Salomé and the Children of Raxxla


Who are the Children of Raxxla ?

CoR are a player faction that has a large emphasis on role play - particularly role playing stories and in-game events that are linked to the mysteries of the galaxy. They have no allegiance to any of the power blocs and treat all with equal suspicion. As a result of this, and a consequence of their actions and accusations against certain leading power play figureheads, CoR are viewed as a dissident faction in the eyes of the major powers.

CoR were born out of the original investigations into the Formidine Rift, circa Feb/Mar 2015, although the group didn't exist in any official capacity until FD introduced player factions later that year.

In the spring of 2015, Frontier Developments abandoned the Rift mystery along with support for the official Elite author (Drew Wagar) who had introduced it into the Elite timeline via the book Elite: Reclamation. Despite this setback, players who still enjoyed the brief history of the Rift story and following the adventures of the Elite: Reclamation protagonist (Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, aka Salomé), approached Drew and asked if they could adopt the character as their cult leader or figurehead and continue to role play the various adventures the character was originally implemented into the game lore for. Drew agreed, and he even wrote a short novella that introduced Salomé to CoR.

Since the story was no longer part of ED and no more articles were to be written about it, many abandoned the quest in favor of the UA mystery. CoR continued investigating the Rift (among other things), but in a purely role played capacity. Eventually interest in the group activity waned during the winter of 2015 as the whole saga lost its momentum... the story gradually became a distant memory.

In early April 2016 Salomé did make a surprise reappearance in game - out at Beagle Point during the Distant Worlds finale where she addressed the last remnants of CoR who were still active and had journeyed to the far side of the galaxy during that expedition. This encounter re-energized CoR and plans were made to revive the group.

On return to civilized space, the CoR pilots who attended the Sanctuary Hill meeting at Beagle Point, were given a directive by Salomé to set up listening posts along the borders of the Formidine Rift.

In the summer of 2016, a rewrite of some of the background lore was initiated by FD, with some aspects no longer being considered as canon. Possibly unrelated, FD then announced that they were reinstating the whole Salomé story arc and Rift mystery, and had also brought Drew Wagar in to oversee how it was to be played out. CoR were brought out of their slumber and were privileged to be allowed to be used as a conduit to bring aspects of the story alive in game where possible.

It must be stated here that CoR have not and do not get insider information that could help unravel the mysteries. They have never asked for it, and would never expect it. CoR are occasionally used as a vehicle to bring some aspects of the narrative alive in-game, via interaction with Salomé and the snippets of GalNet articles that everyone has access to. It should also be emphasized that CoR do not have exclusivity over Salomé. She is a public figure. Other groups or lone wolf players who put the dedication and work in to unraveling the mysteries have also been included in her role playing narrative, and are responsible for bringing interaction and events alive in game. Groups who are linked to Salomé and the characters from Reclamation include Loren's Legion, Phoenix Group, Federation Foreign Service, EDF and the character Raan Corsen...Link.

CoR have a dedicated intelligence team that work on the GalNet clues and public hints released by Drew and FD, and a dedicated role play team that work on events, articles, videos, and projects that are based on whatever direction those clues lead us. And although players have been assured that their in game actions can influence the narrative, none of CoRs role played events or articles (nor anyone else's) should be seen as official parts of the story until acknowledged as such by FD/Drew.

CoR's Guiding Principles are linked below (please note that unforeseen in game events may dictate a temporary deviation from these principles on very rare occasions).

Link : Guiding Principles


CoR are role players. They role play semi-secretive commanders making their way through the gameworld, and when something needs investigating or Salomé calls for their help, they pull together, regroup, work on it, and where possible role play it out via in-game events before slipping away back to their 'normal' lives again during the quiet times. They have periods of intense activity, intermixed with long periods of dormancy.

Who is Senator Kahina Tijani Loren, aka Salomé ?

Salomé is a very divisive and controversial figure in the world of Elite: Dangerous. She is viewed by many as a terrorist, cult leader, and power-hungry schemer by those sympathetic to the major powers, and an exploration-loving rebel and eccentric outcast to those who are sympathetic to her cause of unraveling the galaxies deepest mysteries.

You can find the perfect synopsis of "Salomé" from Drew Wagar himself, here; Kahina Tijani Loren.

For those new to this story line, it is highly recommended that you read the official Elite Dangerous novel; Elite: Reclamation.

Although not essential to solving the in-game mysteries surrounding Salomé, the book does contain clues, and it will give you the ultimate background into her life, personality, and goals.

A reading from Elite: Reclamation by Drew himself :


Who is Salomé in game ?

CMDR Salomé is the officially sanctioned 'advanced' NPC in game that physically represents the character from the book and brings her to life within the actual gameworld we all share. This allows for a great opportunity for players to interact with her, converse with her, get clues, and attend official events that she presides over.

After Frontier Developments had all but dropped the Formidine Rift story along with Salomé and her adventures from their narrative in early 2015, the characters' adoption as a figurehead and creation within the Elite Dangerous gameworld was sanctioned by Drew Wagar and registered with the lifetime expansion upgrade by the CoR founders in September 2015. From September 2015 until the spring of 2016, the character rarely appeared in game but was occasionally used to preside over player-created in-game roleplayed events. In the spring of 2016, Frontier Developments reinstated the Formidine Rift mystery and commissioned Drew to oversee the story and begin writing the sequel to Reclamation, Elite: Premonition. The Salomé in-game character was thus bestowed to the author on the eve of the Beagle Point meeting to help roleplay aspects of the narrative from that point onward, and although the CoR founders are still technically the registered keepers of the CMDR Salomé account, they no longer control her in game actions or interactions with the playerbase.

