Sacra Oculus Now Recruiting

This is an important announcement to all Anarchy players. The Theocracy Sacra Oculus has forged a special Agreement with Zenith Squadron, which is an Imperial Anarchy. To this end, a sub-group has been created for Elite and Anarchy players/supporters who enjoy the facilities a Black Market offers. Having spoken with the leader and founder of Zenith Squadron, I am delighted to announce a facility for Anarchy players and specifically, a close working relationship with Zenith Squadron. Join for access to the sub-group.
With Brotherhood of Batzin, Zenith Squadron and Sacra Oculus systems we are in 106 systems, although some systems have a few of us present rather than one.
May the Creator continue to pour Blessings upon the Faithful, for Sacra Oculus has expanded to HIP 25431 and as another PMF is there first, the Faithful shall do nothing but maintain a Ministry in the system in accordance with Agreement.
FTI of all, a gamers guild recently inserted into Elite has attacked a PMF where the main people are unable to play Elite as they are thousands of miles from loved ones, trapped by covid19 rules. That is why they are presently mothballed. They have upset the balance in the area, where there are very long standing codes of conduct regarding other PMFs' and local long standing arrangements regarding the sharing of systems between PMFs', so we have already prevented further expansions by them and we're fighting a war to restore the balance and we are about to split them with guerilla warfare at a High Tech they took. Our aim is to BGS reduce them everywhere they try to expand until such time as the players who are trapped may return. This will not happen overnight. We do not object to their expanding to systems without a PMF present but until they cease attacking other PMFs' we shall oppose this, as shall others.
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Praise the Creator for the unholy military base of Tall Hub in the Mac Moti system is now Sacra Oculus and the heathen arms dealers have left the base, replaced with honest arms dealers from Sacra Oculus.
Brera Works in the Oraona system was the scene of a last stand by heathen elements and the Faithful responded with Righteous and Furious anger. For they did smite their enemies and returned Glorious bathed in the splendour of the Creator. For Brera Works is now Sacra Oculus.
May the Creator be Heralded in the Streets. For today the people of Aeducini have now received the Creator's Blessing with a presence by Sacra Oculus
In Oraona, the vice den of Hague Depot now belongs to Sacra Oculus, following a brief conflict and the law abiding citizenry in Oraona breathed a collective sigh of relief, as the heretical Hague Depot assumed new management. All Praise the Creator.
Additional Coalition Treaty.


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May the Creator's image be paraded through the street of Daniel's Folly, for the Faithful of Sacra Oculus has sent forth a most Holy Mission to the Independent Extraction system of Nerrete. As the system is owned by another PMF and is also exploited by Aisling Duval, Sacra Oculus shall do nothing with the system, beyond providing a soothing presence for the Souls of the populace there.
As part of our additional Coalition structure and to ensure our caretaker activities for Zenith Squadron are enhanced, we have set up a Zenith Squadron PS4 Squadron. The Letters are ZSQD. Any looking to have a hand in maintaining a Zenith Squadron presence in over 20 systems are welcome to join the new Squadron on PS4. For all other platforms and to access our Discord where regular updates are given, join via Sacra Oculus.
The PS4 Squadron is growing very nicely but whether you are PS4, XBox or PC come join us. Our PS4 and PC squadron is SOLD. The XBox squadron is XSOS. We control a significant number of star systems on the edge of the inhabited parts of the galaxy. We will control more. Head over to our Discord at
Always fancied running on the illegal side but worried if prison will be right for you if caught? Now you see for yourself with a trial run. Zenith Squadron owns Bernoulli Penal Colony in the Wuonkwer system. Simply come visit this Imperial Anarchy station in an Imperial Anarchy system, that is controlled by Zenith Squadron for that special and exclusive prison experience. It is also a military planet base with a Black Market.
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Our Fleet Carrier "Cirein Croin" now have the Triple Rs (Refuel/Rearm/Repair) and the shipyard module which made it an ideal forward operating base for CMDRs during the wars and relief supports for systems in crisis.
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