Safe to leave AI by the helm?

I am about to go on another expedition in my Anaconda - and this time I am thinking about taking a fighter bay with me, but how safe it is to leave the AI by the helm - say in an asteroid field? Can it handle the “Follow Me” command in narrow/more difficult places?

I have never had a fighter bay before, and I am just thinking it could be fun to race in a fighter from time to time on a long trip.

Well, basically yes.. I would like to say that how he/she flies your ship depends on your co pilots skill level but im unsure if thats the case.
When i was on Beagle Point last year, i had my then co-pilot with me. At one point i went to planetside to have some fighter fun.
I descented to crater and tested the pilots route finding skills and went behind that craters center "nipple mountain" to wait..

..and after a while i saw my Anaconda plunging straight through the top of the mountain. Ship survived but lost 40% of hull..

So, there might be some issues when co-pilot is taking control of your ship, but then again, i dont know if their intelligence has been raised since that incident. :)
Okay - sounds like it’s best to be a bit carefull if I am carrying valuable cartographics data :). Thanks.
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