The character is 100% roleplayed so will not take part in idle chit chat, nor (we're told) is she obliged to answer questions directly when asked. If she wants to divulge a clue, she will most likely do it during any story related conversation.

Players have been asked not to contact CMDR Salomé if she is online and in a private group or solo mode (these modes are presumably used to move her around in preparation for the next part of the story). She is only classed as 'active' and approachable if she is in Open Play.

As far as we're aware she accepts all friend requests. This allows those on her list to be notified when she is in Open Play and pinpoints her location on the map.

If she is in Open Play and you message her, don't feel offended if she does not reply. She often ignores CoR Consul hails too, we presume that she is in convo with others, doesn't always see the message, or could be otherwise distracted by in-game situations. We don't pester her if a hail is not answered, all sorts of reasons could be occurring that don't allow her time to respond.

The identity or identities of those who now 'control' Salomé are only known to the author and or FD, and she will only act in accordance to their direction.

Galnet Collection Senator Kahina

The Children of Raxxla Chronicles

Inspired by the many writers among its members, the CoR RP Team presents the The Children of Raxxla Chronicle, a project to collect and organise all stories written by CoR members into a single 'book'.

With this, we hope to not only make the stories available and easy to access for everyone, but also hope to add value to the individual stories by organising them into a whole. We hope the writers among us will submit their stories to the Chronicle, for others to have fun reading these stories and maybe even get inspired to write themselves.

More details and submission rules can be found on the Chronicle itself here : The Children of Raxxla Chronicle

The Children of Raxxla Chronicle was created and set up by Vent (Hayate Yagami), December 3302.

A Timeline of Events
(from the perspective of the Children of Raxxla)
Salomé's timeline during the period outlined below has been excellently collated by CMDR TheRealLuckyLuke and can be viewed on the Formidine Rift thread : Here.

Early March 3301

"The Mystery Begins..."

Acaelus Thorn begins the first known public investigation into the Formidine Rift, and invites the community to join him in unraveling its secrets. Thorn recruits explorers and cartographers from the first Formidine Rift thread into a shadowy (and as yet) unnamed group. From his thread the first seeds of the Children of Raxxla are born.

The Formidine Rift - What is it?

Late March 3301

"The Daedalus Mission"

As the mystery of exactly where the Formidine Rift is located gathers pace in the public eye, a covert scouting mission sets out to explore the then unknown regions of the outer arm, all the way to Hyponia, and as far 'south' as The Syroifoe Oasis and the Bovomit Badlands. The following mission details (vaguely referenced in the conversation mentioned under the "Where to Look" chapter) were declassified a short time later with the release of the following footage, and the mission was eventually catalogued a year later in 3302 within the Galactic Mapping Project archives (under historical routes).

Video & Maps :-

Video Playlist - The Daedalus Mission

Mapping Project (archived entry) :-


May 3301

"Where to Look?"

Below is an early discussion on pinpointing the Rift and sending the first scouting missions out there (this is a declassified conversation from what later became the founding members of CoR).

Lester Madden (Lestenio)
11 May 3301

I’ve become obsessed with locating the Formidine Rift.

Many of you have already seen the clues in Drew’s book. IE take the line from Reorte to Riedquat to the galactic edge and keep going. Those following the clues have come to the conclusion that the rift is the void between the Persus arm and the New Galactic arm. So what we are looking for is beyond or in the rift.

On one hand, it is 12k+ ly from Sol, so you’d have to ask “would a developer put content so far away”. The answer is yes, and I think we are looking in the right area. This why I believe this:

1) The Reorte – Riedquat line clue from the book

2) Space is huge and FD are striving for realism. There is no logical reason why any species would be right on our doorstep other than pew pew convenience

3) From a game perspective, If there was an alien home world on our doorstep. Once revealed, players would be there shooting aliens 24/7. The large distance puts reasonable separation between us and still allows for skirmishes around human space in a realistic way

4) Senator Loren is prepping for journey long journey, part of that includes upgrades is to her ships FSD. The upgrades are classed as significant. There is no reason to assume the class A FSDs on offer to cmdrs are the best money can buy. A significantly upgraded FSD would cut the time taken to reach the rift making it more accessible.

5) I’m still reading ‘Out of the Darkness” by T James (spoiler……—>>) the epilogue talks about a journey over a vast distance traveling in a straight line with very little need to go up or down. I’m trying not to spoil the ending and enjoy the book, but the sneak peak I had, seems to back up the rift being far away.

So, following the clues, I’m pretty comfortable with continuing to explore on the other side of what I believe is the rift. I’m going to ignore Drew’s comment about ‘the core of the matter’ and take a leap of faith that he is talking about the core of a sector rather the galaxy core. There are vast areas of unscoopable stars over the rift making exploration difficult. It could help explain why nothing has been found already if our alien friends live under a dwarf sun. I also I think most people when exploring around the rift are (probably) too focused on getting to the edge of the milky way and don’t stop to search. So the chances of blindly stumbling upon ‘something’ is low .

Of course I could be searching for something that doesn’t exist until 1.3, but I am strangely confident that The Dark Wheel will know the secrets soon.

Gustin Stamatinos (Thorn)
A lot of great observations here Lestenio! I haven’t read other authors yet although I would very much like to. I will likely have more time after a few weeks from now. Great observations with what you’ve read in ‘Out of the Darkness’. Does anyone know of any other clues in any other books?

