Sacra Oculus Now Recruiting

Squadron is SOLD. We control a significant number of star systems on the edge of the inhabited parts of the galaxy. We will control more. Head over to our Discord at

We are an independent Theocracy, the largest in the game.

Sacra Oculus is part of the Coalition, which has a separate Discord. We also work in liberating rare trade commodities which are banned.

The ability to control and consolidate territory is dependent upon the ratio of your available military power to the volume to be controlled and consolidated. Sacra Oculus has passed that point and requests Commanders looking to participate in the BGS to come join us. We control 40 out of 58 systems we are presently established in and if we are to consolidate and control and continue further, the ever repeated cycles of expansion that are presently a way of life on the fringe, where we are already expanding more than 45.8 LY at a time, we need more pilots.

That's the basic truth. We need more pilots. We are a small group which has amassed a string of successes, but we are now way beyond our existing abilities and need fresh blood.

If you fancy handling some systems and maintain our ever present need to ensure our influence remains stable and also enjoy various aspects of this game, please join us.
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May the Creator be Heralded and Anointed and Praised. For as it was foretold in our Sacred Text, the system of Rudrusa is now Sacra Oculus. The Faithful have succeeded in delivering to our Creator a total of 39 star systems we control.
Sacra Oculus is asking for explorers to join us and send your exploration data to our starports and bases.
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May the Creator be Sung at Evensong, for the Faithful of Sacra Oculus have expanded to the mining system of HIP 27923 to spread the Holy Words contained in our Sacred Text and help save the souls of the people living there.
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Just a quick note to remind all that Sacra Oculus controls Zende, home of the initiative for a Mega Ship to the Guardian sites. OK so it's a NPC minor faction doing it, but Sacra Oculus space is the ideal spot for travel to the Guardians in this sector.
May it Be Proclaimed. For this day has given the Faithful of Sacra Oculus a Most Heralded occasion in the securing control of Phillips Terminal and the Ingui system. The victory came by way of an election and the people took succour from the Holy Words of the Sacred Text of the Creator and from that they found comfort and purpose. They too chose to join the ranks of the Faithful in the name of the Creator and Sacra Oculus.
349 visitors in the last 24 hours to the Sacra Oculus controlled Zende star system in order to benefit from the current trade enhancements caused by the placing of the Megaship (High Tech) in the Zende (Extraction) star system controlled by Sacra Oculus. We welcome all these new visitors and hope that some shall embrace our Faith and join us.
Quote Of The Day From Discord:

Well I don't think you can get more crazy than an End of Days religious Cult in game who delight in illegal substances and ways of people dying, who sit on a planet base packed with Nerve Agents and who have steadily increased their grip on the sector controlling 40 star systems, with a military / industrial complex and who masquerade behind religious zeal while plotting to kill all humanity on the grounds we are saving their souls.
Also many thanks for running missions for us. Your exploits shall be Sung at Evensong.
May it Be Proclaimed. Conclave has declared that the influx of visitors to the Zende system is to be encouraged as it ensures they become aware of the Creator's Will by being exposed to our religious order.
Sacra Oculus is delighted to have been quoted in the latest Breaking News from the Sagittarius Eye concerning the issues in and around Terra Mater. Come be part of future history and join Sacra Oculus.
May the Creator be Proclaimed, for a small and valiant Holy Mission has been sent to the Luch system to carry out ministerial duties for those who find their Faith in need of salvation. Sacra Oculus has no intent to enlarge pastoral care facilities beyond what is presently allocated
May the Creator be Hailed! For the Faithful of Sacra Oculus have entered and settled in the HIP 28070 star system.
5,000 Cr Ton profit for Basic Medicines from Itelmasa to Kwikumat available (Medium Pad in Kwikumat) to fight an Outbreak.
May the Creator be Venerated for in HIP 28070, Sacra Oculus captured the civilian orbiting ship type outpost (non landable) of Einstein Square.
Sacra Oculus would like to thank the great people over at Operation Ida for helping repair Julian Market in the Aganippe system, home of Aganippe Rush. This rare trade commodity is an ideal product for those looking to trade in rares.
All Praise the Creator. For this day it is recorded in Holy Writ, that the Faithful in Righteous Combat, seized Yu Installation in the HIP 28070 star system. Yu Installation is a planetary military complex and of strategic interest to Sacra Oculus. The capture of Yu Installation strengthens our hold of nearby space and enhances our capabilities towards fulfilling the Prophecy of the End of Days.
Sacra Oculus announces a Ministry in the Caret Werek star system. The Ministry is in the form of an Embassy and Pastoral facility but there are no plans to expand our activities there, as the system is presently occupied by another player minor faction.
May the Creator continue to remain a Mystery for the Faithful of Sacra Oculus have sent forth a Ministry to the Kurumian system. This system is controlled by Stars of Duval and in accordance with an Agreement, Sacra Oculus shall not develop our position there.

Sacra Oculus requires additional Adherents to the Creator, to continue to develop our ever expanding infuence across the stars.
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