Sauropods should be able to defend themselves from large predators

In the gameplay Chaos Theory seen last week, we saw that a T.rex attacked a Mamenchisaurus and the herbivore tried to escape and did not defend itself. While it's great to see a big theropod hunting a large sauropod, we must remember that the sauropods are true living fortresses. A tail blow or kick from a giant sauropod can easily break bones and depending on the location of the blow, can seriously injure a giant carnivore.

The sauropods may be gentle giants, but they are nothing helpless, they know how to defend themselves, and very well, they are very powerful dinosaurs! For the sake of gameplay and viability the better is that when sauropod defend himself, cause great damage, the giant carnivorous if injured, must flee to regain his health, otherwise if he attacks again and is injured, the giant predator will be killed
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