I believe that Drew’s reference to the core of the problem was designed to let us know that our journey will start in the core worlds through some means, perhaps a quest as indicated by this interview:

Furthermore, when reviewing the clues in Elite: Reclamation which were also listed by some in the forums:

‘Edge of the galactic arm. Take a line from Reorte to Riedquat to the edge of the arm and … keep going.’ The woman grimaced. ‘Stars thin out, you can see the whole galaxy just hanging there. I took a fancy to going exploring after I lost …’ — here, the big clue is seeing the “whole galaxy just hanging there” so we know it’s out toward the very edge of the galaxy.

So how do we know it is between the two arms and not at the very edge of the galaxy? She later states, “Once you reach the rift you’re going to have to plot a way across. There are no stars for dozens of light years and the dark systems haven’t been mapped, so take your time, watch your six” — We wouldn’t be able to plot a way across if there wasn’t something on the other side. However, this also mentions dark system, which to my knowledge have not been implemented in game yet, or if they have, we have no way to detect them yet.

I believe that Erimus was correct in the map he created below. His initiative in the community cartography project is a large part of the reason I’m inviting him (just waiting for him to get a Facebook).

More specifically however, I believe it is in the larger gulf / bay area where the word ‘Rift’ is located (if you drew a line between Sol and the Poseidal Wall).

Lester Madden
Do you have a sector you want me to investigate while I am in the area?

Gustin Stamatinos
I don’t personally have anything in mind yet. I don’t even think it’s necessarily implemented yet (although Braben said the somethings had been there since 1.2). If I were there, I would try to get as far into the Rift as I could and explore each system there. However, it should be noted that I’m currently around the core worlds doing community goals and trading to raise funds for either the Diamond Back or Imperial Courier. So… do what you prefer. Any information you manage will be appreciated ^^

Cmdr Erimus
I knew of a large permit only sector across the rift but I didn’t want to reveal its location for several reasons…. firstly it was something I found by accident sat in Aulin Enterprise one night messing around with the Galactic map and looking for a new long expedition to go on, I was bored and spent a good hour scouring the outer regions for planetary nebula and blackholes, so it was blind luck. This was months ago, long before the Formidine Rift became a hot topic. And secondly, I don’t like adding things to the mapping project maps unless they’ve been physically discovered or visited by a player and a screenshot or video of their find is submitted… So I kept this info to myself until I finally reached its borders yesterday and finished putting the final footage of it into a fan-fiction series I’ve put together about the UA and the Rift. So… do you guys want me to publish my findings, bearing in mind it may have nothing to do with the Formidine Rift or Drew’s story arc, but also on the off chance that it does indeed have something to do with what’s coming it could be a big spoiler for those who are still enjoying working out the clues? Bit of a dilemma here… Let me know how you want me to proceed with this “theory” guys…. Cheers!

Lester Madden
I’m currently around Dryaea which is over the rift. I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to check out the permit sector

Lester Madden
But. I would suggest it stays within the [redacted] for a bit so we can investigate

Cmdr Erimus
The video I made kinda gives it away at the end. I was going to hold off publishing it until the eve of update 1.3, as that’s when I believe this region could be opened up… but I think people are going to find this region pretty soon as they give up looking coreward, and for audio signals from the UA, and turn their attention Rift-ward.

Lester Madden
Looking coreward they are all in the wrong direction.
Have you / are you going to publish ? I’m keen to investigate

Cmdr Erimus
Ok, I’ll it publish it in the Formidine Rift thread as that’s the one where other explorers who are actually out there physically looking are mostly taking part in. The other thread has gone off on so many tangents I don’t know what to believe anymore. Give me about 30 minutes and I’ll put something up… but again bear in mind, this is just my own personal theory and I could be way off… it really depends on how big the rift is as this region of interest isn’t quite where a lot of players out there are looking.

Cmdr Erimus
Video is up, for what its worth…
Formidine Rift… what is it? – Page 8

Lester Madden
Cheers. Your videos are always entertaining btw.

Cmdr Erimus
Cheers Lester.

Gustin Stamatinos
Sounds like a great discovery, CMDR! I haven’t had a chance to review the video yet, but I will.

Lester Madden
My thoughts on the location and permit sector.
Restricting access via a permit until 1.3 or whenever makes perfect sense. It prevents an explorer mapping an entire sector only to find at a later date it’s teaming with thargoids or whatever. So, unless the content is there already, it’s likely to be locked.

On the other hand, the permit sector is several thousand ly away from where R&R line up and that’s quite a distance or margin of error. If all the stars that could have been used, those 2 were chosen.

You may be right about the rough pointer. A lot to digest and think about.

Jura B. Collie
Hey guys, thanks for all the info. I am currently about 8,000LY from Heart and Soul (further than I thought when I had a quick look last night), near where Cmdr Erimus has noted the Perseus Arm on his map. I am happy to look for another way across the rift in this area, it looks like there may be one about the same distance further along the Arm on the Galaxy Map. I can try to cross there, then come down the other side of the Rift back towards where “The New Outer Arm” is noted on the map.

Jura B. Collie
I can also post the Formidine Rift lore from the Oolite Saga as well again here if folks think it would be helpful. Much of it no longer applies, or refers to systems which do not seem to have made it into the ED verse.

Jura B. Collie
I need to re-read Out of the Darkness also… bought it when I was first getting into the game and read it quickly without paying too much attention to the lore.

Cmdr Erimus
I think it all depends on how far the Formidine Rift actually stretches along the outer arm. If its a localized feature, close to and not stretching far beyond, the Heart & Soul Nebula, then that permit region has probably got nothing to do with the current story. Its probably just another region set aside for much later content. But if the Rift is a large feature, as speculated on the maps, then that region could have more relevance to what’s coming since its a fairly large place that could have a lot of content out there. Of course Drew could have thrown us all a curve ball here and have us all looking for something that isn’t physically out there yet, or he could even have us looking in a completely different place altogether.

