Sap Core Legion Official stance on Lave

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Corespondence sent from the offices of Gustov Tran, Vice president Of Sap Core Legion holdings. 58 Epsilon Herculis, Sclisco holdings chapter inc. asset Unacknowledged

Refugees, asylum seekers, Freedom fighters, independence. These are the people that have forged the alliance through determination to live there lives in peace. Our values and bonds through time and divirsity are what make up the voices that freed our worlds from the oppression of the Federation and the empire. We maintain the rights for ourselves to be free from the powers telling us what to do and how to live. We, the Aliance of independents, came together to protect ourselves from the very thing we are seeing today in Lave. We are not the federation, who overwhelms and uses people to serve their greater purpose. We are not the empire who enslaves themselves for the greater good of the few. The citizens of lave have the rights to forge there own destiny without someone telling them how to live and how to survive. They are not the federation. They are not the empire. If worlds wish to not be part of the ADF, that is of their choosing. It is not the job of the alliance to FORCE, but to PROTECT. Lave may have its history within our borders, but it is just that. History. Through guidance and diplomatic relations, they may well as continued to see us in such a way, where as by the law of their own respected citizens, choose to give support to the alliance. But the actions of a portion of our military, have choosen to take it upon themselves to fight in a battle that was not sactioned by the whole due to personal agendas. We the alliance of independents much adhear to our principle nature and respect the sovreignty of lave, whatever the choice they make.

The Unacknowledged - President, of Sap Core Legion

The unacknowledged is the lore character for Sap Core Legion. Our factions history is based on the union of an independent world and refugees fleeing from the oppression of the federation. The number of dissidents and asylum seekers grew as our history unfolded bringing with them assassins and corrupt federate military backers bent on keeping their dirty secrets in the grave. Due to the early assassination of our first president, the future leaders of Sap Core Legion forged ties with the alliance and the offices of Prime Minister Edmond Mahon. Our Leader's face is not known, and public appearances are rare,shrouded, and usually a body double. An official history will be released when we feel comfortable with all the history written by our commanders presented within a reasonable format.

Within the last year, there have been a growing conflict between powers and the independent player groups with their space. We the Alliance choose to foster relations with those groups for the better part of the whole rather than proceed with never ending conflicts that many of the powers have going on within their borders today. The problem Sap Core Legion has with the actions of these individual groups who choose to get involved with the sovereignty of lave, did so by siding against a native independent government that was placed inside of Lave by the developers upon the wished of the commanders that represent Lave Radio. Lave Radio is not the federation. Lave Radio is not the Empire. They are a home soil independent organization. their faction can not be retreated from Lave. The alliance does not get involved and respects the wishes of independence. We are the ALLIANCE OF INDEPENDENT WORLDS. Is so by in our mandate an independent world does not wish do deploy on part to the ADF that is their wish to do so. By infringing on that , we are no better than the federation or the Empire. Lave Radio is not an NPC faction. They are represented by players. Are we now to take action against the others, now that you have had the taste of the zeal given to conquerors? There are many independent alliance supporters within Mahon's borders. Many of those factions we not allowed alliance factions in the homes they hailed from. You do a massive disservice to their efforts, when they are treated like 3rd party citizens.

The ongoing attitude presented by certain groups who refuse to validate Powerplay alliance and bgs alliance as the same thing is another problem. Weather you like it or not, powerplay exists, and SAP Core Legion does not differentiate the 2 mechanics. Even though participation is optional, Mahon's borders serve to protect the independent and alliance backing independents from the oppressive nature of other powers. If that border falls, and the expansionist regime of powers like GROM move into our homes and worlds, do you thing they will stop for one second to remove us? Not all of us are within the comforts of the core worlds the alliance holds. Our group has made great efforts into expanding alliance factions on the opposite side of the bubble from the old worlds, and will not have prevailing attitudes of aggressive war mongers threatening the peace we have within our borders and the borders of our independent neighbors. The actions of the AEDC within ross 128 and the core federation worlds is also not supported by our members. We are not the federation. This is a affront the the ideals the alliance was founded on. We do not divide and conquer for some Aggressive war mongering player groups bragging rights. Your try to make your represented action a unified response.

Sap Core Legion did not give a portion of it's military to the adf to suppress independent sovereignty. This is not the alliance we signed on to and certainly will not be the course our group cares to lead us forth.
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