Sagittarius Eye Bulletin - Research Aids in Thargoid War ........................... Signal Detected

did that

"The AlcheU8Ejy Den are responsible"

edit - this is the binary through a rot47 translator -

Alchemy Den? - searched and there is a player group but no more
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I was trying to post up a screenshot of the translation, but I failed...hard

Through ROT 47 = The Alchemy Den are responsible
Yeah, well, still seems a bit suspicious. I wonder what else Alchemy Den smuggled in that crate of parts. Maybe something else hitched a ride attracted by those Thargoid sensors. I mean, since when do the sensors blow up on their own?

Why Sagittarius Eye? Likely because they are a respected news organization (probably the only one in existence). But why destroy them just to get a message into the press, especially since they (Sagittarius Eye) have been reporting on the research for ways to defeat the Thargoids?

I think there is more to the story than just "threatening" the superpowers. Alchemy Den is up to no good.
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There is a message behind Sagi logo but it is totally distorted.

Edit: this is a picture of binary code at their site.
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