Jura B. Collie
OK, I’m going to head straight towards the Rift (or the gap between the Perseus and New Outer arms, if it is not the Rift) from the Black Widow Pulsar (if it extends to that point) and see if it is impassable there or not. Then will make a call on turning left or right, or crossing.

Gustin Stamatinos I went out there with a near 38 LY Asp (37.6 I think) and you won’t get there by going counter-clockwise only clockwise and further away. I have a post a ways down in this page. Look for the post with the Galactic map. It is a little outdated as I had multiple areas suspected to possibly be the rift, but I now agree with Erimus on the location of the rift. Specifically, I believe it is the larger gulf-like area where “Rift” is spelled out on his map.

Late May 3301

"A Peek into the Darkness"

A short time after this conversion this 'shadowy group' launched the first known joint mission into the Formidine Rift. Around 12 pilots (including the eventual CoR founders) and setting out individually, began a tentative search of the rift. This was before the times of organized fleet missions or in depth data cataloguing - so no data from this early mission was kept. The mission lasted several weeks, and was deemed unsuccessful with its objective. In hindsight it became apparent that The Formidine Rift mystery was buried much deeper than first anticipated and would require a monumental bit of blind luck to stumble across what ever was out there by accident.

June 3301 - July 3301

'The Lady Vanishes'

Out of character comments :-

During the summer of 2015 (3301).. Frontier basically ditched Salomé and the Rift storyline... possibly as a consequence of the introduction of their own Power Play characters at the time. The story abruptly came to an end, and the GalNet articles were no long published. Speculation over the Rift began to slowly wane.

However, fans of the book and the character wanted to continue the Rift story, even if it was to be wholly roleplayed out on the forums, and in game via a group/cult of players symbolically keeping the candle of Reclamation & Salomé alive and not forgotten in the public eye. The early Rift pioneers approached Drew Wagar and sought his permission to do so, even though it seemed FD had abandoned it. Drew embraced the idea.

September 3301


By September 3301, the early Rift pioneers had become more organized, and by now FD had sanctioned player created factions and were incorporating them in to the game, along with a homeworld that each group could associate itself with. After several days of scouting the bubble, and some debates back on forth about a name, the founders agreed on submitting the name "Children of Raxxla" to be their player faction, and HR 6421 on the fringe of powerplay space as its symbolic home, and dedicated themselves to investigate and help solve whatever mysteries Frontier Developments introduced.

In late September 3301 - Alessia Verdi publishes her memoirs. This was the introduction story of Salomé and her relationship to The Children of Raxxla.(.pdf link) :

October 3301 - December 3301

"The Winter of Discontent"

Out of character comments :-

During this period there is very little recorded information on CoR activities. The Rift mystery was always the priority, and members continued to explore it, but with the apparent dropping of the story by FD, these ventures into the Rift focused more on mapping the region for the Galactic Mapping Project, than unraveling its mysteries. There had been no GalNet articles on the Formidine Rift for several months, and interest in the story was at its lowest ebb. Many CoR pilots slowly drifted away to the UA investigation - which was in full blown frenzy mode at the time. The CoR website became gradually deserted, and the CoR Discord server was lucky to see one message a week posted.

CoR effectively became a dormant group by the winter of 3301.

December 3301 - March 3302

"A New Horizon"

In early December 3301 a major expedition (called Distant Worlds) to the far side of the galaxy was announced. The expedition organizers were informed that Salomé herself had taken an interest in the venture.

In January 3302 the Distant Worlds fleet, now consisting of over 1,300 starships, began its 3 month journey to Beagle Point. During the trip several sighting and reports of Salomé being present are made, even though her name never appeared on the official fleet roster at the time.

April 3302

"A Distant Meeting"

In early April, the Distant Worlds fleet had reached Beagle Point, and on the 7th it was confirmed that at least a dozen CoR pilots, including Salomé herself, had been part of the mission all along.

A Tweet by Drew Wagar

A secret meeting at Sanctuary Hill (approx. 30 kms from the Darwin's Legacy basecamp at Beagle Point) was held. The meeting was later declassified and a transcript of it can be viewed in this video of the event :


By late April 3302 many of the still active CoR pilots had returned to HR 6421, but most of the founding members had moved on to other ventures, or had been side tracked by real life. A new Consul was born - made primarily from the players who had attended the Sanctuary Hill meeting at Beagle Point. CoR was brought out of its slumber.

Late April 3302 - July 3302

"Out of the Blue"

On April 26th 3302, the Children of Raxxla were issued a Salomé 'directive'.

Establish two listening posts on the near edge of the Formidine Rift and begin regular border patrols between them. The exact reason why these posts were set up is never revealed by Salomé, but it is speculated that it was to keep a permanent presence in the region and report any unusual activity emerging from the Rift as tensions between the power blocs back in the bubble began to rise and the hidden influence by shadowy forces grew. While everyone's attention was (deliberately) focused away from the Rift - CoR and the Rifters kept watch out there.

Directive Announcement

Patrol Route Map :


Listening Post Alpha :


Listening Post Beta :


Salomé and Alessia Verdi preside over the launch event, and a message from Salomé is relayed to all pilots heading out to begin their rift border patrols.

Alessia's introduction...

"My friends. Please keep the comms channels clear. Transmission is about to commence.

For those of you new to the Children of Raxxla, my name is Alessia Verdi and I am one of our official spokespersons.

Thank you for assembling. It is good to see so many of you here! We may live in dark times, but our light shines bright!

