as the final line of defiance for the local pirates has been handed over to the Confederacy of Papako who helped liberate it a few months prior alongside the Sotiate Empire Party.

Imperial Chancellor Hank Summers expressed his gratitude to Governess Watson of Sotiate and promised to continue in the tradition of their former cooperation. The extra-territorial installation of MacKenzie, which was never fully reintegrated into the government of HIP 3488, will serve as the local base for the Papako police force. Part of the agreement, Papako will take on all responsibilities to assure the system's security and prosperity henceforth.
In accordance with the initial declaration of Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster, the Confederacy has met with members of the local branch of the Crimson General Co to discuss the potential acquisition of the Fremion Mine and the biggest industrial settlement, the Shen Depot. Both are of particular interest for Papako and will show their support for the economy and prosperity of the system.
This handover has also raised several questions. While the local government and Governess Bruce did not object this process, their consent was never requested. Further, several reports from inner circles of both Sotiate and Papako allegedly imply a further cooperation of the two parties in a future planned disarmament of the Sotiate Militia, a process Governess Watson was unable to do herself. With the general support of the Imperial Federation to fully disarm local warlords in all pacified regions of the Empire and the Synuefe and Tucanae border, this could lend credibility to these rumours.
Traditionalists in HIP 3488 begin to rally support among their peers to step up and take back their dignity in light of this further disgrace by Sotiate. Other factions like the more extreme among the socialist, the neo-communist, openly call for a revolution. The government has not decided to crack down on these lunatics for now, but the most common pamphlet calls for HIP 3488 to stand up and be its own system in full defiance of the imperial order.

„We are not one colony under three women! Neither Watson, McMillan nor Bruce have the right to dictate our fates! We the people will not be used as a bargaining chip in imperial politics! Stand up people of HIP 3488! Stand with us and govern your own destiny!“ - Neo-Communist Pamphlet

Edensu: DDT-Republic Opens Embassy
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 02.07.3305)

The two young republics of Edensu and DDT have established direct channels after the official inauguration of the DDT embassy in Edensu proper.

With the end of the formal protectorate status and the official independance of Edensu, several regional powers have begun to facilitate closer ties with the democratic imperial systems. While the Democratic Star Alliance has yet to open official channels with most of the regional powers outside of the Imperial Federation and has none of its own, the DDT republic has openly embraced its neighbor.
All current regional powers at the northeastern border of Synuefe share the same belief for democratic representation and a mutual animosity towards the remnants of Boman Co. Their main difference is the manifestation of the people's will inside their government and the freedoms the lower institutions retain. As part of the many entities that exploited the people, the corporations in the region have fallen in grace and at least for now the democratic powers stand united; be they socialists, federalists, liberals, die hard democrats or unitarists.
As long as outside forces threaten the hard earned freedoms of the imperial border colonies, this continued cooperation might endure. No attempt of the autocrats has managed to cause a new major division since the Boman Crisis back in 3304.

Sokaram: Renegades Rout Sotiate Expeditionary Fleet
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 05.07.3305)


Shame and dishonor befall the Sotiate patronage after their attempted seizure of the 13th Fleet in Sokaram ends with their total defeat.

Governess Watson had promised her friend and ally Governess McMillan of Sokaram to take care of their recent problem. In an attempt to seize the military equipment and finances of the 13th Vendetta Fleet, the renegades did not attempt to outplay their henchmen but engaged them directly.
Under the wise leadership of Advisor Steven Savage the fleet had lured the troops of the Sotiate Expeditionary Fleet into unfavourable terrain and forced them to give up most of their assets after disabling their ships in combat. Despite a major victory, the death toll was kept low and the power of the renegade fleet would only grow with the seized assets.
During the ambush and strategic battle in the skies of Sokaram, a secondary operative force of the 13th Fleet had infiltrated the official military colony of Lee Legacy on Sokaram 1. It served as the base of the expeditionary force.
Due to the absence of most of their fighting personal, this was the only time the colony could be 'liberated from foreign control'. Thanks to the strong roots and patriotism of the 13th Fleet as part of the local population and with massive popularity for their democratic agenda, the local colony has quickly turned against their imperial guardians and a sudden insurrection led to the hasty evacuation of the remaining Sotiate troops.

