Sandbox research broken

So I had 10 species and I had started researching animals as I got them but only having a few research centres and vets I wanted to do three levels and move the vet to research a different animal. BUT... its impossible. so when you get the vet research complete notification and click on it you dont get the pop up with the continue button. it opens the vet research window and it doesnt show all the animals. you cant stop a vet researching an animal and you cant see what level they are on... I got more vets to try sort this out but it didnt.

pics below shows what happened when i clicked the red ruffed lemur pink reward thingy... then clicked the continue button.... then it disappeared.. I have 3 vets researching but only the ring tail lemur ends up visible.



If its in Sandbox then there really isnt a need to research, is there?
Thats what I thought, but then I couldn't get all the enrichment items... they just were not there. I have just had another look and it seems they now are, but the mechanics research stuff isnt.

Only the keepers huts are showing in the themes...

I dont have the wind turbine or the solar panels...??

I dont have the 1 way glass i need to stop the Red Pandas freeking out...

And in the research it is stuck on level 1 you can take the research on and off in Mechanic research but it never progresses

Am I the only one with this problem? Is there a setting I could have changed without knowing??? Or my cat while i was getting coffee???
I don’t quite remember exaxtly what happened in my first sandbox game, but initially it looked like I had to do the research, which surprised me. But the next time I checked, all research was done, all items available. So there is probably some bug lurking underneath.
Ya I agree with Jileha your sandbox save may have been affected by a bug causing the items to not be there and for you to have to do research for things.
You can do "advanced research" in sandbox (I just checked) - but I don't know what it is going to happen if you set a vet to this.
Something is definitely bugged for you. When I open the research screen in sandbox they all have the gold symbol showing as done. I don't do sandbox for actual play but go into it all the time to make blueprints for my franchise and challenge zoos.
Thanks everyone for confirming that its not meant to be like that... I usually play franchise and have started a challenge zoo but I couldnt get the animals i wanted so thought i would make a zoo in sandbox to try them out .... and then that didnt work either. I spent all last evening trying to rehome all the animals in one of my franchise zoos that is completely broken as i didnt want to just close it and lose my animals ..... None of it is going that well and I dont think its my fault :(

Yes.... I will report it. I have reported a few obvious bugs, but they havent been resolved as yet, I appreciate it takes time to look at and resolve it all.
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