Sagittarius Eye Bulletin - Research Aids in Thargoid War ........................... Signal Detected

So... anyone in the game, not currently on their way to the Gnosis and willing to check out if Lave is still there after the server tick?
Thargoids now react to heat signatures? This is new, isn't? Have they "adapted" once more?
nope. always been like that. I've been fighting them with low heat ships and heat sinks since the beginning. Trick is when yiu go silent running you lose shields....which is kind of a pain with the bigger goids. In some ships a couple of large efficient beam lasers with themal vent will keep you at 0 heat even when yiyre firing gauss cannons.
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Anyone decoded:

? IIRC similar coding was used like a year ago in the game.
Thargoids now react to heat signatures? This is new, isn't? Have they "adapted" once more?
I was able to get a tissue sample from a Basilisk with a low-heat Keelback build, the Thargoid never even detected me after the limpet was deployed, much less fired upon me. Spent 3 heatsinks while the research limpet did its work. Low-heat builds still function well.

In this honor I have named my Keelback 'The Probulator'.
1:36 green light inside the station, voice something life form detected and a new binary message on their web site right now. Nonogram?
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Can't read Binary. BUT can. Early today I put the binary into the fields as half bytes and was playing around

For anyone's who interested here's the binary from the Sag eye site:
0010 0101 0011 1001 0011 0110
0010 0000 0111 0000 0011 1101
0011 1110 0100 1010 0010 0000
0111 0011 0011 0110 0011 1111
0010 0000 0011 0010 0100 0011
0011 0110 0010 0000 0100 0011
0011 0110 0100 0100 0100 0001

Now. Grain of salt time. I fittled around by tranforming the binary to text then used some sort of Base64 decoding and received the text

"The Almy Den are resp".

Problem is, I messed it up after and couldn't recreate it. Can anyone try a decryption and reproduce?

(or does anyone know what the plain text means?)
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