Governess Watson now has to face the dishonor of losing to the insurgents she proclaimed to put down and even furthered their agenda by letting them take control of an imperial city in Sokaram. The city was given to them for their service in the Sokaram Pirate War alongside their ally and friend Governess McMillan. This shameful disaster not only weakens McMillan's position in Sokaram, but has also weakened the military capacity of the Sotiate patronage which still wrestles with the powerful militias in their midst who demand more representation and freedoms. This loss of face will only strengthen their resolve and turn more bold.

Sotiate: Papako Expeditionary Forces Arrive
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 07.07.3305)


Mere days after the shameful defeat of Governess Watson at the hands of the 13th Vendetta fleet, a small contingent of the federal fleet of Papako has arrived as an expeditionary force to lighten the burden of Sotiate.

Weak and frail is not a term people would use for the powerful and influential system of Sotiate. Governess Watson had helped the surrounding systems of Sokaram and HIP 3488 in their struggle against piracy for years and the fleet of the governess have always been an important anchor of stability in the region. This hasn't changed, but due to the massive loss of assets in the recent Sokaram conflict this commitment to outside stability has taken a toll to the inner stability of Sotiate itself.
For a long time Sotiate had a good and fruitful mutual agreement with the local militias that had formed to fight the piracy of the region. During the dreadful months and height of the crisis, they did prevent it to spread to major parts of Sotiate. Now the militia has come to collect. After the recent defeat the militia offered to bolster the local security and defense even further as to allow more patronal ships to carry out their hegemonial duty in the region. Yet every inch the governess would take, she would have to repay tenfold later on. With less to lose, and far less to promise, Governess Watson has officially invited the federal navy of the Confederacy of Papako inside of the system of Sotiate. This move was seen as a breach of trust by the militias who had hoped to further their agenda instead.
Papako explained they would take over local law enforcement and duties of civil protection during the time the patronage would need to rebuild or procure new ships and to negotiate the release of their pilots. Normally prisoners of war and conflict were free to be put under indentured servitude, but the 13th Fleet has already declared to abhore this practice and promised to return all pilots that had surrendered peacefully during the Sokaram skirmishes in a gesture for peace.
The militia has taken the invitation of the Papako forces as a challenge and openly dared the federal forces to interfere with their own checks and controls in space. First smaller incidents of mutual screenings and tactical obstructions between the two police forces have begun to errupt and while the militia has a big ego to deflate, Papako has an even bigger history of not giving an inch towards autocrats and warlords. For the first time in months, Xuanzang Landing is about to become really busy.

„Sotiate has not requested to join our federation and without official consent Papako will not intervene in internal politics. Governess Watson simply requested our aid in the buildup of a new police force and replacement of the old divided system. We are not here to impress or convince the milita to disarm itself, but to assure the population of Sotiate's strengths and alleviate the false image that a militia is even necassary. It just so happens that our mandate coincides with our own policies.“ - Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster
Apis: DDT-Republic Continues Rise
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 09.07.3305)

The Challis mine and the loyalty and allegiance of the people of Apis has been won by the young republic in a gesture of peace.

The corporation of Apis Interstellar has agreed to hand over political control over the Challis Mines and the system as a whole to the DDT-Republic. In a joined statement of the corporate board and the republics representatives, both sides declared that this process was done by mutual consent. After the republic had promised to defend the space of Apis from further pirate incursions after the APF left, their ships have delivered on the promise. Once order was fully restored and the corporation could recall its own expensive mercenary fleets to guard its cargo, both sides had reached their mutual goals.
Apis Interstellar will continue its successful business alongside the Boman Co in Apis. Without the need of military expenses and all human resources focused on the economic developement of the system, this minor loss in power has given rise to a massive increase in stock value.

