Sanctuary/Nublar North Challenge

I completed Jurassic difficulty on Sanctuary yesterday. I'm having a lot of trouble with Nublar North.
I had a fairly easy time with Nublar North, and the tip I can suggest is to sell just about all the dinosaurs that are alive on the island to start with. They are better used as an early game boost to your income to fund research and fossil hunting than they are as animals in your park. This is especially true of the sauropods when starting off. I only kept a few of the ornithopods, a couple of triceratops, and the stygimoloch. as they could be kept together and needed only an inexpensive feeder.
Agent_Reptile, how long did it take you to complete it?
I think it took me just above par; maybe 10.5 to 11 hours. The only time I was strapped for cash was towards the end when I just needed a couple of hundred more points and even then I still had a number of sites to harvest from.
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