Powerplay Sagittarius Eye Powerplay Report - Cycle 210


The system of GCRV 2743 has been a busy place recently. In cycle 208 it revolted against Simguru Pranav Antal’s influence, and in cycle 209 it became a three-way preparation race between Antal, Zachary Hudson and Li Yong-Rui to see who would step in and try to claim this highly profitable system. With Antal bowing out early and SiriusGov failing to keep pace, Hudson emerged the winner and is now attempting to expand Federation control to that system. With a 2:1 advantage in triggers, they have pulled out a huge lead of 480k merits and currently appear unopposed.

Last cycle both Federation powers successfully expanded. Felicia Winters was dominant in the system of 169 G. Canis Majoris and faced little opposition. Hudson also expanded to LHS 2088, however this system is massively unprofitable for them, losing 63 command capital (CC) per cycle due to bureaucratic overheads, as well as robbing Edmund Mahon of some income.

Although the official position is that all are welcome in the Federation, it is believed that this system was forced upon Hudson by saboteurs and it is so close to their HQ in Nanomam that it may prove impossible to later withdraw.

“We estimate that six to eight pilots in a few short hours at the end of the cycle easily destroyed a week of intense effort of dozens of commanders, while remaining untouchable inside [private space].” said Cmdr Gamgod of the Hudson Tactical Red Team.

Emperor Lavigny-Duval was again thwarted in her efforts to take Simyr, but this cycle she is attempting to expand to the system of Sokojiu. At first this seems like a curious choice, as the system would cost her 9 CC if successful. However, our tactical observers have noted that it is very close to the attempted Winters expansion into the far more profitable HIP 38747. If both expansions went through, a total of 36 CC would be contested and go to neither power — though this would still leave HIP 38747 as a slightly profitable system for Winters. Whether the Emperor is willing to take such a large loss just to reduce Winters’ income remains to be seen. At the current time Lavigny-Duval trails in her expansion by 46k merits, while Winters leads hers by 260k merits – though as always note that it is possible to “snipe” expansions, so there may be many thousands of merits not shown in the current GalNet totals.

Zemina Torval continued to see significant undermining of her systems in cycle 209, though large-scale fortification managed to keep her well clear of any danger of turmoil. Current GalNet status shows more undermining in progress, and projections indicate that another large fortification effort will be required to avoid systems revolting.

Aside from the expansions mentioned above, the big action so far this cycle is the preparation tussle for Simyr. Competing logistics efforts between the Emperor and Shadow President’s forces saw both powers neck and neck Friday morning, but a halt by ALD’s pilots saw Winters build a 100k merit lead. Yet Princess Duval’s forces have managed to turn a 150k merit deficit into a five-digit lead over Winters. There are reports of fierce fighting between Winters haulers, Imperial interceptors, and Federal Combat Air Patrols. After so many cycles allowing Lavigny-Duval to prepare Simyr with little opposition, it is unclear what prompted both Winters and Duval to join the battle, but all three are hauling huge amounts, so keep your eyes on the GalNet boards as this three-way race heats up near the end of the cycle!

Elsewhere the Delaine pirates continue their skirmishes in the Atata system, and most other powers have either consolidated or have made no move to seriously prepare systems, with just the usual mix of random preparations and acts of minor sabotage on the boards.

Sagittarius Eye Breaking News team
I do enjoy reading about PP. It's still dynamic and interesting despite the many flaws. Here I'm just linking what Sagittarius Eye posts every week through their breaking news section. Honestly, I don't know why they don't post breaking news to the various appropriate forums/reddit. It'd generate more interest for everyone involved.

As far as the Powerplay posts, I believe it's CMDR Foursyth who writes these most weeks. I also hear that they are looking for more Powerplay writers in both breaking news and for longer features. They have a public facing Discord server if anyone's looking to chat with them. If you are part of a community that uses its own Discord server, they have a bot that will put the breaking news into a channel every time something new is posted.
Thanks for these. I hope the Community Managers follow them closely. PP needs some love.
Especially the 'saboteur' part of it, something needs to be done about the fifth column gameplay. It's getting ridiculous. FDEV please add a negative expansion mechanism to vote and then haul merits to withdraw from a bad system or something.

The only thing that makes what's left of powerplay 'fun' is the open-only gentleman's agreement between most of the Federation and the Empire. Anything else would be a miserable grind-fest from solo mode which wouldn't deserve any acknowledgement or sense of accomplishment.
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