Sacra Oculus Now Recruiting

Bounty hunters please note a couple of our systems presently have Pirate Attack. Fill yer boots with the Bounties.
Unfortunately supporters of the Imperial Patronage system have forced a second Election and we are about to lose the first. Additionally they have primed a third system to also undergo such an Election.
May our Most Revered and Beloved Creator be Proclaimed! For this day in the Tai Sheshy system, a hard fought election was WON by Sacra Oculus, with the superb assistance of our Religious Friends and Scholars from Order of Enblackenment. This election was closely contested with the final result standing at 4:3 to Sacra Oculus. The opposing minor faction lost an orbital outpost in the electoral struggle. The election has generated a lot of controversy, when it was revealed that a supporter of the opposition went on a murder rampage, slaughtering innocent men, women and children and racking up over 82 million Credits in bounties, which they paid off elsewhere. Sacra Oculus has noticed this activity and has ordered a Kill On Sight to be issued against this rogue individual. Genocide shall not be tolerated and innocent pilots, their crew and their passengers must be free of such unlawful activity, particularly in an election.
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May the Creator continue to astound us. For today, Sacra Oculus has entered the Hunahati star system.
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May the Creator continue to assert a benign and positive influence on the Faithful. The mining community and colony in HIP 26144 recently held an election and Sacra Oculus was once again vindicated at the ballot box
After yet another election in Tai Sheshy, Sacra Oculus has been successful. Additionally we are expanding again. We are also in close contact with a player group that has expanded into our systems, just as we have expanded to theirs and CMDRs' are advised to consult with the other player group, to ensure that Agreement obligations are maintained.
May the Great Creator be exalted, for Sacra Oculus has established a mission in the Shillici system. This small mining community is controlled by Stars of Duval and in accordance with Agreement, shall not be developed.
A religious mission to the Cantzicnal system via a 44.4 LY expansion was met with violence by a local minor faction. This violence then expanded into a system wide conflict. Sacra Oculus missionaries were compelled to summon military reinforcements from the Creator's Own, a religious Order dedicated to serving the Creator and acting as the Creator's Warriors. The resulting conflict saw a complete victory for the Faithful of Sacra Oculus and the Sacra Oculus minor faction is now invested heavily in the Cantzicnal system.
The Creator is displeased, for at Furuta Dock in the HIP 29314 system, there is Blight. This has been in effect since about October 16th. As it is an Industrial system, there is zero demand for Agronomic Treatment and the local authorities expect the Blight to be replaced by Famine. Presently even Fruit & Veg from Arnold Market, R Doradus sells at Furuta Dock, HIP 29314 for 3,598 Cr/Ton. We expect there to be significant demand to replace food stocks at Furuta Dock and Sacra Oculus encourages Commanders to come deliver food stocks (for a profit) there.
Operation Feed The Faithful: With the Blight still in effect at our Industrial facility there is a vast demand for food. Until the Blight ends and we go into Famine, we could contaminate further food stocks but the plight of the Faithful is now becoming dire. The following right now are the most urgently required: 4,694,320 grain @ 3,102 Cr/Ton, 1,188,650 fruit & veg @ 3,598 Cr/Ton, 1,731,930 Algae @ 2,121 Cr/Ton, 383,755 Synthetic Meat @ 1,654 Cr/Ton most urgently required at Furuta Dock, HIP 29314.
The Faithful are ecstatic. For their Faith was questioned when a terrible Blight befell the HIP 29314 system. That Blight is now over. The system presently has an economic downturn. This shall be corrected as we rebuild our economy there. Moreover, may the Creator be Proclaimed. HIP 28070 is now Sacra Oculus. We control the main starport and the planetary military base.
May we remain prostrate before the Creator for we have captured an orbiting outpost in the Lisaaka system, from where the Faithful of Sacra Oculus may continue to distribute our Most Sacred Faith.
May the Creator continue to confound us mere mortals, for Sacra Oculus is in Acani, where we just expanded to.
The ability to control and consolidate territory is dependent upon the ratio of your available military power to the volume to be controlled and consolidated. Sacra Oculus has passed that point and requests Commanders looking to participate in the BGS to come join us. We control 42 out of 52 systems we are presently established in and if we are to consolidate and control and continue further, the ever repeated cycles of expansion that are presently a way of life on the fringe, where we are already expanding more than 45.8 LY at a time, we need more pilots.

That's the basic truth. We need more pilots. We are a small group which has amassed a string of successes, but we are now way beyond our existing abilities and need fresh blood.

If you fancy handling some systems and maintain our ever present need to ensure our influence remains stable and also enjoy various aspects of this game, please join us.
May the Creator be Praised this Evensong for Sacra Oculus has won the approval of the electorate in the Cantzicnal system, with a stunning victory for 2nd place, capturing Covington Port, the orbiting outpost, that shall be used to spread the Sacred Text of the Creator to all.
May the Creator be further venerated. For today, Sacra Oculus expanded into the Draudirawah system. As a PMF exists there, we shall only be present in the system and not look to control it.
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