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CMDR Pacman262 - 4th April 3305 (DW2)

**** EDIT 4/6/19 - It wont let me upload a picture (either by attaching a file or by inserting a picture)...anyone think they can assist me? I have been trying to work it out but cant seem to figure out what the issue is..
If you have the image as a screen print, I would post it in Paint and save it in a Jpeg (.jpg) format. That way it is easily uploaded. o7 CMDR
I've finally summoned up the courage to try something significant in the new forum, frankly a horrible theme!

Anyway moaning aside the list is updated, congratulations to the new inductees!

Fly safe :D

Just as a reminder here's the format for entries

If you want the (DW2) tags:
2519. CMDR Stark Ravingmad - 18th March 3305 (DW2)
2520. CMDR Durian - 18th March 3305 (DW2)
2521. CMDR RedLee - 17th March 3305 (DW2)
If you don't want the (DW2) tags:
2528. CMDR sntXrrr - 9th March 3305
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