I am honoured to announce that Salomé herself is with us this evening. She has returned, along with many of you, from the Distant Worlds Expedition.

In a few minutes she will address you in person, but first, please be vigilant! Keep an eye on your scanners.

We have reason to believe that we may be under surveillance. Security must be our uppermost priority at this time.

Please standby.

Yes. I am told we are ready. My friends, Salomé is here. Please give her a warm welcome!"

Salomé's speech...

"I thank you for your welcome, Commanders. It warms my soul.

Children of Raxxla, I address you now at a time of great uncertainty and it is both with delight and sadness that I charge you with our latest undertaking.

Delight, in that I know I can depend upon your dedication and expertise, your prowess in exploration and your sense of adventure.

Sadness, in that I know I ask you to risk much. Your time, your ships, perhaps even your lives in pursuit of something... something that even now remains elusive and unclear.

There are shadowy forces at work and strange things are afoot across all the major powers. You must be as cunning as serpents and as innocent as doves. Do not be beguiled, as so many have been, by the promise of easy credits.

Halsey returns and demands exploration data just as explorers return from across the galaxy. Coincidence? Ask yourself why she might need that data.

The vile Patreus completes another unnecessary battleship. Yet we are not at war... are we?

We are being played, Commanders.

Even now, knowledge of what we have already uncovered is becoming more and more widely known. Others are searching, and not always for the purest motives.

We can not expect those set against us to leave us alone forever, already they are taking a direct interest in our affairs.

I am sending you out like sheep amongst wolves. Be wary, trust no one. I fear time is running out for us to solve the mystery of the Rift.

For now, you have your briefing. Embark on it with my blessings, Commanders.

Fly safe, and always... Remember!"

Wing Departure :


Pilots send back data packets containing footage of the early patrols :


Summer 3302

"The Lady Returns"

Drew Wagar announces that he had been in talks with Frontier Developments, and to the delight of the playerbase, the Formidine Rift mystery, Salomé, and the storyline (and future mysteries) were now officially back on the agenda. The Rift is reborn and a new influx of 'Rifters' - players who had kept faith with the story via the various Formidine Rift stories, and helped keep the pilot light burning into its mysteries, began actively investigating the region. New independently lead missions and expeditions into the Rift began taking shape.

August 3302

"A Clue!... (and a betrayal)"

In August 3302, and as a direct consequence of Salomé's activity in Tionisla (see Salome timeline linked earlier), and the later clues that followed pointing to a sector within the Rift as being an 'area of interest', CoR expand the Border Patrol and incorporate it into a major expedition. The EAFOTS sector search begins with the Formidine Rift 3302 Expedition. Over 100 pilots made up of CoR, Rifters, and freelance explorers set out to systematically search the region.



Several days after this initiative begins, and back in the bubble, a nefarious campaign against Salomé gains momentum. Imperial 'puppets' illegally board Salomé's ship in Ceimess and detain her. It is later revealed that she is being accused of being implicated in an assassination plot against Admiral Patreus. Someone wants Salomé silenced.



CoR recall many of its pilots from the rift initiative at this turn of events and begin a peaceful campaign to have her arrest investigated.


The authorities ignore all CoR attempts at finding a diplomatic resolution. It becomes increasingly apparent that Salomé has been set up and is being railroaded.

September 3302

"Wall of Silence"

A trial date is set. CoR begin putting pressure on the Ceimess authorities by undermining the system economy. The wall of silence continues. Numerous documents submitted to GalNet relating to the trial are suppressed by the mainstream media. CoR grow frustrated at being ignored.


CoR hold a gathering at Mackenzie Relay in Ceimess, where Salomé was 'kidnapped'. The meeting is attended by Alessia Verdi who hints at curious developments in the Rift and beyond...


We won't be silenced :


Despite the frustrations, later that month CoR pilots gather at Serebov Terminal to mark the 1 year anniversary of CoRs founding.

A sombre ceremony :


Early October 3302

"Distant Moon"

In support of Salomé's plight, and as a PR exercise, a lone CoR scout travels to the far galactic rim, and becomes the first pilot to record a landing on Oevasy SG-Y D0 B 9 F - a moon in a system situated 65,647 LYs from Sol. It is the outer most moon, orbiting the outermost planet of the secondary star of this Oevast system. The moon is over 134,000 light seconds further out into the intergalactic void than the primary star is - making it the most distant object from Sol an explorer can visit. CoR claim this world and unofficially name it 'Salomé's Reach' to show that her influence has become galaxy-wide.


Late October 3302


By late October, Salomé has been convicted. CoR believe the evidence against her is flawed. Protests continue to go ignored.

She is to be transported to the notorious Koontz Asylum in Daibo - a de facto death sentence.

After seeing little hope in ever seeing avenues open to them to have the arrest, conviction, an trial investigated, CoR act on intelligence provided to them from operatives sympathetic to her plight. They learn that Salomé is aboard a capital class starship in transit to Daibo.

October 30th 3302

"For Her"

On Oct 30th 3302 CoR launch a military operation against the INV Imperial Freedom, a Majestic Class Interdictor, and the flagship of Admiral Patreus. The mission objective is to cause confusion aboard the vessel while undercover operatives aboard it attempt to release Salomé from the brig and usher her to an escape pod.

CoR disable the Interdictor, and after the ejection of numerous escape pods is reported, they allow it to leave.

The Battle for Salomé :


Battle Report :

Priority Communique...

Date : October 30th 3302
Time : 20:30 IGT

Today a CoR fleet intercepted the INV Imperial Freedom, a Majestic Class Interdictor in the Eotienses star system.

