PvP Saint Gwydion vs. General Tebori

About a week ago, the great General Akuma Tebori and Saint Gwydion met for a fight. Both pilots flew on a very similar level that evening.
In the following video two camera perspectives are shown, the view from outside, from the cameraman "Snakovich the Fourth [ RoA ]" and the cockpit view from "Cmdr Tebori".
Thanks to Snakovich for the cooperation... o7

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv1AAde60Hg&feature=youtu.be
I love the third person perspective, especially juxtaposed with the first person. I will have to look at it again to see if I could learn more from it.

Uhhh, Akuma, isn't the FDL supposed to be a Shield Tank? Why no shields? I think you must be the only Commander in the Milky Way to fly an FDL with no shields!
Maybe I should make my FGS a shield tank.....a prismo FGS... just put in a lot of Guardian Shield Reinforcements and SCBs..... :)

There really needs to be a contest for the most effective, non standard builds... that could be very amusing...

I am glad the gorillas are doing aerobics at the end, it's much more healthy than beating chests.

hull tanks shouldnt be underestimated @Slange Lands ;)
i knew my opponent will show up with plasma rail and i will be able to stay very close to him to give him a hard time to land the super penetrator(s)
cause of the fact no specific hull tank counter was present it worked... this time :)

but the only defense you have on that ship are your own speed, heatsink and chaff
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