HIP 11886: Terrorist Group Resolve Repeatedly Seen alongside Dark Armada
(Galnet: Empire, 10.07.3305)

As an anarchist collective of much renown and even more infamy, Resolve has come back to strike at the heartlands of the Imperial Federal President Alberto Dervishi and the democratic nations of the Imperial borderlands.

After the first attempts of the terrorist alliance to disrupt and ruin the trade of the democratic forces of the Negri cluster in early June had been soundly defeated by the Imperial Federation and the APF, the group has returned to continue its ill-gotten legacy of murder, crime and deceit. In the past the terrorists had openly aligned with the Nomads and the Sidewinder Syndicate, only to collect further ties to even more sinister groups.
The Dark Armada is most commonly known for its abhorent dark rituals which sees the rights and honor of imperial citizens besmirched as they are thrown into the corona of a sun to be baked alive after they have been abducted. This not only violates imperial law for indentured servitude, but is straight up murder. Those that survive this torture are broken and taken into their dark brotherhood to then fight a war in the name of an Empire that renounces their dirty tactics and unlawful conduct. This misbegotten sect had first been seen flying alongside Resolve in the campaign of early June but got only officially involved now as the self-declared Operation Red Plague of the Dark Armada has shifted from the lost frontline of Yuri's lands to that of Synuefe and Tucanae. Here they now face the Imperial Federation of Tucanae and Synuefe, the Adamantine Union of the Prismatic Imperium and the recently adopted CI member of Laka and the Off World Collective. With this all out war on three regional and one superpower, their success is more than questionary, after they retreated the northern frontline just fighting one of them before. Maybe they hope the remote location of Laka will keep Communism Interstellar from sending adequate aid. It is a dangerous game to be played.

The Imperial Federation has declared a state of emergency and the APF has been dispatched to deal with this dark sect, Resolve and the terrorist alliance that continues to attack the glorious Empire alongside them. For now the only thing that seems to unite these completely different groups is either the passion for destruction and wanton murder or their glimmering hatred for any other social system than indentured servitude for the Empire. Obviously this has made the borderlands of Her Imperial Highness Princess Aisling Duval's mandate a prime target.

Gurojas: Otohime Demands Disarmament of Milita
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 11.07.3305)

With the tensions and conflict in the region at a boiling point, the Union of Otohime has send an Observation Force to Gurojas in an attempt to monitor the local militia and keep them from joining the conflicts at an opportune moment.

Speaker Aubrie Mayr confirmed the peaceful intent of this operation and the sole purpose of these actions. The fleet is to secure Gurojas' airspace and prevent any supplies or support for the terrorist alliance from the nearby space to disrupt the current containment efforts. In further statements the militia has confirmed that the forces of the union are conducting checks on civil ships and that they patrol the space of Gurojas. The militia did not condone this action and has called on their forces to evacuate Gurojan space. If this ultimatum would not be followed, the militia would open fire and defend its imperial mandate of the system.

„We aren't afraid to meet the militia's pilots in skirmishes whenever necessary. This is along the lines of our mandate. Both the disarmament act of the Imperial Federation as well as the current state of emergency support our actions in Gurojas. If the militia decides to engage in hostilities, the union will react in kind, but the union will never shot first. This is a peaceful operation and we have nothing to hide.“ - Admiral Theodin Klaviaer of the Socialist Grand Fleet

Shorodo: The Wolf of Shorodo Concedes Control
(Galnet: Empire, 12.07.3305)

After the near complete defeat of the Chaos Syndicate in the Iota Tucanae Cluster, the famous General Wolf of the defiant militia has declared the reimplemantation of the patronal system in the borderlands under Governor Joesph Kramer of the Void Walker association.

