Saitek X52 H.O.T.A.S. and controls setup

I never had a problem with my X52 - until i upgraded to the X-55 Rhino HOTAS, HTC Vive and use the Belkin Nostromo n52te gamepad for keyboard support as i can no longer see a keyboard.

Crazy set up but now i cant play it any other way.

I always found though that my X52 would roll alot (not just on ED but on the X-Universe games, MS x-flight and Mechwarrior too) even after calibrating and re-centering through software
I do get a slight roll sometimes if the power drops from my usb connection. It seems the x52 sucks down the maximum from the port which isn't always able to give max.
Unplug and replug fixes the roll, though.
I really do need to get an externally powered usb hub.
I get the veering now and then while driving the SRV, and unplug/reconnect does not fix it, but reapplying the Controls from the Escape menu does: Escape>Options>Controls>Apply>Back to game menu>Resume, takes less than 5 seconds. Never heard of the control panel fix, will maybe try it, too.
There was an issue that after a while the X52 stick would veer to the left or right, or pitch up or down, every so often. This wasn't a mechanical failure in the stick. It had something to do with how USB works coupled with the shoddy drivers from Madcatz. I remember being told to leave the X52 control panel open while I play, to prevent the drivers cycling with some USB thingymajig resulting in annoying unwanted inputs.

Many people paid for new sticks when it was only a driver issue. It is very similar to the old Unity Vjoy bug that spins out your mouse cursor in older Unity engine games.

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This is what you want open while you play. Just to be clear. Having this control panel opens stops the cycling of drivers or something. I am not too sure, all I know is this fixed what I thought to be a broken Joystick.
Another positive effect white this window open is that the pinky button works as a shift button in ED.
If "Enable clutch mode" is checked under MFD tab then the "I" button works as a shift button even without this window open but you can’t use the "I" button as a regular button unless you uncheck "clutch mode" (I use the"I" button for boost).

I only use Logitech drivers and not the software because it seldom works for me.
Also USB 3.0 usualy dont work well and some people claim that a USB 2.0 hub with external powersuply works best.
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