SAGITTARIUS A* - Visitors List - V4.0 - Please read OP BEFORE posting!

Once again another batch of happy travellers added to the greatest list on the forum (don't worry I'm backing this up before the forum switch...). Well done for your efforts and safe onward journey!

Don't forget the postcard ;)

All the recent entries have been really easy to put in as everyone's been using the right format. I thank you all very much for this, but here's a reminder for new arrivals:

If you want the (DW2) tags:
2519. CMDR Stark Ravingmad - 18th March 3305 (DW2)
2520. CMDR Durian - 18th March 3305 (DW2)
2521. CMDR RedLee - 17th March 3305 (DW2)
If you don't want the (DW2) tags:
2528. CMDR sntXrrr - 9th March 3305


There were problems with the following CMDR's who I haven't been able to add at the moment. In some cases the pictures aren't showing for me. This maybe because of being at work. If you want to re-submit try or a link to the EDSM POI page.

CMDR Alt0i- 18th March 3305 (DW2)

Took three days from Pallaeni. Time for a little rest I think before I continue my catchup :D
I spotted you on EDSM!

Hi Guys, back on Jan 10th I visited Sag A for the 3rd time, I was really impressed with the new visuals. Funny the 1st time I went I thought it was my one and only time. Then went again in 2017 thought the same thing. In January this year, I didn't rule out another visit.
Your link worked but the pic didn't show!

CMDR Enmerker - 7th March 3305 DW2
I couldn't see you on the list :(

CMDR Mark Cangila - 21st March 3305 (DW2)
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