[EMPIRE] Rum and the Lash! Join the Imperial Corsairs today!

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"Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash!" - Winston Churchill
"I sometimes play one-handed, for the challenge!" - Jared Fogle
“You can't get a suit of armour and a rubber chicken just like that. You have to plan ahead.” - Boris Johnson
"I sometimes wonder if I am hung up on this game" - Jeffrey Epstein
"There's nothing wrong with you that an expensive operation can't prolong." - Stephen Hawking
"Grab them by the control yoke!" - Donald Trump
"Speak softly and carry a big stick. Unless you can ride a dinosaur, then do that instead." - Theodore Roosevelt

  1. Are you looking for a laid-back squad with a sense of humor?
  2. Are you interested in Elite-themed drink recipes?
  3. Want to be in a squad both committed to helping new players and advancing our group in general, but with precious few requirements and no demands of your time? Real life first always!

Then I have the perfect squadron for you!

Join the Imperial Corsairs today! We are a new group currently with over 200 members and our own in-game player minor faction! We are nominally a pirate/privateer squad loyal to the Empire as my character has always been a loyal Imperial, PvE NPC diamond piracy has always been my preferred credit grind, and I also have dabbled in some PvP piracy for fun - actual piracy, I don't kill and I carry repair limpets because I am being nice.

That said, in reality, we are interested in mentoring new players, PvE, PvP, and basically all facets of the game. It's really about building a close-knit community with a sense of humor and having fun. We players across the globe, from the US, to Europe, and Asia!

I am looking for both experienced players interested in becoming officers as well as new players looking for a fun squad that doesn't take things too seriously.

...and YES, we actually do have Elite-themed drink recipes on our discord.

The Imperial Corsairs

Link to our discord

My fan-fic forming the backbone of our squadron lore.
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