Acting on intelligence gained from an insider aboard this capital ship, it is believed that Kahina Tijani Loren (Salomé) was being transported aboard this vessel to the penal colony at Daibo, a mere 6 jumps from Eotienses.

A sympathizer to Salome's plight aboard the vessel, working in tandem with CoR intel, informed CoR Consul that Salomé had been successfully released from the ships' brig during the confusion and was last seen heading to an escape pod.

The CoR fleet pressed the attack - concentrating fire on the FSD initially, before switching attention to the Interdictors Heatsink Array.

At 21:12 IGT, seconds prior to the Interdictor fleeing the battle, it was reported that numerous escape pods had ejected from the starboard side of the vessel and were last seen falling toward the surface of Eotienses B 2.

With the Interdictor removed from the system, the remaining CoR fleet secured the area, and several scout ships began a surface recon of Eotienses B 2.

Message Ends.

CoR 'Retribution' :


Statement of Justification :


The Children of Raxxla feel that they have been backed in to a corner.

The diplomatic approach for Cemiess authorities to launch a fair and thorough investigation into the arrest of Salomé was met with silence. Over the course of 3 weeks following Salomé's detention, CoR continued to put pressure on the local authorities via manipulation of the systems economy. Again CoR were ignored. We now believe the Cemiess authorities were not complicit in this - we believe they were pressured by outside agencies to do nothing, when it was their sovereign right and duty to hold an investigation into this incident that occurred on their watch. They are guilty of cowardice, nothing more.

CoR presented numerous GalNet articles to the mainstream media, some of which we feel could have strengthened Salomé's case for a fair and open trial... those articles were suppressed. Then, after almost two months of build up, the trial is suddenly announced out of the blue, and is over within 48 hours with a guilty verdict! This was a sham from start to finish.

We then finally get to hear part of the so called 'evidence' when the whole thing is over - a leaked video recording of Salomé meeting two men where it is assumed an assassination plot against Admiral Patreus was hatched. CoR know exactly who the two men were, and have unequivocal proof that neither were in Cemiess during the assassination attempt on Patreus, nor had anything to do with it. If this "evidence" was used to help convict Salomé then it is flawed evidence that would have been thrown out had Salomé had proper legal representation during the trial, and parties with a vested interest had been given a chance to produce information that would help defend her case.

Given the diabolical way this whole affair has unfolded, it is plain to see with the virtue of hindsight that Salomé was tried and convicted the moment her ship was illegally boarded.

Dark forces are pulling the strings here and want Salomé silenced. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine. In this case these dark influences made sure the wheel of justice never turned at all.

CoR did not take the action in Eotienses lightly. But an opportunity to save Salomé from a de facto death sentence, the horrific and notorious Koontz Asylum, presented itself to us - and CoR took it. The faction holds no ill-will against Patreus or Princess Duval. Their ship was allowed to leave the scene. We feel they are as much victims in this as anyone. They were played like puppets on a string. The real guilty parties continue to lurk in the background, but the time is coming when there will be no more shadows for them to hide in.

November 3302


Alessia Verdi, acting in Salomé's absence, launches a competing community goal against the Federation. CoR and independent pilots are tasked with delivering exploration data scans from three distinct regions that Salomé's warned about immediately prior to her illegal arrest. It is stated that proof of Salomé's claims, and exoneration of the charges against her, can be found among the data - and a race against time is on. The Federation, often accused of constantly hiding the truth and discouraging explorers from traveling the depths, are now in a panic and calling on those very same pilots that they recently derided to gather data on the Federations behalf!

Pilots from around inhabited space head out to The Formidine Rift, The Sagittarrii Conflux, and Hawking's Gap. Early reports from these regions have uncovered a collection of mysterious satellite probes, all emitting cryptic information about a previously unknown expedition designated 'Dynasty'.

Alessia Verdi herself hints that the manipulation of all independent people, by the major power blocs, goes deeper than first envisioned...


Late November 3302

"Convoy Conundrum"

GalNet reports that a prison transport, believed to be transporting Salomé to the penal colony, has been mysteriously destroyed.. along with all escape pods.


CoR issue a statement indicating that until proof of Salomé's death is found, the GalNet article should be viewed with skepticism. Salomé herself had indicated numerous times in the past that the mainstream media should not be trusted in this 'age of deception'.

Undeterred, CoR and its allies continue their search for vital scan data within the Rift, Conflux, and Hawking's Gap to prove Salomé's innocence in the Patreus plot.


Early December 3302

"Data Overload"

The mission to retrieve scan data from the three mysterious regions; Formidine Rift, Sagittarri Conflux, and Hawking's Gap, concludes with a stunning 1.3 million reports submitted by over 4,400 commanders.


December 3302

"The 7 Days War"

In the wake of the successful mission to retrieve scan data from the three aforementioned regions, the League of HR 6421 Dominion, backed by Federal agents, initiate a state of civil war in the CoR home system. CoR pilots rally to defend their HQ starport and over the course of 7 days of intense fighting drive out the infiltrators. The Dominion are ousted from the Julian Legacy planetary port, and CoR administration swiftly step in to oversee the welfare of the civilian population.


CoR issue a statement condemning the actions of the Federal backed Dominion, and reiterate that the attempt to destroy or steal the 1.3 million packets of exploration data retrieved from the depths, remains safe and sound in CoR hands. Naturally the GalNet media once again fail to report details of the events, adding to the growing suspicion within the Core World community that the mainstream media can no longer be seen as impartial and are now firmly in the pockets of the major power blocs.