With most of the anarchist collectives bases destroyed and their ill-begotten remnant fleet banished to Vesuvit and its colony, General Wolf has agreed to end the state of emergency in Shorodo that has lasted for several years. In the past the Iota Tucanae cluster fell under the governance of Iota Tucanae and Governor Jamie Mendoza and was part of one united governance.
Even though Governor Mendoza endured before and throughout the Chaos War and kept his own system save from their dangerous grasp, many of his former governance lands do not agree with a return of the governor to power. In their respective sphere, most commonly Shorodo and the local colony of Synuefe GU-D D13-78, they were left to fend for themselves and their hero general Lady Wolf has chosen Governor Kramer to represent the newly established Shorodo Patronage. First voices are heard to completely restructure the region into the „Shorodo Cluster“, leaving Governor Mendoza to care only for his own system as he loved to do all these years. Some more extreme voices think about a complete replacement of the Iots Tucanae governance by even taking control of Iota Tucanae itself in the name of the Void Walker association that helped to finance the recent gains and assaults on the Chaos Syndicate's decaying sphere.

Governor Mendoza might have endured against an anarchist collective intent to best him with brute force and intimidation, but he might soon find himself the lesser when it comes to collect the laurels for the victory in the newly established „Shorodo Cluster“, for his position in the senate is weak and the Void Walkers have gained the right to request one or two system's to be added to their governance. Iota Tucanae would be a natural prospect and a likely concession. The senate expects much of the Void Walker association in their attempt to restore order to a shaken region of the Empire.

HIP 3488: Papako Buys Up Local Branch of Crimson General Co
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 13.07.3305)

True to its promise, the Confederacy of Papako has made a bid for the Shen Depot and Freemion Mine and the Crimson General Co has accepted the offer, conceding all control of the system's basic resource production to the influential stellar confederacy.

In spite if the total liquidation of assets inside of HIP 3488, Vice President Oliver Dyer who represents the local branch of the Crimson General Co confirmed reports that the Crimson General Co will have exclusive shipment rights for most produce of the HIP 3488 system. In line with further business guarantees and promises for state contracts should the system of HIP 3488 decide to join the confederacy as a whole, the corporation also received an immense monetary sum upfront. VP Dyer did not disclose the actual contribution the confederacy had made to acquire the assets, but the galactic supercorporation has declared to invest in other avenues all throughout its multitude of enterprises inside the Empire as a result.
With the Confederacy of Papako throwing its monetary weight around and buying up essential resource production facilities inside of HIP 3488, the influence of the Neo-Communist faction inside of the system has waned. The confederacy did not concede any point for the insane wage demands or self-representation inside the former corporate assets, but did expand all Imperial Federal laws and guarantees to the workforce. This in itself has already gathered huge support for Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster among the people. While the socialists and neo-communist still lead in the polls overall, the admission party has seen a steady rise in popularity and might win the next elections if the achievements of Papako keep amplifying their promises with unshakeable accomplishments.

T'ien: Resolve and Dark Armada Attack Adamantine Union
(Galnet: Empire, 14.07.3305)

Shortly after the anarchist alliance was beaten back by the Imperial Federation around Otohime space, the remnants of the attackers had shifted their assaults and raids towards the democratic governments of the Adamantine Union and the Socialist Union of Laka.

The Adamantine Union is the heartfelt project of the renowned Imperial Princess Aisling Duval and under supervision by the Governor of Cubeo himself. As a direct result of the S3 movement (Stop Slavery Stupid), the Adamantine Union was created to establish and promote an alternative social system inside of the Empire and to give refuge to formerly abused slaves that were liberated from their contracts after the imperial honor system had been broken.
With the shift of Resolve and the Dark Armada to attack and raid the Adamantine Union, both parties are now in direct conflict with the Prismatic Imperium and by extension the imperial family and Imperial Princess Aisling Duval. While most assaults on minor regional governments could be seen as criminal insurrections, these new actions are a direct assault on the very order of the Empire and the royal family.
In the past the sacrificial sect of the Dark Armada had repeatedly shown to work against the interests of the Empire and was repeatedly denounced by its leading figures as a response of its actions. Going as far as to attack the personal sphere of one of the royal family members however seems to be a new low even for them.

