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CMDR Nero Atreides - 28th Feb 3305

(This was taken on the 28th of February, however I'm adding this only now because I registered my forum account few minutes ago to record my arrival at Beagle Point)

CMDR LetItBleed1980 - 19th June 3305

However this is actually my second visit, my first was before I was active on these boards and while I took plenty of photos and video none of them were like the picture you guys wanted for verification so I've held off adding my name to the list until I took the requested photo. My first trip was 27th September 3304.
Congratulations to everyone who's made it to SgrA*!

Thanks to everyone who posted their entries in the correct format, it saves an unbelievable amount of time in managing this list.

Sorry for the delay in getting the recent entries to the list, very, very busy at work!

Just as a reminder here's the format for entries

If you want the DW2 tags:

2606. CMDR Purrpl Tentacle - 4th June 3305 (DW2)
2607. CMDR ZBOUBANIGHT - 18th March 3305 (DW2)
If you don't want the (DW2) tags:
2620. CMDR Rooster Podunk – 26th April 3305
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