running away

and general observations. in haz res get a solo/wing attack one get him/her down 13% hull and they run as if they have no damage and are out of range in seconds and surging out have no way of catching them even at 4 pips to engines(if that was my ship i would be adrift with multiple breakdowns if not blown up) come FD even the odds not one rule for one and one rule for another. plus now there are no ships bigger than a python and no rank above dangerous i am even seeing novices in haz res now.this is haz res not low or high res. as for cargo missions nothing worth over 1 million now and too many donates now as for the wing cargo deliver of 5000+ worth 10 million approx which would take a good hour to complete on your own yep i know it says wing but not enough are playing it now to wing up with my friends so i don't bother with them as for CGs what CGs it has been 2 months now without them not that was worth doing anyway maybe the new format WHEN they come back it will improve for info triple elite allied with all of the factions in my area except the pirate ones who are mostly hostile.
i am paying 100% attention they pass over at speed by the time i turn around they are out of range eg past 3km most are 5km or more on 13% hull some have been as low as 3% and still outrun me. cant hit them from there don't bother chasing them now tell you truth i am on the point of giving up the game all together unless things improve which i doubt ship is a corvette so not a fast ship and i am a die hard elite commander up to now
Equip long range lasers/rail gun mod grade 5 weapons... fall off in damage does not exsist with this mod... max range is 6km
good idea but most are even beyond 6km by the time i turn a corvette dont turn quick they shouldn't be able to run that fast anyway with that much damage as i quoted i would be dead in space with that much damage come on fairs fair and you also run the risk of hitting a miner at long range getting a annoying fine which could turn into a bounty if he gets killed by pirates with notoriety

fun ? if you fired a long range weapon outside the no fire zone at a legal target would you still get fined
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