Resolve as of today has joined the row of imperial enemies with this attack on the royal family and has lost any credibility to call itself a defender of democracy or freedom fighters. Both parties have been seen to conduct massive hostile operations all throughout the democratic northeastern border of the Empire, from the DDT-Republic, the Imperial Federation, the Adamantine Union and the Socialist Union of Laka.

All members of Resolve and their extended circle of associates, as well as the Dark Armada are imperial traitors and should be handed to imperial authorities as soon as apprehended, dead or alive!

Sotiate: Militia Surrenders Xuanzang and Ends Law Enforcement
(Galnet: Tucanae and Synuefe, 15.07.3305)

In the dangerous game of parallel authority the Confederacy of Papako has prevailed as public opinion towards the militia had soured in the wake of brutal skirmishes against the peaceful expeditionary fleet.

When Papako came to Sotiate they promised to relief the Sotiate hegemonial fleet and assume the responsibility for the law enforcement of the system's planets and lesser outposts. The United Sotiate Flag militia had taken this as a challenge to its authority and instigated several incidents in which minor transgressions led to violent exchanges of weapons fire. In all of these instances Papako acted in self-defense and disengaged as soon as possible to mitigate losses for both sides involved.
Further investigations led to the disclosure of corruption and the specific protection of individuals from the new law enforcement's eyes. These brutal interceptions had an even less honorable motif. In response to these allegations the public began to rally against the militia and behind the confederacy that had defended it in prior years. First the militia was denied service by public figures and soon they were cut off from many basic supplies the private military couldn't supply themself. Faced with a public embargo, the militia gave up and stepped down peacefully a few days later, acknowledging the vested authority of the Confederacy of Papako as the chosen law enforcement by Governess Watson.

Several ships of the confederacy have begun to frequent Xuanzang, the former militia headquarter. The former proud insignia of the militia has been taken down from all buildings of the planetary port as well. As of now the port has been fully converted into the local headquarter of the Papako expeditionary fleet and Sotiate police force. Neither the local superintendent and commander of the police forces nor Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster were willing to comment on the situation. The superintendent wished to honor the fallen of this incident with a time of quiet and mourning. A further complication is the currently held constitutional seating that has taken most of the attention of the chancelloress.

Papako: Second Constitutional Seating in Session
(Galnet: Empire, 15.07.3305)

With the first official contitutional seating of 3305 in session, many important figures have come to the Goonan Base in Papako to discuss the future of the democratic systems of Tucanae and Synuefe at the northeastern imperial border.

In contrast to the first constitutional seating earlier this year, the current one is part of the regularly scheduled meetings to assess the state of the union and to implement major reforms all throughout the Imperial Federation. With the Boman situation resolved and the borders and affiliations of Edensu, the Star Alliance and DDT decided, this seating will focus primarily on internal decisions and reforms of the stellar federation.
Imperial Federal President Alberto Dervishi opened the seating with a heartfelt speech. He reminded the representatives of the sacrifices the borderlands made in these trying times to defend the rights and most importantly the honor of the imperial citizens within. With a rousing speech that touched both the hearts of traditionalists and democrats alike, he was applauded for his great efforts as president and all the deeds he and the Dervishi fleet have done to secure the freedoms of the people around Otohime were commended. Despite this major support for President Alberto Dervishi no official request for reforms on his part were made. All he requested was to make the temporary seat of his aide and friend Imperial Federal High Admiral Madyson Whitaker permanent and to relinquish authority over the executive forces of the Imperial Federation onto Otohime. While this would mostly constitute a gesture of goodwill towards a de facto situation, the seating still decided to put this to a vote later on.

