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All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected

The ruler (black/yellow striped) which should block guests who want to cross walls does not work. If it is placed on the path guests ignore it.

Steps to Reproduce
Place it on the path


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Hey Michael77!

Thanks for your report - if you are talking about the kerbs, could you provide a video of this happening so I can investigate this properly. I tried to repro this, but they seem to be working as intended for me.

"Added kerbs and barriers in 3 different sizes, perfect for influencing guest navigation

Kerbs will influence guests not to walk over them
Barriers will stop guests from walking through them, under any circumstance"

As stated in the patch notes, the kerbs influence guests - so if they have no other route besides walking over them, they will.

Thanks in advance :)

Sorry for the word "ruler" but Kerbs is that what I mean. I placed it on the main paths into the park to influence guests not to walk into an area which is not ready yet. The Barriers are working but not the kerbs.


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
This sounds to be working as intended - as I mentioned, the kerbs are used to influence guests movement, not restrict it - but guests can still walk over the kerbs. If you post a picture/video of this area I can explain the intended behaviour of guests are that area of your park. For example, if you are building a food court and your shops are open, guests will walk over your kerbs to the shops.

If you want to stop access to this area, barriers would be best suited. Their intended purpose is to stop guests passing them, therefore achieving your desired outcome of not allowing them in your unopened area :)
for me the kerbs works. I placed them a bit under the path (i dont want to see this ugly kerb) and the peeps dont walk over this place