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Early January 3303

"First Encounters"

On January 5th 3303 the first encounter with a live space-faring alien vessel occurs within the Star Anise system (Aries Dark Region XU-O b6-3). CMDR DP Sayre (an independent civilian pilot) has his starship hyperdicted whilst traversing the Aries Dark Region. Media reports quickly spread and the region soon becomes a hotbed of investigation by factions and agencies from across the core worlds.

CoR issue a statement shortly afterwards and dispatch pilots to the area to observe and gather information on this historic event.

The Children of Raxxla statement - 'On Contact With An Alien Race' :

For over a year, humanity has heard of mysterious probes in deep space, crashed vessels of unknown origin, and the ruins of an ancient civilization buried in the sands of a distant world. Throughout the strife of 3302, when tensions again flared between the Federation and the Empire and the baser aspects of human nature drove the greedy and the power-hungry to seize the Pleiades, we have waited with bated breath as reports have filtered home of these and other enigmatic occurrences. Many of us have looked to 3303 with hope that a new spirit might guide us as we once more stretch forth our hand to the horizons of possibility.

Yet, in the darkness, a new voice has spoken and shaken us from the comfortable familiarity of our struggles and searches: You are not alone. The confirmation that we are not alone in this galaxy – that a living, thinking, and intelligent agency exists with us in this spiral of light – constitutes perhaps the most profound discovery in human history.

Fear is understandable. So too is doubt, the questioning of our deepest beliefs and religions. This new presence appears wholly alien, and far more advanced than us. We can no longer sail the stars confident in our capacity and in our mastery of what we discover.

Fellow human beings, we cannot allow this fear and doubt and vulnerability to guide our hand. After millennia of gazing at the stars and asking whether we are alone, we have finally discovered what may become the greatest gift we have ever been offered: a partner in our quest to understand and explore the galaxy we count as home, and a friend in the dark places beyond the light of our stars. The Children of Raxxla welcome the news of this discovery and urge every pilot to exercise restraint in the face of uncertainty. Lay aside the instruments of war and take up the olive branch of peace, condemn those who would usher an era of conflict and discord and raise up those who would make peaceful contract with these new entities. Never before in our shared history has our future depended to such an extent upon each of us.

Fly safe commanders, and now more than ever…remember…

- CoRs official statement (written by CoR CMDR Aleithian), January 6th 3303.

January 3303

"Securing the Truth"

Using the exploration data gathered during the recent CG, CoR Intel finally pinpointed 3 locations of interest, one in each of the regions mentioned by Salomé during her abduction back in the summer of 3302; The Formidine Rift, The Conflux, and Hawkin's Gap.

Using the data, Formidine Rifters and Children of Raxxla survey teams successfully locate mysterious abandoned bases that are several decades old judging by the computer logs lifted from the mainframe computers on site...

External Link : Securing the Truth (CoR discover hidden bases from CG data).

Update : March 3303..

CoRs timeline of events will no longer be updated on this thread... it will be updated on the official CoR forum linked here :

CoR Timeline and Guiding Principles
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An urgent message from Alessia Verdi....


A statement from the Children of Raxxla...



Open your eyes, independent commanders! Karl Devene launches a major expedition to the Formidine Rift, the Conflux and Hawking's Gap and asks us independent commanders for help? The very person who publicly derided the exploration community via GalNet not long ago? Do you remember this?


Through Salomé we know that something is hidden out there that the major powers want to keep a secret. She threatened to reveal it and was shamefully captured, kept in arrest without contact to the outside, put under trial on false evidence and sentenced to life-long imprisonment. We are convinced she is innocent and that the scandalous accusations against her can be disproved. But only if we have sufficient evidence.

We urgently need data from these areas :


Link : Hawking’s Gap

Link : The Conflux

Link : The Formidine Rift

We’re looking for stellar scans, planet information and any and all anomalies detected. This is our chance to stop one of the most important cover-ups in history. We ask every freedom-loving commander to help uncover the secrets that so many explorers have tirelessly looked for over the past 18 months.

Help the truth! Help Salomé! Don't let the mystery of the Rift be uncovered by the power blocs run by 'people' who have tried desperately to keep the truth from the public for almost 2 years.

Something worse than the Thargoids resides within the Rift, and now possibly Hawking's Gap and the Conflux - humanity needs to now know... humanity needs to prepare for what's coming - we can no longer trust the so called powers who have been corrupted and become decadent.

The Children of Raxxla will be rewarding commanders directly at their home port of Serebov Terminal in HR 6421.

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Immediately after the attempt to free Salomé from her captors pilots of a CoR support-squad began delivering basic-medicines to Eotienses to do their best to support the treatment of any unintentionally injured personell. We do this to point out that our action wasn't meant against the empire or imperial citizens but to prevent those behind this shameful trial to succeed. Which ultimately is in the best interest of the empire too.
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Escape Pod Found after Battle

A search & rescue team, consisting of Children Of Raxxla Commanders Tal Aldris, Boogyman, Balshatzar and Magnudius--in conjunction with other C o R teams--carried out a search to survey Eotienses B 2 after the battle with Fleet Admiral Patreus' flagship, Imperial Freedom.

After a few hours they happened on a single still intact escape pod, clearly launched from the flagship as it was still smoking on the ground. They are as of yet unsure of whom might be inside but are hopeful they can identify the occupant before long. The pod is on its way to a secret, undisclosed C o R location where it can be opened by a qualified medical team.
Further updates to follow.

The search of B2 continues despite this encouraging discovery

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I'll certainly be keeping my eye on this.