Early on the most important and passion project of Imperial Federal Chancellor Hank Summers and Chancellor Mercedes Lancaster was put to a vote. As the highlight of the first day, the Confederacy of Papako sought to once again establish a muncipality system and proposed two options. The first was a radical concept that would see the borders drawn around population centers that would offer a new tertiary voting mechanism to avoid small interests of minor states to repeatedly sabotage the Imperial Federation out of egoistic demands during its current growth period. All of these muncipalities would be represented and lead by an elected representative from its democratic parties.
Option two was the incorporation of the informal Council of Patrons that was established in the Confederacy of Papako into the official base for the muncipality system. This way the Imperial Federation would further reintegrate with the general imperial patronal system. This proposal would also ease any future expansion, as old imperial structures could simply be adapted to serve the new realities inside of the democratic regions. While the second option found major support among traditionalists, it also meant a move from a deregulated confederacy to a more centralized government akin to a proper federation. All governors inside the Imperial Federation would immediately gain a huge boost to their importance and power. While they would need to consult with their regional parliaments to decide what to represent, the ultimate decision during a muncipality vote would rest with them. The initial consideration to add a veto power to the regional parties against the Council of Patrons to demand a neutral vote of their governor was redacted by request of the patrons themselves. If their clients wouldn't trust them to act in their best interest, the reform would be without honor and shouldn't be adopted.

The devolution of responsibility over the entire joint fleets of the Imperial Federation was denied by a vote of 4 to 5. Interestingly the Imperial Federal military headquarter of HIP 11886 itself voted against this notion and ultimately decided the result. This means the four fleets of the Socialist Grand Fleet of Otohime, the Presidential Dervishi Fleet, the Papako Expeditionary Forces as well as the Anti-Piracy Fleet will remain individual entities. While High Admiral Madyson Whitaker would not have direct command over all fleets and would need to request aid individually from the member states, her temporary mandate was officially extended for 2 years.


O: Bugaguti, HIP 10137, HIP 1419, Otohime
X: Hermoricaur, HIP 11886, HIP 1536, HIP 494, Papako

The incorporation of the current imperial system into the muncipality system of the Imperial Federation finally pushed the reforms of Papako over the final hurdle and let to its ultimate adoption as Option B, the Imperial Federal Council of Patrons without veto options for the local parliaments. While the type of vote would still be decided by the Imperial Federal Chancellor and the current seating would follow the old by system vote, future seatings and single decisions could now be conducted inside of the imperial governance system for all member systems of the Imperial Federation. As the proponent of the reform Papako decided to abstain from any decision. Instead HIP 11886 led the faction of the pro-democrats and population centers, while HIP 1419 led the arugment in favor of the Council of Patrons. Option A found a divided echo and ended in a 3:3:3 vote. In contrast Option B found widespread support in traditional systems and the smaller systems alike, leading to its adoption.

„We now have to create a local system of consultation and representation for the parliaments in all future decisions of their governors. While the current system will lead to some minor conflicts and problems down the line, the other option would only have led to gerrymandering and other questionable demands of big population centers to bolster their actual powerbase inside of the Imperial Federation. We also recently saw what egoistic positions of singular systems could lead to as many proposals were downright struck down by HIP 14521 during its short membership earlier this year. HIP 11886 is also famous to defend its own views with reckless abandon.
I think uniting the traditionalist values of the Empire with this new semi-democratic system is the right step to ensure a safe and prosperous future for the Imperial Federation inside of the Empire. This foresight by Imperial Federal Chancellor Hank Summers has to be commended! Democracy isn't a mirror image of the Empire, but was always an integral part of its foundation and current implementation.“ - Governess Swanson, HIP 1419


Option A

O: Hermoricaur, HIP 11886, Otohime
~: HIP 1536, HIP 494, Papako
X: Bugaguti, HIP 10137, HIP 1419

Option B

O: Hermoricaur, HIP 10137, HIP 1419, HIP 1536, HIP 494, Otohime
~: Papako
X: Bugaguti, HIP 11886
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