Sapere Aude Elite Squadron (PS4) Recruiting - New/Experienced CMDRs Welcome

Sapere Aude is now recruiting for the PS4 platform.

The official PS4 Squadron of the Galactic Archive which also has XBox and PC squadrons - click the link for info on info and rules.

We've now completed our first season and have a VERY active membership of 30 members (in the top 10 on PS4 for Combat, CQC and Anti-Xeno!). We have our own home system and are currently expanding into our second. New players are welcomed and given all assistance they need; experienced players can enjoy a lot of activities with equally skilled pilots (see below).

The squadron has its own website;

The website features a knowledge base covering topics such as outfitting, making money, ship-building (with EDSY integration), engineers, Guardians, basic flying skills, combat, farming for materials; and many other topics with new sections being added daily.

You can apply to join via the website or on our Discord server here. Applications can also be taken via the Galactic Archive Discord.

The Discord server is well set up and events from the website auto-post to Discord so both are synced up.

Current Events: We run a lot of non-compulsory weekly events: CQC bi-weekly in alliance with Starfighter Corps; PVP weekly in alliance with Squadron 42 (plus a beginners PVP preceding this event), Xeno hunting/combat practise/ranking weekly, wing painite mining twice weekly to help players build a CR balance, and daily ad hoc stuff such as Black Ops to destabilise target systems, group missions such as Guardian Sites, together with fun events with prize banks such as SRV rallies and canyon runs. We also don't mind a bit of war and have a lot of fun winging up to fight in BGS systems. We're active almost 24 hours with leaders in both EU, GMT, EST and PST timezones*.

We have a friendly, balanced team with lots of support from the squad leadership and our family/alliance squadrons.

Have a look at SA at the Sapere Aude website or email Or join via Inara here:

*We are currently looking for a PS4 JST leader, and a CMDR to join the BGS Council and help plan expansion.
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