If a certain someone needs to make a quick exit from civilized space ... the Cassiopeia Project is departing on November 5th on a quest to find the remnants of Cassiopeia A. We believe that Universal Cartographics and possibly others have worked in collusion with each other to delete the location of Cas A (and many other supernova remnants) from our on-board galaxy map database. Our mission really isn't important right now. What is important is the opportunity this could provide should anyone want to slip away from the bubble unnoticed.

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You're saying the ends justifies the means? Is that it? You're better than the other guys because the ends justifies the means?

You say you hold no ill-will against Patreus, and yet even according to your Alessia Verdi (whom I neither know nor have been given any reason to trust), Kahina specifically aims to kill him. Answer me this - why does Kahina harbour so much hatred for him? I really want to know. I have never seen any explanation for this. What is the reason? I'm asking.
I have no interest in Salomé but having followed the trial from a distance it would appear there was a miscarriage of justice here. The Empire's judicial system is left somewhat wanting and I find that rather disappointing, I do hope they can provide more significant evidence otherwise they will lose face by keeping up this charade.
The Children of Raxxla is not a violent or militaristic organisation however recent events have left us no option but the use of force after our attempts at to gain justice through peaceful, legal process have been ignored and treated with contempt. This began with the secret arrest of Lady Kahina Tijani Loren in Cemiess, her equally secret detention during which repeated requests for information regarding her fate were met with a wall of silence and has since culminated in a trial held behind closed doors over which her known enemy was allowed to preside and at which none of the evidence was made public, we do note that the only known evidence against her (a leaked conversation with two men) is demonstrably not relevant to the accusation for which she was on trial. We consider the trial and it's conduct to be an affront to every principle of truth and justice and dishonours all who were involved, we have clearly seen that those involved will not listen to reason, have no interest in the truth and have perverted the legal process for their own ends. We can not allow this travesty of justice to stand and thus, with all peaceful means exhausted have been forced, with heavy hearts, to take extreme measures in defence of liberty and to resist an unjust and tyrannical foe. We call on all men and women who would live free to support us.
Seems relevant to me. That evidence establishes motive. Why did Kahina say it? What is the source of her hatred?

You do realise of course that closed trials have been established procedure in the Empire since the days of Henson Duval, and that Emperor Arissa authorised this particular case. I wonder what Kahina would say about that?
A conversation held over a year ago with two men who can be proved to have had no involvement in the alleged attempt on Patreus' life for which she was on trial. Secret trial may indeed be what passes for process in the Empire, but it is a sure way for bad justice.
That's what I mean. Kahina seems curiously uninterested in bringing down the oppressive regime. Arissa's part is conveniently ignored. As a result it comes off like a targeted petty grudge rather than a real interest in progressiveness or freedom for all Humanity. Her comments in the recording support this.

Perhaps CMDR Erimus, or this "Alessia" can say why Kahina holds these sentiments? What is Kahina's greivance?
Lady Kahina has no interest in bringing down the Empire or any other human organisation, she is not a political figure in that sense. I have no idea what Arissa's role in this mockery of justice is, it is largely irrelevant.

I *believe* that Lady Karina's dislike of Patreus is linked to his seizure of de facto control of the Prism system shortly before her apparent disappearance from Achenar.
I *believe* that Lady Kahina's dislike of Patreus is linked to his seizure of de facto control of the Prism system shortly before her apparent disappearance from Achenar.

That would be my guess as well, in the absence of this being spelled out directly anywhere.

There's a reason why I object to Kahina's grudge so vociferously, if indeed this is what sparked it.

I am responsible for Prism coming under our sphere of influence, not Patreus. As Aide de Camp, I was the staff exec who identified Smei Tsu as a key strategic location, and who spread the word to direct our forces to that region of space. I had my reasons, but I would do it again. I am accountable.

I've seen the creation, live, of a mire of myth about Patreus out of the flimsiest of actualities. I've seen how the Human capacity to pass judgment is so irrational, something which Kahina herself has experienced firsthand. What disappoints me is that she is as quick to judge as any other. If all Kahina's hate is reserved for the passing of control in Prism, let her hold me to account. I am not afraid to answer for it.
The rights or wrongs and reasons behind Kahina and Patreus' enmity is largely unimportant, the question is was she behind or otherwise implicated in the attempt on his life that allegedly took place at Mackenzie Relay on the 20 August last. The fact that the only evidence we have had access to can easily be refuted and that clearly no serious investigation into the reliability of that evidence took place is eloquent testimony to the appallingly lax conduct of this farce of a trial. If Patreus and, yes, the Emperor herself stand by the verdict of this kangaroo court then they both stand deeply dishonoured.
The rights or wrongs and reasons behind Kahina and Patreus' enmity is largely unimportant, the question is was she behind or otherwise implicated in the attempt on his life that allegedly took place at Mackenzie Relay on the 20 August last. The fact that the only evidence we have had access to can easily be refuted and that clearly no serious investigation into the reliability of that evidence took place is eloquent testimony to the appallingly lax conduct of this farce of a trial. If Patreus and, yes, the Emperor herself stand by the verdict of this kangaroo court then they both stand deeply dishonoured.

All of the evidence against Kahina had been circumstantial at best.
All of the evidence against Kahina had been circumstantial at best.
This needed to be said by someone outside of the Children Of Raxxla and is absolutely our stance too.
Circumstantial evidence that would be thrown out of court by any defense lawyer worth their salt so my question is, did Salome even get a defence, were witnesses called and allowed to refute the evidence presented against her?
The whole point is there are no details, and the one leaked is so weak it can't hold its own water.
That video was taken over a year ago, people say lots of things in the heat of the moment, her stance towards Patreus could have changed in the time elapsed. Hell if Patreus is going to have everyone locked up who has a grudge against him he'd better stop building warships and start building jails.
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