Sacra Oculus Now Recruiting

Bounty hunters please note a couple of our systems presently have Pirate Attack. Fill yer boots with the Bounties.
Unfortunately supporters of the Imperial Patronage system have forced a second Election and we are about to lose the first. Additionally they have primed a third system to also undergo such an Election.
May our Most Revered and Beloved Creator be Proclaimed! For this day in the Tai Sheshy system, a hard fought election was WON by Sacra Oculus, with the superb assistance of our Religious Friends and Scholars from Order of Enblackenment. This election was closely contested with the final result standing at 4:3 to Sacra Oculus. The opposing minor faction lost an orbital outpost in the electoral struggle. The election has generated a lot of controversy, when it was revealed that a supporter of the opposition went on a murder rampage, slaughtering innocent men, women and children and racking up over 82 million Credits in bounties, which they paid off elsewhere. Sacra Oculus has noticed this activity and has ordered a Kill On Sight to be issued against this rogue individual. Genocide shall not be tolerated and innocent pilots, their crew and their passengers must be free of such unlawful activity, particularly in an election.
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May the Creator continue to astound us. For today, Sacra Oculus has entered the Hunahati star system.
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May the Creator continue to assert a benign and positive influence on the Faithful. The mining community and colony in HIP 26144 recently held an election and Sacra Oculus was once again vindicated at the ballot box
After yet another election in Tai Sheshy, Sacra Oculus has been successful. Additionally we are expanding again. We are also in close contact with a player group that has expanded into our systems, just as we have expanded to theirs and CMDRs' are advised to consult with the other player group, to ensure that Agreement obligations are maintained.
May the Great Creator be exalted, for Sacra Oculus has established a mission in the Shillici system. This small mining community is controlled by Stars of Duval and in accordance with Agreement, shall not be developed.
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