-SA- .....Sapere Aude PS4 Squadron Now Recruiting..... -SA-

Sapere Aude is now recruiting for the PS4 platform.

The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive which also has XBox and PC squadrons – click the link for info on info and rules.

We are a new squadron, currently in the procedure of setup and establishment in our home system, so for new players its a great chance to get in at the ground and build something great together.

The squadron has its own website; elite-sapereaude.com.

The website features a knowledge base covering topics such as outfitting, making money, ship-building (with Coriolis integration), engineers, farming for materials and many other topics with new sections being added daily.

You can apply to join via the website or on our Discord server here. Applications can also be taken via the Galactic Archive Discord.

The Discord server is well set up and events from the website auto-post to Discord so both are synced up.

We are already running CQC events bi-weekly in alliance with Starfighter Corps, and are planning an expedition for budding explorers, together with BGS activities, friendly PVP with other squadrons and each other, squad trade/mining events to help players build a CR balance and have a friendly, balanced team with lots of support from the squad leadership and our family/alliance squadrons.

Have a look at SA at the Sapere Aude website or email admin@elite-sapereaude.com.
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